Addison’s New Friend Ch. 02

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“You look awesome in that bikini, Addison.”

“Thanks.” She looked over her shoulder to see Eric behind her. He had been a star athlete at her high school before getting a scholarship at the state university she was going to attend in the fall. He was probably twenty, two years older than her.

“Lots of guys at school are going to be very happy to see you,” he said, grabbing a snack from the same bowl she had her hand in.

“Maybe it’s the girls I want to impress.”

Eric did not conceal his inspection of Addison’s gorgeous body from the blonde hair to the bare feet. “Oh, that would be a shame.”

She moved to the other end of the long table of food set up in the dining room of a friend who was having a swimming party for all the people from her high school who attended the local university. Eric followed her.

“So you don’t think I’ll have any trouble getting dates?” she asked.

“Addison, just walk to your first class and you’ll have a full calendar.”

“Maybe I’ll run into YOU.”

As soon as she said it, she let her hip bump into him. She glanced down at his swimming trunks and said, “Oh, sorry.”

He watched her eyes move from his crotch back up to his face, a faint smile across her lips.

They were done eating, and Addison turned the corner of the dining room and started down the long hallway that led to the patio and pool.

Eric moved beside her at the first door they came to and knocked into her just enough to make her stagger into the doorway of an empty bedroom.

“Oh, sorry,” he said almost sarcastically as his weight against her forced them past the door. He quickly flung it closed.

He hovered over her, his body pressing her back against the wall. He leaned forward and their mouths met. In the first instant of the kiss, Addison muttered her disapproval, but the kiss continued. Their tongues came together and the meaning of Addison’s moans could not be discerned.

She pushed against him with her hands, but not nearly hard enough to force him back. Eric ignored her efforts, kissed her harder and ran his hands up and down the side of her body. They came to rest on the outside of her bikini top.

He felt the fullness of her breasts and squeezed them together. Eric’s palms slid over so they were on her skin. He spread his fingers and engulfed her tits in his hands.

“Eric. No,” Addison managed to say. Eric covered her mouth with his and continued massaging her tits.

Their bodies pressed harder together, and she felt his cock on her lower abdomen. Addison pounded her fists against his muscular upper arms.

Eric used his thumbs to pull aside her bikini straps. They fell down her arms to her elbows. Immediately, his mouth dropped to the top of her partially exposed breasts. He kissed her flesh and ran his tongue up the valley between her tits.

Addison was defenseless against the powerful young man. She was defenseless against his mouth moving lower and lower until, finally, his lips touched her nipple. He pulled the bikini completely off her left breast and surrounded the end of it with his mouth. He began to suck and lick on it vigorously.

“No! Stop!”

Eric grabbed her wrists. He moved her hands to his crotch and placed them directly on his erection. When he let go, Addison let the hands linger, her upper body writhing under the effects of his manipulation of her breast.

He bared both breasts and sucked on them. Addison felt his hands on her ass, and then inside the back of her bikini bottom.

Only when his hand moved to her pussy did she find the power to respond.

Addison pushed against him violently, grunted loudly, and flung a knee upward.

Her bikini was nearly back in place when she re-entered the hallway.


“Addison, the last time we met you said you were going to, in your own words, ‘fuck every guy in town’ this summer. How’s that coming along?” the psychiatrist asked.

“I’m only about one third of the way there. But it’s just the beginning of August. I have time.”

Michelle looked at her eighteen year old patient and waited for more. Addison shrugged, frowned, and motioned with her hands as if to say ‘What more do you want?’

“Why do you feel as if you HAVE to, uh, have sex with every guy in town?”

“Isn’t that what somebody who looks like me is supposed to do?” Addison asked.

Michelle thought back to the very first time she saw Addison, almost a year earlier. The girl stunned Michelle with her incredible beauty. Blonde hair; green eyes; luscious lips; long legs; and, curves that would make an hourglass jealous.

Addison’s problem was not superficial. Her problem was a depression that Michelle was trying to get to the root of. Along the way, patient and psychiatrist had discovered a lot about each other.

“Somebody who looks like you, Addison, should have their pick of partners.”

The beautiful teenager stared at Michelle, looked out the office window for a moment, and then buried her head in her hands and began to cry. Lots of people cried during Michelle’s sessions. It was part of the job. poker oyna But Addison was not her normal patient. They had become very close, to say the least.

Michelle fought the urge to get up and comfort the teenager. She would let her shed the tears and then dig for an answer.

A series of loud sobs subsided to irregular outbursts and sniffles. And then Addison was back in control.

“Oh Michelle,” Addison managed to say. “You know that’s true. And I know that’s true.”

She paused to wipe away some tears. “So why?”

“Why what, Addison?”

Addison threw her head against the back of the overstuffed chair she occupied. She flung a leg across the chair’s arm. She stared at the ceiling.

“Why am I so lonely?”

Michelle typed away on her laptop, looking up to watch Addison’s movements.

“Lonely in what way?”

Between more sniffles, Addison said, “You think I should have a line of guys at my door. Everybody thinks that. Well, I don’t!”

Michelle would let her go on by herself, no matter how long the wait.

“I’ve lied to you about anything having to do with my dating. I don’t date guys. I don’t…I don’t want them to find out…find out that I…I…”

The girl broke down into wails again, her hands covering her eyes.

This time Michelle had to force the ending. When the crying quieted a bit, she asked, “Find out what, Addison?”

In a barely audible, broken voice, Addison said, “That I’ve never had real sex with anybody.”

Michelle had expected worse. THIS she could deal with. In her ten years or so as a psychiatrist, dealing mostly with young people, this was not an uncommon situation. But an eighteen year old beauty like Addison was held to different standards, at least in most people’s minds.

“What’s so horrible about that, Addison? I think you’re to be commended.”

The statement calmed Addison enough for them to hold somewhat of a regular conversation again.

“Maybe. But I want, I mean, I don’t want to be thirty and still waiting to have sex with a guy,” Addison said.

Thirty five year old Michelle smiled to herself at the inference that thirty was old, bordering on dead.

“What DO you want?”

“I don’t want the first guy to hurt me.”

Michelle took notes. “What do you want?” she repeated.

Addison stared at her intently, angry that the psychiatrist with a PhD behind her name and making tons of money didn’t understand.

“I want the first time to be…to be…good,” Addison said.

“Do you realize that people that have been married for twenty years don’t always have good sex, Addison?” Michelle asked.

“Well, I don’t want some asshole I meet at a bar to fuck me like I’m a blow-up doll.”

Michelle had always considered Addison to be a brilliant, and depressed, kid. Michelle’s image of her wasn’t changing today. But she DID wish the girl wouldn’t throw around the profanity the way she did. Michelle put down her dislike for it as a sign of old age…just like Addison said.

“You want the first time to be like…what?”

Addison thought for a moment. “I want it to be controlled, and slow.”

Control had often been the subject of their sessions. Addison clearly wanted to be in control of nearly all situations. But Michelle wasn’t sure ‘controlled’ in this context meant quite the same thing.

“Explain that to me, Addison.”

The teenager slumped in her chair, her normal sign of aversion to the process. Her shorts stretched tight against her body with one leg still hanging over the chair’s arm. Her tank top fought to contain the full breasts that were not, as usual, restrained by a bra. She played with her blonde hair.

“I probably want an older guy the first time. Somebody who knows what he’s doing. I want it to be regular, old-fashioned sex. Nothing kinky or weird.”

She looked across at Michelle as if seeking her approval. She got it.

Michelle nodded. “It’s good to have a vision, Addison. That way you can get out of a situation you don’t want to be in.”

“Exactly! You know me: always in control.”

They both giggled, but Michelle realized it was important for Addison to recognize the tendency.

“So, how do you plan on going about this?” Michelle asked.

Addison shrugged. “I don’t have a plan.”

“That’s fine. It’ll happen in time. Don’t force it.”

Addison stared out the window again, wondering if there were things she couldn’t control.


“Oh wow! This’ll be great!”

“What, honey?”

Michelle turned in her chair at the kitchen table to face her husband, who was standing at the sink. She pointed to the screen of her laptop. “My brother is coming to town.”

“How long has it been since we’ve seen him?” Tony asked.

“Five years. They’re bringing Evan. He’s two now. This will be great!”


“The weekend of August twenty first,” Michelle said. “Saturday night we’re all meeting at Mom’s for a cookout.”

Tony surreptitiously cringed at the thought. Then he froze in place. A few seconds later, he asked, “August twenty second?”

“Yeah, canlı poker oyna I guess.”

Michelle looked back at her husband when he didn’t say anything else. “Why?”

He hesitated before saying, “That’s the first home preseason game, hon. You know I…the guys from work are going like we always do. We’ve done this for years. You know that.”

Michelle understood the situation immediately. This one wasn’t going to be easy.

“Tony, once every five years I ask you to do a family thing. Just this once, please? Won’t there be other games?”

The age-old line of reasoning had as little effect on Tony as it had on generations of men before him. She was asking him to give up one of the highest priority items of the year.

“There’s going to be what, thirty people at your Mom’s place that night? Do you think I’ll be missed?”

“Yes. I’ll miss you.”

Michelle got out of her chair, knowing this might take some personal intervention on her part. She walked behind him and put her arms around his waist. “I want you to go. Please.”

She could feel the tension in his body. His silence was deafening.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” she whispered.

“I’m not sure you could fulfill enough of my fantasies to make this worthwhile,” he said. “Lining up all the naked cheerleaders at halftime for me to fuck may not be enough.”

Michelle tried not to laugh, but then a thought crossed her mind. A face and a body became clearer. She stared out the little window above the sink. Maybe, just maybe.


“Addison, we were talking last time about your desire to make your first sexual experience a good one. I’d like to delve into that a little more if we can,” Michelle said.

“What more is there to say?”

“If someone you trusted presented you with an opportunity to be with a thirty six year old man—a decent looking thirty six year old man—in a controlled setting with the prospect of having consensual sex, would you consider doing it?” Michelle asked.

Addison folded her legs under her and tucked her skirt between her thighs. She looked suspiciously at her psychiatrist. “Thirty six? I’m eighteen. You do the math.”

“You, yourself, said you wanted an older man.”

“I guess I was thinking more like, you know, twenty two,” Addison replied.

Michelle smiled.

Addison added, “You know this guy?”


“Has he fucked you?”

“We’ve had sex,” Michelle corrected her patient.

“Are you married to him?”

Michelle peered across the room at Addison. “I believe that will make it easier for all of us. Not harder.”

Addison’s face lit up. “You’d let your husband be the first guy to fuck me? God, Michelle. You must have really screwed up this time.”

A nervous laugh escaped Michelle’s throat before she stifled it. “That’s not relevant.”

“So, will you be there?”

“Do you want me there?”

Addison squirmed in her chair. “Christ. A threesome with my psychiatrist and her husband. What a life.”

“Do you want me there?” Michelle repeated.

“Sure. Why not? Invite whoever you want. You know my requirements for the sex, though.”

“I understand.”

Addison looked away for a few seconds. “This could actually be kind of cool. Will he know what’s up? Or do I have to seduce him?”

“What do you want to do?”

Addison studied the floor for a while, and then grinned. “I want to seduce him.”


Michelle led Addison into the family room of her spacious home. The teenager, already in awe of the mansion during Michelle’s tour, walked over to the mantel of the stone fireplace.

“Your husband’s a cop?!”


Addison picked up the photo and studied it. She looked at another picture, leaning closer to get a view of Tony. She glanced at the framed photo in her hand again.


“Still want to do it?” Michelle asked.

“Sure, unless he turns and runs away.”

Michelle looked at the gorgeous girl in her indecently short skirt and satiny blouse that, in the right light, was practically see-through. “I don’t think he will.”

“What does he know?”

“He knows I’m having a friend over. He’s off-duty today, so he’ll be back soon. I told him he’d like you.”

Addison saw Michelle’s smile. “Is he suspicious?”

“I doubt it. Just remember what we talked about: I’m leaving it up to you. Almost anything goes. I won’t step in until I think you’ve crossed a line I don’t want you to cross. But sex is the object. You lead and I’ll follow.”


When Tony walked in ten minutes later, Addison was sitting on a couch, her legs crossed and her arm stretched out across the top of the couch. His eyes immediately locked onto her, but it wasn’t until she stood to greet him that he realized fully what she looked like. The collar of her blouse hung open, the first button not occurring until half way down her breasts. With it tucked into her skirt, the fullness of her breasts and the prominence of her nipples became clear.

They shook hands while Michelle took care of the internet casino introductions. She knew her husband and the steadiness of his gaze assured her he was interested. Of course, she would question the masculinity of any man not interested in Addison. And she smiled to herself when the teenager sat directly across from Tony, crossing her legs again, and placing her hand high on the outside of one of the legs just below her skirt.

Let the seduction begin, Michelle thought silently.

The discussion centered around Addison, of course: her impending first year at college; her high school experiences; and, her favorite music. Fortunately, Tony had enough dealings with young people in his line of work that he could keep up the conversation. They seemed to get along just fine, Michelle thought.

They soon moved out onto a multi-level deck that overlooked the pool. Michelle supplied the drinks and snacks. Tony and Addison sat next to each other at a round, glass table. Michelle caught her husband taking more than one quick glance at the opening in Addison’s blouse during lulls in the conversation.

Addison kicked off her sandals and rested her crossed heels on the end of a chaise lounge. Tony never showed it, but his pulse was approaching the average rate during a high-speed chase. If her skirt raised another four inches…

“What’s the scariest thing that ever happened to you at work, Tony?” Addison asked with sincere interest.

“A standoff we had with a bank robbery suspect last year,” he said without hesitation. “He was in his house and when we first tried to go in the shots rang out. We retreated and called in SWAT. We were sure he was going to take himself out, and anybody else nearby. It took a couple hours to get him. Alive. But the problem for us came afterward when we found a woman in the house with him.”

“What do you mean?” Addison said.

“There were no female officers with us.”


“In most cases like this, there’s usually a concealed weapon. We prefer having a female officer search female suspects,” he explained.

Addison looked at him for a few seconds. Then she flung her legs off the chaise lounge and stood next to Tony. “I’m a suspect after a stand-off like that. Show me how you search for a concealed weapon.”

Tony gazed up at the young blonde and then over at Michelle. His wife shrugged and grinned at him. Tony pushed back his chair and stood up.

“Turn around; hands on the top of the table,” he told Addison.

She bent over and laid her hands flat on the glass. She felt him push against her ass right before his hands started at her shoulders and quickly moved down her back. She assumed that he now knew she didn’t have a bra on. His hands moved to her armpits and slid down to her waist.

“This is where having a female officer helps,” he said.

“Pretend you’re a female officer,” Addison told him.

“A female officer would check between your breasts.”

“Pretend you’re a female officer,” she reiterated.

He pressed harder against her ass as he reached around her body. He put a hand on the buttons of her blouse and pressed in until the material, and a couple of his fingers, touched her skin. He then slid his hand down the front of her blouse to her waist.

“Are you sure you want me to finish?” Tony said, backing away from her just a bit.

“Sure. I want to know what this is like.”

Tony put a foot alongside one of Addison’s, and applied pressure.

“Spread ’em.”

Addison looked over at Michelle and smiled. Michelle grinned back, captivated by the teenager’s game and her husband’s expanding erection.

With her legs duly spread, Tony put his hands at the bottom of her skirt and reached up the thigh of one leg. Then he did the other leg.

When he backed away again, Michelle said, “Is that what a female officer would do, Tony? What if I’ve got a gun strapped between my legs, or stuffed inside my panties?”

“She’d check for that.”

“Show me.”

This required another look at Michelle by Tony.

“You better show her. She can be very persistent,” she said with a straight face.

“I’ve noticed,” Tony answered.

He put a hand at the top of her skirt, in the front. If he was going to be forced to do this, Tony decided right then that he was going to do it his way. Addison, even if she cared, wouldn’t know the difference.

His hand slid down the front of the skirt and between her legs. The skirt was tight enough, and her legs spread wide enough, that he quickly couldn’t feel her body except by directly touching her panties. So he did.

After a very quick swipe across her pussy—long enough, however, to confirm her wetness—he pulled out his hand. Then he put both hands on the top of her ass and ran them down over the cheeks, eventually reaching inside her skirt and following the bottom edge of the tiny panties around to her hips.

With his hands still positioned inside her skirt, Addison pushed her ass into Tony’s crotch.

“I don’t think there are any weapons between my legs,” she said over her shoulder to him. “But there’s one between yours.”

“This is why we have female officers,” he said.

Addison stood up and turned to face him. She moved closer. She put her palm on his crotch and pushed against his cock, rubbing it a couple times.

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