A Wild Week

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Alexis Ren

Here’s a true story that happened to me a few years back. Call me a pervert if you want. I regret none of it and both of us have gone back to normal relationships. Every now and then we act on it, but for the most part, we just accept it as what it was.

It was Christmas time and my entire family took a trip to my grandmother’s in Arizona. Everyone was assigned a room. I would have roomed with my little brother but he was put in the same room as my cousin, so I was to share a room with my older sister. No big deal, all things considered. We’d shared beds before. This was a few years ago. I had just turned 18 and Michelle was just a year and a half older than me.

The place was a ranch style house and we were given a room with a double bed. For anyone who’s tried to share a double bed, it’s not that easy. A queen bed you may occasionally bump into each other. A king you can pretty much sleep on your own side, but a twin, every movement you make you end up touching each other.

After a long day riding horses with the family and a heavy dinner, we were both sent to our rooms early. I was used to going to bed late night, so Michelle and I lay in bed both unable to sleep.

She looked incredible. Throughout our teenage years, I started to look at her in a new way. I often would make excuses to see her naked and masturbate later thinking about it. This night I remember so vividly. She was in bed with a top and bottom next to me. The moonlight was pouring in the room. I could see her every curve in the bed.

She was moving around in the bed and I was only getting more turned on. I decided to relieve myself hopefully without her noticing. I put my hand on her stomach and left in there for a while my left hand slowly pulled on my dick. She is a deep sleeper and didn’t notice as my hand slowly worked its way onto her breast. Every few minutes I was worried she’d wake so I’d put it away, but I thought I had a built in excuse – If she caught me, I’d pretend I was asleep. It sounds stupid, but it actually worked. I moved my hand up to her nipple and kneaded her soft breast as I touched myself.

No movement. My tension only kept me going longer. After a while, I got bold and moved my hand down her dress to her trimmed pussy. I touched the warmth as I took care of myself. I must have got careless cause she grabbed my hand and took it off her, but she seemed to still be asleep. I finally climaxed into a tissue from a box next to the bed. To this day, I don’t think at this point she noticed anything.

Either way, this continued the next few nights. But the problem was me. I was getting more and more careless. I would put a finger poker oyna inside her and stroke myself. And I’m sure anyone reading this can guess what happened next. I got caught.

She grabbed my hand and took it away from her pussy and looked over at me. Michelle has these big green eyes and I was so confused, so embarrassed.

She whispered softly in my ear – “We can’t do this.” I asked her why not and we had a brief talk about incest and why it could never happen. To her, it was wrong. But she knew I was too wound up to sleep.

“You might as well finish” she said and I asked how. She thought about it and turned her back to me so we were spooning.

“Just take care of yourself. It’s not that big a deal” she told me.

I took my dick out of my boxers and rubbed it against her ass through her underwear. “Is this alright for you?” I asked.

“Sure, just don’t go inside me. It’s not that big a thing.” I rubbed myself against her ass crack til I came.

“Do you feel better?” she asked.

“A lot. Can I do anything for you?”

“No, I’m just helping you out. You Just did what you had to do. I don’t want to even think about it.”

The next day I avoided her for a while. When the family was playing board games, I went outside and just watched the moon. After a few minutes, Michelle came out to meet me.

“You ok?” she asked.

“Yes. I was just thinking about last night.”

She laughed in her own strange way, reflecting on what happened. “Don’t worry about it. But we can’t make it a habit. It’s just the circumstances. I’m sure you do that all the time. We just happen to be sharing a bed.” I agreed with her and gave her a hug, thinking about what might or might not happen that night.

After all the family stuff, the night finally did role around. I got in bed next to her. I started the same as the night before, touching her right breast and playing with her nipple. She turned around to me and looked me dead in the eyes. “Don’t think I don’t enjoy it, but I really can’t. I’m sorry. Try to sleep. If you need to take care of yourself, go to the bathroom. I don’t feel right about last night.” I assured her I didn’t either and after what felt like an eternity, she feel asleep while I was still writhing in a delirious state of male testosterone.

We somehow worked ourselves in a spooning position and I rubbed myself against her ass crack again through both our underwear. I pulled my dick through it so it was against the silk of her panties. She didn’t seem to notice, so I went for broke. I pulled her silky underwear to the side and rubbed myself against her bare ass. She didn’t seem to notice.

After canlı poker oyna a few minutes of rubbing against her, I felt my orgasm building up. It was only a matter of time before my gyrations woke her up. She looked over at me sternly.

“I know I let you do it before, but I don’t feel comfortable with it.”

I begged her to let me finish and she lay there basically giving me the silent treatment as I rubbed my dick up and down her ass crack.

“Mike, please stop. I feel very wrong about this.” But of course I couldn’t stop.

“I’m almost there. Please let me finish.”

She sighed and thought it over a second. “Just hurry and do it.” I moved my dick down to her pussy and entered her. She was warm and moist. I guess this was turning her on. I pounded for a few minutes while spooning her. I managed to push her silk panties down to her ankles.”

“Ok, that’s enough.” She moved to her back and pulled her panties back up. I gave an overexaggerated sigh. There was no way I could sleep after that.

Evidently, neither could she. We started talking about everything. I asked her about masterbation and what she had and hadn’t tried. The talk only got me harder and more at ease, but she kept telling me that we couldn’t do anything more.

I asked her. No, I practically begged her to let me finish. After a few minutes of coaxing and assuring her that this was going to be the last night that we would share a bed and therefore a one time thing, she finally agreed to help.

She asked me what I wanted and I asked her to let me rub myself against her. “Where?”

“How about your ass? I just want to rub myself against it.”

She rolled over a few times and agreed, pulling down her panties. In the moonlight, I saw her perfect ass once more. I rubbed my dick up and down it. She was apprehensive, but willing. Her conflict between letting me cum and her sense of morality was tearing her apart.

I was getting closer and closer to a climax and started to play with her pussy. She pushed my hand away but I would replace it right after. She didn’t notice as I used my finger to go up and down her crack until I found her ass.

I took my dick and put it right against the hole. She froze up as I grabbed her hip with my left hand and pushed the head inside.

She immediately tried to move away. We had not lubrication and I tried to push the rest inside. “No!” She snapped, but not too loud knowing full well that we’d be heard.

She moved onto her stomach and tried to close her ass cheeks. The head of my dick was still inside and I rolled with her, now on top of her as she was face down internet casino on the bed.

“No way. We can’t do this.” Her panic only kept her ass incredibly tight. She tried to move around in different positions but I was firmly in control now and pushed the rest of my dick in her ass.

I started to pound her incredibly tight ass as I held her by the wrists. She knew she was in no position to argue. A whimper escaped her lips and I see that she was starting to cry. I felt bad and took my dick out of her ass.

“I’m really sorry” I said. She lay next to me and didn’t even look at me for a minute. I had no idea what she would say or do.

“It’s ok, I actually really enjoy anal, but you can’t just shove yourself inside me like that. It hurts really bad right now.”

We lay next to each other for a while. She still hadn’t gotten out of bed. and I looked at her lying face down in such a submissive position. I mounted her again, this time trying to get my dick inside her pussy.

She looked over her shoulder at me and said “Anal is one thing, but I don’t think I’d feel right fucking you regular again. My ass is just my ass. It’s not that big a deal.”

“Do you want me to do it again?”

“Only if we have some lube. It was really painful.”

I got up and looked around the room for anything. Going to the bathroom and getting vaseline was pretty unrealistic.

She turned over and moved over to me. “I guess I have no choice.” She put my dick in her mouth and started to suck. By far the best blowjob I ever had. She started to spit on it and rub her spit into it. She then got facedown on the bed.

“Try it again.”

I put my dick, fresh with her saliva and shoved it in one motion up her ass and started thrusting.

“Oh my god, that hurts so bad.” I stopped pounding.

“Give me a second just to get used to it. I took a deep a breath and just started thinking about how good it had just to have my dick up her ass. It was so tight and perfect. She started to breath a little. She moved around, taking her hand and playing with her pussy, telling me not to move still.

As she started to touch herself and get herself worked up, I again started moving my dick in and out of her ass. After a few minutes, I felt her cum. It was unlike anything I had ever felt. Her ass just closed down on my ass. She moved her hand away.

“Fuck me as hard as you want. I’m ready for it.”

Even though she said it, I could still feel her tightening up as I pounded her small ass. After a few minutes I came and took my dick out of her ass.

“That was incredible. Painful but incredible” she said.

I started to get out of bed.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“To clean up.”

“Come here.”

She took my dick back in her mouth and sucked it like a lollipop.

“All clean. Now let’s get some sleep.”

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