A Stronger Love Ch. 01

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When Ashley first came back from the rifle range and told me she had been hit on by another woman, we giggled about it. I teased her about her desirability – how could anyone look at her and not fall for her immediately, I never understood – and she just blushed and brushed it off as usual. It wasn’t surprising at all that an ex-military gun aficionado bull dyke would be attracted to my girlfriend, a lithe little pixie with a physique toned by regular yoga, who handled assault rifles like a pro. What was not to lust after, seriously?

But then, over the next few weeks, things seemed to get a little more serious. Ashley hid nothing from me, and her face would cloud over a little as she faithfully told me about Donna’s continuing attempts to woo her, despite her making it clear that she was already spoken for. She couldn’t rebuff Donna just like that, because Donna was keeping it friendly and warm, and neither of us was the possessive and territorial type, exactly. I couldn’t exactly get angry at this woman and tell her to “keep off my turf”, after all. Ashley had a right to make her own friends and decide what company to keep or not keep.

Still, I admitted to her as we were cuddling one night before bed that it did bother me, just a little. “How close have you gotten to her, dear? Would you say there’s a real connection, you know, like, on a person-to-person level?”

Ashley shifted as she pondered the question. I loved how just about everything she said was thought out and carefully considered. “I’d say there is definitely potential for a long-term friendship there. She’s told me some things about her past, which I’ve told you about: her military service, why she moved here, and the rest. I think I’ve told you pretty much everything she’s shared with me. She has been very open, and she is good to talk to, especially about rifles. Which should be unsurprising.” She quirked a smile.

Well, I reflected, Donna may have been in a non-combat vocation, but she would certainly be able to connect with Ashley on that level, their shared love of military-calibre firearms. Me, I just about knew an AR-15 from an AK-47, but beyond that, I couldn’t begin to tell you anything. Ask me anything about the gym and working out, though, and I could probably answer it.

I sensed there was more. “Yes, love, what is it?”

She sighed, and I knew she was partly sighing happily because I could almost read her mind sometimes. “She did ask me about you, and I told her a few things. The most important thing was that I love you, obviously. But that didn’t seem to faze her. Today, she…” Ashley flushed. “She tried to hold my hand.”

I tensed, but I waited for her to tell it her own way.

“It wasn’t anything really overt. We were just having drinks, after my shooting practice was done, and I was just sipping my fruit juice and she was having a beer, and it was going really well. I mean the conversation. And then at one point when we were laughing she just reached across and put her hand on mine. And I… kind of froze up a little bit. I didn’t want to be too brusque, so I didn’t jerk my hand away or anything. I just moved it away after a while during a lull in the conversation. I am not sure I managed to convey that I was uncomfortable with it.”

I gnawed my lower lip. Then I grinned. “Hey… I know what to do about her. Hee hee hee.”

Ashley grinned as well. She knew what my “hee hee hee” meant whenever I did it. It meant someone was about to get a bout of major discomfiture. I was going to poke Donna, and poke hard.

“Ok, love… get your phone, and snap a picture of us, right here, in bed.”

She giggled. “Naked, like this?”

“Well, ok, blanket pulled up to our chests. And the next time I come up as a subject of conversation, just show her the picture. And tell me just how far down her face falls.”

“I suppose I will try my best to introduce you as a topic of conversation as soon as possible then,” she said, with a wink.

“Darn tootin’ right you will.” It wasn’t outright possessiveness – I trusted Ashley implicitly to find an opportunity to show Donna the photo as innocuously as possible. She was good at innocuous. But it would send a clear unspoken signal, from me to her: this is my woman, and I have the means to defend my claim.

For good measure, I kept my left arm around her shoulders, and flexed my right arm as Ashley snapped the photo. We made sure the lighting set off the lines of definition in my arm muscles.

“That’ll show her!” I thought. “And put an end to this nonsense.”

I was so wrong.

The next weekend, I had a longer workout than usual and chatted a bit more with some of the other guys and girls afterwards, so when I got home Ashley was waiting for me. She was seated with a big pot of Earl Grey, and it was already half-empty. When I came in the door, she immediately put her cup down and came to hug me, looking slightly distraught.

“Uh oh.”

“Uh oh is right!” Ashley sighed. “How much do you want to hear, my love?

“As always, bets10 only what you want to tell. But… I do want a clear picture. Tell me whatever you can.”

Ashley sighed again. With her arms around my neck, she told me, “Katie, I don’t think it worked. I found an excuse to show her the picture. And I made some comment about your muscles, and how sexy I found them. I think I messed up, because I thought I saw that her face was beginning to fall when she first saw the picture, but when I mentioned how attractive I found your physique, she seemed to brighten up somehow. She laughed and said, ‘Honey, I think I got your Asian girlfriend beat in that department,’ and then she raised her arm and flexed it. She was wearing a camou tank top, so she could show quite a bit. Then she said a few more things about how she was sure she could take you on, and said that we – meaning she and I – should get together sometime, and she’d show me what a real strong woman felt like. That’s more or less what she said. Love… are you alright?”

My face must have been as black as my mood, because Ashley promptly pulled me in for a deep, passionate kiss. We cupped each other’s heads and kissed each other hard for a while, moaning into each other’s mouths, feeling the pleasant vibrations down in our throats. Then I looked at her and said, “You know what? You know I never back away from a challenge.”

“Yes, love.”

“This right here is a challenge.”

“Yes, it is, my love.”

“You can tell her, she can just come over and meet me, and we’ll… clear the air.”

“Ok, love.”



“Are you attracted to her?”

Ashley looked like a kitten caught doing something wrong. But, as always, her honesty prevailed. “A bit. Just… on the physical level. You know I belong to you, heart and soul. And body.”

“Yes, love, I do know that. But you do feel attracted to her, and not just physically, am I right?”

She bit her lip and lowered her eyes. I knew my Ashley far too well. She would never have just passively sat there and let advances be made upon her without at least a firm but polite unequivocal rebuff, if something inside her hadn’t stirred at something inside Donna.

“She’s… not a mean person. She’s been through a few things. As have we all. But she… genuinely has feelings for me. I can see it in her eyes.”

“And I can respect that, and understand that, but if she wants to ‘muscle’ in on our relationship… on my turf… then I’ve got to deal with her on those terms.”

“Yes, you do.” Ashley looked up, and there was a mischievous glint in her eyes. “You just made me a little… aroused… when you used possessive language like ‘my turf’ on me.”

“Only… a little?”

I ended up carrying her into the bathroom and the shower stall, both of us furiously shedding clothes along the way, leaving a trail of clothing behind us.

“Tell Donna,” I panted, in between hot kisses, with the water running down both our bodies, “that if she wants to try and outmuscle me, she is welcome to come and get her ass kicked.” Ashley moaned and nodded, and we carried on.

Later that evening, as we relaxed in bed after dinner, Ashley wordlessly showed me her phone. She’d sent Donna a message detailing more or less what I had said, with the final gauntlet thrown at the end. And Donna had sent back a simple short message, with only four words.

“Will do. What terms?”

I stared at the screen. “The hell does she mean by ‘terms’?”

“I think she is asking for the specifics of how to resolve the challenge you issued.”

“Ok… I think this is the point where she and I talk for the first time, woman to woman,” I decided. “What do you think of a phone call, dear? We put her on speakerphone.”

“I’ll suggest it to her. I think it is a good idea at this point.” Ashley sent the message, waited, and then said, “She says ok.”

She made the call, and Donna picked up almost immediately. “Hey, darling,” her voice came out. There was a slight hint of a Southern drawl in her voice, just a slight hint. Just enough to set my teeth on edge.

“Donna, there is only one woman who can call my Ashley that, and that is me,” I told her.

There was a brief silence, then, “Why, hello there, Katie. I’ve heard so much about you.”

“And I’ve heard quite a bit about you. Especially the parts where you hit on my girlfriend.” Ashley squeezed my hand and stroked my upper arm.

“Honey, let me tell you, in my world, it’s survival of the fittest, okay? And looking at that photo that you made Ash take, I can tell you, if you and I go head to head, you’ll be the one coming off worse. If she had a real choice, Katie, to choose the stronger and better woman between us, I say she’d choose me. And you want to prove me wrong, don’t you?”

I wasn’t even going to call her out on her total misuse of the term “survival of the fittest”. I was too riled up to care.

“Tough talk from you, Donna. What makes you think you stand even a chance of Ashley bets10 giriş choosing you over me?”

“Let’s get straight down to brass tacks, Katie. I like Ashley. Very much. I want to do all kinds of things with her, and make her scream my name at the ceiling. And I know she likes me too, even if she doesn’t know it yet. Sure, I know you both are in love, and all that. Yeah. Whatever. I can respect that, but whatever. That’s neither here nor there to me, because what I want is my turn with her, to prove I got what it takes to make her happy, and if I have to prove my dominance over you to get it, it will not be a problem. Do you understand what I am saying?”

Her tone had changed, become rougher. Her way of speaking had become clipped and curt. Her forthright directness took me aback completely.

For some long moments, Ashley and I just sat and looked at each other. Donna didn’t say a thing, but simply waited.

I broke the silence first. “Looks like she wants to fight me for you.”

Ashley shook her head in resignation. “This has to stop,” she sighed. “Donna…”

I put a hand to her lips, gently covering them with my fingers. Ashley looked at me with surprise.

“Ashley,” I said softly, but I knew Donna could hear us all the same. “Do you want to be fought over?”

Again, that guilty kitten look I knew so well. I said, “Dear, I know you love me all the same, no matter what happens. But now, let me ask you some questions.”

“Ok, my love.”

“Are you sexually attracted to Donna?”

“Somewhat. Yes. Not as much as to you.”

“Enough to have sex with her?”

“… Yes.”

“Do you like the idea of me defeating another woman to win you as a prize?”

“… Yes.” Her liquid eyes shone at the thought. The eyes have it, truly, I thought. The instinctive reaction can’t be concealed.

“If Donna gets to be with you, do you think she will mistreat you, or force something on you against your will?”

“… No, I don’t think Donna would do that.”

“She’s right,” Donna’s voice came out of the phone on the table. “I won’t. I care about her, and I want to make her feel good. Better than you can.”

“Ashley,” I said, raising my voice a little. “Donna thinks she’s better than me. She thinks she can somehow win you from me. Do you think I can beat her?”

“I believe in you, Katie,” Ashley said immediately. “I think you can do it.”

Donna interjected again. “And if she can’t?”

Ashley turned to the phone. “If this is going to happen, Donna, I’m going to set the terms. I don’t want either of you getting hurt in a stupid brawl or anything similar to that. The both of you will compete in a way that is safe, and will leave both of you unhurt, with no lasting injuries. It will not be excessively violent.”

“Well, some hurt is going to be necessary, if we wrestle. It’s kind of part of the deal, you know?”

“Then there won’t be wrestling.”

“No, dear, it’s alright,” I said. “I know how to take care of myself on the mat. You’ve seen me. That much pain, I can take. And dish out.”

“And I know judo and unarmed combat training, so I’ll be more than okay with taking on Katie on the mat,” Donna said, sounding smug.

But Ashley was adamant. “No, no wrestling. I don’t want to see Katie getting injured, and I don’t particularly want you getting hurt either, Donna. You two can compete physically, but nothing rough.”

“Don’t have faith in Katie, darling?”

“Even if I believe she can beat you at wrestling, and I do, there is always a risk of injury,” Ashley shot back at her, warming my heart. “I don’t want anyone to get hurt because of me.” Grudgingly, Donna acquiesced to those terms.

In the end, we managed to hammer out the terms of the competition. Donna and I would start off with arm wrestling. The winner of that, Donna suggested, would get a victory kiss from Ashley. We assented.

Then we would move on from arm strength to leg strength, and do a special leg wrestling contest. We’d sit opposite each other on chairs and take turns to squeeze each other’s knees together with our legs. It would be a timed contest, and both of us trusted Ashley to be an impartial referee. Whoever could press the other’s knees together in the shorter time would be the winner.

And of course, the winner of that would get another victory kiss. I could almost hear the yearning in Donna’s voice as she suggested that again. Naturally, she wanted a kiss with Ashley very badly. Just like anyone else would, of course!

It would be a best out of three, as well, so if either Donna or I managed to win both the arm and leg strength contests, it would be a win. Total defeat and domination.

If it was tied at that point, however… the last contest would be a straight-out chest-to-chest toe-to-toe mercy contest. A fingerlock test of strength. She and I would just lock hands and push, until one of us was forced onto her knees and got her wrists bent painfully, to the point where she had no choice but to cry out for “mercy”. bets10 güvenilir mi Hence the name of the contest.

Ashley balked a little at this, since it involved pain, but Donna and I were surprisingly united in our desire to have this be the clincher. We were both raring to inflict at least some pain and hurt on each other, I suppose. It would only be minor wrist pain, we told her, and would test our powers of endurance.

And the strength of our love, I privately thought. Donna was just in lust with Ashley, at the most. She didn’t deserve to taste Ashley’s sweet, tender lips. I would have to stop her with everything I had.

Finally, we hammered out the terms. Donna would be coming over on the weekend – I’d have “home turf” advantage, so to speak. And the final winner of the contest… would have her way with Ashley, right before the eyes of the loser. This would cement the humiliation. It was Donna who suggested it, and I agreed after Ashley gave me a resolute nod. What a fitting outcome it would be. I was feeling my animosity for this woman grow by the second. It would be such a thrill to beat her in front of Ashley, and then to make her watch as Ashley and I celebrated our love in front of her…

Ashley was wriggling in her seat too, as she leaned against me. Her cheeks were flushed. We had never done anything like this before. We hadn’t planned for this to be happening. But it was, and we let ourselves be swept along with it.

“Be seeing you Saturday night, then… Ashley, darling… and Katie.”

“We’ll be ready for you, Donna,” I said.

“Oh… I know Ashley will be. As for you… we’ll see, won’t we.” And she hung up.

Ashley and I looked at each other quietly for long moments. It felt surreal, now. It was actually going to happen. I was going to “wrestle” another woman, by Ashley’s description taller, bigger and stronger, and Ashley herself would be on the line. My girlfriend, my lover, would be the living prize.

“So,” she said softly, “we’re going to do this.”

I held her by the shoulders. “Love, if you’re having any second thoughts at any time, you know you can back out of it any time you want. We’ll just tell her the thing’s off. No big deal.”

She looked back, and I knew she was conveying how appreciative she was with her eyes alone. “I’m ok if you are, love,” she said. “If this will please you, I will do it.”

“It’d please me to beat her ass and make love to you in front of her,” I retorted. “Not so much if I lose! But… if there isn’t the chance of losing, then winning has no meaning, so I guess them’s the breaks.”

“I guess we both have to risk it,” she murmured.

“Will you be okay, if I lose? I don’t intend to… but… if?”

She looked down and away, blushing slightly. “I don’t want you to lose. But if you do… then I will want to bear the humiliation along with you.”

“It’ll be humiliation for you?”

“In a way… I’d think of it as me being defeated too, since I stake myself on your strength. I’ll let her take her prize… but I’ll try not to orgasm.”

I smiled, thinking of how stubborn she was, and how good she was at holding off on cumming. I could never outmatch her, when we had our “contests”.

“Unless…” Ashley stroked my arms, feeling the knots of muscle that were my developed triceps, “you’re the one wanting to back out?”

I pulled up my arms into a double-biceps pose, and she squealed softly and squeezed my arm muscles appreciatively. “If this is what it takes to get her off your back, then I got no qualms defending what’s mine, love.”

She feverishly stripped my padded tank top off me, and I stripped hers off as well, so that we were both topless. I cupped her breasts in my hands, rubbing the nubs of her nipples which were already stiff and hard, and she moaned into my neck, digging her fingernails into my back, kneading the firm muscles there. “My champion…” she mumbled as she kissed her way up my chin to my eager, open lips.

Then she pushed me onto my back and straddled me, which surprised me. She was tapping into her less prominent “top” side. Clearly she was in a frisky mood. She knew I loved it.

“Take a good look at what you’re fighting for this Saturday, love,” she cooed, as she slowly pulled her arms into her own double-biceps flex. Her lean muscles stood out on her arms and chest.

She knew just how to drive me crazy with desire. It wasn’t just her firm musculature, as impressive as I found it, toned by her yoga and other fitness activities. It was that attitude, that posture of power and confidence, of sexy strength, that I found irresistible. Within moments of her doing that simple thing, I got incredibly wet, and she knew it. It was why she did it… primarily for my pleasure… and that thought alone could sometimes send me over the edge.

I groaned hoarsely as I reached up and ran my hands over her well-formed limbs and sturdy torso. My blood was up, and I wanted her as much as I had ever wanted her right then. I pulled her down on top of me, and she dropped her sexy dominant posturing, the both of us content to simply let our bodies meld together, her strong legs tangling with my somewhat thicker ones, her nipples pressing with electric urgency into my flesh and mine into hers…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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