Accountant Ch. 07

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She walked over and gently picked him up. “Come on,” she said laying him on her shoulder and holding out her hand to me.

I took it and followed as she walked me to the stairs. I let her climb first and trailed her into the bedroom. I undid my shirt as she laid him in his cot.

She walked across to me unbuttoning her blouse and smiling. I smiled back and dropped my shirt then started on my trousers to free the growing bulge inside them.

I sat down and she walked in front of me tossing her blouse over my head. I dropped it to the side and bent to free my feet. She draped her bra over my neck. I straightened to see her unbuttoning her fly.

She wiggled her hips as she pushed them down to reveal the darker damp patch between her legs. She turned and sat next to me and then lay back to hold her legs in the air.

I helped pull her jeans off with my cock straining as my eyes feasted on the bulge of her pussy through the now semi transparent cotton. She sat back up as I let the jeans fall to the floor.

“Shall we get in?” she asked standing.

I stood as well and she pulled the covers back then wriggled out of her panties and leapt in. I followed for her to seize my cock as I slid over to her. She moved around and I felt her hair stroke over me and her soft lips slip over my head.

She bobbed on it a few times, taking it deep into her mouth and sending a thrill through me. She took just the head in the first time she tried, the on the second she bobbed my head in her throat three times before pulling back.

The pleasure ripped through me and I groaned. Then she pushed down and gulped again as this time she took the whole length. I tensed my muscles as the pleasure washed through me, feeling another surge as she backed off.

I felt the soft lap of her tongue on my head next and felt her moving. I opened my eyes and saw her turning and then lifting her knee to stretch it across me.

I took her thigh and guided her till her pussy was above my waiting tongue. I brought my other hand up and pressed her down as I felt her lips take my helmet again.

I licked up her slit and spread her lips out then lapped over them as the taste of her flooded my tongue. Holding her soft flesh and pleasuring her while she licked and sucked my cock was a pleasure in itself that filled me with joy, there was no more I could wish for.

I was still playing with her lips and tunnel when I felt the first signs with my legs twitching. Within seconds my hips were twisting and jerking as the ball of pressure built.

My head fell back as I groaned with the first eruption. Her lips tightened on my head as she gulped and gulped again as my hips thrust up with my second then she slipped down my shaft as the shiver of my third unfroze me.

I basked in the glow as my breath rasped in my throat and my heart was beating over time. I groaned again at the sensation of her slowly letting it slip from her mouth and then felt her circle to lay on me.

I could feel her breasts drag up my heaving chest as she leant over and gave me a quick kiss. She lay her head next to mine and put her hand at the back of my neck.

I put my arms around her and held her tight.

“Mm, she sighed. “Shall we just cuddle for a while.”

If she was content I was happy with that, holding her, my hands on her bare skin and her warm flesh pressed to mine was enough to keep me content too.

It was five minutes or more till she stirred, raising her head up to look at me.

“Are you ready for more?” she asked before leaning in to kiss me.

Her tongue snaked into my mouth as she pressed her lips to mine and slipped her other hand to the back of my head to hold it firmly. I played with her tongue, circling it with mine as she gave a low moan in her throat.

When she broke the kiss she pulled herself up me and guided a nipple into my mouth. It was already hard as I sucked it in and began flicking my tongue tip over it.

She gave a little moan, her knees slipping down my sides. I shifted my hands to her ribs and moved her over as my lips sough her other nipple. She brought her hands back to my head and pushed me against her breast.

I opened my mouth and sucked on her areole as well, my tongue circling her nipple. She gave another soft moan and I felt her knees squeeze me slightly.

I held her firmly and rolled with her till I was on top. I slipped my hands from her ribs and up onto her breasts, my forefingers and thumbs taking her nipples.

I looked down at her trusting face smiling up at me. I squeezed and tugged at her nipples and her face screwed up with pleasure and another small moan escaped her lips.

Her legs folded around my back, pulling me tight and trapping me. as my hands played with her breasts I bent my head and kissed between them then started to lick up into the hollow of her neck and up her throat.

As I reached her chin she snapped her head forward and planted her lips on mine. Her hands pressed on my head as her lips rolled on mine, her tongue darting in and out my mouth.

My poker oyna cock was stirring and I rose up and wiggled my ass to loosen her legs. As they slipped I moved my knees out to kneel across her while keeping my lips on her.

I broke the kiss and moved my mouth to her nipple. My free hand trailed down over her stomach. I felt her suck it in as my fingers brushed over her navel and travelled down into her pubes.

Her legs opened wider as my middle finger slipped down into her slit and my two other fingers skimmed her hairy outer lips.

She shivered as I slid over her hood and then felt the wetness of her folds. I let my finger circle as I brought my focus back to her breasts and the nipple in my mouth and the other between my finger and thumb.

Her hand came up and took my thickening cock, pulling and squeezing it as she gave another moan. I let her play while I debated with myself whether to go for another sixty nine or to fuck her.

Fucking her won out and I felt her hand slip from my cock as I manoeuvred myself back between her legs while I kept stroking her pussy.

She arched her hips up as I stroked my helmet in her warm wet folds. She pushed her hand down and grabbed around my hand and pushed my helmet into her tunnel.

I let go as her hand gripped mine and gently pushed it in, feeling the tightness as my shaft slid into its warm velvety grip. I savoured the feel of it sunk deep inside her before I began to rock my hips.

I started slow with long strokes and then sped up as she gave out her first low moan. I looked up at her face as she gripped my forearms, her eyes closed and her hair fanned across the pillow and an expression of pure joy framed in the centre of it.

I kept on and had her starting to wriggle and groan before long but it wasn’t till her grip on my wrists tightened that I knew she was nearing her orgasm.

Her head was rolling from side to side and her hands were pulling and squeezing her breasts when she exploded with a scream and thrust her hips up into me.

I sank down feeling the waves of pleasure sweep though her and my cock buried deep in her spasming tunnel. I leant forward on my elbows over her panting body and bent my head to kiss her between her breasts and then lent my forehead down.

She wrapped her hands around my head and just held me tight as her heart slowed and her breathing softened. My cock wilted slightly before she stirred and I pushed myself up and grinned at her smiling face as I started slowly rocking my hips again.

As it firmed up I went faster and started her little gasps and moans as she began wriggling under me. It felt so special looking down and seeing Heather writhing with pleasure and feeling the pleasure build in me as that ball of pressure began to build in my groin.

She came just before I did and we both lay in each other’s arms still entangled in the ecstasy of the moment. I felt it soften and plop out; she crossed a sigh with a groan and gave me a squeeze.

I lifted myself off her and knelt between her legs. She lifted herself on her elbows and smiled up at me.

“I’m so glad we’re together now.” She said softly.

“I’m glad as well, I can’t believe everything that’s happened but you being here now is all that matters.”

“Come here and let’s cuddle,” she said lying flat and holding her arms out.

I slipped a knee over her leg and lay sideways next to her, letting her slip her arm under me as she rolled to face me. She bent in and gave me a fleeting kiss then laid her head on my arm.

She looped a leg over mine and pulled it through between hers. I moved it up into her crotch then slipped my hand up to entangle my fingers in her hair.

My thoughts wandered to what might be happening to Sam and whether she’d been charged. I was hoping there wouldn’t be much press attention until the trial, but I’d bet we’d have one or two reporters tracking us down.

I looked down when I felt her breathing slow and looked at her dozing in my arms, my feeling of happiness swelling as I felt the urge to kiss and hug her.

I lay there with her in my arms imagining a future for us, both of us sitting and writing with days out for George as he grew older.

My phone’s text message warning went off and my contentment with holding a sleeping Heather left me promising myself to look when we got up even though I was left wondering who it was.

When she finally stirred it was to smile at me and pull me closer for a languorous kiss with a couple of quick ones around my mouth to follow.

“I need to get up,” she said as she leant back.

I released her and she rolled to the edge of the bed. I rolled after her and searched my pockets for my phone. I turned it on and touched the icon.

It was a message from Mike, asking me to meet him tonight at an out of the way bar on the Langston road on other side of Featherington. At last the mystery would be solved I hoped and I started after Heather in the bathroom to tell her the news.

I gave a quick knock on the door before opening it. She canlı poker oyna looked up half startled and then smiled at me.

“Mikes just sent me a text to meet him,” I announced.

She sat upright. “Did he say anything about mum?”

“No,” I replied as she turned and wrapped a few sheets of the toilet paper around her hand. “Just a when and where to meet him.”

She dried herself and stood. “My phone hasn’t gone.”

“Huh?” I said puzzled as she flushed.

“If they’d released her she would have phoned me straight away.”

There was a flaw in the logic but there’d been enough time since the text message to make it likely.

“It’s the best part of an hour’s drive, I’ll need to leave about six to get there.”

“I want to go,” she said firmly.

“I think I’d better go on my own, he may be a bit more candid man to man.”

“That’s not fair.” She said frowning.

“Until the feminists change it it’s the way life is. But that’s straying into politics. I’ll tell you everything.”

“I know you will, but I might have questions of my own.”

“They’re probably the same questions I want answered. Trust me, I want to know the full story as well.”

“I trust you,” she said walking over to me. “But I’m old enough to handle things better now.”

She slipped her arms around me and laid her head on my chest. “Could we go back to bed till George wakes.”

I gave a chuckle. “Sounds good to me.”

She chuckled back and turned, keeping one arm around her waist and her arm around mine. We walked back to the bedroom and I very romantically released her to ge

t a towel to lie over the wet spot.

We got on and she backed herself into my arms, pulling my hand over to rest under her breasts. I bent my legs to hers and she snuggled back and relaxed.

“Do you think she’s confessed?” she asked.

“Well if they had overwhelming evidence they would have arrested her at the time. But then I can’t see her crumbling under questioning.”

“Could they have new evidence?”

“I don’t know. It’s been two years. What’s left to find?”

“Clues they overlooked.”

“That’s possible but Mike will tell all to me in a couple of hours. We can speculate all we like till we know the facts.”

“I was just wondering, I want to know why she did it,” she said with a tinge of emotion in her voice.

“We’ll find out soon enough,” I said giving her a squeeze.

She laid her arm along mine and held my fingers. “Let’s rest now.”

“Shall I pull the cover up?”

“No, just hold me.”

I bent and kissed her on the shoulder then gave her another soft squeeze. She interlaced her fingers with mine and folded her hand. I slid my other hand under her and laid it on her tummy and closed my eyes.

We lay there till my bladder forced me up. She was sorting through her clothes when I got back.

“Let’s go down and cuddle on the couch, we can put George in the carrier.” She pulled out the lace dress she wore the other day. “Shall I wear this?”

“Yes, I liked that,” I said smiling at her.

I had Mike to see and put all my clothes on while heather looked on. When I was ready she walked to the cot and carefully picked George up then followed me downstairs.

I sat down in the corner of the settee and watched as she laid him in the carrier and cautiously strapped him in. she turned to the bag and brought out a clan nappy and the wipes and things.

“He needs one now,” she explained. “I’ve got it ready for when he wakes.

I nodded as she walked across. She slipped into my lap and flung her arm under mine and slipped her hand under my back and laid her head on my shoulder.

“I’ll have to buy nappies and food for him soon.”

“I can get them while I’m out, there’s a supermarket on the way.”

“You could drop me there and I can shop for a few things I need,” she said turning her head up to look at me.

“Got any money?”

“I’ve got my card, my allowance goes into that.”

“Okay then but you’ll cause a stir dressed like that.”

“They can look all they want, only you can touch me.”

I smiled at her. “Does that include your ticklish spots as well,” I asked as I let my fingers lightly scrabble over her ribs.

“Stop it,” she said laughing as she wriggled.

I moved my hand back and let my thumb stroke over the rise of her breast. “Is it better here?”

She lay back against me and brought her hand up to shift mine to fully cup her breast. “It’s better here.”

I gave it a squeeze and felt the hardness of her nipple in my palm. She giggled and moved her hand to my chin and turned my face to hers as she stretched up for a kiss.

It started tender and loving but then her tongue darted out as she became more passionate. George woke up and began to cry. She turned quickly and slid off me to attend to him.

I watched the lace pimple her ass as she bent over and unstrapped him and then knelt to lay him on the floor. He quietened as she got the dirty nappy of and was happy and giggling as she stood with internet casino him.

“Will you mind him while I make his food?” she asked.

I nodded and stretched out my arms.

“Let him have a wander around on the floor,” she said bending and putting him by my feet. “Just keep an eye on him.”

I pulled my legs up and leant forward on the arm as she smiled at me then turned and walked to the door. My thoughts turned to Sam and whatever motive she had.

I hadn’t known them then but I’d heard a few stories with nothing bad in them. He was a successful investment banker and she was in with the horsey set but I could think of nothing I’d been told lead me to a reason.

Heather came back in with the George’s food. She set it down on the table and went and picked him up. She sat in one of the armchairs and sat him on her lap.

I reached over and picked up the remote, putting the news on and settled back to watch. It was a world news segment and my attention turned back to Heather.

I looked at her pretty face and the tumble of red curls, she glanced up at me.

“A penny for them,” she said.

I smiled at her. “I was just thinking how attractive you were, how lucky I am that you picked me.”

She gave a chuckle. “How lucky I am to have found you, you mean. I couldn’t have wished for a nicer man than you.”

“We make an unlikely pair, there’s going to be a few tongues set wagging.”

“Let them, I have you and that’s all that matters to me,” she said glancing up from George.

Her words were reassuring I smiled at her and she grinned back at me.

“I’ve been called a few name, a few more won’t hurt me,” she said. “We can put them all on ignore, we don’t need them.”

That was true, the outside stopped at the front door and we were neither social animals.

“No that’s true, I don’t really know that many people around here anymore.”

She turned her attention back to George and my eyes turned back to the weather forecast on the TV. When the news started I turned it off, my mind was too full of the events to sit down and write and the news wasn’t the news I wanted.

I sat back and looked over at her, sitting there calmly. My mind was still reeling from the events of the day and the questions that I hoped Mike would answer.

“Do you want me to make dinner?” she asked looking up at me.

“I haven’t got much in, there’s some steaks in the freezer oh, and a lobster. There’s sausage, egg and bacon….”

“I’m sure I’ll find something,” she said standing with George in her arms.

She walked back to his toys and put him down. “Keep an eye on him will you.”

“Yeh, sure,” I said leaning forward.

She turned back and picked up his bowl and walked out. I watched her walk out then turned my attention back to George as he waved a furry bunny in the air.

She came back with bacon, eggs and chips for the pair of us.

“You need to do some food shopping as well,” she said as she walked over.

“You can do it later if you want when you get yours. I’ll get some money out for you.”

“Okay, anything special you like?” she asked as she passed me my plate

“Na, choose things you like. We’ll do a proper shop at the weekend.”

“Ah ha,” she replied as she took her first mouthful.

We ate in silence as George played happily on the floor, my mind drifting to my meeting with Mike. When I’d finished I sat and waited for her to finish and then stood to take the plates out and make coffee.

She was sat in the corner of the settee with her legs out over the cushions.

“I’ll have this then get changed,” she said taking the cup from me and drawing her legs up to make room for me. I sat and balance my cup on the arm and then looked around at her.

She had two hands on the cup as she rested it on her knees but between her splayed calves her pussy peeked out at me. My eyes flicked back up to her face and the smile on her lips.

She lifted the cup from her knees and opened them revealing her pubes and the top of her slit.

“Would you like me to shave? Maybe a landing strip?” she asked surprising me.

I looked back at her face. “No, unless you want to, they’re nice to run your fingers through.”

She gave a little laugh. “You don’t think it’s an odd colour?”


She pulled the hem up then fluffed it up with her fingers. “The Girls at school thought it was funny, I wanted to shave it off then but that would have been even more weird.”

“Well orange is unusual but it comes with your red hair.”

The moment seemed surreal, her sitting there like that and us talking about hair colouring, my cock was nearly hard enough to tent my pants while she sat unabashedly playing with her pubes.

She move her hand back to her cup and took a sip, I turned away and tried to quell my hard on, leaning down elbows on my knees as I sipped my coffee.

I sat back again once my cock had softened a bit and took a few peeks before she finished and swung her legs around.

“I’m going to get changed,” she said standing. “I won’t be a mo.”

She pulled the dress up and off as she walked away, letting me admire her nude body before she walked out the door. She came back five minutes later dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

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