After Dinner

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After Dinner.

The meal was excellent. Light, delicious and slightly filling it was the prefect precursor. The meet was going as they had long planned. The signal was there as she had agreed. If she were to kiss and go at the meal’s end she would remove her corsage by the finish of the main course. Oh, she was a tease she was, as she had warned him. She finished the last mouthful of the delicious beef, chewing delicately, slowly, drawing the moment endlessly out. She had undone it alright, then, smiling at his disbelieving face, handed it over to him and asked him to straighten it for her, allowing him to enter her space and to handle her breast gently as he re-affixed the symbol of her agreement. She giggled then, softly. When he sat down again her foot found his leg, then slid up his thigh slowly to torment him as the sweet arrived.

He leaned to her and as she reciprocated to meet his words, in a low voice he promised. “I’ll spank you for this yet, I will.” Her reply yet again that glorious throaty giggle, then…

“Promises is all I ever get.” She winked outrageously.

He noted that despite the luscious wine, she drank lots of water. He had hoped she would want to, and had briefed the waiter to keep the table supplied. She had excused herself twice to visit the ladies, no surprise considering the two large jugs of lemon water and the two bottles of red. As they took the lift to their room she giggled in his ear.

“Pete? I want to show you, you know? What we talked about, I’m um primed and god I’m needing.”

His cock erected abruptly, tenting his slacks. She noticed, giggled again and stroked his groin with a feather touch as he turned to embrace her, his sweet tasting Maria, to kiss her deeply. His hands slid, rubbing circularly as they went, down her back, to find her neat bottom and fondle her firm cheeks. She murmured into his neck.

“Nice, very nice, are you going to teach me?”

“Yes I am, if you a willing pupil?”

Giggling again but holding his eyes as she flushed slightly, “Yes I am.”

There: it was in the open. Pete’s cock twitched at the thoughts he was having.

The lift swooshed open, and they kissed their way to their room door. Inside Pete threw off his jacket and Maria her blouse. Her bra was magnificent, showcasing her gorgeous breasts. Pete stooped and kissed the cleavage running his tongue down the fleshy warm perfumed crease.

“Darling I really can’t wait, this isn’t very romantic but if you want to do this then now is the time. Right now, and I want you to see; to watch. And you have your bit too, eh? .”

“Want me to stay and help you?”

“Oh stay, I want you to do what you said, god this is a turn on and a half. But Now.”

She flees into the bathroom, her discarded skirt flying out the door for emphasis as she went. Pete follows: stripping too. She stood in the bath, the silk of her half undone bra contrasting with the plain, white cotton panties.

Slightly embarrassed she still manages a bump and grind to flaunt her bottom. Ensuring he spots the dark patch in her groin proclaiming her arousal.

“You like I see,” said while nodding at his erection.

Pete steps into the bath, embraces her, kisses her, and helps her off with the bra. He leans back to admire her breasts against his chest and then with the bra cast aside to safety, he rubs her bottom through the thin panties. She murmured her appreciation, gives his penis a soft fondle. Then.

“Now! Look.”

He felt her muscles push and relinquishing his bottom feeling he kneels. There is a delicious dark patch on her gusset which grows, the panties bulging, and as the pee begins to escape Pete pulls the sodden cotton down to release the flood. Maria gasps as he plants his mouth over her pussy and finds her pee hole with his tongue. As she pees he licks her there, the pee filling his mouth and then draining out to one side. His hands hold her firm bottom massaging her cheeks. He wants to feel her bottom hole but that is at this point a step too far he thought. That was for later. Slowly her flow eases, then ceases. Pete removes her sodden hold up güvenilir bahis stockings and together with her panties rinses them under the shower, to her astonishment. This is service!

Pete stands, pulls the shower curtain shut and turns on the water. To Maria’s surprise he leaves her, then she hears the sink running and a swishing noise. Pete rejoins her to embrace her, his bobbing erect penis reminding her this is merely the beginning. He kisses her, his arms around her as hers find him and for a moment they just stand under the teaming steaming water. He tastes clean having taken the chance to use the mouthwash he had brought for just this usage. She relaxes, leaning against him with abandon now, trustingly.

Starting with her neck Pete washes her, working over her shoulder muscles, down her back probing as he went, all over her back, down lower until her bottom. This was a tricky bit right now.

“Bend for me dear, let me wash you here please.” He feels her hesitation and then the courage found, she stoops. “More dear: show me please?” A longer pause although perhaps only a second and then the slight crouch, opening her for showing.

Her reward. “Darling so pretty, so lovely.” Then a very soapy hand is in her bottom crease as the other finds her pussy as counter balance. The left hand swiftly finds her clit proving to her beyond all doubt that Pete knows his way around her feminity. Her pussy gently washed and rinsed the hand leaves her for other pastures.

The left hand then seeks and finds a nipple to tease, as at her behind a finger eases very gently into her. Whispered in her ear under the cascade of water, “push out for me darling push a touch.” She does and an itchy stretching sensation catches at her. An odd but very exciting sensation. The probing finger makes a very slow in and out motion then leaves. She feels left empty, bereft. Then Pete guides some extra water into her nether cleft and stoops to kiss her anus. She gasps and catches some water. Choking and coughing the shower is abandoned.

Assured she would live by Maria, Pete towels her dry. Modesty forgotten she turns and complains at the way her hair is treated. Pete spanks her bottom gently, she retaliates and they laugh. They snuggle damply together in the big bed. The tension is still there but banked for the minute. Now is the time to talk to laugh, the orgasms will come, oh yes but now is the time to relax and talk.

“Maria? Will you do something for me please?”

“Oh yes, I near forgot didn’t I she says throatily. Do you want to watch, see me flash as I put them on. Do you? Pete nods. “So, panties on last while you get a show is that it?”

“Yeah, please, let me steal peeps while you put them on.” She laughs.

“Tell you what while I struggle into a fresh pair why don’t you open the champers?”

Pete neatly undoes the cork with a subdued hiss, as Maria sits on a chair and pulls on a new pair of stockings. Holding her legs out in turn showing her neatly bare pussy as she does so, to Pete’s evident delight. He bends to kiss her as she stands, but she sits again and grasping his bobbing organ guides it to her warm mouth. He offers to withdraw with his hips, but the growl from her throat persuades him otherwise.

Her educated tongue swirls around his glans, finding and tickling his little hole at the tip. With one hand she grasps and works the base of his shaft, whiles fondling his balls with the other until the fondling hand slides under him to tease his anus. He jerks to a muffled giggle, as the inquisitive finger begins to probe. He bears down, opening, no stranger to this, her finger goes no further though unlubricated as it is. Pete gently withdraws some to Maria’s disappointment.

“Get your panties on dear and come and cuddle.” She makes a moue of disappointment and tugging the silk high on her thighs turns slowly to show him the sweet fit displaying her bottom to best advantage.

Back in bed, cozy and relaxed, Maria snuggles in to his chest. His arm under her neck, his right hand has her right nipple to tease and play with. His other hand finds her pussy and through the silk türkçe bahis he strokes and excites her again. The wet fabric telling him she is now very excited. She murmurs in against his mouth as he kisses her. He slides down the bed and using the gentlest of nibbles and kisses he excites her heavy breasts. She sighs and wriggles gently, the panties feeling tight against her swollen pussy lips. Down the bed he slides to feel her bottom again through the silk. He kisses the tight fabric over her pussy and then slides the garment off. Maria spreads her legs and offered her center to the seeking tongue.

The taste is gorgeous. He uses his lips to play in her playground. He makes little noises as she tenses and relaxes as he teases her upwards. He uses his fingers for a moment to tease around her pretty clit, as he takes a minute to study her organ. Neatly sized he notes as with his fingers he tensions her surrounding flesh to ease the hood back to bare it. He licks. She murmurs again.

“Is that too much? Want it covered again?”

“Hell no, you silly man, that’s lovely go on, go on.”

Smiling he does, using gentle sweeps of his tongue to excite her to lift her up to the plateau. Her taste subtly changes and he uses stronger firmer strokes, tonguing her with a steady rhythm, the taste changes again becoming acrid almost. Yes he knows, he knows that change. Slyly he slides a pre lubed finger deep into her unsuspecting bottom and then he presses that bit harder swirls a time or two and is rewarded with her bottom in his hands clenching, and her gasping, then the ahhhhh, of her pleasure peaking. He feels the contractions of her pulsing botty hole squeezing his wriggling finger. He licks on knowing if she wants she will push him away if the sensations are too strong. She does not. He slows the pace and plays really, teasing and then lowering to find her pee hole again as she finds her breath. She grasps his ears not unkindly and brings him back up the bed.

She smiles happily. This is a slice of time out of both lives, a gamble both are taking and it is paying off for both. She snuggles into him again, contentedly. His erection flags now until a warm hand finds it and strokes gently.

“I like this, pretty one you have, why the stitch marks?”

“I was circumcised at 18 going on 19 and well I was so randy that after four days I was moving the skin on my shaft and of course well the stitches tore a bit. Silly I know but…”

She giggles. “I can imagine yes.” She fondles harder, and his passion rising he asks her to use some lube on him. As he passes her the jar he sneaks some and fondles her pussy with it. She gasps at the fresh sensation.

He smiles. “Girls say they don’t need it but the change in feel is lovely eh?”

“God yes I’ll say.” She squirms and then gasps as his fingers reach back for her anus. She goes quiet. He kisses her, distracting her as his finger circles around there. Round and around and then teases the knot by dipping in to her center. Sliding in and out, just entering half a nails depth.

“Okay so far?” Pete whispers.

“Yeah, this is lovely actually.”

“Did you try your self with a glove on like I asked you to?”

“Umm sorry no I just couldn’t bring myself to.”

“Oh, you naughty girl, well lets try this then. Push out a touch for me please?” Pete feels the movement as Maria gently bears down. Easily Pete’s finger slides slowly in. “Relax now, how is that?”

“Hmmm, nice love, that is so nice, thank you. But you know I am just not sure.”

“I know love no pressures here, just relax let me do this for a minute and let you see how it feels.” Pete’s finger moves gently, slowly back, until almost out ,and then back in, over and over. Maria murmurs, Pete notes her nipples tipping her beautiful breasts are swelling again. Withdrawing his finger he finds the jar and returns to her relaxing mouth. Returning one finger, a second begins to probe. Gently, kissing her sweet mouth, the two ease in, Maria stirs. Pete stops. “Still okay?”

Maria kisses Pete deeply. “This is very exciting. Just be very very gentle. Come here and let me make güvenilir bahis siteleri sure you are nice and firm for me.” Her hand finds Pete’s cock and strokes firmly. “Please take me but very gently darling.”

“Surely darling,as gentle as you want, but dress me first please?” Handed the foil she smiles some shyly and opens the packet. Holding it the wrong way round it refuses to unroll, giggling she realizes and turns the pink package around. Then giggling at her success she rolls it down to the root. Giving him a few brisk rubs she tests the strength. Then finding the jar she lubes the length, leaving a heavy layer on his tip.

Pete tucks a pillow under her bottom and Maria tilts her pelvis to offer her last virginity. She pushes out as Pete, firmly, condom clad, begins to enter her. Unasked she bears down and relaxes as together they slowly achieve the entry. Easing off and then pressing, easing and pressing so gently he is in. Maria gasps, he stops.

“Too much, sorry.”

He withdraws.

“Shh, is okay, my fault. Just relax, come here for a cuddle, it’s okay.” She comes to him and he finds her clit again with his fingers. She feels for him but he moves his hips away. “No, this is for you, for being brave.” He fondles her expertly, bringing on a rush of pleasure, up she goes, higher, higher, he thrums her clit vigorously as she hovers, hovers and cries then shudders into climax. Pete waits, soothing her stroking her, then mounts her. “Push out,” he commands and as she complies slides deep into her bottom. She gasps. He stills. Kisses her, feels her anus flutter nervously and then relax. “Good girl you’ve done it. I knew you could, now how’s this?” Pete eases back watching her face, and slides back, he pauses and repeats. Maria groans softly. Pete stops. “I know myself that the first time can sting a bit but the second is a lot easier. Is it good now?”

“Go on it’s rather good, very good, excitingly good.”

“Stroke your self, go on, fondle yourself like you did for me on cam.” She grins and her right hand arrives to work for her. “Can we try something?”

“Sure we can, what though.”

“Kneel up for me, then I can umm. “

“You mean bugger me properly, she laughs, sure.” She turns over and as her hand works her clit Pete stands astride her on the bed, his legs in front of hers and squatting he presses his glans into her presented bottom hole.

He moves gently but firmly until her pretty cheeks are against his groin. Then he begins to stroke her, long strokes allowing his glans to bulge her anus treating the nerves there to the pleasure. In and out getting faster as Maria frigs herself through another cumm. The tightening of her bottom triggers him and with little rutting strokes he cumms too. Shuddering gasping with the intensity, he relaxes and leans on her sweating back. Limply he withdraws and they cuddle together. Spent temporarily.

“Can you manage again do you think? She eyes the ticking clock, only towhours left.

“Aye I think so, what do you want to try?”

“I want you to let me fuck you, sit on your cock and ride you.”

He chuckles, gestures to his swelling erection and smiling says. “I think you’ve caught my attention dear.” She leans over and sucks on the plum of the tip strongly, erecting him to his fullness. Grabbing two pillows she tells him. “Hup, botty up dear, let me get these under you. Suitably lifted he waits, cock jutting. She rolls the condom on and smiles at his hardness dressed and ready.

She arranges herself over him and guiding him with her right hand she settles on him, his cock feeling so hot in her. She begins to rise and fall clenching with her muscles as she does so. Her long breasts moving with her as she moves her hips. She makes her inner muscles clench rhythmically but despite all her efforts he begins to wilt in her, “ohh for why darling, is this not exciting enough for you?”

“Vaginal sex has never really been a thing for me dear. Sorry. I think it’s because I’m so used to the firmness of the grip of a hand you see. I did try to warn you darling. Sorry.” She dismounts pouting a bit with disappointment. “Look can I show you another way to please me? It’s a little dark perhaps but you might enjoy the power.”

“Now you’ve intriguied me darling what do you want me to do?”

She stirs, sleepily. Contentedly. Glad they met.

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