Any Way You Want, You Got It

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So there I was 20 years old and a virgin, finally naked and in the bed of a woman. Only I was tied down on my stomach and she was rummaging in her closet.

How did I get myself into this situation? I guess I couldn’t take no for an answer and I managed to get a yes.

We were at a bar. I walked up to her even though she was obviously much older than me. She was just alone and seemed bored and at the same time there was something sexual about her and scary about her and I, being myself, had to go over.

I asked her how she was doing, what her name was, if she wanted a drink. Any and every question I could think of till she sort of snapped a bit with impatience and asked me what I wanted.

I said, “You’re cute.”

She laughed.

I asked why she’s laughing.

She said that I’m cute, too, but she’s not interested.

I asked why not.

“I’m a lesbian.”

I said, “I don’t care, if we like each other it doesn’t matter what labels we assign to ourselves.”

“It doesn’t work that way,” She said.

I then just threw things on the line, this woman was older and a lesbian all these little fantasies for a virgin such as myself were popping up. I was excited. “What do you care, you think I’m cute I think you’re hot, let’s just fuck.”

She looked at me and raised her eyebrows.

“You don’t care?” She asked. “What about me? I like women not boys.”

“I can’t see what the difference is.” I said, “I think you are being awfully rigid about this.”

Well I guess I managed to convince her. But as soon as we got to her place she insisted that I be tied down. I thought why not, perhaps she’s intimidated by the concept of a man. I was just too happy illegal bahis with the situation to do anything but comply.

Anyways, after a bit of rummaging she came out of the closet naked. I was sort of shocked and I could feel my whole body tremble with excitement but I was afraid too. Then, she turned around and I saw that she was wearing a plastic cock. I couldn’t believe it. I said, “What’s that?”

She said, You do want to get fucked, don’t you, sweety. She walked over as she spoke and started touching me.

I was trembling with more than just fear. I was so hard. And everywhere she touched me tingled with pleasure.

I said, “That’s not what I meant, though.”

She said, “This is the way I fuck. I’ll let you go home if you’d like. But I think you should be a little bit more flexible. But otherwise, enough talk. What’s it going to be?”

She was touching my back all the way to my butt. I couldn’t believe how sensitive my butt cheeks were as she gently walked her fingers around them. I realized I was moaning.

“Yes or No?” She asked.

She ran her hands under my body to touch my chest as well. I was afraid I’d come and she hadn’t even touched my penis.

“Yes,” I said.

She said, “Good.” And pulled out a cover for my eyes. I don’t know why she did this but it made me feel very much dominated and powerless. Even more than the ropes.

Then I felt her fingers touch my butt again. I felt her put something very cold and wet on my hole. I could feel her fingers spread it. It felt really good. I could feel my penis jump around as she touched me. I was concerned now. Was I gay? Why did my butt feel so good?

Then I felt the head of that plastic dick touch illegal bahis siteleri the outer ring of my anus. She didn’t press it in she just let it rest their. And then she ran her fingers around my body. My anus felt really good. But she didn’t push it in. It felt so good just standing there. I wanted it so badly. But she didn’t push it in. She just touched me and got me even more horny. I was going to cum just from it touching me.

Then I pressed back against it.

“You want it?” she asked.

I said, “Yes.”

“Beg for it,” she said.

I said, “Please.”

“That’s not begging. Don’t make me ask again, or I’ll untie you and send you on your way.”

Her tone of voice really scared me and the threat of being sent home at this point also scared me. “Please fuck me!!! I’m begging. I’ll do anything. I’m yours! Fuck your little bitch.” I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my mouth. But I felt it all from my heart.

I then felt the head of the cock penetrate into me. She pushed and I could feel the texture as it went in. When she pulled out I felt empty. Then she pushed in again and I could feel it making my entire crotch really tight. But it also stimulated me on the inside somewhere that I’d never felt before. She took one more small thrust and my penis jumped and I started to orgasm. She new I was coming and pounded on me so that I moaned while I was cumming. I was quite loud, I could not believe it. I felt like some stereotypical girl.

She laughed a bit saying, “I see you’ve enjoyed yourself. You came and I didn’t even touch your penis. But, I’m not finished yet. So I hope you don’t mind if I enjoy myself a bit.”

She then continued canlı bahis siteleri to plow into me.

I was spent and I was just there wondering what I had just done. Wondering why I let myself be tied up. Wondering why this woman was ontop of me fucking me and enjoying herself. I guess there is nothing like cumming to bring on objectivity. But I didn’t say anything or ask her to stop.

Then she started making a little bit of noise and she started touching me again on my chest rubbing my nipples. And she said, “let’s go you little bitch, I know you want it.”

And then I realized I was hard again. I did want it. I couldn’t believe it I was just so spent literally 1 minute ago wondering why I was so rediculous. But here my ass was feeling like some sort of instrument of pleasure. And her hands. She was manipulating me. She was in charge. I’d never felt like this before. I couldn’t help but wonder if I had made a mistake by starting my sexuality with something like this. How would I ever have a normal relationship when this women could stimulate me and make me cum just by fucking my ass. Perhaps I was gay.

And then she started to scream, “Yes, you little bitch” and she started pinching my nipples harder and thrusting into me much harder. And then like clock work I came the second time with that high pitch moan that didnt’ sound anything like what I imagined would come out of my mouth. Then she stopped and rested on top of me for a minute.

She got off of me and pulled out the plastic cock and I felt very empty. She didn’t untie me though or unblind fold me. But that was okay. I felt comfortable like that on her bed. I felt like I belonged there. Then after a few minutes she took the blind fold off of me and she was fully dressed and she untied me. She gave me my clothing and said, “Thanks” and took me to her door. I felt so sad to leave.

As I was leaving I said, “Will I see you again?”

She chuckled, “I’ll call you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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