A Teenager’s Ultimate Fantasy

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“Suck it, Mrs. Smith. Suck my dick, Sabrina.” I said in a hushed whisper with my eyes closed and my hand, slowly moving back and forth, on my erect brown penis.

“Swallow it all.” I released, fantasizing that every part of dick was deep in my girlfriend’s mother’s mouth.

“Show me your tits,” I envisioned her willingly unveiling her huge, white breasts all for me. The very thought of having control over her brought me closer to climax.

I had been so caught up in trying to bring myself to an orgasm that I didn’t hear the footsteps approaching until it I heard her say

“Darryl, what are you doing?” her voice filled with shock.

“Shit, Mrs. Smith, I-I-I-” I stuttered before completely freezing up. I was beyond embarrassed and on the fringes of my orgasm with my hand on my dick, trying hard to resist the urge to not cum. I held back as a brooding fear consumed me: what would she tell, most importantly, Micaela, her daughter/my girlfriend and my parents. I was attracted to her mother but I still had strong feelings for Micaela to do anything to hurt her. Simply put I was in an awkward position.

I was however overwhelmed by Mrs. Smith appearance. She looked like a slut but that may be because I am such a perv. Anyways, she had on this too tight, pink sweater that was struggling to keep her bulging breasts from falling out and a pair of skin tight white jeans. Her glasses hung subtly on her nose and her lips were a juicy red.

“I wanted to stick my dick in her mouth.” I thought.

The idea and her look sent me into overdrive and I started cumming in front of her. I wished to close canlı bahis my eyes, hoping this was some sort of bad dream. But she came closer and sat beside me on the bed. The confidence I had when I was alone jerking off had vanished and I was a shell of a young boy unsure of the humiliating punishment I was about to receive.

“Darryl, tell me something. Why were you masturbating in my house, on my bed?” Her voice was softer, relaxed. I would even say sexual like when Micaela talks when she wants to fuck. In my quick glances at her face, I saw her looking at my cock still in my grasp.

I could say that, ” I was imagining that you were sucking my dick,” but I didn’t have the balls to say it so replied with, “I thought no one was home.”

“What were you thinking about?” She asked, tugging my chin so I looked directly into her eyes.

I didn’t know where this was going but I was still horny so I was gonna try and see how far I could go, “Y-You, Mrs. Smith.” I could feel my heart beat in my throat as I uttered those words.

To this she said,” You think I’m sexy?”

“Every inch of you, Mrs. Smith.”

“Do you think about me when you’re with Micaela?” She said.

“All the time.” I had a clue where this was now going. I did notice her nipples outlined on the sweater. And then my dick started to stiffen again.

“Does Micaela suck your dick?” Her white face reddening at this point.

“Not a lot.” She put her hands on her thighs.

And quickly reached for my dick and started stroking it. I wasn’t gonna ruin the chance to recieve a blow job from this Milf. My girl’s mother. I couldn’t bahis siteleri believe what was taking place. Her hands were soft as they slowly moved up and down my shift. She had this smirk on her lips that looked absolutely devilish.

She pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me and stuck her tongue in my mouth, sucked my tongue and lips. Her tongue was huge in relation to mine and I was aroused by the way she commanded my own with hers. Fearful, I had to interrupt,

“What about Mr. Smith, shouldn’t he be home soon?”

“Do you want me to tell Micaela what I just saw you doing in my house? I’m not gonna let her see you again.” She replied and took her sweater off, exposing her firm breast. My dick was throbbing against her. I passively squeezed her breasts. But she went a step further and grappled the back of my head and commanded, with her hand, that I suck them. Without resistance, I started sucking her areolas then she forced as much of her into my mouth. I heard her “oooh” and “ahh”. Then she started stroking my dick.

“Do you want me to put it in my mouth?” She asked.

“Yes please! ” I said excitedly.

She raised my shirt and her wet tongue slid across my hairless stomach, working her way down my body. All the while her hand remained on my dick. She started by kissing and sucking my head. I was in state of rising joy. I was so anxious and then I felt the blanket of warmth moistness her mouth provided. Watching this white woman look back at me with my brown dick moving in and out of her mouth slowly was an unmatched thrill. She ran her hands up my chest, continuing to swallow bahis şirketleri my dick.

“I’m cumming.” I told her expecting her to stop as Micaela did but she continued sucking until I was releasing semen into her mouth. This feeling was indescribable and seemed to shake every inch of my body. She cooed and started sucking faster. After I stopped spewing into her mouth, she whipped her long tongue around my dick as if to collect anything she missed.

She rubbed her breasts on me as she came up and planted this huge kiss on my lips.

“Did you like how your dick felt in my mouth.” She asked rolling her finger on my chest.

“Yes Mrs. Smith.” I replied.

“Oh you poor thing. I’m sorry I made you do that and I will not do it again, OK.” She said sounding legitimately sincere and pressed her naked breast against me, “But you have to keep this our little secret. NOT Micaela, NOT your friends. No-one okay, babe.”

” I don’t want you to stop, Mrs. Smith. Please don’t stop and don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

She slipped her flexible tongue into my mouth again and navigated my hand to her pussy, which as wet as her mouth. And moaned as my finger scouraged over her body , ” you’re such a good boy. Do you want to fuck me?”

Almost immediately after saying those words we heard the door slam and Mr. Smith yell, “Honey, where are you?”

We both jumped at the sound of his voice. I may have been more afraid of what would happen and just as before froze up. Mrs. Smith took control of the situation as easily as she coerced me into this ultimate fantasy. She kissed me one more time hurriedly straightened herself and returned me to Micaela’s room all within a couple of seconds. From the door I could hear them talking. I lay on Micaela’s bed reliving the last 30 minutes or so. This huge smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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