A Summer with the McCoys Ch. 03

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It had been quite a summer for me, all things considered. I’d made a habit of banging my sort-of sister, Vicky. While I’d fucked my fair share of girls in high school and college, I found myself feeling as though I was exploring new territory with her.

I was walking up to my room, when I heard sounds coming from the door next to mine. Remembering that this was the mysterious Bella’s room, I decided to poke my head in and say hello. I opened the door and was shocked at what I’d found. There was a sexy brunette who looked NOTHING like Vicky naked on her back, going to town on herself with a vibrator. Where Vicky had a petite frame and a flat chest, Bella was a bit meaty with enormous, natural tits. Having seen a lot of porn I knew fake tits when I saw them, and these were real. It might have been all of the fondling of Vicky’s A-cups, but these things seemed even bigger as I gawked at them.

“Can I help you?” I froze as Bella stared at me in the doorway, her eyes glued to my growing crotch.

“I…uh…hi, I’m Jim…”

“Is there any reason you’re watching me fuck myself silly with a vibrator, Jim?” Her calm demeanor was unnerving.

“I’m…your brother, I wanted to introduce myself.” I found myself choking on each word as it came out, expecting her to break her cool tone and rip my head off.

“Well, if you’re my brother then you probably shouldn’t be watching me cum, should you?” I shook my head, embarrassed. “Then why are you still here??” Struggling to apologize, I closed the door and went back to my room.

I was red as a tomato, in many places. I pushed back my frustration as I closed my door and whipped out my cock. Vicky was going to be at work until that night, and having seen my beautiful kind-of sister’s naked body about to climax, I was ready to do some cumming of my own. I haphazardly grabbed some tissues from my nightstand, and started pumping my dick up and down. I was so hard, having seen Bella’s breasts heaving up and down as her orgasm built up. I wanted nothing more than to cum on her huge tits, shooting rope after rope of hot jizz onto her ample bosom as she moaned in delight. Suddenly I felt that familiar sensation building up, and punished the poor tissues with my pent-up orgasm.

“Well, someone has a lot of cum.” I turned around to see Bella standing there, fully dressed. I’d assumed she’d come back to talk over what happened. God, I was such an idiot! Here she was, willing to put things behind us and discuss what happened, and she walks in on me treating my body like a playground. I felt like such a perv. I started mumbling, but she caught me off as she walked into my bedroom. “You watched me cum, and I feel like it was only fair if I watched you.” Realizing that this is how things started with Vicky, I decided to turn around and show her my junk in all its glory. “Oh please, Jim…” she started with a scoff, “that doesn’t impress me.” free spin I felt ashamed, figuring that she’d probably seen tons of meat bigger than my average-sized dick. “Why should it? I’m a lesbian.”

Things suddenly felt even weirder. I was standing naked, in front of this sexy lesbian who I’d also seen naked…but she was also my sister. Well, sort of. “I thought you were visiting colleges or something?”

“Oh, I was…it’s tough to find a college with enough girls that like to eat out, you know?” She sat on my bed and gestured for me to cover up, which I did. “I’m Bella, by the way…sorry about the awkward introduction.” I sat down next to her and saw her eyes drift to the still-present bulge in my pants.

“Have you always been a lesbian?” I asked, trying not to let her know I caught her peeking.

“Yeah, it started out as innocent experimentation with a friend in high school…but now I can’t imagine it any other way. Girls just…understand. The female body is beautiful: we have breasts and curves, whereas you guys just have hair and dicks.” I felt a bit insulted, but could tell that this girl definitely wasn’t the dumb hick that Vicky was. “Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been attracted to guys before. I just never had sex with one. Either they would prove that they couldn’t please me before it came to sex, or I just didn’t trust them.”

I started to see a window opening, and knew that I had to jump through it. “Do you trust me?”

She laughed. “I don’t even know you, Jim. Besides, if I was to fuck a guy it couldn’t be you, you’re my brother!”

“Am I?” I asked, having thought this through, a LOT. “I mean, I just met you. Besides, Mom adopted after I was born and they won the lottery. Really, we’re just strangers that have been called ‘family’ all of a sudden, so it doesn’t have to be weird. It just means we can trust each other a bit more.”

I felt my cock twitch and Bella lurched a little as she finally took her eyes off of it. “Jim, as attractive as you are, I think we should just forget this ever happened. What if someone finds out? This is already crossing a line. Besides, if you’re like any other man I’ve been with, you wouldn’t even be able to go down on me right. Why would I let you fuck me?”

I thought about it for a second. Part of me wanted to tell her I was already fucking Vicky, so she didn’t have to worry. On the other hand, I had to consider that she’d be very protective of her little sister. Bella had been around, she’d been educated and seen some of the world. I couldn’t help but think she wouldn’t abide the naive actions of her sister and me taking advantage of her. Instead, I thought of a proposition. “Well, why don’t you let me go down on you? If you think I’m doing it well enough, then we can go from there.”

I saw her considering it, and it dawned on me that she might not have orgasmed in the brief time between my bonus veren siteler interruption and her peeping on my private party. “Ok,” she said as she started pulling off her pants. “But I’m leaving my shirt on, no playing with my tits or anything. You’re only to eat me out.”

I nodded as she sat on the bed, spreading her legs and exposing her completely-shaven cunt. I slowly started kissing down her thighs as I knelt down, lightly tounging my way to her pink button. The heat was steaming off of her pussy, and I could see it was already wet at the attention it was receiving. I delicately worked my tongue along the labia, trying to get a feel for what she liked. I found her pelvis reacting as I rhythmically worked my tongue in a circular motion. Figuring I’d caught on to something, I started increasing the speed and pressure as my tongue swirled around faster and faster. She started breathing moaning and rocking back and forth as I decided to mix it up. Moving upwards, I found her clit and started delicately flicking my tongue over it, allowing her to settle into a rhythm as I started taking strong whiffs of her cunt.

“Are you smelling my pussy?” I gave a brief grunt as I continued lapping up the juices trickling towards her thighs. “You fucking pervert!” She grabbed my hair and pulled my head as hard as she could into her cunt, grinding her snatch against my face. “SMELL IT NOW, BITCH!” I found myself horribly turned on as she abused my face, riding it and pulling it. I just made sure to keep flicking my tongue, and she started writhing back and forth against my face. She started bucking and wrapped her thighs tight around my neck, and I felt the orgasm coming. Her breathing got sharp and heavy, and she started screaming as her pussy started squirting into my mouth and all over my face. I lapped up every drop of the metallic fluid as I could, feeling her give one final thrust before she collapsed on the bed.

“Well, how was it?” I asked as she lay crumpled on my bed. She looked so bizarre with her top still on and her naked bottom, her pussy still dripping on my sheets.

“Eh,” she said as she recovered her breath, “not great.” I frowned as she sat up and caught her breath. “I mean, I came…so at least you beat most of the guys that have eaten me out. But I’m still pretty convinced that you need to have a pussy to know how to go down properly.”

We stood awkwardly for what felt like a few minutes while I wallowed in my inadequacy. “Oh don’t feel bad Jim! You’re probably one of the best guys I’ve ever gotten eaten out by!” Seeing that her consolation had no effect, she started taking her shirt off. “Ok little bro,” her tits flopped out as she took her bra off and spun around on all fours to present her cunt to me. “You can go ahead and fuck me.”

In what I’m sure was one fluid motion, I removed my pants and jumped on the bed, ready to fill her with deneme bonusu veren siteler my dick. I grabbed her ass and slowly slid my cock in, relishing the gasp she felt as her little lesbian twat was suddenly being filled with man meat. “How do you like that, sis?”

“It’s nice, I expected it to feel…weirder.” I started pumping slowly as she dropped from all fours onto her stomach and started meeting my thrusts. I considered making more conversation as I fucked her from behind, but I saw her fighting back tiny grunts every time my cock went all the way in her. I hadn’t stopped to think that this might be painful for her.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah, it’s just…a lot!” I grinned at her complimenting the size of my cock. “Can you go like, faster? I think I’m starting to like this!” I willingly obliged, increasing my speed as I felt her shapely ass every time I thrust into her. “OH FUCK YEAH, JIM!” she screamed as I started pumping faster and faster. I slapped her ass and heard her squeal as my thrusts grew faster and harder. I knew I was about to cum in record time, but I didn’t care, because I was so damn excited to bust a load inside my busty sister. I noticed her hand creep down to her pussy again, and saw that she was playing with her clit as I pounded her. “JIM IM GONNA CUM AGAIN!” she squealed as I felt her stop moving back and forth with me. She froze for a second, and then started quaking and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as a low, rumbling sound came from her throat. For the second time, she came all over me as the orgasm rippled through her body. She buried her face in the blankets to mask what was clearly a much louder orgasm, but I found myself holding on to her tits for dear life as I shot my load into my sister’s hot, sticky snatch. “JESUS Jim,” she let out as I rolled off of her. “I didn’t know what I was missing!”

A smile grew across my face as I realized what I had. A naive sister to bang, a former-lesbian new-bisexual sister to bang, and a whole summer with no mom in the house. “We should do this more often,” I suggested.

“I’m down,” she said nonchalantly. “It’s not as good as sex with another girl, but it’s pretty good.”

I got a devilish idea in my mind as I carressed Bella’s luscious rack. “What if we could get another girl?”

The glimmer in her eyes betrayed her as she started stroking my cock with her hands. “I think I have a friend or two that could be interested.” I started to grin at the idea of banging her and one of her sexy lesbian friends. “Of course,” she added, “they’re all lesbians and probably won’t want anything to do with you.” I frowned as she let go of my dick and stood up to get dressed. “But you don’t have any problems fucking me while another girl plays with me, right?”

I shook my head no and admired her body as she lightly stepped out of the room, closing the door. I stayed in bed for a few minutes, reliving everything that had just happened. I was excited to fuck Bella a lot, and teach her the ways of the hetero. I was even more excited to see her go down on another girl, and maybe fuck her friends. But I was MOST excited about one thing: fucking Bella AND Vicky in a nasty, incestuous threesome.

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