An Alien Love Bk. 02 Ch. 06

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This week I was so proud of myself! I worked on One Strong Gale (My next Ice Era Chronicle) and I worked on Joe’s book which is my next release… however all that hard work and I didn’t get to play with this story. But now that I’m all caught up on that stuff, I wrote a few chapters for Octnavin and Sloan. FUN!!

So here we go again… If you are new here, I might suggest reading some of the other chapters but do what you want. Cheers.

~M from C.M. Moore


*Chapter 6*

Another dick move.

Ocean waves crashed. The sound rocked Sloan back to sleep. When he woke a second time, the waves crashing had his eyes popping open. Where the hell was he that he could hear the ocean? He lived in a landlocked state.

Lifting to his elbows, Sloan glanced around the room. To his right was a wall of windows and an open doorway facing a sparkling beach. The ocean glittered clear blue as the sun lit the waters. His eyes swung to his room. Was he in a bungalow? The bed was all white sheets and blankets with piles of pillows. There was the basic furniture for a high-end hotel in the Bahamas. Wall art was plants and flowers. A spread of fruits and salads and drinks were on a coffee table near the TV.

Sloan swung his legs out of bed and stared down at his jeans and band shirt. He felt marginally better that he was dressed. He frowned. Except his pants were unbuttoned. Walking around the room, he stopped at the sleek metal coffee table. Eying the hotel, he drank a glass of water. By the sun on the beach, he guessed the time was mid-morning. He was late for work. Late, that is, if he was still in the same state or country as his job. He tried to remember getting into an airplane.

Or did he get on a spaceship…?

Sloan buttoned and zipped his pants. Last night was a haze. He needed to call work and Elijah. He checked his pockets and then glanced around when he discovered them empty. No phone or wallet. His leather jacket hung on a chair with his boots and socks on the floor. There was no phone there either. He had nothing on him. Where was his phone? He recalled taking off his boots in the limo before he…

Kissed a blue alien.

Sloan drank another glass of water. That was it. No drugs ever again. He shook his head at being jerked off in a limo. Twice.

The door to the hotel room opened. The entrance was a brown screen with pictures of leafy ferns. Up to this point, Sloan didn’t even know what was the door. The blue alien from last night stepped inside and closed the exit with a click. Sloan took another huge chug of water and closed his eyes. Dreaming? Still high?

When he opened them again, Octnavin still stood there. All six-foot-five of him. The alien was still a blue man thing with six-tentacles. Sloan was stone-cold sober, and he was freaking the fuck out.

“I am not a blue man. I am Dagerstanteen. I am warrior. I am the ruler. You may address me as king like the cat does.”

Sloan dropped the water and stepped away from the table. He took another step toward the beach. He had to get out of here.

Spinning on his heel, Sloan bolted off the two steps and hit the sand. He ran past a massive lounge chair with floral pillows. He reached the edge of the water. Without warning, tentacles wrapped around his waist. Sloan was tossed backward into the sand. Octnavin grinned down at him when he was pinned.

“I thought you wanted to fuck on the beach?” The alien spoke but again his lips never moved. That was down-right creepy.

“Dick.” Sloan couldn’t believe the asshole was quoting him. That wasn’t funny. “Let me go.”

Chuckling, Octnavin sprung to his feet.

As soon as he was free, Sloan scrambled upright and bolted again. The room had to güvenilir bahis have a door. The leaf picture must be it. Sprinting, Sloan got up the steps and back to the room. He reached the door. No handle or knob or lock. Nothing. He turned and spotted the bathroom.

Sloan entered and slammed the door. He hunted for a lock. Again, nothing. He spun around and grabbed a towel off the rack. He tied the terry cloth around the doorknob and knotted the end to the towel rack. He then leaned against the wood. How was he going to get out of here?

~You are not leaving yet~

The voice was in his head. The mother-fucking-alien was in his head.

“How are you doing that?” Sloan covered his ears. ~Get out of my head~

“You drank from me, little pebble. I now share your mind.” Octnavin’s voice came from the other side of the door. “I let you rest, but now I want you again. Open the door.”

Sloan shook his head. He was in a nightmare. “Hell no.”

“We agreed. I take care of you and you will be with me.”

“No. I was high.” Sloan couldn’t be held responsible for what he said under the influence of a… gem? Whatever. The answer was no.

“You were sober in the bar. You were sober after the drug dealer died. I said think about my proposal and you agreed to be with me. To fuck.”

Sloan licked his lips. The taste of raspberries was on his tongue. He rushed to the sink and gulped water out of the tap. He drank from an alien and he was scared to ask what that meant. Some small part of him knew. He could see into Octnavin’s mind. The king held back nothing. Octnavin wanted offspring.

The alien dickhead was in for a world of disappointment. Men couldn’t have babies. Wrong gender. Obviously, the alien didn’t check out that part of the human condition. Sloan sucked more water and then washed his mouth by scrubbing his tongue with his toothbrush. When he finished, he leaned against the door. How to get out of here?

“You are not leaving yet.” Octnavin’s voice was clear through the door. “Come out now.” He must be close. Damn it, but he had a sexy voice. Sloan pushed that thought away.

“No.” He had to think.

“My sibling says your reluctance might be due to your lack of pleasure. I will remedy that.”

Sloan swallowed hard. He didn’t like the sound of that.

“I’m done, okay? Listen carefully.” Sloan turned to the wood and spoke loudly. “I’m. Going. Home.”

There was silence. Sloan set his ear on the wood and listened. Silence and then a swish sound. When he looked down, pink silk slipped under the opening. Shocked, Sloan stumbled to the sink. The fabric moved on its own. A piece of pink sateen slid up the door and around the towel he’d tied. Another piece slid along the floor toward Sloan’s feet.

“What the fuck?” Sloan climbed onto the counter. The door to the bathroom opened with a bang. The silk had somehow cut through the terry cloth by itself. Sloan wished he were high to explain this messed-up visual.

“This is not silk.” Octnavin leaned in the doorway. “This is Nebos. They are with us from birth.” Octnavin crossed his two middle tentacles over his chest.

The silk, or Nebos as Octnavin called it, advanced up the counter and wrapped around Sloan’s ankle. A second piece caught around his other foot. He kicked the fabric.

“Get this shit off me.”

“I would like you as you were in the limousine. I prefer my slave to be willing.”

“I’m not your fucking slave.” Sloan jumped off the counter and tried to kick the Nebos a second time. “I’m no one’s slave.” More silk slipped up his jeans. A band wrapped around his wrist, and he tried to yank off the piece with his fingers. “Fuck you.”

“Gladly.” Octnavin waved and walked out the doorway. türkçe bahis Abruptly, the Nebos pulled. Sloan was thrown to the floor. Right as he would have cracked his head on the tiles, the fabric caught him and cradled him. He fought the silk, but that only caused his other arm to be wrapped in the sateen bands. He was now secured hands and feet and being drug into the other room.

“I’m not fucking you,” Sloan seethed.

“It looks like you are.” Octnavin stood to the side of the bed and grinned.

The Nebos dragged Sloan to the mattress. He was set in the middle of the blankets as the silken pieces held his wrists and ankles. He tugged and pulled, but even when he snapped a piece, all the Nebos did was connect again. He had to think.

Octnavin’s tentacles tugged on his shirt. The fabric ripped up the center of his chest.

“God damn alien dick.” Sloan thrashed and one of his legs got free. Octnavin moved quickly. He unbuttoned and unzipped Sloan’s pants.

Sloan got one decent kick at Octnavin’s side before the alien got his pants down and off his body. The Nebos worked with the alien until Sloan was stripped naked from the waist down. His underwear was torn off and they hit the floor. His legs were secured at the thighs, knees, and ankles. He could see Octnavin’s intent. Dick head.

“You put anything in my mouth and I’m going to bite it off. You can’t do this to people.”

Octnavin paused as if for the first time he was considering something Sloan said.

“I am ruler, master, king, mountain. And you are my slave for the time being. You are not people, my little pebble.” Octnavin ran a tentacle slowly over Sloan’s body. Fuck him. He would bite off whatever the alien had and there was nothing Octnavin could do to change his mind. One night of saying he’d hang out with him was not a commitment to be his slave. Sloan was no one’s slave and no one’s whore. He had more pride than that.

Octnavin knelt on the bed. The Nebos pulled Sloan’s knees and ankles wider to accommodate the alien’s big frame between his legs. Smirking, the alien studied Sloan’s abs and cock. In Octnavin’s head, Sloan caught a glimpse of anatomy. Octnavin had a whole book on humans in his brain. What did he do? Memorize it?

“I can get the gem, but I prefer you sober and aware.” Octnavin slipped a tentacle along Sloan’s knee.

Strangely, that was the one thing they agreed on. Sloan didn’t want to be fucked up. He wanted to know what was happening to him, even if it was unwanted sex or whatever the drinking thing was. Of course, it didn’t matter what Octnavin did. Sex was out. He wasn’t going to get hard. Sloan was furious at being unwillingly tied up, and he was incensed at being considered nothing more than a slave. Besides all that, this wasn’t how Sloan screwed. In the bedroom, he preferred to be in charge.

Octnavin sighed like he was listening to Sloan’s thoughts.


“You are a stubborn little pebble.”

After muttering that, Octnavin began to slide a tentacle over Sloan’s nipples and chest. His green eyes tracked every breath Sloan took.

“I’m not a pebble.” He gritted his teeth. He wasn’t going to open his mouth and short of his lips being pried open, nothing would make him.

“Drink from me.”


Another tentacle slipped over Sloan’s penis. His member was soft, and he ignored the touch. Octnavin wasn’t deterred. A third tentacle, the one that sensed the world around him, glided between Sloan’s ass cheeks. With a free tentacle, Octnavin accepted a bottle from the Nebos.

“This flower extract will work well on your body. It is soothing for your skin and muscles.” Pouring out some type of lubrication, Octnavin slathered his ass with the flower güvenilir bahis siteleri liquid as his tentacle kept gliding over his hole. He’d had anal sex many times, and normally Sloan was down for a good screw, but this was different. This was an unacceptable fucked-up situation.

Annoyed, he concentrated on his fury and fought his bonds. His shirt was split up the middle. Just thinking about the damage had him calling Octnavin every name he could think of. He loved that damn shirt. They were impossible to find.

“Stubborn.” Octnavin moved around Sloan’s flared head and petted across the crown. The alien explored Sloan’s mind as he rubbed between his ass cheeks. Warmth gazed his nipples back and forth. At the same time, Octnavin did two things. He pulled up every porn Sloan had ever liked. He grabbed the memory and played the images like a movie screen front and center in his brain. While he did that, the damn alien used his drinking tentacle to suck down Sloan’s cock. Without his consent, his hips bucked into the suction.

Sloan moaned.

“You like that.”

“Fuck.” Sloan closed his eyes and tried not to think about how good that felt. Closing his eyes was a bad idea.

In his head, every blow job he’d ever watched was on a loop. The images played and he couldn’t turn them off. Octnavin kept presenting them all the while the alien sucked his shaft down and glided back up.

Over and over.

Soon Sloan’s erection throbbed and pulsed with every beat of his heart. He thrashed and humped into the pull of Octnavin’s drinking tentacle. His brain was enslaved, and he hated Octnavin the most for that. The creature kept touching him, kept flicking his nipples. A tentacle grazed back and forth over his hole, never entering but taunting him like he would at any minute.

Sloan whimpered. His erection had turned into an iron rod.

“Drink from me.”

Sloan shook his head. “No.”

“You did before.” Octnavin eased his tentacle into Sloan’s hole. “I will make you enjoy it.”

Sloan’s body was ready and willing to be filled. The lube Octnavin used had long since warmed and seemed to become wetter with every slide. The muscled ring of his anus gave and more of the tentacle entered him. Back and forth Octnavin rubbed all the time sucking his cock down to his balls. The stretch gave and gave a little more.

“No.” Sloan moaned. Damn, it all felt so hot, sexy, and incredible.

Just to make his lust worse, Octnavin floated another tentacle to his balls and slipped to the sensitive spot that made Sloan lose his mind. The alien grabbed his thoughts about that one spot on his sack being licked and began to touch him there.

“I hate you.” Sloan hissed. That was amazing.

Octnavin chuckled. “Are you my slave yet?”

“Fuck you.” Sloan groaned and then gasped.

Octavin glided firmly over Sloan’s prostate. Deeper and deeper. He did it again and again. Back and forth the alien rubbed and then sucked at the head of Sloan’s shaft. He throbbed in a way that had his body shaking with need. His orgasm grew until his climax shimmered out of Sloan’s reach. He rocked his hips just trying to finish. He had to make this end. He concentrated on the porn. Sloan focused on the amazing pressure in his ass. The hot stretch and the slight sting. Everything was so raw and open and real. He reached for every sensation heaped upon him. Swam in the feelings.

So close.

“Not until you drink from me. Our minds are locked. Drink.”

Sloan shook his head. “Never,” he moaned.

Octnavin retracted from his body. On the brink of climax, the alien pulled off his cock and out of his ass. Sloan cursed and trembled. He was left open and panting on the silks.

“We will see how long never is, little pebble. You cannot change a mountain. You cannot change a ruler or a slave.” Octnavin rose from the bed and walked out of the room.


I know this is unedited and raw. Thanks for sticking with me.

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