A Succubus’s Tale Pt. 01

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It had been warm July day when Angelica traveled to the small village. No more than 30 humans made their home on the frontier near the orc territories, it was dangerous to do so. Women and children had been moved from the village further inland where they would be safe. Because of this, Angelica had little doubt she would garner attention.

But then again, how wouldn’t she. At five foot six with long flowing crimson hair, light blue eyes, pouty full lips, a perfect hourglass figure, large G-cup breasts, and bubble butt that swayed from side to side hypnotically whenever she walked, it was easy for Angelica to be the center of attention. For a hundred year old succubus, she didn’t look a day over twenty four. However, this was not her natural form, she was hiding her true succubus form, one she found appalling, especially when trying to lure innocent human men.

Different succubi had different attributes and skills, but Angelica’s skill was alchemy. Angelica had mastered alchemy at a young age, and with her alchemic skill, she did away with the red eyes, horns, wings, tail, and pointy fangs, as they were definitely not appealing to the average human. They warned of danger, when she was anything but. Besides, she liked this form better.

A common misconception of succubi is that they kill their victims. In truth, they only feed on the chemicals produced from living things when they are in the middle of a climax, their victims also quite enjoyed it when they did. Some men would even trip over each other to kill for a succubi’s pleasure and attention. But it was not easy for succubi to be satisfied…

She had spent a short time on the road before a young man from the village saw her while fetching water. He was sweet and naïve, and it almost made her coo at how polite and proper he was. Given that it was late, he offered his home for her to stay in. She gratefully followed him back to the small cottage and accepted food and a bed, his bed. The poor dear hadn’t even tried to make a move on her even he was obviously interested. She knew of the lust that ran through his veins. She loved to tease, rubbing his erection in the valley of her ass. Shaken up by it, he turned away and switched the lamp off. Angelica smirked slightly before getting comfortable and falling asleep. Tomorrow the real fun would take place.

In the morning, the man got up to do his daily errands.

“You’re welcome to stay here, but do be aware, my father, Arthur, and my brothers might drop by. They’re in the army. I’ve notified them of your temporary inhabitance, they shouldn’t have a problem with you residing here.”

Shortly after he left, Angelica drew herself a bath in the large stone pool in the bahis firmaları back of the house. Slipping out of her heels and pushing them aside, she walked over and tested the water with a dainty foot. Smiling, she paused as she noticed a reflection in the water, the door to the room was cracked open an a man was watching her intently. Choosing to entertain her voyeur, she kept her back to him as she unzipped her bodysuit allowing it to fall slack around her shoulders. Releasing a satisfied sigh, she felt her massive breasts come out into the air. Sliding the bodysuit down her body, she had to shimmy to get it to come off of her large bubble butt before it rested at her feet. Kicking the suit off, she pranced into the water and sank into the pool. She allowed a murmur of pleasure to escape her lips as the hot water engulfed her, leaving only her head above the water.

As if on cue, she heard the door creak open and heavy steps come her way followed by the jangle of metal and rasp of straps before something hit the floor. Moments later she felt the water shift and someone join her. Smirking, she opened her eyes and looked across the water, where an older version of the young man sat in the water.

“Mmm, hello. I’m assuming you’re Arthur?” she asked, unabashed about her nudity.

The man smiled despite himself. “And you’re the woman my son decided to invite into my home. I can’t say I don’t understand his motive.”

Her smirk became a smile as she held up her hand to accentuate her point. “He was a complete gentleman,” she said, amused.

“Pah! I know full well how my son normally acts, and a gentleman is not it. There’s no doubt that stupid boy has a crush on you, but that’s beside the point.” Arthur grumbled. “You stayed under my roof and ate my food. And from the sounds of it, you plan to stay longer. That doesn’t come for free.” he continued.

“Oh? And what is it you want from me?” she asked coyly.

Arthur stood up in front of her revealing a very much erect and impressively large length straining upwards towards her, a heavy pair of balls hanging beneath them.

While he was certainty larger than most human men, at about 13 inches long and at least 3 inches thick, with grape fruit sized testicles, it was hardly the largest cock she had ever seen or experienced.

Arthur, to his credit, wasted no time. Holding his cock with one hand and smacking the head against her luscious lips, the point was clear.

“While you’re staying in my home, you will be MY whore. Whenever and wherever I want you, I will have you.” he almost sneered.

Gazing up at him, Angelica reached up to grasp his cock giving it slow torturous strokes.

“Mmm and what about kaçak iddaa your poor son?” she cooed, interrupting him just as he began to speak by kissing down the length of his cock.

“Mmm…the bastard makes me ashamed to call him mine. Sending the girl he’s crushing on to sleep beside his pencil-dick ass with a belly full of my cum brings me no small amount of joy. I can tell your enjoying the idea too, slut.” he said staring down at the water where her other hand had dipped between her thighs to stroke at her pussy.

Wagging her eyebrows at him she dragged her tongue up the length of his shaft, flicking it along the head before dipping down to kiss it.

“You’re not wrong.” she teased.

Reaching down, Arthur took a hold of her hair, wrapping the crimson locks around his fist, grinning.

“I’m starting to like you, slut. I may send you to bed one night with that bastard’s half brother in your belly.”

She wagged her brows again. “Kinky.” she replied.

Arthur gripped her hair and brought her forward so the tip of his cock pressed against her lips. She smiled up at him for a moment before parting her lips to take him into her mouth. With a groan of pleasure, Arthur held her head still as he began to fuck her mouth with his giant cock. She looked up at him as she took his cock, her hands coming up to rest on his hips.

Arthur became more aggressive and soon his cock was disappearing down her throat. Distending her throat each time his cock plunged down towards her stomach. His massive, heavy balls slapping against her chin as he fucked her throat for several long minutes. Eventually, he released her hair as she was able to deep throat him on her own only pulling back occasionally to catch her breath or allow saliva to escape, it often falling down into the hot water of the pool or onto her chest.

After another minute of this treatment, she felt him take hold of the back of her head before slamming his cock into her throat and holding her there.

“Ugh! Fucking take it you whore!” he shouted as seemingly endless, thick strings of cum pumped out of his cock and straight into her stomach. His massive sperm-filled balls likely the result of some minotaur blood-based alchemy. Her brain became fuzzy as she felt Arthur’s pleasure consume her. Her stomach soon filled with his load, even making it swell out a bit before he finished and pulled out of her throat to let her breathe again. Her pussy was drenched, having orgasmed in lust.

“Urgh, shit. You’re a gifted cum slut, aren’t you? Even came for me, what a good whore.” he commented, deeply satisfied, but still erect.

‘Yep, definitely Minotaur alchemy.’ she thought, coming down from her sexual kaçak bahis peak. How curious.

Rather than answer, she took hold of his cock again and swallowed it down, sucking it clean. Moaning, he popped it out of her mouth.

“I’d like to make an addition to our agreement.” She cooed, his cock still hovering inches from her lips.

“After that treatment, I have an open mind.” Arthur joked.

“I was told you and your other sons are going out to fight the orcs?” she asked, slowly stroking his cock.

“Mmm that we are. What of it?” he asked, his eyes clouded in pleasure.

“You allow me to stay here until you return, and when you do, I will give you and each of your beloved sons a child. Or how ever many you think you can put in me.” She grinned, giving the tip of his cock a quick lick. She felt his cock stiffen, becoming painfully hard.

“That’s damned agreeable! Me and my boys, the ones without limp, pencil dicks will make a proper cum dump out of you!”

She smirked, “But I get to keep your disappointing child in return.” she added.

“Pft, HA! Having the knowledge that you are going to lie next to that bastard as he gets blue balls and falls in love with you only for us to come home and turn you into a cum dump and breeder will motivate me to come home full of life!”

Satisfied, she began stroking his cock again. “Good, I’ll leave it to you to tell the rest of your sons.”

“They will be thrilled. Now get up, I want to empty my balls in my whore a few more times while I play with those massive tits of yours.” he barked.

Within minutes, Angelica found herself laying on her back on Arthur’s bed. Her head was hanging over the side of it while he fucked her throat again. This time while holding onto and playing with her massive breasts until he emptied his massive load into her stomach. Her pussy again spasming as she felt his deep lust and pleasure run through her.

Later, when his son, whose name she finally learned, William, came home, the three of them ate around the table and acted polite towards each other. After supper, when William went to clean, Angelica serviced Arthur’s cock again beneath the table, swallowing the third massive load, and falling into a deep satisfaction, herself. However, her last episode for the evening would happen once William went to bed.

She was on the verge of an orgasm when he stopped pleasuring her to force his cock as far down her throat as he could while he came. It was then that the door of the cottage opened and his other four sons came in. All looking sturdy and strong like their father, rather than their prim and proper younger brother. Looking over to them, Arthur pulled his cock from her mouth and explained the deal to them.

Angelica lounged on the couch, resting her head in her hand while she waited. She was delighted by the looks of lust on their faces as their father went on with his explanation.

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