Anything Goes at Hedo

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My name is Hedo Harry, and my wife is Sexy Sadie. Actually, those aren’t our real names at all, but just our “Hedo Handles.” You see, we spend a lot of time at the Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica, where nobody uses their real names.

Sadie and I are what I like to call “vacation swingers.” In real life, we are very conservative and strait-laced. I am an accountant; she is a school teacher. But when we go on vacation, we turn into totally different people! If our friends back home, or god forbid our employers, knew what we did, we would be in deep trouble! That is why we use fake names. But we definitely make the most of our swinging lifestyle when we do it!

We go to Hedo II every year, sometimes several times per year. I am going to tell you about a typical trip. This story won’t include how we came to discover Hedo, or learned to embrace our inner swinging nature; maybe I’ll tell that story in a future chapter. But for now, let’s just discuss a typical trip. I think you’ll find that interesting enough!

We generally stay at Hedo for at least a week at a time. We fly into Montego Bay, a grueling flight that starts very early in the morning and lands around noon. After the plane lands, we trudge through the sweltering airport, spend an hour in the immigration hall, and eventually get on a bus that will take us to the resort. All the while, we are thinking about the great sex we will be having, with each other, and with people we haven’t even met yet.

The bus ride is the first essentially Hedo part of the trip! Everyone on the bus is going to either Hedo, or a similar resort, so you know they are all into sexual exploration. There usually isn’t much overt sex on the bus, but always lots of naughty innuendo. On this particular trip, there were two beautiful twenty-something chicks that were already quite tipsy, or maybe they were high. They decided to flash the passersby out of the windows of the bus. They would pull up their tops, press their boobs against the bus window, and yell at the top of their lungs at passing cars and pedestrians. Sadie caught me watching their boobs appreciatively. She leaned over and said, “I’ll bet you’re already planning on sucking those boobies, aren’t you?” Then she grabbed my crotch, and felt my erection. “Yes, you are, aren’t you?” I gave her a big smile.

On another bus trip, years ago, there was this one woman who just couldn’t wait to get to the resort to start her naughtiness; she started giving out handjobs during the ride. She must have jerked off seven or eight guys. Sexy Sadie watched with a huge smile as the lady stroked me off, and licked up my cum from the palm of her hand!

Anyway, the bus trip lasts a little over an hour, and then you get to the resort, and the bus drops you off at the lobby. The big chandelier, with all the fish swimming around it, greets you! We filled out some paperwork and got our keys, and went to our room.

Our room was in an area called “H-Block,” because it is shaped like a capital letter H. All of Hedo is made up of two story meandering stucco buildings. There are no hallways; every room opens to the outside, to a lush tropical forest, just brimming with sexuality and sensuality. Anyway, Sadie and I went to our room and dropped off our bags. We immediately shed our clothes, and then embraced in the middle of the room and kissed deeply.

I looked down into the beautiful face of my wife and wrapped my arms around her, grabbing her ass. We kissed again. I said, “Well? Should we do it now? Before we head out to the beach?”

She reached down and stroked my semi-erect cock. She said, “I’d love that, but let’s go down to the nude pool first. If we start now, we’ll never make it to the beach. And I’d rather work up a few fantasies first.”

She was right! So we broke our embrace, stuffed a few items into our beach bags (sunblock, cigarettes, lighters, disposable camera), and meandered down to the “nude pool” complex.

The “nude pool” area is down at the end of the resort. It includes a swim-up bar, a pool, a hot tub, and a grill with food. The entire area is nude. It is the most fun part of the entire resort. We ran into lots of old friends on the way there; although it was only a few hundred yards from our room, it took us twenty minutes to get to the bar, for all the old friends that we ran into and had to chat with!

Eventually, we got to the bar. Everyone calls it “Elroy’s,” in honor of the bartender there. Elroy is a jovial, fun-loving Jamaican man, with a bald head and a huge smile. He remembered us (and everyone else!) from year to year. As soon as he saw us, he made our usual drinks: a mudslide for Sadie, and an Appleton and Coke for me.

No sooner had I started to sip my drink, than I was accosted by one of the ECs. That’s “Entertainment Coordinators,” for you newbies. They are there to make sure the guests have fun, no matter what! This EC was a tiny Jamaican woman named Asta. “Hedo Harry! Welcome back to Jamaica, mon! We poker oyna are about to start Find Your Mate!”

Now, “Find Your Mate” is a standard Hedo game. It involves naked couples. First, they line up all the men, and take one wife, and blindfold her. Then she has to “find her mate” by feel alone. It’s a lot of fun, and always gets lots of laughs, as well as lots of naughty touching. People who aren’t playing line up to watch the fun.

I told Asta that my mate had already disappeared (which was true; Sadie had run off to the pool to chat with some friends), but Asta didn’t care. She said, “Come on, Mon; you gonna be our ringer.” I wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but I soon found out.

There were about ten naked men lined up on the beach, and one blindfolded woman. Turns out, her husband was a man just about my size, and with just about the same amount of body hair as me. Now, Asta is a scamp. She hustled the woman’s husband out of the line-up, and inserted me into the line. The blindfolded woman went up and down the line, feeling chest hair, feeling dick sizes, feeling asses. Naturally, she thought I was her husband. “This is him!” she announced.

Asta told her the usual instructions: “If you are sure he is your man, you have to kiss him before you take off your blindfold,” But the woman was very sure she had found her mate. Instead of just kissing me, she dropped to her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth! The audience cheered, of course!

The woman was a very good cock-sucker, I have to give her that. She worked her lips and tongue all over my cock, and fondled my balls and stroked my shaft at the same time. It wasn’t long before I was shooting buckets of cum down her throat, which she swallowed greedily. Ah, my first blowjob of the trip!

When I was finished cumming, she stood up, whipped off her blindfold, and looked up at me. Then the blood drained from her face and she shrieked! The crowd went wild with laughter. The poor woman ran off as fast as she could!

Asta called for all the wives to line up for the next phase of the game, but I left. I had to see what Sexy Sadie was up to. Turns out she was just getting involved in a game of Body Shots.

Body Shots is another fun Hedo game. It involves pouring booze over one person’s body, and another person licks it up. It can be tame, or it can be wild, depending on the personalities involved. Knowing Sexy Sadie, I was certain this would be one of the wilder versions!

Sadie had found an old Hedo friend of hers named Karen. Karen is a buxom blond who loves to have a good time. Anyway, one of the ECs, a muscular Jamaican fellow named Melvin, had hooked up Sadie and Karen with two young guys named Carlos and Charlie for a bout of Body Shots. Sadie and Karen were laid out on plastic lounge pads along the edge of the pool, on their backs. Carlos and Charlie were each given a plastic cup full of Rum Cream. They were to give the cups to the women, who would pour them over their bodies, in locations of their own choosing.

Charlie gave his cup of Rum Cream to Karen, who promptly poured it all over her full, firm boobs. Charlie wasted no time; he got down on his hands and knees and did his best to lick all the Rum Cream off of Karen’s boobs before it could run down to the plastic lounge pad or into the pool. Karen’s nipples got hard as rocks from the attention. I suspected those two would be hooking up later.

Meanwhile, Carlos handed his cup of Rum Cream to my sexy wife, who wasted no time pouring it all over her shaven snatch! Carlos’s jaw dropped. He hadn’t been expecting an invitation to eat some pussy, but that’s exactly what he got! He dove in between Sadie’s legs, licking and lapping up the sweet liqueur. He pushed her knees apart, the better to get at her goodies. Sadie tilted her head back and moaned as the young stud’s tongue bathed her pussy lips with loving attention. I know how much she loves a good pussy licking, and she seemed to be getting a good one now! It wasn’t long before Carlos licked her to an orgasm, and she was moaning like crazy. All the people in the pool stopped what they were doing to watch and listen. When she finished, a thunderous round of applause broke out! Carlos stood up and took a bow.

Melvin, the EC, hurried the game along to it’s second half: he brought out two more cups of Rum Cream, and gave them to Karen and Sadie. The ladies chose to swap partners. Karen gave her cup to Carlos, and Sadie gave hers to Charlie. Neither of the young guys were stupid. They both got down on the plastic pads and poured the thick liqueur all over their cocks! Both ladies immediately went to town. I watched with pride as my Sexy Sadie sucked Charlie’s long, thick cock all the way into her mouth and expertly deep-throated him. Her head bobbed up and down like an oil derrick, and I could hear her swallowing and slurping from across the pool. Charlie had probably never been sucked by such an expert before; it wasn’t long before his hips were bucking canlı poker oyna and his head was twitching, and soon he was pumping his spunk down my wife’s sweet throat. Even though Sadie’s face was buried in his crotch, I could tell by her body language that she was loving every minute (and every spurt) of this episode.

The crowd applauded again, and this time Sadie sprang up and took a bow. Charlie got up a little slower, still woozy. Carlos and Karen had completed a roughly similar performance, and also stood up. The ladies kissed the two young men on the mouths in thanks for their participation.

Sadie ran back to me. “Having fun?” she asked.

“Of course!” I said. “So are you, obviously.”

“I love you, you know,” she said.

“I know. And I love seeing you have fun,” I said. It’s a sign of our deep love and commitment that we enjoy watching each other have fun, even if it is fun having sex with someone else. We know, at the end of the day, that it is each other that we love. The rest is just good clean sex. And that is why Hedo works. At least, for us.

Sadie and I refreshed our drinks, and then decided to relax by the beach for a bit. We wandered down to “the point,” which is a promontory of land that juts out into the beautiful bay. We found a couple of empty lounge chairs and spread out our towels, then we started slathering each other with sunblock. The sun is very hot in Jamaica.

Not far away, a young fellow was lying in the sun. He didn’t look properly sun-blocked. Sadie was instantly worried about him. She tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he had remembered to slather.

“Yeah, I did some,” he said. “But I’m here alone and I couldn’t get it everywhere, like my back.”

“Stand up,” Sadie told him. She took his bottle of lotion and began working it onto his back. He was obviously enjoying the attention, and she was enjoying his enjoyment. “Your butt doesn’t look properly slathered, either,” she told him. She massaged the lotion all over his buttocks. I could see him grinning.

“Turn around,” she told him. “Ahhh, just what I thought. Your dick doesn’t look protected, either.” And without further ado, she started slathering the lotion onto the young fellow’s cock. She stroked him up and down, swirled it around on his balls, and then back and forth on his shaft again. Soon the poor guy was shuddering with pleasure and it was clear he was gonna pop! Sadie isn’t one to ever waste a good ejaculation. She squatted down, wrapped her mouth around his cock head, and gave him the final strokes to bring him off.

He shuddered one last time, tilted his hips, and blew his load! Sadie of course gulped it all down, although a little bit trickled out of her mouth to land on her boobs. He must have had quite a back-log of jism! He staggered back down to his lounger and said, “Thanks! God, I love Hedo!”

All three of us laughed. Sadie told him never to go out unprotected again, that she’d be glad to help him any time. We exchanged names (his name was Kevin), and now were all old pals. As she was getting down into her lounger, she offered her spermy boobs to me. I gladly cleaned her up!

We dozed for a half hour or so, despite the shrieks and yelps and sounds of merriment all around us. Those early flights are killers! But then we woke up, ready for more action. We were also dripping with sweat. The temperature was in the mid-eighties, and the sun was bright.

“Care for a dip?” I asked my beautiful wife.

“Sure.” She stoop up and took my hand and led me to the pool.

The pool wasn’t full; there were maybe fifteen or twenty people in it; some leaning on the bar, some floating on lounge pads, some milling in small groups and chatting. We jumped in, and waded over to the bar to refill our drinks. After our cups were full again, Sadie nodded her head toward “The Grotto” and winked her eye.

The Grotto is a little cave near the pool, with a waterfall in front of it. The waterfall doesn’t completely obscure the view, but does afford an illusion of privacy. That makes it ideal for semi-exhibitionists like us. We have had lots of sex in there on past trips, and it was time to renew our experience.

We climbed out of the pool, and in a few steps we were ducking under the waterfall and seated on the ledge in the Grotto. We wrapped our arms around each other and began kissing deeply. Sadie is an awesome kisser, and I was erect within moments. I started rubbing her boobs, and she rubbed my cock, which grew longer and harder with each stroke. Out of the corner of my eye, I could tell that some people were watching us from the pool. Sometimes people watch discreetly; sometimes they just gawk. It’s all part of the fun.

As soon as my cock was fully erect, I reached under Sadie’s ass and hoisted her up to my lap. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I impaled her on my turgid member. She gasped a little as I entered her pussy; it sounds odd, but the water sort of dries you out of internet casino your natural lubricant. But after a few thrusts, her natural juices returned, and we worked up a great fucking rhythm. She was rocking and bobbing on my lap, and our mouths were locked in a furious soul kiss. My hands gripped her ass like steel bands, and she was clawing my back with her fingernails. We must have been more obvious than we thought, because we were attracting quite an audience. My thrusting got more urgent as I felt the sperm boiling in my balls, and she started bouncing up and down more fervently. I felt her velvety pussy gripping my shaft so snug and so tight that I knew I would soon blow my load. And I did! The orgasm washed over me and I shot spurt after spurt into my lovely wife’s lovely pussy. She ground her clit on my rock-hard cock and brought herself off at the same time, shuddering in pleasure. As we both sagged at the end of our climaxes, the assembled audience applauded! We looked sheepishly out through the curtain of water, realizing for the first time that we were the afternoon’s entertainment!

We climbed out of the Grotto, to lots of whistles and clapping and good-natured ribbing. We refilled our drinks once more, and headed back to our room in H-Block for a nap. Sometimes, at Hedo, a “nap” really means going back to the room to screw, but we were ready for a real nap. We set an alarm and dozed for a few hours, waking up just in time for dinner.

At 7 pm, we got up, and dressed for dinner. Dinner dress at Hedo means guys can wear whatever they want, and women dress like sluts! I put on some slacks and a polo shirt, not that it mattered. Nobody was going to look at me. Sadie put on a, well, I guess you could call it a “dress.” It hung down to about halfway down her ass, and it was made of a very loose mesh, almost like a fishnet. It hid nothing at all. She added some large hoop earrings, a string of faux pearls, and some four-inch high CFMPs. That’s “Come Fuck Me Pumps,” for you newbies. She looked like a wet dream come true!

We strolled up to the dining room. It was lobster night tonight, and the all-you-can-eat lobster was fabulous! Hot and tasty right off the grill. There was also shrimp, a pasta station, sushi, and a dozen other options. As Hedo is all-inclusive, you don’t worry about paying for anything. You just grab what you want off the buffet. We loaded up our plates and looked for a table to sit at.

Fortunately, we ran into some friends we hadn’t seen in awhile: Zane and Zelda, a couple who we’ve swapped with on many occasions. We didn’t even know they would be here this week! But they motioned us over, and we joined them at their table. I stared at Zelda unabashedly; she was as beautiful as ever, with huge boobs, killer legs, and a mouth that could suck the chrome of a trailer hitch. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Sadie eyeing Zane’s crotch. I remembered how huge his cock was, and how much she had enjoyed having it stuffed into her pussy. I had no doubt we’d be repeating the experience soon.

We made naughty small talk with Z and Z through dinner. The house band played pleasant, low-key reggae instrumentals up on stage. After we finished our dinner, Zane and I got up to get coffee for the ladies. We grabbed two cups each, then went to the main bar to get a shot of Baily’s in each cup.

While waiting for the bartender’s attention, Zane said, “Zelda was sure glad to see you guys. She has never forgotten that thing you do with your tongue. I couldn’t duplicate it.”

“You mean that butterfly thing? I’ll have to show you. It’s easy. By the way, Sadie can’t wait to try to swallow your cock again, you know.”

“Yeah, I know,” he said. Poor guy; cursed with a huge cock and all the attention that comes with it! “But she’s a talented lady, and I don’t mind sharing!”

We got our shots of Baily’s and went back to the table. The ladies were whispering among themselves, and refused to tell us what they were gossiping about. We assumed it was something good, though!

The house band had finished, and “Show Time” was starting. Show Time is a mixed bag; some nights it is great. Other times, it is just annoying. Tonight it was annoying: some very loud, very bad Motown imitations. We all looked at each other, and new that it was time to visit the Piano Bar.

The Piano Bar is just outside the Dining Room. It is a small room with a huge piano in the middle. The piano player, Danny, plays naughty songs, and the crowd either sings along, or takes turns singing solos, if they dare! Or sometimes…. well, I’m getting ahead of myself.

We took our coffee cups into the Piano Bar and got seats around the piano. Danny was playing a dirty version of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man,” only in this version it was called “Porno Man.” It always got the crowd going. He finished up, and everyone clapped. Then he looked around, and saw Sadie and Zelda in their slutwear outfits.

“Welcome back to Hedo!” Danny yelled to the room. Everyone clapped. “Tonight, we have a special treat, because I see two very special ladies have come back to visit us again: The lovely Sadie, and the lovely Zelda!” Everyone cheered. “Sadie, would you do me the honors?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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