A Young Boy in Need Ch. 01

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I’m not sure how long this story will go on.. I like the Brother/Sister line of tales best because growing up I never had a sister around.

I just finished having sex with my high school girlfriend. One thing we always found we had in common was good sex. Things just fit really well together, she used to joke that TAB P fit into Slot P rather well and it really did. I’m not going to go into much detail about her because she is not the point of this story. Anyway, with a fresh load of my cum inside her she turned to me, puts a tender hand to my cheek, and said, “Greg, I’m sorry but I’ve got to stop seeing you. It’s not you, really it is not. I just don’t see us going anywhere together. Since we turned 18 I want to just be free.”

I was in shock and didn’t know what to say, I was a man about it and said, “Okay!”

With that she got out of bed, my cum dripping down her leg and she pulled her panties on. She looked like she was going to cry as she grabbed her clothes off the chair, and went into the bathroom. I took that time to get dressed, I took my keys off of her dresser and headed downstairs. I passed her sister as I was leaving their house with a, “Catch you later!”

It was a cool Saturday evening, the sun was low on the horizon as I headed home. I’m not sure what exactly happened, but the next thing I remember was waking up with my sister looking at me, and then the pain hit me. I’ve had worse, I asked my sister what happened and she told me, I ran off the road into some hay bales. Yeah, I pick hay bales to hit!

The doctors came in, asked me the normal forty questions that doctors do. Then they ordered some more tests. I wasn’t hurt that they could see, not a bruise on me and no broken bones. They even tested me for drugs and of course found nothing. I was totally fit, except for a few things, I couldn’t move my hands, and my hearing would go from normal to really loud hearing. I mean like I could hear a whisper across the room. They ran more tests, and then some more. Finally, after 3 days in the hospital, they declared that I was epileptic, and that explained (to them) the hearing at least. My hand was still useless. My sister, bless her heart stayed by me the whole time, leaving only to eat and take care of herself.

Finally, I was allowed to go home and my sister was there for me. She 20 and took over when our parents passed away in a savage attack when I turned 16 a couple of years ago.

At home, the first difficulty I encountered was door handles getting out of the car and doorknobs at the house. We had a pretty nice house, free and clear thanks to our parent’s insurance and a trust fund. No, we are not wealthy, just not poor. Our trust fund was enough where we didn’t have to work, but not enough that we could travel the world so we tended to work to pay for extras.

I was in a pretty good mood until it was time to eat, I was upset with myself because I could not figure out how to use poker oyna the adaptive silverware the rehab people gave me. Sam took over and soon had me full.

For the first time since the wreck, Sam started talking about it, “I’m glad you didn’t get really busted up in the wreck. I don’t think I could stand losing you.

“Yeah, you got the only dorky brother that wrecks his car into hay bales,” I said.

With a sly grin she said, “You do know I will do anything for you, I’ve called in at work and told them I’m taking care of you. So I’m at your every beck and call.”

Looking down at my feet I said, “I’ll only need help for a few things until my hands return. Doorknobs and we both know a couple other more gross ones.” I could feel my face getting red.

Sam replied, “Don’t worry about that, I’m here for you. And for the big surprise, I got a bidet installed in the master bathroom so I won’t have to wipe your rear. I might have to push the button, but at least not wipe.”

I said, “Sam, I just love you, and well I do have to go to the bathroom but not for that, could you at least open the door for me?”

“For you I’ll do anything.” She said.

Heading upstairs I said, “Sam, I’m so lucky to have you. I feel so helpless.”

True to her word she opened the bathroom door for me. In the bathroom, I was faced with something I knew beforehand I would need, and she did too. I was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt, but I need help to get to my stuff. I asked, “Can you please pull my …”

She reached out to me, pulled my shorts down, taking my flaccid cock in her hand and aimed it at the bowl of the toilet saying, “Any time.”

I was going to say to her, pull my shorts down and I can sit, but either way I guess will require her touching me. I really had to go and it took me a few seconds but I got my stream started and I think she found it amusing, but she was very polite about it. When my stream stopped, she asked me, “So do I need to wipe it off or what.”

I replied, “I normally give it a few shakes, but maybe wiping it would be best.”

She took some toilet paper wadding it up into her small hand, placed it on the tip and give my cock a squeeze. My cock was feeling what it should be, and grew a little. She squeezed again, and I was now growing in her hand. I said, “That’s good, you can pull my shorts up if you will please.”

I did have to go

before bedtime, and it was great to have the bidet but it still required a final wipe to get things dry. After I finished my part Sam came back in, “You ready for this?”

I replied, “Ready as ever.”

Bending over me a little Sam pushed the button, and the feeling was very different. I felt myself stiffen a little as water tickled my anus. Sam said, “Tickles don’t it?”

“Yeah, not what I expected for sure.” I said. As she straightened up I could see her nipples were poking against her shirt.

Sam grabbed some TP canlı poker oyna and said, “This is just wiping water off” She reached behind me, her breasts went one on each side of my arm as she dried off my butt. “Lets get your shorts up and..” I stood up, unaware I was sporting an erection. She gasped a little, “Oh.. Sorry.” She pulled my shorts up over my erection ignoring it like a pro. I was embarrassed enough that I was soft before we were out of the bathroom.

“Sorry about that, that bidet was strange and tickled and ..” I tried to say.

She was a little embarrassed now and replied, “Hey, it’s okay, it happens. Guys have those and they get that way. Lets get you to bed, you have to be tired, I know I am.”

With that, she helped me to bed. I lay for about 20 minutes trying to sleep and just couldn’t get there. I called out, “Sam, could you help me one last time?”

She came into the room wearing her nightclothes, A little crop t-shirt, and a tiny pair of terry cloth short, “What do you need little brother?”

I sheepishly replied, “I normally sleep nude and I can’t get to sleep with these clothes on and I can’t take them off.”

She walked over to me and pulled my shirt off and then said, “Okay, stand up.”

I did, and before I could turn away from her she had my shorts down to my knees. Of course, I had a hard-on, her appearance and the fact that I haven’t gotten off in at least a week made sure of that.

Turning away from her I said, “Sorry.”

She said, “It happens, no problem, do you, never mind.”

My heart raced a little ad what she might have been going to ask, and I asked, “What?”

She replied, “Does that happen a lot?”

I sat on the bed, “Can you slide the sheet over me?”

“Well does it?” she asked?

“It does if I can’t take care of it myself. It’s no big deal.” I said.

She looked a little puzzled, “Oh.. I didn’t even think of that, I’m sorry, I should go to my room now. Yell if you need anything, anything at all.”

This had my mind wondering what she meant by “anything at all”, but I really was tired and the sheets felt so good against my skin, then it happened. I got a hearing episode, first one in days, I could hear everything it seemed. I heard a distant train, the tick of the grandfather clock downstairs, and something else. At first I didn’t know what it was but I heard a rubbing sloshing sound followed by a couple of moans, and then a grunting and heavy breathing and my the phrase, “Oh Greg that is such a nice cock my virgin pussy wants you so bad.” Then I was back to normal except for an aching erection, I went to sleep at that point to spite the need to get off.

The next morning I woke up when I heard my sister enter the room, her soft footfalls were not disturbing, she was just checking on me. What she found was my laying on top of the covers, on my back, my erection at full mast. She saw me move a little, “Sorry to wake internet casino you up, I just wanted to check you out, I mean check on you.”

I tried to kick the covers over me, but I couldn’t so she felt pitty and covered me up. I told her, “Good morning, I really gotta go to the bathroom do you mind maybe helping?”

She said, “Any time, you need to get in the shower so you don’t have to get dressed.”

I stood up, my cock full of pride, and morning wood led the way. I will give it to Sam, she tried to help aim it into the bowl, but instead, we both ended up wearing some. She freaked a little and next thing I knew her clothes was in a pile and she was in the walk in shower. Her naked body under what water was beautiful. Her skin was a golden tanned flawless work of perfection, her breast were perky, her pussy was covered in a mound of red hair that perfectly matched the hair on her head. Something in me lusted for her, at that moment watching the water run over the curve of her ass .

I stepped into the shower with her, she let out a little surprise gasp as my body touched hers. My cock rested against her thigh as I put my arms around her, wishing I could grasp her with my hands. She put her arms around me, her breast pushing into my chest as her hands roamed my body. Our lips met and we kissed while the water hit our bodies. I whispered into her ear, “I want you!”

Panting she replied, “I want you too, but we can’t, but I can ..” reaching between us and grabbing my cock she continued, “Take care of this.” She proceeded to stroke my cock, only stopping for a second to get a little soap on her hands. The feeling was wonderful and I wanted to touch her, to feel her body in in my hands, to cup her wonderful breasts, to take them one my one into my mouth, to taste her pussy, and to lots more. I wanted to make love with my sister, but I knew it was wrong and knew she thought it was wrong. The action on my cock, her breast on my chest, her kiss on my lips were all bringing me closer and closer to cumming. She whispered into my ear, “Greg, I love you.”

It was at that moment that started pumping my cum out between out bodies. My left hand was cupping her ass cheek and my right was on her breast fondling her. I slipped it down between her legs and found her very hot, very slippery slit. Using my middle finger I rubbed her clit until she was cumming, using me for support. When she returned to normal She kissed me and said, “You know you just used your hands on me.”

I was amazed, In the lust of our making out I never realized they worked again and still were working. We got dressed, and by the time the doctor’s office opened my hands returned to the state they were in for the last week. There but useless. We called the doctors and told them that my hands had worked for a while, maybe an hour. Well 40 questions later, coming into the office, they still had no clue. They asked if I had hit anything, if I felt anything strange, etc. I had an idea, but not one we could share with them. I mean incest is still frowned upon, even if it was just a hand job and some making out.

Returning home I had an idea.. I’ll tell you about it later.

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