Amy’s Vacation Ch. 08

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Chapter 8

I froze.

Completely immobile.

There was my Father, his hands on Celeste’s hips, taking her from behind!

Grunting and moaning, as Celeste was up on her knees on the couch, looking out towards the back deck, my Father behind her, pounding away into her pussy.

You know how you can sometimes have a minute-long conversation inside your head with yourself, but it actually only takes nanoseconds? Yeah, well, that’s what happened next:

“Oh my God is Daddy having sex with Celeste and should I be seeing this and oh my gosh is this what it’s like for Daddy when he’s with other women and was this what he was like with Mom and does this mean he prefers women his age over me and oh my God Celeste is married to David and I just finished having sex with David but did Celeste know and did Daddy know and is Daddy mad and oh my God what if David freaks out about Daddy having sex with Celeste even though he just had sex with me because I know most men are very protective of their wives and is David going to be mad at me for some strange reason because all of this has happened and I don’t know what to do and maybe I should turn away but I kinda wanna watch and…”

And just then David put a reassuring hand on my shoulder. I looked at him and his index finger was over his mouth, as if to say, “Shhh….”

He motioned for me to follow him back upstairs. We crept back up and waited, listening, as Dad and Celeste finished their intimate dance.

“That is not for us to see or hear… at least, not yet,” David smiled at me as he whispered.

“Um, I mean, are you okay with that?” I queried.

“Of course. Celeste and I may be married, but we both have other partners all the time, either solo or together, sweetie.” He reached out and embraced me, pulling me close to him and then kissing me again. “Celeste hasn’t stopped talking about either of you all day… especially you, and we both decided that if something happened tonight, it was perfectly fine. I told you as much when we went to bed…”

Oh yeah, that’s right. He’d mentioned that they swing. In the heat of the moment, I had forgotten!

Downstairs, we could hear a vocal climax as Daddy and Celeste reached their own personal pinnacle of pleasure. David looked at me and smiled, cocking one eyebrow.

“I think they had fun.”

I blushed and nodded, “I think they did too.”

We waited a few moments, until we heard the downstairs toilet flush, then we walked down, hand-in-hand to see my Father sitting on the couch, and Celeste emerging from the bathroom.

Daddy stood up and smiled, his cock still thickly engorged and noticeably slick with his and Celeste’s juices. David went over and put his hands around Celeste, embracing her and kissing her, then whispering in her ear. She giggled in response and cast a look at me before looking back up at her husband and smiling and nodding.

“Did you enjoy the grand tour, Amy?” Celeste asked of me.

“Yeah… it was great… best tour I’ve had in a while!” I bit my lip, sure that my face was betraying my slight embarrassment at her knowing exactly what happened.

Daddy came over and put his hands on my hips, standing behind me. “Well, it certainly was a LOUD tour, from what we were hearing down here, but I’m glad you enjoyed it, angel.” He then slid his hands up and cupped my breasts a little, right in front of Celeste and David!

I poker oyna blushed even more.

“I’m thinking we could all use a little relaxation time in the hot tub. Sound good?”

“Wonderful idea, David,” Celeste answered, casting a glance our way. “Why don’t I order us some room service and we can enjoy it while we wait.?”

“I’m game,” Dad said.

“Me too.” I followed.

David led us out onto the back deck patio and fired up the hot tub. The breeze of the evening was warm, and I honestly didn’t know how the hot tub would feel with the Caribbean air, but as I was helped in by Daddy and David, I felt the water and it was much more cool than anticipated, almost like bath water- some heat, but not scalding. It felt quite refreshing!

Daddy and David followed me in, with Daddy sitting next to me and David across from me.

David was fooling around with the controls… adjusting the power of the bubbles and jets, and turning the lights down a bit. They changed colors… every color of the rainbow, and the glow from the two men’s faces in the hot tub had a sort of hallucinogenic effect on me.

Celeste joined us shortly. “Food’s ordered. It’ll be here in an hour,” she smiled as she sat with David.

“Well… David: how was Amy?” she asked of her husband.

My eyes got wide for just a moment…

David looked directly at me and smiled. Under the water, I felt his foot reach out and place itself atop mine.

“Better than I could have hoped, dear,” he replied. “She’s a natural. So very, very sexy… I wouldn’t change a moment.”

I felt Dad’s hand go to my thigh under the water and squeeze.

“And Amy? Did you have fun with David?” she followed.

“Yeah,” with a nod, “I did. He’s….. fantastic.”

Celeste smiled at me and then at her husband. They kissed lightly.

“Well, I just want you to know, that between us, you are both always welcome here.”

I bit my lip in a mixture of happiness and slight embarrassment at being spoken of in this way, right in front of my Dad, but he piped up with, “Well, they aren’t the ONLY ones who had fun. Celeste, you were a delight. Quite a woman you have there, David.”

“Don’t I know it, Phil!”

“We would love to get to know you both better, Amy and Phil… how about a little game?” Celeste asked us with a grin.

“A game of what?” I replied.

“Truth or Dare.”

Truth or Dare? I haven’t played that since…. well….. a long time! And adults still play it?

“Sure,” Daddy responded before I could barely think.

“Great! I’ll go first,” Celeste chimed. “Amy: Truth or Dare.”

I glanced at Daddy and then looked back at our hostess. “Um, truth?”

She smiled, “How many girls have you kissed?”

Hmmm…. seems some games never change….

I thought for a moment, “Um….. three?”

“Not bad,” she smiled again. “Does that include me?”

“Oh…. four!” I blushed.

“Okay, Amy, your turn,” Celeste prodded.

“Hmm…. okay, David: Truth or Dare?”


Oh crap, what do I do now? I looked around.

“I dare you to… spank Celeste five times.”

“Oh, I LIKE her…” Celeste said with a smile.

David smiled too. Celeste got up and turned away from Daddy and me, bending over and grabbing the side of the tub while standing on the hot tub’s bench. David stood as well and rested a hand on his wife’s back, raised his canlı poker oyna other hand, and gave her five slow swats on the butt. The last three punctuated some pleasant yips from Celeste.

Daddy’s hand squeezed my thigh and he leaned in and kissed my ear, “Good dare, babygirl,” he whispered.

When both had dipped back into the jacuzzi, David looked at Daddy, “Truth or Dare, Phil?”

“I’m up for a Dare.”

“Great. I’d like to see you take Celeste and Amy’s nipples into your mouth…. at the same time.”

Now I was smiling… and slightly blushing. This was definitely shaping up to be an interesting game! Celeste moved towards the center of the hot tub, standing and offering me a hand. I took it and she pulled me close, so that our chests were touching. She giggled and gave a little wiggle, running her nipples back and forth across mine. Hers were already nice and hard, and mine were fast becoming that way as well when Daddy slid to the middle of the hot tub and put his arms around both of us.

“Well, this is cozy now, isn’t it,” he joked as he looked up at both of us, then stood just enough to be at breast-level with us.

Celeste cupped her right breast and I followed suit with my left, both of us offering them to Daddy. A fire was in his eyes as his big hands reached up, taking each of our breasts and squeezing them, pulling them to his open mouth, making both of our nipples disappear within. I felt his tongue flickering to my nipple, then presumably Celeste’s, then back again. It felt truly wild and slightly debaucherous. But, I loved it! Celeste tossed her head back and moaned, one of her hands curling in Daddy’s hair. I placed one hand on her hip and slid it slowly up her torso, then back down, enjoying it all.

Daddy finished his Dare with a little playful nibble on each of our nipples, then glided back to his spot in the hot tub. Celeste gave me a kiss on the lips then returned to her seat as well.

My nipples were fully erect now.

Daddy wanted to keep playing. “Celeste: Truth or Dare?”


“Were you wet when you were talking to Amy and me today?”

Celeste let her eyes drift left and right, making sure we were all paying attention, “Most definitely.”

My jaw dropped for half a moment, then I regained my composure. Well, that’s good to know!

With it being Celeste’s turn, she turned her gaze to her husband, “Truth or Dare, sweetie?”

“Oh, you do know how I love your dares….”

“I’d like you to tell me how Phil tastes.”

My heartbeat quickened. What?

“Phil, do you mind?” he asked.

Daddy’s hand released my thigh. “Well, in the spirit of the game… why not? This is a vacation of discovery, after all.”

I watched as Daddy and David stood. “Why don’t you sit up on the edge,” David suggested. Daddy did that, and David slid up next to me, right between Daddy’s thighs.

And with that, David took my Father into his mouth and started sucking him!

Daddy was already quite engorged, probably from the nipple dare, and to see another man sucking on his penis, well… I had to stand up to get a better view.

I found myself surprisingly turned on!

Daddy moaned with pleasure as David’s head bobbed up and down on his manhood, one hand working him.

After a moment, it was over. All a bit of a tease. No completion.

David released Daddy with a smile and turned back around internet casino to his wife.

“He tastes great to me… just like you said,” with a wink to Celeste.

Daddy was still breathing a bit heavy with a smile on his face. “Well, that was a first… thank you.” Then he looked at me, “Amy, Truth or Dare?”

Well, everyone else had taken Dares, why should I be any different?


“I dare you to put three fingers into Celeste’s pussy.”

Daddy patted my butt as I moved across the hot tub to Celeste, who was already getting up on the edge of the hot tub and spreading her legs. Obviously, this was her kind of dare.

I got in very close, nuzzling her beautiful Venus mound. It was so puffy… meaty…. with a deep fold hiding her most intimate area. I carefully reached out and parted her lips and quickly found her plump clit. My tongue snaked out and made contact, and Celeste immediately cooed with pleasure.

She was wet… and not just from the hot tub. I started to perform my oral maneuvers on her, and slipped one finger into her unceremoniously.

Her pussy was SO incredibly soft! She seemed to have very thick, plump, tender vaginal walls…. more so than mine.

Celeste’s hands found their way to my head and she seemed to be pulling me in more on her pussy, so I started licking her folds and slipping two fingers into her. Between her moaning, she whispered “That’s two,” to whomever was listening. I was concentrating on this glorious kitty-slit that was before me.

Finally, I slid in a third finger. I felt Celeste consciously (or, unconsciously?) grip my fingers with her powerful vaginal muscles and squeeze a few times. I looked up at her as I went down on her, and the smile on her face told me everything. I kept licking.

Celeste pulled me even closer to her. “Keep going, Amy,” she moaned.

I obeyed. I slid my three fingers in and out of her, kept closely together, while I did my best to keep licking her clit down between her meaty labia.

Celeste started to tremble… a tremble I personally knew all too well. My fingers started making squishy sounds as they kept invading her kitty. I felt Celeste grasp my hair, almost painfully, but I dared not stop my attentions upon her.

Finally, with a loud cry, Celeste had an orgasm, with my mouth still down on her. I tasted her nectar flowing and greedily ate my fill.

“Oh my God, Amy….. come here, little girl…. kiss me,” Celeste commanded.

I rose up and we embraced and kissed, our tongues entwining and dancing. The cool Caribbean breeze on my body felt amazing and her kiss was electric.

We stopped only at hearing the doorbell ring.

I glanced to my sides and both Daddy and David were standing, jacking their dicks.

“That…. would be dinner,” David said as he released himself begrudgingly and hopped out of the tub. He grabbed a towel and put it around his waist and headed for the front door.

Daddy slowed his masturbation, but still was touching it. “Now THAT was hot, girls,” he said, “A true perfect Dare if I’ve ever seen one.”

Celeste and I smiled at each other and kissed again.

“I guess we had better get out and dried off,” she said.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied, not wanting to leave her embrace.

With that, she broke contact and slipped over the side of the hot tub. She wrapped herself in a towel then held one open for me.

I got out and let her wrap me in the warmth of the cotton towel, then watched as Daddy, still quite engorged, hopped the side and joined us. We went over to the patio table and sat down and awaited David’s return with dinner.

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