A Request in the Heat of Passion

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So the kids went to bed, and I was having a drink out on the porch. She comes outside wearing a black lace teddy and a black thong. We hastily move to the bedroom and I lie on the bed. She starts off right away with sucking my cock. She gives amazing head, but she gets so turned on that she can’t do it for long. She turns her body so that I have easy access to caress her pussy.

Her pale ass and red pubic hair turn me on incredibly. I move the string of her thong out of the way and gently rub up and down her outer lips, this elicits a moan from her. I love the way my cock feels in her mouth when she moans. The vibration of the moan shoots straight through my cock like a lightning bolt of pleasure. Her pussy is really wet and when my fingers find their way inside her I immediately find her g-spot. It is slightly bumpier than the rest of her pussy and she loves to have it stimulated during fingerbanging, oral sex and plain out fucking. I message it firmly. I know this will keep her satisfied enough for her to continue to suck on my cock. My balls are heavy and full of come, and she knows just the right amount of pressure to apply when she massages my sack. This amps up my sexual pleasure and tension. She is the only woman I have been with that automatically knew that.

She breaks up her sucking to lick and flick her tongue on the most sensitive part of my penis which is below the head, where my foreskin had been removed by my circumcision. I have my fingers in her sopping pussy and my thumb begins to message her pink asshole. Then she gave my cock one last powerful suck before she popped up and breathes:

“Let me takes these off”, while quickly whisking her panties off. She then straddles güvenilir bahis my thighs and pulls her teddy down to release her fabulous boobs. They are creamy white with little pink inverse nipples. She grabs her left boob with lust and shoves it in my mouth. I suckle the nipple and it barely peeks out, just enough for me to nibble on the tip of it lightly.

“That feels so good,” she tells me, as she soaks my thighs with her juice. She says, “I wish I had normal nipples so that they would poke out.”

I release her tit from my mouth to respond.

“I like your nipples.” Then before I could catch my breath she shoves the right one in mouth. I look up and see the ecstasy on her face as she moans and rolls her head back and forth. Then I start to message her asshole again and she moans.

“I love when you play with my ass.”

I suck a little more and then she gets up off the bed, looking so sexy with her teddy pulled up and her bare ass showing and her tits out of the top of the teddy. She leaves the room and returns with the astroglide. She straddles me again and impales herself on my turgid cock. Then she lubes up my right hand fingers. As she slowly bounces up and down on my cock I use the lube on my fingers to prepare her asshole for penetration.

My finger slips in and meets no resistance. With my finger I can feel my cock going in and out of her pussy. It is an incredible turn on to feel the inside of the slick walls of her pussy with my dick and my finger can feel my cock in her. She starts bouncing faster and I slip another finger in her ass. This really gets her going and she start to really fuck me hard. I then stick a third finger in her ass and she türkçe bahis stops and turns around into the reverse cowgirl position, giving me even better access to her asshole. My fingers can actually feel the contours of the head of my penis from inside her ass as she pogos up and down on my hard veined cock.

“I want you to fuck my tight ass.” She says. This first time I had moved since my naughty wife started raping me. She poses on her hands and knees and I move in behind her, shoving my cock in her gapping wet cunt again, just to get it wet, and then I lube it up with astroglide. I nuzzle my cock right against her asshole and I feel it tighten. She has said before that the thought of my cock going into her ass is always a little frightening at first and that is kind of the turn on for her.

“Relax,” I told her and I begin to slowly push my cock in. She relaxes a little and just the tip of my head gains entrance. One more slight push and resistance falls away and the head pops all the way in. Then I take a moment to feel her tight lubed asshole squeeze my dick. The feeling of power that knowing my wife wants my cock deep inside her ass really turns me on. I shove the rest of my cock in and start a slow rhythm. It feels good to have my balls bounce off her cunt and to see her ass jiggle with every down stroke.

“I do not know why I like your cock in my ass so much.”

“Because you are an anal slut.”

She coos, “I am an anal slut. It just feels so good.”

I grab her hips for more control.

“Yeah, you are my anal slut. My little whore. My willing cunt. My filthy wife.” I drive each point home with a hard pummeling of my cock in her nasty ass. She grunts with every güvenilir bahis siteleri pommel and I fuck her harder. I saw her back flush red, as she holds her breath in fits and spurts as she cums. Her chest and back always flush when she cums. Her pale skin never lies, so she cannot fake an orgasm with me. I piston her hard right through her orgasm as her ass clenches up in response to her orgasm. Then I slow the pace down and enjoy watching her head hang down as she catches her breath. I watch my slick cock slide in and out of her ass nice and easy.

I pull out to suggest she get the blue bomber, which is a blue dildo that has balls. She goes and gets it and quickly washes it off and returns to the bed. I have laid down to catch my breath. She straddles me as she lubes up the dildo and the she runs its head up and down her pussy lips.

“I love to watch you masturbate,” I said.

“Watch me stick it in.” And she slides it in balls deep. Then she lays down on her stomach, legs splayed wide, and I move in back of her, cherishing the slutty picture she is with a dildo in her pussy and her freshly fucked ass leaking lube.

I grab my cock again and nudge it back to her asshole. It tightens again, and again I encourage her to relax. She does and as I push my cock past her rectum I can already feel the dildo putting pressure on my cock. I finally pop the head in and I grab her shoulder and start to pound her ass as she diddles her clit. Within seconds, she cums again and the red flush in her back returns.

“I know you love two cocks in you.” I tell her in a lusty voice.

“I want to be fucked by two guys.” She responds, moaning heavily. I love it when she talks dirty and this begins to send me over the edge. I continue to pound her furiously until at last I jam cock as deep as I can go and my balls tighten and I know I am going to explode. My cum fills her ass as I collapse on top of her.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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