A Very Insistent Father Ch. 02

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My name is Cricket Lange and I’m in my late thirties. A while back I tried to market my newest erotic romance to a few dating groups as these sites tend to have more members than romantic readers sites have. In the process of pushing my book I attracted attention from a very fascinating young man [early twenties] who decided that wanted to pursue me as the potential mother to his child.

This is Part Two of our story.

I dispatched a brand new email to my young correspondent:

Good morning, Jake,

I imagine you’re at work now too, and I won’t hear from you until you get home or at least a decent break. My boss is not looking over my shoulder today so I can type a quick greeting.

I had a nice relaxing sleep last night. Well as relaxing as it could be with the dreams I had. As the sunlight streamed through my curtains this morning to wake me, I imagined that I had an even more arousing awakening. In that twilight state between just waking up and still dreaming, I envisioned that I was somewhere else, with someone else.

As I lay on a strange bed topless and nude, I noticed my panties had been wadded up and thrown to the floor. A nice set of warm lips was slowly nuzzling and sucking on my nipple while a handsome young man rolled partly over my naked body. His tongue carefully sloshed around my nipple and areola sending tiny warm tremors through my breast and from there zinging the nerves of my entire body. The sensations made me close my eyes and softly moan.

Suddenly a couple of careful, cautious fingers slid down my abdomen and tangled themselves in my pubic hair for an agonizing moment. I knew where those fingers were heading so I was torn momentarily about whether I should allow them to drop further down. But my mind wanted them to dip down more and examine the soft tissues of my pussy lips for just a second or two.

Two of his fingers probed in between the vital opening and I arched my hips and back, partially in surprise and partially to encourage him to press his fingers even deeper. I moaned something incoherent. Naturally the fingers didn’t stop, they just slipped deeper inside as if they had an important mission. We stayed like that for several minutes. His fingers coming out covered in my juices and taking a minute to diddle at my clit just to torment me a tiny bit more.

“You feel awfully wet this morning,” his quiet voice murmured.

“It’s nothing to the wetness I felt last night,” I replied in a whisper. “You must have dumped a full quart of raw sperm into my system by the time we were finished.”

“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, and this man wanted to do a little fathering.”

I opened my eyes to look up into his satisfied face. “Mm-hmm…and what does that mean to his woman?”

“Somebody has to play the part of the mother, doesn’t she?” Finally his soft voice added, “Hey! Would you like something else to take the place of these fingers before I get ready for work?”

I grinned and told him: “Yes, if you wouldn’t mind.”

“It would be my duty and my pleasure.”

Oh yeah! And mine too.

Shoot! Back to work for me, Cricket


I actually have a couple of quick minutes myself. I think we should get together this week. We both know deep down we have work to do. Are you ready to get started? Have you been thinking about things quite a bit? Do you get wet thinking about giving yourself to me?


At the very bottom of his email he’d typed in his cellular number. Oh God! This is it. Now he’s serious!

Dear Jake,

Whoa, slow down big boy. I went through our correspondence and I noted that you asked me from your opening salvo on Friday morning if I would ever consider having a black baby if the right man came along. Then you asked me if I would consider having another baby late in life, and then would I mind submitting to a younger man. And somewhere in that flurry of emails, you pointed out to me that you were the right younger black man–and that was that!

Jake, you continually turned on your charms to remind me that in spite of our age differences we had so much in common. I will be the first person to admit that you swept me right off my round heels, Jake, but you’re moving awfully fast for me. My life is still filled with complications which won’t just go away–even though I’d like to give myself to you and wholeheartedly allow myself to get pregnant again like you wish me to do. After all, it’s only been since last Friday!

I only know a few things about you. I certainly know what you want–you’ve been crystal clear about your intentions and in informing me that we should move forward. However, I really don’t know Jake Hancock, and well…I don’t think you know me.

Sweetheart, I don’t mean to be blunt, but I think the baby is everything to you and I’m just a convenient means to accomplishing it. Yet, I am totally taken with the idea of giving into your desires as well. I want this baby more than anything I’ve ever fantasized about in my life. Does poker oyna that make sense? Of course, it doesn’t. You want to meet soon, bless your heart and I believe we need to meet each other so we can learn more about each other. Nevertheless, we both know that when we finally meet, we’ll take that giant leap physically–probably the same evening. Jake, who are you and how were you so certain that you could turn my head and turn my feelings around like that?

Jake, my ex-husband turned me off to a lot of men for the longest time. In my heart I know you are different from my ex; yet I fear you because you are an unknown quantity. As I said before, there are things I need to clear up emotionally before I take that step.

Because once I take that step toward you, sweetheart, you’re stuck with me for a long time.

Give me a hug, Cricket

However, I sent Jake a mixed message in my email. You see, I appended my home and work phone numbers to the email. We’d both committed ourselves. As I sat in my cube typing away at my computer, I suddenly had an uninvited vision of a naked, muscular and black Jake Hancock poised above my body the same way my ex-husband used to be poised over me. As this vision of masculinity pulled his midsection back away from my pussy, I saw that his cock was soaked with the slick white translucent coating that was the mixture of his semen with my own intimate juices.

I hurried to ladies room, sat down in the stall, and slowly used the image of Jake engraved in my mind as fuel for my fingers to bring myself off. When I came back from the powder room, I discovered I had a new email.

Dear Cricket,

I understand, hun, and I want you to be sure of things before taking such a big step. I am a good guy, a guy that will bend over backwards to give you everything and anything that you have ever wanted. When the time is right it will happen. I know that deep down inside, you have burning desire to allow yourself to create life as I do. You are hesitant, but yet also know that the two of us are about to embark on something that is meant to be, you know this deep down, don’t deny it. I’m sure deep down there is nothing you would want more than to go to work, to walk around everyday with my seed growing inside you.

The thought of filling you so much that our fluids run down your inner thighs, a pillow underneath you trying to keep as much of my life giving seed inside of you as possible, mmm…BTW, thanks for the phone number.

Dreaming of you, Jake Hancock

Oh Lord! I couldn’t believe he’d written those words. Shit, I don’t believe I tried to read his words on my work computer.


You should have marked that one: ***Not Work Safe***…LOL! I almost creamed my panties when I read it. I’m positive I sighed out loud–hell, I nearly squealed in delight.

Damn it, Jake, just when I think I have you pegged as some kind of control freak, you charm your way right back into my heart (and potentially my panties) again. All you had to do was mention the idea of my walking around for about forty weeks carrying your seed, nurturing it and allowing it to germinate and divide in my womb as a fine and healthy embryo–soon to develop into a living, growing fetus taking on the gender of one of us and the features of both and eventually become a beautiful and very healthy (Oh, please God) newborn baby.

I can’t deny that I want it, but every time I convince myself that you are Mr. Wrong for me, you go and do something absolutely right…Damn you! Damn you! Love you, damn you!

Throwing my arms around your neck, Cricket


You stop too. lol. When you talk like that, it makes me nearly instantly shoot out seed into my pants and that’s not where it belongs now is it. You let me know when, and I’ll be at your place. heh heh 😉 Not to try and push you into something you don’t want, of course.

Big grin, Jake

That night, I decided to call his bluff in a sense. I found this picture on line of a slightly more mature light brown haired white woman wearing a dressy little rosy pink strapless maternity number and looking very obviously pregnant. Then I composed a letter to go along right with my picture.

Dear Jake,

Just a short message this evening. Tell me, how’d you like to introduce a lady like the one in this picture to your friends and family? When you get a chance later tell me what kind of fantasies this .jpeg brings up (besides the obvious natural male salute that I’m so looking forward to…) I’m sure as a singer you’ll agree that the ideas offered here vocalize the most memorable, the most beautiful of love ballads. Besides, I’m guessing if and when we get into this position, you’ll have to compose a lullaby or two.

Work is a bit calmer today. I’m getting caught up some.

Check with you later, love, Cricket

I got no reply from Jake Hancock that evening. The next morning I sent off a quick note.

Dear Jake,

Did my post containing the maternity dress turn you off? It wasn’t canlı poker oyna supposed to, you know. I just thought you’d get a real charge out of a beautiful pregnant woman.

Sorry, if I made you uncomfortable.

Smiles, Cricket

Apparently, he wrote back to me during his morning break.

Nope, didn’t turn me off at all, the band had a gig last night, and I couldn’t get to the computer until this morning. I’m still just as eager as ever to put a baby in you, Cricket.


Dear Jake,

That’s a relief. I thought maybe I’d offended you somehow.


My cell phone rang and I glanced at the caller ID: Jake Hancock. Oh my God. My heart skipped a beat. My hand shook as I answered.

“Bet you can’t guess who this is?” He had a beautiful confident voice. However, even though his voice didn’t sound mature, he didn’t sound cocky or adolescent, either.

“Oh J-Jake it’s wonderful to hear your voice.”

“Yours too! Now when do you want me to drive up to see you?”

“I don’t know, Jake. I guess I don’t know when I’ll be ready. Don’t you think we should meet on neutral ground first?”

“Is that what you really want?”

“I-I think that’s the safest idea for now.” I stuttered into the phone. “B-besides a girl needs time to prepare for something as important as this.”

I met Jake Hancock in person the next evening after I hurried home and cleaned up. Since I’d worn the African print on a previous date, I decided to follow a friend’s suggestion and wear the sexy black ruffled dress with a nice little V plunge at the neckline, but naturally my dress stretched a lot more than the sample pics of the models on the website, since I’m a helluva lot bigger than that skinny little model from the pictures…ah well…

Jake loved the dress, of course.

The inevitable happened that night just as we both suspected it would. I noticed as Jake got out from his own vehicle that he had a clean shirt and a pair of slacks hanging on a window hanger on his car. I snickered. He thinks he’s going to spend the night.

No, he’s just being prepared, I reminded myself. Just the same as I did. Oh wait, now you’re defending his actions.

God, he’s just as handsome and good looking as his pictures suggested. Except if anything, he looked even younger in person. Damn! I hoped he suddenly didn’t come to the realization that I looked like some friend of his mother’s.

Lord, I looked at the young black man strolling across the parking lot toward me and all I can think of is the word “Mother”. You’ve got it bad, Cricket.

When I walked over toward his car to meet him halfway, Jake grinned and opened his arms. “Give me a hug.”

That was certainly easy enough to do. His arms felt strong around me, leaving me with secure in the knowledge of our physicality. He closed his car door and we walked up to the restaurant where we waited patiently to be seated.

Then he said the most unexpected thing. “And you thought I’d be disappointed, Cricket. You are probably the sexiest woman I’ve met in ages.”

I fixed my blue eyes on his brown ones. “Are you serious?”

“Do you think I’d lie to the mother of my child?” I know my face flushed. “I see.”

“Cricket!” He put both hands on my upper arms. “You realize that once we get started, there is no turning back.”

“Do you mean for tonight?”

“I mean period,” he replied softly. “Like I said in my letters, I’m as eager as ever to put my baby inside you, Cricket. Are you up to accommodating the essence of my manhood bareback?”

For a second his words took my breath away.

“W-without protection?”

“I don’t know how else we can…” He stopped and fixed his eyes on me. “You haven’t gone on the pill, have you?”

I shook my head no.

“Glad to hear that.”

My dear Mr. Hancock invited me to go with him to a nice restaurant for dinner so we finally ended up at the Olive Garden as I wanted to make certain I could eat light. Naturally, we had drinks and talked for a long time. He looks even younger in person than he did in his photos and much more solid and muscular than I would ever have guessed. I swear to you he looks like twenty-five or six in real life…Ohh God, sweets, I felt like his mother at times–except he was having none of that. He treated me like a goddess, a trophy date, and that felt wonderful.

He asked me again if I got the “special” (meaning nude) pictures he sent me, and I told him yes I did, and yeesss I was very impressed. He asked me if I ever took any intimate nude pictures of myself, and I said no because I was afraid they might go out over the internet. He laughed and said that was quite possible. He also thought that a few of his pictures had already made it on the internet as well.

Then he said the damnedest thing over dinner. “So have you thought about having my baby? (“What?”) As if I knew the subject wasn’t going to come up. Anyway, I hemmed and hawed and said something about how I’d have to check with my doctor internet casino and find out whether my body could…

And he interrupted me and said it’s all really much simpler than that. Like an idiot I honestly didn’t see this coming: “All we have to do is fuck every night until my seeds catch.” He announced this in a conversational tone right in the middle of busy restaurant. I know my jaw must have dropped. I’m sure some of the people around us must have heard him too.

I think I answered, “Ohh…” or something equally as intelligent.

As you can guess, as hard as I tried to fight it, my lower body felt an ache and I went totally wet in my panties. Thank God I wore the black dress because I think my seat was soaked. Naturally, I swallowed a small gulp. He reached out and took hold of my hand across the table. Nice strong hands, by the way. Then he smiled and asked if I was enjoying my dinner. Ohh God! I kept staring at his face. I had a hard time swallowing anything larger than a tiny leaf from my salad or a few bites of my vegetable medley. I think I cut my fish up into the smallest pieces I’ve ever done in my life. Thank goodness it was flaky and moist–Jeez, that sounds like a description of my vaginal tissues.

After we left the restaurant, he asked me if I’d show him my apartment. I hesitated and then I answered with, if he didn’t mind, would he show me his place? I knew he had purchased a home in the heights (which is primarily black, btw)–see the Olive Garden where we ate was only five or ten minutes from the heights, while my place was easily half an hour away. Turns out the Hancock brothers had a lovely duplex which Jake owns along with his brother and each of them is responsible for half the house payment–I don’t quite know how they work it out.

Be that as it may, I followed him home in my car. His brother is in his early thirties and when he and his wife saw me get out of my car, I thought they would shit! You should have heard the silence when Jake introduced us. I don’t think it was so much a racial thing–well–I don’t know for sure–but for sure they were shocked by my age. Suddenly, I felt like some foolish old lady dressed up like a younger woman, but not fooling anybody. However, Jake dismissed them both and hustled me inside the door to his home.

As I noticed from the emailed pictures, his furnishings were rather 21st century bachelor thrift store decor…LOL! His bed was merely a twin bed, but as you can guess that was more than adequate for our needs.

Our evening went exactly as Jake predicted it would on the telephone the night before. He had me out of that little black dress and my matching black panties in record time. Then he undressed and…Well, as you know, he’s just awesome as hell in person. All of him!

Other things moved quickly as well. I knelt on the floor directly in front of him for a few minutes while he lorded over me. He certainly did not need my sweet manipulations to make him hard, but I know he enjoyed me down on the floor on my knees with my mouth working right at mid-groin level. As you can imagine the musky masculine aroma smelled totally enthralling. Surprisingly, he was in a hurry…and told me to climb up on the bed.

Jake spent several minutes with his lips working on my cunt making sure that my internal juices had begun to flow freely. Since my black lover was in a huge hurry to inseminate me, I found myself flat on my back with Jake balanced squarely on my thighs as soon as his mouth left my pussy.

Naturally when I tasted his kiss at that moment, I tasted a sort of black olive flavor that may have been my own nectar mixed with a sort of vinegar and oil combo left on his lips and tongue.

Within moments, I guided my young black man’s erected penis directly into my pussy. We conjoined bareback so that his raw sperm could deal with my reproductive system decisively and without interference. Jake’s eager intentions demanded a baby, so I went along with him to provide him easy access to the means to do so. I could hardly protest. After all, it’s not like I didn’t see it coming.

When I took his black cock into my pussy for the first time, it almost seemed anticlimactic for us at first, due to fact that after five minutes of penetration, Jake ejaculated quickly leaving behind several tablespoons full of thick warm semen in my cunt. Do you know what it’s like when a man’s seed is particularly potent? His semen looks rich and white–like warm, thick shampoo rather than like some watery trickle.

At first, I felt disappointed, except my black partner made no movement to pull out from where he’d lodged his dick deep inside me. When Jake began to thrust and plunge all over again, it sounded as if the whole bedroom echoed with that liquid slushy squishing noise–where his sperm and my juices soaked his pistoning dick together. I stared down to see how our bodies lined up. Oh Lord, the beautiful contrast between his black body and my naked pale skin looked marvelous. He raised himself up and I couldn’t help myself–I watched hypnotized time and again as his long black erection pushed forward sinking from sight between my puffy labial lips. I couldn’t see Jake’s probing cock forcing itself in deeper, but I certainly felt it.

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