A Slice of Heaven

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Amber pulled her car up in front of the hotel in the damp summer night. It was a relatively small hotel, only three floors to it, but that didn’t matter. She re-checked the directions to make sure it was the place he had mentioned in his e-mail. She had never met her date before tonight, but already her heart was pounding, the lust building in her for the fun she was about to have. She walked into the entrance and up to the front desk. She was told to be expected. She had barely begun asking about the reservations when the desk clerk looked her up and down and smiled, letting her know that her room was ready. He didn’t so much ask for a name. This made sense, as her date had told her what to wear this evening. Apparently this whole night was well planned. Amber’s curvy frame was covered almost business like, a plain white button down blouse over her top that showed off her rather large breasts and a simple grey skirt that hung down mid-thigh, covering her ample bottom. The wardrobe was completed by the gartered up black lace stockings she wore as per instruction and simple black heels. She took the room key, thanked the clerk, and hit the elevator up button. As she waited for her ride to the third floor, she glanced down into the handbag she had with her that held the other things she was instructed to bring. As she was deep in thought, the elevator chimed, the doors opened, and she stepped in.

Her heart raced as she pressed the “3” button and the doors closed to take her to her destined meeting. As well as she knew her gentleman caller from their internet affairs, she had never so much as met him for real once. Frankly, he had not even shown his face to her, and yet she fully trusted him. Every time they spoke, she felt as though he was in control of her and he was her destiny. She would do anything he wanted and tonight he wanted to do her. The ding of the stopped elevator shook her from her daze and she stepped out. She slowly made her way down the hallway, counting off the room numbers to herself. Three o’one, three o’three, three o’five, she counted each one on this side of the hallway until finally she met with door three fifteen. This had been the room number the clerk told her to go to. She stood outside the door for a minute, taking deep breaths and trying to relax, knowing that just inside would be her man, waiting for her to show. Finally, she took one last deep breath and slid the key card into the electronic lock.

She walked in slowly and thought to herself that perhaps she was early as the lights were dim. No, that couldn’t be, he guaranteed he’d be there. She walked in further, shutting the door, when a voice spoke up from a chair in the back of the room.

“You can leave your bag there by the side of the bed and turn the lights on if you wish.”

“You came,” she said almost too ecstatically to the man she was hoping to meet tonight.

“Did you expect otherwise?”

“With the lights so low like this, I was afraid you weren’t here.” Amber walked about the room, flicking on the lights. She caught sight of his face, and he smiled a wicked grin.

“How could I pass up my opportunity to meet my favorite online playmate in the flesh?”

He got up from his seat and she looked him over. He was exactly as she imagined him to be. Although not so tall, he was a handsome man and matched the description he gave her perfectly. She smiled warmly at him, although her heart continued to race with nervous excitement knowing what would come next. He led her over to the bed, still perfectly made up and had her lay down. She obliged, laying before her date as he relieved her of her shoes. She noticed him glancing up her legs to her lovely thick thighs that were exposed slightly under the skirt.

“Mmm, I like what I see so far,” he said jestfully, “I can already see the straps of the garter I asked you to wear. You spoil me, Amber.”

“No, it’s you who spoil me,” she explained as she smiled and blushed from the compliments, “Your e-mails are always so hot, you have such a sensual way about you. I love how well you can tease me and turn me on without even being in the same room as me.”

“Just wait,” he said smirking, “I’m in the same room as you now and it will be even better.” With that, he leaned over to search her bag, knowing full well what to find in there. It was he after all who decided it’s contents. Amber took this opportunity to look her man over, enjoying the curve of his ass in the black jeans he wore. Other than the jeans, he wore nothing more than a simple polo shirt, the top 2 buttons undone. She knew he wore that shirt just for her because he hated it and it fit right into their plans. Standing back up, he withdrew a pair of scissors from her bag and smiled. He would truly enjoy using them tonight in her company. He walked around the bed, examining her from all sides before slipping onto it himself, scissors in hand. He curled up next to her and planted a sweet, gentle kiss on her lips, brushing her hair back to look into her eyes. She had beautiful hazel eyes that he was used to admiring from pictures only, and yet now they were real. She smiled and gave him a kiss of her own before looking down at his hand which held the scissors. He smirked his wicked smirk and toyed with the top button on her blouse. They gave one another a knowing look, he slid the scissors behind the top button, and with a quick snip it was gone. He illegal bahis snickered and tossed it aside.

“Oops, look what I’ve done, now this blouse is all ruined,” he said sarcastically.

“I don’t know, I think I could still make use of it.”

He grinned at the challenge and moved the scissors down to a button in the middle. With the same action he removed of it as well and the blouse was definatly ruined now. He parted the blouse opened between the remaining buttons, exposing her soft belly to the touch of his finger. Amber cooed softly from the sensual feel of him stroking the little bit of exposed skin. In a few seconds, though, he had stopped and searched her body for more to snip. Finding her skirt, he decided it needed a slit to let her legs breathe. A large V of material was snipped away, exposing much of her thigh. Amber enjoyed the feel of his hands on her silky skin once again as he stroked her exposed thigh up and down. He looked up at her and smiled as he offered her the scissors.

She took the scissors happily and he laid down for her on the bed, hands under his head in a very relaxed position. She took great pleasure in slowly running her hand down his chest and over his stomach, until finally coming to rest on his crotch, a bulge forming from the excitement. Amber looked him over, thinking of what she wanted to snip off of him. Honestly, she couldn’t wait to get all of it off, but she was very much so enjoying this game he set in front of her. She went to work on his shirt, doing him a favor by cutting off the collar entirely, him moving as required to allow it, and leaving the shirt loose on his shoulders. He smiled up at her, relaxing still, enjoying the newfound neck freedom she provided. Lower down on the shirt, she began snipping out small pieces here and there. By the time she handed the scissors back, his shirt loosely resembled Swiss cheese. They both had a laugh at the silliness of it all, and yet both were turned on by being stripped in such a way. It was his chance at destruction now, and he wasted no time. He snipped a slit into the top of her sleeve large enough to grip, and with a hard yank, tore her sleeve clean off, the frayed ends all that remained of it. He made certain to do the very same to her other sleeve and the act resulted in tears that would show off a smidgen of bra.

“I’m glad to see you wore that jade bra I requested,” he said, “Can I assume you wore the matching panties as well?”

“Of course you can,” she laughed, “You demanded it and I followed.”

“What a good girl you are.” He smiled down at her and with another snip she had lost a third blouse button. He parted the now open top of her white blouse to see for himself the jade colored bra of which they spoke. The sight of her large breasts barely contained within it caused him to grin big and he could not resist planting a kiss on each lovely mound. His lips met hers once again and they began to kiss more passionately now, the feel of his tongue on hers making her happy. Amber wrapped her arms around the man and pulled him in close to her soft body, wanting him desperately. Yet to her dismay, he eventually pulled away from the kiss.

“Not yet, my dear, the game is not over,” he stated as he handed her back the scissors. He laid back down for her once more and she went right to work. She snipped open a hole on the knee of his jeans and put down the scissors. Gripping both sides of the denim tightly, she gave it a yank and his pant leg was torn down the middle from near the bottom to his mid thigh. The leg of his boxers was exposed, showing off it’s purple color. This was her favorite color and he had not worn them by mistake tonight. With a dirty smirk of her own, she gave the exposed boxer leg a small snip at the bottom, letting him know she would do more to it later. Turning her attention now to his other pant leg, she did the very same. She handed the scissors to her guy once again now that she could see his legs.

He gladly took the scissors and crawled down so that he had easy access to her skirt. She watched with anticipation, feeling wet from him being so close to her most private regions and knowing soon he would be exposing them for his own use. He chose a spot in the middle of the skirt’s hem and snipped up it over half way. From there he cut around it until he had removed the whole lower portion of it. Her bare thigh above the stockings showed well and she was easily flashing her panties to him as the skirt barely covered them at all anymore. She moaned softly as she felt his touch on her inner thigh, caressing that which he had exposed, stopping just short of reaching the panties themselves. She reached for the scissors, thinking he was done, but he pulled them away. He had yet more to snip. She watched as he began reducing the lower portion of her white blouse to shambles, taking large chunks of it out almost at random. Slowly her belly was being exposed and she could feel the slight chill of the hotel room air conditioning on it. Before relinquishing control of the scissors, he grabbed onto the open portion of the destroyed blouse and gave it a yank. The remaining pair of buttons stood no chance and as her top was forcefully ripped open. The shredded top hung loosely down her sides now, her bra entirely exposed for him to see. Amber blushed slightly, but enjoyed the exposure greatly when it came to this man.

Amber sat illegal bahis siteleri up, now armed once again with the scissors and felt a need to even the score. Carefully she snipped straight up the front of his shirt, going from hole to hole until the shirt was split up the middle. She brushed it open with her hands, reveling in his exposed chest and stomach. Her hands explored his freshly bare skin and could not resist leaning down for another long kiss. As Amber sat back up again, she reached down to undo the snap on his jeans, much to his clear approval. Bringing the scissors back into play, she began cutting away the entire fly of his pants. She tossed the zipper part aside to enjoy her handiwork. His pants were now permanently parted and she could see the lump in his boxers indicating exactly how much he was enjoying it. Amber could not help herself and rubbed his stiffening cock through the boxers, his moans of appreciation being all that she needed. Not being one to resist such a temptation, he pinned her onto her back and they began to kiss again, quickly finding one another’s tongues. The remains of her skirt rode up as they ground with one another, his hand molesting a tit, bra and all. Again, to her sadness, he eventually broke the deep, sensuous kiss, kneeling between her thighs. He reached for the scissors and Amber smiled in anticipation of being stripped further.

Quickly he began snipping the remains of her blouse away, large pieces of it dissapearing at a rapid pace. When there was nothing left of it to mention, he snipped it in such a way that he could yank it right out from under her, leaving nothing on her top but the jade colored bra he ordered. In each cup of the bra, he snipped a hole through which Amber’s light pink areola could be seen. He took quite a bit of pleasure in teasing the small amount of newly showing skin, even going so far as to pop her hard nipples through each one. Amber closed her eyes and moaned lightly as he leaned down and licked the tip of his tongue around a nipple before finally bringing it into his mouth. He sucked on it gently on it before pulling away from it tugging with his teeth tenderly, Amber cooing in pleasure from it. Immediately he went down on the other nipple, giving it the same treatment as the first until both her nipples had been satisfied. He sat back up and was about to continue snipping when Amber objected.

“Hey, don’t I get a go with the scissors again?”

“Of course you will,” he jested as he snipped a small slit in the current bottom of Amber’s skirt, “I was just finishing my turn.” She sat up on her elbows watching as he made fringes along the bottom.

“I believe you’re done mister,” quipped Amber. He smiled a devious smile and offered her the scissors, laying back down for her. She returned with a wicked grin of her own, looking over him in his rags, a shirt full of holes that was split up the middle and missing it’s collar, jeans with the fly removed and a long tear down the center of each leg, only stopped by the thicker waistband and hem. Even the purple boxers she could see through the tears had a snip in them she left before. Amber first instructed him to sit up as to access his back, cutting the whole way up the back of his shirt, leaving it in two pieces. As she pushed him back down onto the bed to kiss him, she slid the sides down his arms to remove his shirt entirely, adding to the growing pile of hotel room shreds. Their tongues met in a deep and wet kiss, however she had to stop herself, as she had a job to do. After the minute of kissing, she ran her hand down his torso until she found his boxers where his fly used to be. Amber stroked his hard cock through him again, much to his entertainment. She wished desperately to just strip him now and finally feel him deep inside her, however she let herself enjoy this game anyway knowing the anticipation would just make their love making all the better. First she slid the scissors down into his former fly, her hand grazing his bulge along the way, and cut straight across the little bit left to open up the leg. Afterwards, she went down to his ankles and snipped the last bit of hem that sealed his pant leg shut. looking into his eyes and giggling, she now flipped open his pants like the cover of a book as they had been nearly halved by those little cuts. Not being able to wait much longer, she grabbed what remained of his pants and yanked them clean off, much to his surprise, and tossed them aside. There he lay beneath her as she knelt on the bed, nothing remaining but the purple boxers. It was then, a wickedly humorous idea crossed her mind. Crawling up between his legs, Amber began clipping away pieces of the boxer legs as he watched on, interested to see where she was going with all this. Finally, she tossed the scissors onto the bed, declaring her turn over.

“Voila!” Amber remarked as he investigated his boxers. “What do you think?”

“You turned them into panties,” he exclaimed snickering, “very nicely done. I wasn’t expecting that.” She just smiled and assumed her position back on the bed. Picking up the scissors, he scanned his victim while wearing his new purple panties, the slit on them barely containing his arousal. He followed her legs up to her thighs, the black lace stockings looking good attached to the garters that dissapeared under the little bit of skirt she had left. Underneath it was her easily exposed canlı bahis siteleri jade panties, the very same he had requested. His eyes wandering up her plump body further, the sight of her ample breasts came into view, nipples poking through twin holes in her matching bra. Above that, most of all, was a lovely smiling face full of Amber’s lustful desires. He smiled at her and she smiled back. She watched as with a few snips, he made quick work of all that remained of her skirt. He pulled it out from under her and tossed it clear of the bed, letting him finally see unrestricted the jade panties and the black garter belt. Moving up on her body, he kisses her lightly on the lips before making a quick cut through each bra strap. Amber smiled as she felt the cold steel of the scissors now slide up between her breasts, underneath the bra. The scissors began cutting away at the middle of the bra where a tiny decorative ribbon lay. In no time at all, he had clipped clean through between the cups and brushed them aside, unveiling in entirety her supple bosom. Amber enjoyed the softness of his hands caressing her bare chest, massaging them slowly and teasing both nipples between his finger and thumb. To each of them he gave a few kisses as he did away with her bra entirely. He moved back down now, between her lovely thighs, and wasted no time. Snip, and one garter was cut, then snip, the other was cut. She could feel each garter strap give as he cut them from the belt halfway down to her stockings. Tauntingly, he removed the pieces still clipped onto the stockings and threw them away. The garter belt itself he wasted little time on, for he wanted nothing more than to work on her panties. After the garter was cleared away, he leaned down to plant a kiss on her panty-covered pussy. The aroma of her sex tickled the inside of his nose. Getting back to the job at hand, he clipped away small bits here and there and all Amber could do was feel the metal between her skin and the lingerie. Amber’s man snipped enough to see she was clean shaven, just how he liked it. With very little left of the panties now, he opted for use of his hands instead of the scissors and tore them away, easily done with how little fabric he had left. What lay before him now was Amber’s lovely pussy and he just had to have a taste. She spread her legs wider for him as he kissed her directly on it again, nibbling lightly on the lips. He parted it just enough to flicker his tongue on her clit and Amber moaned loudly. He tossed the scissors aside now and slid his body up hers until his face met hers again and kissed her deeply, her arms wrapping around him with passion as their tongues danced.

Amber was not done stripping him though, however she decided to hell with the scissors. Pushing him away, he knelt between her thighs as she sat up. With a smile, Amber gripped the fly of the former boxers and tugged outward, ripping them brutally. She immediately saw the cock she had been waiting for all this time, and it was pointed right for her. He helped her take the boxers away before pushing her down again for another long, passionate kiss. Their bodies ground together and she felt his hard cock rub against her pussy. He maneuvered the head of his cock between her pussy lips and with a thrust, he slid slow and deep into her sex, a moan rising from Amber as he did. As their tongues swirled inside her mouth, he rocked his hips back and forth, thrusting into her slow and steadily. Amber wrapped her legs and arms around him, keeping his hot body tight against his. He broke the kiss, sucking on her lips before he made his way to her neck to kiss the side of it. He could hear her moan with each push of his cock as he nibbled his way up the side of her neck to her earlobe. He teased her earlobe with his mouth and tongue which was her favorite spot. Her moans turned into screams as long as he remained there. However, he had further plans and pulled away from her to sit up, cock inserted, Amber’s tits shaking as he continued to fuck her, increasing his speed. He wrapped his arms underneath her thick thighs and lifted her legs over his shoulders and began fucking her harder now, her scream of passion coming every time he thrust. He breaks shook hard now as he pushed on faster and she reached up to grab them, playing with her tits as he had his way with her. She would not be alone with this, though, as he dropped one of her thighs to lean in hard and begin sucking her hard pink nipple. His tongue swirled around it before his lips clamped down, and then before pulling away, his teeth bit into it playfully, tugging it. She inhaled sharply from the slight pain, but moaned in satisfaction from the sensation. Amber’s other legs was dropped now as he began working the other nipple in similar fashion with a similar response. The sex became harder and faster now, his cock plunging deep into her pussy as he manipulated her breasts and nipples and she wrapped her legs around him once again. He could feel himself near the brink and she became more audible now as she came closer too. The “oohs” now came in rhythm and repeatedly with his thrusting, faster and faster. He kisses her deeply again, her tongue penetrating his lips to find his own. She held him very tightly as he fucked her hard until finally, with a screaming moan, he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. This was more than he could take and with a rush, he sat up and released into her. He continued to screw her slowly now and she came once again, although smaller than the first, from the continued sex. Finally, they both collapsed on the bed, catching their breath in between soft kisses and snuggling, the smell of fresh sex still in the air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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