Anu My First And Still The Best…

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This incident happened in my life almost 25 years ago… I am Indian, belonging to the state of Tamil Nadu, my city and other locations are changed, so is the lady’s name. Otherwise, it is 100% true episode in my life. Awakening me to the world of sex.

My cousin, who was married and had an 8 year old, got admitted into the post graduate program at the medical college in my town and her company, which was a large electrical manufacturing conglomerate, allowed her leave for two years to finish it. She moved into our house, unleashing a wave of sexual awakening in me.

I was entering higher studies in a prestigious institute. I was almost 21 & still a virgin. I mean real virgin, who hadn’t had even had a wet dream till then.

My cousin’s name was “Anu”. She was in her early thirties, short and was no beauty but had DD breasts and very pronounced curve in the behind as well. I didn’t notice her much. She used to take me out shopping constantly and would call me the man of the house. In typical Indian households we use thin mattresses which are laid out on the floor for us to sleep in the night and then rolled up and put away in the morning. Our places to sleep change depending on the season and number of guests at home etc. She used to sleep upstairs after studying late in the night and I slept in a room in the ground floor, with my parents in another bedroom. One night, I developed a severe stomach ache. Not knowing what to do, my mom woke Anu and she immediately came down. She gave me some pills and told my mom that she would watch over me. She laid out her bedding next to me –It is very common in Indian families to have cousins sleeping in the same room together– and began rubbing and massaging my stomach. Over the next ten minutes, she kept asking me where it hurt. When I replied lower, she would lower her hand. This continued until I felt her brush just above my crotch. I didn’t think much of it. Eventually we both fell asleep while she continued to rub my stomach. Occasionally she would drift lower and brush that same spot just above my shaft.

My stomach never stopped hurting and would always be worse at night. So Anu decided to sleep downstairs to watch over me. We began a routine where she would rub my stomach as we fell asleep. Never going any lower. She also started wearing sleeveless night dresses and somehow, after my parents had gone to bed, a lot of buttons in the top would open up. Again, in hindsight it’s all obvious, but at that time I really didn’t think much about any of it.

One day she took me to the movies. During the movie, which was a horror movie, she would grab my arm and hold on tight throughout the frightening scenes. I leaned closer to comfort her. At one point, she left for a bathroom break. When she returned she resumed grabbing me and hiding behind me at scary scenes. Once, when she grabbed my arm, I clearly noticed her nipples were hard and straining behind her blouse. It was then that I noticed she had taken off her bra when she had gone to the bathroom! I was intrigued. Before I turned back to the screen, she turned and caught me staring at her chest. I looked up and we locked eyes. After a heavy moment, I managed to turn back to the movie. We were both breathing heavy. After that, she began taking her bra off under her nightgown at night, after everyone had gone to bed and still continued to sleep next to me. Over a period of time, she started hugging me a lot in her sleep. I was scared, but I also felt this intense feeling. One that made me feel good as well.

I left for school and used to go home on holidays and breaks. Each time I was there she would shift her bedding to the same room and sleep next to me.

After her first year, she needed to go to a lab in another medical college to get some samples for her research paper which was part of her MD. She asked my mother, if I could go with her, that it would make her feel safer. My mother agreed and when I went home for college break, I was told I’d be going with Anu. We had to buy some lab supplies in Chennai, so we went by train and checked into her company’s guesthouse, which was available to all employees and she was still an employee. The room had two beds laid out in European style. I went to have a shower and when I came out I noticed immediately that she had moved the two twin beds together, poker oyna making one large, queen-looking bed. We went out, got the samples and came back late that evening. After a late dinner, I crashed.

It was past midnight when I felt Anu close to me, hugging me. After a while she adjusted position so that my face was practically between her breasts. She placed a light kiss on my forehead. Then she put one of her legs over me completely, moving even closer. Very slowly, trying not to wake me, she began rubbing herself against me. I pretended to be asleep the whole time. It went no further than that and though her leg remained over me, she began to doze off. I was scared but without a doubt I was turned on and began thinking of ways to instigate things as well.

Next morning, she had laid out her clothes on the clothesline in the bathroom and was preparing to take a bath. Unfortunately, I had to use the bathroom, urgently. When I was in the bathroom, an idea occurred to me. I just grabbed her bra and took it out with me. When she went to take her bath, I dropped the bra outside the bathroom door. After her bath she came out and stopped. Looking down with a smile, she picked up her bra. I was on the bed pretending to read a newspaper. She had only a towel on and turned her back to put on the bra. She fumbled with the hooks in the back. She turned to me, with the towel now wrapped around her waist.

“I’m sorry but I can’t get this done up. Do you think you can hook it for me?” she said, with an apologetic look on her face.

I got up to help her when a sly look crossed her face. “Hold up. Let me adjust it for you.” She lifted up the bra, exposing her breasts completely, and then slipped it back over them slowly. I was just dumbfounded and it was my first sight of a woman’s breast! I just hooked up the back and returned to the bed before she could look down and see just how turned on I was.

Later, we went out to more medical shops to get further supplies. I was thrilled at the night’s arrival and the possibilities that were laid out before me.

That night, the usual hugging started. After a bit of that, she turned away as usual, not taking it any further. I waited half an hour then moved closer to her, spooning her from behind. She turned, facing me, and hugged me back. She kissed me gently on my forehead. I was still scared. Slowly, I adjusted myself so that our lips were at the same level, but didn’t move any further. She then put her hand on my cheek and kissed me on the lips! It was my first kiss. I was in heaven. She gave little kisses and then deep ones slipping her tongue between my teeth. I then moved my hand and tugged down the strap of her nightgown. She helped with it, and the rest of her nightgown, till I saw her in just her bra and panties. She pulled her bra over her breasts and threw it on the floor. She then put her hand behind my head and pulled me to her breast. On instinct, I kissed her nipple.

“Suck on them,” she whispered. I sucked on them and her body twitched. For a moment, I got scared and stopped. She immediately reached for me, again pulling me to her breast and I continued the sucking for what must have been a very long time. I grabbed both her breasts and was squeezing them hard. She suddenly grabbed my hand and pushed it under the waist of her panties to her clit. I was in heaven. Her panties were so wet! Again, it seemed like instinct to start rubbing in circles while I continued to suck on her breast without any control. I was so turned on and my penis was getting harder and harder, straining under my boxers. Suddenly, I was shocked as I felt a huge eruption go off underneath my boxers. I was too embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do. I took my hand out of her underwear.

“I’m sorry, I’m new to all this. I gotta stop,” I told her.

A panicked look crossed her face. She was probably scared that I’d expose all this. She wrapped her arms around me, hugging me while she kept on kissing me.

“Don’t be upset,” she told me repeatedly.

We went to sleep hugging each other. Next morning, we took the bus to the next town where the college was located. We checked into a hotel there. She went out to the college to get the process started. She ended up staying late at the lab to get everything done and got to our room late as well. She was totally canlı poker oyna exhausted and immediately went straight to bed. I just kissed her firmly on the lips and went to sleep as well.

Next morning she got up, gave me a kiss, and went to have a bath. This time, she didn’t bother with a towel and walked out bare chested and began to change right in front of me. She left me money for breakfast and lunch and left for the college.

Later that afternoon, I heard the doorbell and opened the door to find her all smiles. She said that the process went really well and she had all the samples she needed. She slowly pushed me to the bed.

“Let’s celebrate,” she said, with a wicked smile on her face, and pushed me onto the bed.

Straddling me, she leaned down to kiss me. With her on top of me, I opened her blouse and took it off. Then, I tried to unhook her bra. But with my inexperience and the position I was in, I was struggling. She laughed. After a moment, I finally got it off. My mouth immediately moved to her breast, taking it in and sucking it. “How do you wanna celebrate?” I asked her. “Let me show you,” she said.

She then removed my pants and underwear and asked me to close my eyes. After a minute I felt something warm and wet wrap around my hard penis. When I opened my eyes I saw she had it entirely in her mouth and she was sucking on it vigorously. Within a minute, I tensed. She just looked up and smiled. “Relax,” she said. I then felt this strange yet amazing sensation as my orgasm explode out of me. She continued her sucking the whole time and with a smile, she swallowed it. She continued to rub and pull on me until, 10 minutes later, I was ready to go again. She took me back into her mouth. Again, I felt the same sensation, this time I was not tense at all and let it erupt into her mouth. Again she swallowed it all. I fell back on the bed breathing hard. She crawled up, gave me a kiss, got up and went to the bathroom to shower.

After this, whenever she went to the bathroom she would leave the door totally open. I could see her getting ready for a shower and my penis would get instantly hard.

I once kept the door open during my shower. I stepped out of the stall to find her waiting

for me. She got down on her knees and gave me an amazing blow job, just like that. I was in heaven and had no idea what lied ahead for me in this.

That evening we took the bus and then the train and arrived home. We came in to discover my older brother was home for his break. He and I shared the same room, so it was now Anu, my brother, and myself, all in one room. That night, when I slipped my hand under her panties.

“Not now,” she said, very quietly and instead moved her hand under my boxer and began caressing me.

I was totally frustrated but that didn’t mean I was going to stop her. The next day I went back to my college.

I was really caught in the grind of college for the next six months. She also finished her college and returned back to her life with her husband and daughter, and working at her job. I used to go to sleep, constantly replaying our time together and would wake up with a big, wet stain on my boxers. During the start of vacation, I planned to stay at her place and reached her house at 6am. I was warmly welcomed by her and she was glowing when she told me that her husband was out of town on business. She grabbed my arm, pulling me into the house.

“Tonight,” she whispered.

Just that one word sent chills down my spine and I was tingling all over with anticipation. I got ready and chatted with my aunt and Anu’s daughter. That night, Anu was in bed and I was laying down on the bed she made for me on the floor. It was monsoon season, and there was plenty of thunder and lightning. At 10pm the house was quiet and all of us were in bed. Her daughter was sleeping with her grandparents, a habit she had formed when Anu was at my house for her studies. I still thank god for that. After some time, I slowly pulled my hand up and just rubbed the bed beside her. Slowly, her hand came down. “Wait,” she said. I was excited and frustrated as well. Soon heavy rains started. It was very noisy. I guess she was waiting for that noise caused by the rain because as soon as it started she came and lied down next to me. In no time we had all of our clothes internet casino off. I was nervous and shaking with anticipation. “Relax,” she whispered in my ear continuously. I moved in to suck on her breasts. Slowly, I moved my hand down and felt between her thighs. Her pussy was so smooth, later she mentioned slipping out of work in the afternoon to get it waxed. For me! “What next? Guide me,” I asked her shakily. She straddled me and grabbed my penis, positioning it at the entrance to her pussy. For a moment it was like time stopped as I realized this was it. I was finally about to lose my virginity! Time started back up again and she lowered herself onto my penis, taking me into her effortlessly. It was the most joyous moment in my life, my penis slipping into a woman’s pussy for the first time. Instinctively, I began thrusting up while she moved down. It was amazing. Watching her move up and down, taking my penis deeper into her with every thrust is the most amazing thing I have or will ever see. Eventually, I felt my orgasm begin to build up. I wanted this to last forever but there was no way I could stop myself now. Suddenly, I felt her pussy clench around my penis while she gasped and moaned, shaking violently. For a moment, I was in shock. I had no idea what was wrong with her and if it was something I had done. Then I felt my penis get warmer and realized she had just came. That moment of shock on my behalf held back my orgasm, but realizing that had just came made me erupt, coming hard inside her. I long moan escaped me while I kept coming. The whole time we had been having sex there was lot of lightning. It was as if flash bulbs were going off around us, like camera’s taking pictures of us having sex. We both put on our clothes and went to sleep. Anu gave me her stained panties. She went to sleep pantyless. I was awoken two more times in the night by Anu and with each time it ended up with me exploding into her pussy. She didn’t wear any panties the whole night…

Next morning I took the train home. I also took up a job in Chennai and joined a company.

Around a month later, after our sexual episode, I got a call from Anu. She told me she was being admitted to the hospital. When I asked if she was okay, she told me she was having an abortion. She mentioned that she missed her periods and went to the doctor who told her she was pregnant.

A lot of time had passed when she came to Chennai on business. She called me to her company guest house. I went there to find her with her husband and daughter. The guest house bathroom was one which opened out to an adjoining room. When I went to wash my face, she smiled and slipped in the key to the other room. I came out of the bathroom and told her husband that I was going to park my bike in a safe place and look for a place to eat. I said I’d be back in about an hour. I went straight to the other room and with my new key, opened the door. I unlocked the door to the bathroom then just waited. A few moments later, I saw the bathroom door opening quietly and Anu entered the bedroom totally nude and pussy totally bald. We fucked like rabbits. When I was really drilling her pussy, we heard knocks on the other door of the bathroom. It was her husband! He wanted to know if she was done. She moaned and said that it would take her a few more minutes. After I erupted into her, she took a few more minutes before she came too. Breathing hard, she asked me to lick her pussy and clean it up. Which like a good boy I did.

After that I migrated to the U.S. and kept in touch with her through infrequent calls, which stopped after my marriage. Everyone was asking why Anu didn’t show up for wedding. I can only smile at the reason.

I loved fucking. Fucking my wife and, after moving back to India, several of my maids as well. I have even fucked a mother daughter combo of maids (separately of course). I secretly got a kick out of getting them both pregnant at the same time.

To this day, I remember my first time and Anu is still the source of my fantasies when I jack off. She came to my house last year and during the night I got a call that the toilet was acting up in her room, I entered only to see her with a smile on her face and even at almost 60 she still gives damn good blow jobs. She is an associate professor in a medical college near Chennai now. I am looking forward to my next visit to her house already. Yes, her pussy is still bald and neatly maintained.

With Sincere thanks to “STOLEN_KISSES” for all the editing and content improvement, suggestions… & of course, to Anu…..

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