Amy’s GrandPa Ch. 4

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(In the preceding chapters, I had met my older granddaughter for the first time since she was young. It would be less than accurate to say I seduced her, but we hit it off right away. Later on, she helped me fuck her barely legal younger sister. Between the three of us, we broke in the neighbor kid with the big dick. When last we saw this incestuous family, Bitsy had come up with a plan to make a cum slut out of her mother, who had successfully resisted my advances all her life. The story opens with Amy sitting on my prick and Bitsy trying to get Jimmy up again with the use of some cunning tricks with her sphincter muscle. We were saving her cherry for later, but she wasn’t missing out on much.)

“All right, Miss Prissy. If you’re so fucking smart, how are you going to get your mom to fuck when I’ve been trying all her life and she won’t give in? I’m surprised she even broke down enough to get herself pregnant with you two.”

“Oh, Gramps! You may have a big dick and fuck pretty good for an old fart, but that doesn’t mean you know how to seduce a woman”, Bitsy sneered, rising and falling on Jimmy’s sore prong.

“Yeah, Gramps”, Amy butted in, “If I hadn’t wanted to try you out, you wouldn’t have gotten anywhere with me.”

“Ok, ok! Enough! I can only take so much abuse. You seem to like riding the old fart’s pony, little lady.”

“Sure, I love it, Gramps, but we never would have found out if it had been up to you to seduce me. Men hardly ever seduce women. The woman just lets them think they have, to boost their ego.”

“If you weren’t fucking me silly at the moment, I might be insulted. Go on, Bitsy. Tell us your plan.”

“You can’t get in Mom’s pants by telling her how much she will like it. You have to make her feel needed.”

“Oh. I see. That makes pretty good sense for someone with a log up their ass.”

“Shut up and fuck your granddaughter, Gramps. We’ve got plans to make. Come on, Jimmy. Can’t you bounce a little higher? Throw me the phone, Amy.” ===========================

“Mom? Hi, it’s Bitsy. Can you come up here right away? GrandPa had some kind of stroke or something and he needs somebody to take care of him. I know how much you thought he would try to take advantage of us, but he doesn’t even like us help him go to the bathroom, and he can’t do it himself. He’s pretty helpless.

“Oh, dear, Bitsy. You and Amy help him go to the bathroom? Isn’t that disgusting?”

“Mom! The man is old and he needs help. We’re the only ones he’s got. We got Jimmy to come in a couple of times to help Gramps, but he really doesn’t like it. Can you come? Please, please?”

“Ok, sure. If I’m needed, I’ll come. I’ll grab the next shuttle and rent a car. I should be there by five. Tell Dad I’ll be happy to help him, even though I know the old fart is probably laughing inside at the thoughts of me touching him. I’ll bet he even did it on purpose!”

“Mom! How can you talk like that about Gramps? He has treated us with nothing but respect and affection since we’ve been here. You told us he would be chasing us all over the place, but he hasn’t chased us one step.”

“Oh! You’re right. I’m sorry. I just remember him as someone who couldn’t keep his hands out of my dress the whole time I was growing up.”

“Well, he is getting older, Mom. Maybe he’s changed.”

“I hope so. See you soon. Tell Dad not to worry. I’ll stay as long as he needs me.”

“Ok, Mom. Bye.” =========================

“What was that shit about getting older?”

“Well? Aren’t you? I didn’t say you weren’t horny any more, I just said you were getting older. Everything I told her was true. It’s not my fault if she assumed that your not chasing us meant that you weren’t trying to fuck us. You didn’t have to do much chasing, did you?”

“You’re a wise little ass, aren’t you? Speaking of which, I better hurry up and lubricate your colon. I’m going to need some time to practice drooling.” =========================

“Hi, everyone. Hi, Dad. I’m so sorry you had such bad luck. Are you in a lot of pain?”

“He can’t talk, Mom. We think he understands most things, but we’re not sure. Sometimes he seems almost ok, then he will piss his pants in the middle of the floor.”

“Bitsy! Where did you learn to talk like that?”

“Oh, Mom! Get real! That’s the way everybody talks in college. I’m not a little girl any more.”

“Well, I still would appreciate it if you would use better language around me. Where’s the bathroom? I didn’t get a chance to go since this morning.”

“Can’t you take Gramps with you? He hasn’t been in over four hours and it’s about time for him to cut loose again.”

“Oh! This is so embarrassing! Ok. Come on, but can he at least look the other way?”

“I don’t know. You can ask him. Maybe you’ll catch him in one of his good moments.”

I grinned over my shoulder at Amy and Bitsy, who were giving me the high sign behind their mom’s back, poker oyna and followed her to the bathroom with my eyes vacant and dragging one leg a little.

As soon as we entered the bathroom, Jill rushed over to the commode and lowered the seat. She was hurriedly lifting her skirts when she said, “Please don’t look, Dad. It’s bad enough to have you in here with me.”

I just smiled a silly smile and focused on everything in the room except my daughter. She couldn’t tell if I heard her or was even aware of what she was doing.

Jill tried very hard not to make tinkling sounds, but she really need to go and finally gave up and let it go with a splash.

I was already half hard from the excitement of the situation and the realization that my baby daughter was finally going to have to hold my dick for me, even if she was now in her forties. Never give up!

To make my story a little more believable and to set up a more complicated scenario, I forced myself to piss a little down my pants leg while she was cutting loose. It was hard to relax enough to piss, with my dick rapidly becoming fully erect. It was even harder making it stop without flooding my socks. On second thought, why not? I would need to shower and change clothes, anyhow, wouldn’t I?

So I let it all out and pissed myself silly, standing three feet from my daughter, who was still squatting on the commode.

She finally finished and wiped her cunt hairs dry. Even with a vacant stare, I was able to see that previously hidden pussy very well. My dick lurched upwards another notch.

“Thanks for not looking, Dad. It’s bad enough to have to share things this intimate with you. Not only are you my Dad, but most of my memories of you are having to fight you off to keep your hands off me. Bitsy says you’ve changed. I sure hope so! Now! Let’s see what we can do for you.”

“Holy Shit!”, she exclaimed when she saw my pants. “You weren’t kidding! Do you realize you’ve ruined your pants?”

More silly grins from her old man. I acted as if there wasn’t a thing wrong with my world.

“You’ve urinated all down the leg of your pants and it’s running all over the floor. Can’t you feel it?”

I just hummed. She must have finally believed me. She probably couldn’t imagine anyone standing in a puddle of their own piss without being frantic to clean it up. I have never understood where she got this puritanical streak. She sure as hell didn’t get it from me, and her mother was one very hot tamale, too.

“Oh, Dad. I’m sorry I doubted you, but you have to admit I had good reasons to distrust you, but you are my Dad and I love you anyway, and now you need me. Boy, do you need me! You stink! Come over here, out of your puddle. Let’s get you out of those wet clothes and into the shower.”

Bingo! Just what I was hoping for. Trying to act unconcerned while my daughter stripped me naked was one of the hardest acting jobs I’ve had since I tried to convince Mary Lou I loved her so she would give me a little nookie, many years ago.

“Oh, Dad! Oh, my goodness! Oh! Just look at you. I mean, my goodness! Dad! Your penis is all big and red. I thought it would be smaller now, and less likely to be so hard. Oh, my. I don’t know if I can do this.”

I began to wander around the room, stepping in the puddle of piss and tracking it around the bathroom.

“Oh, come here, Dad. I’ll just have to grit my teeth and go through with it. After all, what is family for if we can’t help each other?”

I thought I saw the beginnings of the rationalization we had counted on to make this work. I had always believed that Jill really wanted to climb aboard the Daddy train, but was just too scared to admit it. My apparent helplessness gave her the opportunity to do whatever she liked with me, while being able to convince herself it was only to help me.

“Here, I’ll set the water temperature for you. You just go on in the shower and soap yourself up. I’ll wait for you.”

I cocked my head at her like a robin trying to figure out if that was a worm or an approaching snake, and just stood there.

“Oh, very well. I guess I might as well give up. You obviously have no idea what I’m saying. The only way we’re going to get you cleaned up is if I clean you. There’s not much point in asking you to look the other way, is it, or making any attempt at modesty of any sort? Here goes nothing!”

The object of many years of unsuccessful pursuit stripped off every stitch she was wearing and led me into the shower. Sure was hard keeping my eyes unfocused. Damn! She had a hot body! Thank you, Bitsy! I owe you one! Even if Jill never learns to fuck her old man and like it, just having the chance to take a shower with her was the answer to my prayers.

“That’s it, Daddy. Let’s get you rinsed off all over. Can you soap yourself? Guess not. Ok, here goes.”

She started on my back. I guess it was the safest place for her. (No dicks back canlı poker oyna there.) It also kept me from seeing her body, but I kept moving back against her in my apparent helplessness. The feel of those soapy jugs against my back almost made me cum in anticipation.

“Dad! Hold still! I can’t wash you if you won’t be still. Doesn’t that thing ever go down?”, she asked in frustration. I guess she was having as hard a time ignoring my rigid prick as I was, trying to act unconcerned.

As she soaped my chest, her eyes searched mine. “Are you really out of it, Dad? Are you going to die and leave me before I ever get a chance to tell you why I could never let you touch me?”

Ok! Now we’re getting to the good stuff.

“When I was growing up, I was always aware of your eyes on me. When I would see you in the hall, coming back from the bathroom, I wondered what it would be like for you to hold me. Sometimes I saw this thing sticking out of your shorts and wondered how all of that stuff worked. I know it was wrong of me to tease you by sitting on your lap in my teddy, with no underpants on, but it felt good to make you want me so much.”

“The first time you touched me, (after my 18th birthday party, remember?) it felt really, really good, but I asked Miss Smith, my gym teacher about it and she told me all these stories about how men only want one thing and how they take advantage of girls and make them pregnant and throw them out in the snow, and everything. I guess it doesn’t make sense now, and probably didn’t then, but I was young and innocent, so I believed her. After that, I just couldn’t ever let you touch me again.”

(“That man-hating bitch!” So that’s why my darling daughter had been so enticing until she came of age, but then became so unapproachable. I almost started feeling guilty about our deception, but reminded myself that she would be happier when she learned sport fucking.)

“I guess you’ve always wanted me to touch you here, so now’s your chance. I’ll just soap it a little. Maybe I should hold it out of the way while I soap under it. My, but it’s big! Bob’s penis wasn’t nearly as big as yours. He always wanted me to play with it, but I just couldn’t. My mind kept going back to what Miss Smith had told me. When Bob left me, he said it was because I was a cold bitch, but I’m not, really. Really, I’m not. I want to do those things, but I just can’t. For some reason, I’m able to talk about it to you now. You, of all people!”

“However, I do love you, and always have. Now that you’re so helpless and no longer the big, scary man that you were, it’s easier for me to talk to you. Oh, my! Look at me! I’m just washing that big old thing raw! The next thing you know, it will be making a mess!”

She had that part right. If I hadn’t been so engrossed in her story and the fact that she was being able to talk to me, I would have shot off long ago. Of course the fact that I had fucked both of her daughters twice already today held me back a little. However, her calling attention to what she was doing and her renewed vigor produced the result she had described.

“Oh! My! Oh, my! Daddy! You are getting sperm all over me. Goodness! It’s making me excited! I never saw a man do that before. I never let Bob leave the lights on, although he always wanted to, and I certainly did not allow him to masturbate.”

“Oh! It smells so musky! It makes my head spin. Well, I guess I don’t have to worry about you telling anybody about this, so I’m going to do something I always wanted, and I know you did, too.”

She took my hand and brought it to her dripping cunt. It was wet on the outside from the shower, but that didn’t explain the juices flowing on the inside that I could feel when she led my fingers to her cleft.

It took all the will power I could muster to remain still and let her fuck herself with my fingers.

“Oh, Daddy! I think I’m cumming!”, she screamed loud enough for the girls to hear. It was probably the first orgasm of her poor, deprived life. Damn that gym teacher bitch, anyhow. How dare she fuck up my sweet daughter’s mind and sex life like that?

Jill slowly recovered from her virgin orgasm (at age 42), and finished washing us both off in short order.

“Hey girls!”, she shouted down the stairs. “I hate to ask this, but can you please clean up the mess in the bathroom? I’m going to put your GrandPa to bed. I’ll be down soon to fix some supper for you.”

“Ok, Mom!”, Amy shouted back. “We’ll take care of it. Don’t worry about fixing anything for us. Jimmy is bringing us a pizza. You need to stay with GrandPa. He starts whimpering when we leave him alone. Do you want some pizza, too? Jimmy brings a big one.”

I could just see the smirk on Amy’s face at that. It wasn’t too hard to guess what sort of “big one” she had in mind. No doubt the girls would be tickled to take care of supper while I kept Mom upstairs.

“Thanks, girls. You certainly seem internet casino much more grownup than you did before you came up here. Maybe it just takes some kind of crisis like this to make people face life properly.”

As she talked, Jill was putting pajamas on me. Bah! I never sleep in anything. I kept letting my dick slip out the fly and she kept putting it back in. Her constant touching was making it rise again.

“I give up, Dad. If you need to have that thing poking out so bad, I guess it will just have to poke out. Now, get under the covers and take a little nap.”

I crawled under the covers like a good boy, but every time Jill started to move away from the bed I would whimper.

“What’s the matter, Dad? Hey girls! Why does Gramps whimper like that?”

“He doesn’t want to be left alone, Mom.”

“I’m not leaving, I’m just across the room.”

“He wants you to cuddle him, Mom. It’s the only thing that will settle him down.”

“Have you girls been ‘cuddling’ him?”

“Sure, Mom. I told you it was the only way to get him to settle down.”

“You mean you have been sleeping with him?”

“I didn’t say that. I just said we laid in the bed with him and cuddled him so he would stop whimpering.”

Trust my Bitsy to tell it exactly like it was, with a choice of words that allowed her Mom to interpret it as innocently as she needed to.

“Well, if that’s what you need, Dad, I guess it isn’t too much to do.”

She slid in behind me and I wiggled back against her. It was a relief to be able to stop that damned whimpering. It was getting on my nerves. Her tits against my back felt so fine! I pretended to fall asleep almost at once, to see what she might do if she thought I was out of it.

For long minutes, during which my body vibrated with need and anticipation, she didn’t make a move. I could feel her pussy mound against my ass and tried to make barely perceptible motions against her to stimulate a response.

At long last, I felt her arm sliding slowly across my hip, hopefully heading for a landing on my carrier. When I had just about given up hope and was almost asleep in truth, I felt the first light touch of her fingers on my cock. It immediately jumped to life, but luckily, I was just drowsy enough that I didn’t make any other motion to cause her to think I was awake.

Her hand moved so slowly I could never tell it was actually moving until I realized the place she was now touching was different from the last place I remembered.

After what seemed like hours, her hand was actually around my steel hard pecker! Her touch was so light, my skin wanted to swell to meet it to increase the pressure of her grip.

After another eternity, I was pretty sure that she had stroked the entire length, but it just kept growing. Her pussy mound was now pressing into my ass of its own accord. Her still-firm tits were pressed firmly against my back and I was sure I felt the rumblings of a nascent orgasm building, in light variations of the pressure of her body against me.

The pace of her progress began to accelerate now. I could almost feel her hand moving and her grip was definitely firm on her daddy’s dick.

Her motions were coordinated to the extent that her ass moved against the motion of her hand on my prick as if she were jacking off her own. As her hand reached bottom, squeezing my balls against my leg, her pussy would press more firmly against my ass.

Her pace quickened. Faster and faster flew her fingers, up and down my shaft. Little grunts of passion escaped her lips each time her crotch jammed against me.

I did my part by pretending sleep, to allow her the freedom to do whatever she needed to do. Even with the number of times I had dropped my load today, her girls had increased my abilities over the past month by almost continuous fucking, so I knew she was soon to get a handful of her daddy’s cum if she kept up what she was doing.

She kept it up and I let her have it. My cum was drooling over her fingers, making them slip more easily back and forth, and her cunt was trying to swallow my ass. She was banging her clit against my tail bone as if she were fucking me with a huge dildo. It seemed that a certain amount of rage was combined with her lust. Ok, let her do what she needed.

When we began this charade, it was simply a cynical method of getting something I had been denied for so many years. I must admit to not considering her feelings in it at all. Now that I knew the story, I was able to repent and to concentrate on trying to do what was best for my beloved daughter, under the circumstances.

It was imperative that she never suspect that my stroke had been faked. I was going to have to find some way to miraculously recover and start helping her.

Bitsy was good at coming up with scenarios. I would have to find a way to tell her what was happening and let her suggest a solution.

At last, it looked like I would soon be fucking my daughter, but under far different circumstances that we had imagined. I hoped that the girls hadn’t pussy-whipped poor Jimmy too hard. I’m going to need his help to keep this group satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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