A Whole New World Ch. 01

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**This is my first attempt at writing any form of incest story. This story is 100% fiction and is for mature readers only. This is just the first part of the series, I’ve had many ideas on how to progress with this story, or if you have any please let me know. Please send me some feedback or ideas via my profile.

And without further ado, let’s get on with the story…


I’ve always had a thing for guys who I’m always told to stay away from. Most of my past boyfriends were either the typical “bad boys” or older guys. I guess I just like the thrill of giving society the finger. It shouldn’t come as any surprise, then, that I’ve always been attracted to the men of my family.

Even since I was a young girl, before I knew about sex and lust, I always felt a form of attraction towards the males in my family. My very first crush was on my Dad, Peter. I can remember clearly being a young girl straddling him and giving him pecks on the mouth and pretending to be his girlfriend whilst he watched the TV with my Mum. You might think this is weird, but you haven’t seen my Dad. And just like a good wine, he’s aged well. Standing at 6ft with hazel brown eyes to die for and well kept brown hair, with grey streaks appearing on his temples, my Dad is a proper dilf. There’s been many an evening where I pretended to problems with my math homework just so he would come into my room and use his accountant skills to help me through. Personally, I just loved the contact when he’d kiss my forehead. Now, approaching my 21st birthday, I still have that crush on him. Except it’s not just my heart that longs for him, now the rest of my body does too.

My twin brother, Nick, and I are very lucky to have our birthday towards the start of June. That meant that when growing up, lots of kids would come to our birthday parties to celebrate both our birthday and the end of school for the summer. As teens, it meant that everyone wanted a good party to celebrate being finished with exams, and Nick and I were happy to oblige them by throwing great parties.

This year, the summer has been particularly warm. After my three-hour drive home from my college, I take full advantage of the sun by hauling my suitcases up to my bedroom, throwing on a bikini to cover my perky ass and 32d breasts and head outside to the pool. I dive in and let the water cool down my hot skin. I let myself float to the surface and watch the clouds moving by. I smile and let my body relax in the silence. Nobody is home, which is good because I was just too sweaty to be dealing with anyone. Dad and my older brother, Anthony, are at work and won’t be home for at least another two hours, Nick is still on the way home from his college, and Sean, my younger brother, is still at school. So nobody can disturb me.

After a while, I get out and lie down on one of the sun loungers next to the pool and let the water drops evaporate from my body. As the last of the water disappears with poker oyna a small sizzling sensation, I hear the back door sliding open.

“Hey, you’re back early”, I hear a deep voice say.

I open my eyes and see Nick smiling over at me. Nick, just like me, takes after my Dad. We both have the hazel eyes and brown hair. We differentiate, though, when it comes to height. Nick got his height from Dad’s side of the family and stands at 5ft11. As for me, I take after my Mum’s side, being only 5ft5. I stand up and walk over to give my twin a hug.

“Hey you, there wasn’t much traffic so I made it back in good time. How are you?”

“I’m good. Better now that I’m home. Is everyone still out?”

“Yup, nobody was here when I got back anyways. So, excited to be turning the big two-one tomorrow?”

“Oh yeah, can’t wait. I’m just sad that Mum won’t be here to see it.”

“I’m the same.”

Mum died after a long battle with ovarian cancer eight years ago.

Talking about Mum always brings a few tears to my eyes, and in seeing them now, Nick embraces me. He squeezes me to his chest and I can feel the muscles hidden beneath his t-shirt. I look up into his hazel eyes as he brings his face closer to mine. Bringing a hand to cup my cheek, he kisses me. The kiss is light but soon I feel his usual hunger come alive. I open my mouth and let his tongue snake inside. Our tongues recommence the battle they last fought the last time we were together. Nick swings me around and presses me against the glass pane of the door. His hands start to explore my body, moving down from my neck to my breasts. Pressing his groin against mine, I can feel his hard cock straining against his shorts. As he moves to untie my bikini, I stop him.

“Stop it. Sean will be back from school soon.”

“Then we’ll give him a show.”

“Come on, Nick, I’m being serious.”

“Okay, alright, I get it.”

With one more, quick kiss, I pull open the door and run inside.

Upstairs, in my bedroom, the heat of the day and from the long drive home cause my eyes to grow heavy. I hop onto my bed and let myself doze off.

The smell of cooking meat wakes me up. I throw on a t-shirt I find at the top of my suitcase and go downstairs. Outside, I find my brothers and my Dad preparing dinner. Dad is grilling some food on the barbecue and the boys are setting the table.

“Hey, Princess, welcome home. How are you?” my Dad greets me with a smile as he notices me.

“Hi, Dad”, I reply and go over and give him a hug.

Dad’s arms engulf me and I let myself enjoy the feeling of being close to him again. I feel a spark of excitement as his hands rest on my lower back, right on the hem on my bikini bottoms. A part of me wants to move on to the tops of my toes to make his fingers slide in under my thin bottoms. Just as I make the decision and begin to rise, Dad removes his hands to resume cooking.

Seeing that the table is ready, canlı poker oyna I sit down and join my brothers as we wait for the food to be finished. We fill each other in about how everything has been during the last few months since we were last all together, and we mess around and joke with one another as we always used to. As we talk I look at my brothers and notice how they’ve all changed. Anthony, my oldest brother, is 6ft with the same brown hair and eyes as the rest of us. He’s grown out some stubble on his face which gives him this ruggedly handsome look. He’s also clearly been working out some as his biceps have grown and chest muscles can be seen through his shirt. Turning 26 has definitely changed him. In a sexy way. Sean, my younger brother, is 18. With the same visible characteristics as the rest of the men of the family, Sean is tall and stands at 6ft2. He’s very popular with the girls in his school. Sean attends a private high school after he received a full sports scholarship, where he’s the captain of the soccer team. Since being appointed captain, he tells me that he’s been working out to get in the best possible shape for college scouts. This has also been very obvious as he’s now really after filling out his school uniform. The slim-fit white shirt and narrow tie accentuate his biceps and chest. Soon, the meat has finished and we eat. I welcome the distraction from ogling my brothers. The heat of the day starts to fade away as pink streaks through the pale orange sky and soon I feel the evening chill setting in on my bare legs. I excuse myself and head upstairs to take a shower.

I grab a fresh towel and head into the bathroom. I close the door, set the towel down on the sink and take off my t-shirt and bikini. Once naked, I hop into the shower, pull the curtain, and turn on the water. I welcome the heat as the hot water hits my body. The sudden temperature change causes my nipples to harden. I pick up the shower jell bottle and begin to lather my body. As I bend down to wash my legs, I see another pair of feet climbing in over the bath edge. I jump with a fright and slip right into Nick’s naked body.

“What are you doing?” I exclaim in a whispered shout, “Somebody could walk in!”

“Nobody’s going to come in, especially seeing as the water’s running.”

“Well you did, so I don’t find that very comforting!”

Before I can say anything else, Nick closes the gap between our mouths and kisses me. The passion in his kiss takes me aback for a moment before I return his kiss with the equal amount of ferocity. I grind my breasts against his muscular chest, the friction between my wet body against his dry body causing my pussy to become aroused and my clit to harden. As I wrap my arms around Nick’s neck, I feel his hard cock pressing against my stomach. I reach down and take hold of his thick 7.5″ cock and rub the length as we kiss. I run the back of my thumb over the head of his cock and a string of precum internet casino attaches to it, following the path it takes around the head. I lift the thumb to my mouth and suck the precum off as I look into Nick’s lust-filled eyes.

He sits me down on the edge of the bath and spreads my legs. As he does this he kisses up the inside of my thigh until he reaches my wet pussy. Flashing me a knowing grin, he flicks his tongue over the clit, sending shivers up my spine. The sensation causes my legs to buckle and lock Nick’s head in place. Satisfied with the reaction he received, Nick sucks and licks my pussy. I attempt to keep my moans as low and as quiet as possible but soon I feel the familiar pressure growing and, with a loud moan, I cum on my twin brother’s face. Eager to return the favor, we swap positions. I take his cock in my hands and lick the length, from the base to the tip. My tongue lingers at the base of the head, the most sensitive part for him. His cock twitches in my hand and I wrap my lips around his cock. I rub his thighs as my mouth descends over his hot erection. I stop just before it hits the back of my throat and I run my tongue up and down over the pulsing veins. Groaning, Nick thrusts his cock deeper into my mouth.

“Oh my God, Becks”, he moans, “Fuck, that feels so good!”

I take his cock out of my mouth and grin up at him as I lick up and down his cock once more. Nick stands back up and bends me over, spreading my legs again. He rubs his cock over the length of my pussy before he slowly enters. I purr in pleasure as he sinks his length into me. When I feel his shaved crotch against my ass, he slowly pulls out again. Just before the head exits, he shoves his cock back in but forcibly. As he starts to fuck me I move positions so his cock can reach in further. I reach behind me and pull his face towards mine so I can kiss him again. As we kiss, one of his hands move over my waist and lands on my pussy. He rubs my clit vigorously as he pumps his cock.

Soon, his knees begin to buckle and his thrusts become deeper and less frequent. He pulls out, spins me around and I watch his cock swell as he jerks his cock. Ropes of thick, white cum shoot from the tip of his dick. The first hits my pubic bone and begins to run down over my pussy lips. The second and subsequent shots hit both our stomachs and legs. As the final rope runs down his leg, he runs his finger up, wrapping it around his finger. Looking me in the eye, he sucks the cum off his finger. We kiss and he transfers his cum into my mouth. Realizing how long we had spent in the shower, we quickly clean ourselves up and get out of the shower. Nick quietly opens the door and checks to see if anyone is nearby. When he is happy that we won’t get caught he darts down the hallway to his bedroom, the sound of his softening cock slapping off his legs following him.

Back in my bedroom, I dry myself and dig out my pajamas out of my suitcase, get dressed and dry my hair. Once my hair is dried I go back downstairs to spend the evening catching up with my family on the couch.

To be continued…


If you enjoyed this, please let me know and I’ll be sure to get out the next few parts soon!

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