Ass Chronicles 02

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I had known Pamela since I was a teenager. She works as a teacher, teaching German at the secondary school I had attended. The first time I had met her was during my first lesson in German, which also happened to be her first day as a teacher. She was a short girl with straight dark hair cut short, big eyes and a slim build. Even as a school kid it didn’t take me long to notice cute breasts underneath the tops, and a nice round bottom always accentuated by the skirts she chose to wear for work. Whilst she was teaching a class she had a habit of sitting on a desk at the front, her feet on the chair in front of it. Then, when she moved off the desk she would swing one leg off then the other, and in that split second I was always able to catch an eyeful. In the warmer months, when she didn’t wear tights and the skirts were thinner, I got a nice glimpse of her milky thighs and panty covered crotch.

Back then she was in her early twenties. Now, she was a year short of her fortieth, ten years my senior, but she still looks a fine woman; yes she has filled out a little, but she was still very pleasing to my eye, with a bottom that like a fine wine had improved with age. I had kept in contact with Pam after I left school. We were both members of the local badminton club, so we saw each other every week pretty much. We always played mixed doubles together; this meant I stood behind her most of the time, which was fine by me. When she lunged to reach a tricky net-shot, the short skirts she wore often flew up, exposing her panties riding up and clinging to her ass.

Pam had never married, and this led to much idle speculation regarding her sexuality. As long as I had known her she never seemed to be with a man or showed any interest in men. I thought I remembered some gossip from school about Pam and the history teacher, but maybe I was wrong. Maybe she did prefer the intimate company of women. I didn’t care; in fact I found it quite stimulating. We always had fun together, and it would have been the perfect example of a platonic relationship, were it not for the fact that she always turned me on with her habit of inadvertently exposing her milky smooth inner thighs and cotton panties when she was wearing her sports skirt. Being lady-like wasn’t her thing.

A few days ago, Pam had sent me an email suggesting we take part in a tournament our badminton club was taking part in. It was a long journey there and we may as well book a couple of rooms at a hotel near to the venue, was that ok? Yes I said. Fine, she would book the rooms and pick me up from work at 5pm Friday.


5pm Friday, and I was stood outside work waiting for Pam with my sports bag on my shoulder. Along she came in her little red car. (How old was that car now? She’d had that whilst I was still at school!). She waved, pulled up and parked. Leaving the engine running, she got out of the car and walked around to give me a business-like cheek to cheek and then to the rear of the car to open the boot. She bent over and rummaged around to make room for my kit bag. She was wearing a cream silky top and dark skirt, the matching jacket hanging in the back of the car. As she bent over I had a wonderful view of her full curvy bum, and a fair bit of well-toned leg as her skirt rode up. As I admired the view, I realised that the journey was going to be very enjoyable indeed.

Our journey began and as was normal for the two of us, we chatted non-stop. Pam and I had always made each other laugh, and we were both comfortable and open with each other. Yes, the perfect platonic relationship, I thought. I wished I didn’t find her innocent innuendos and sexual ambiguity such a huge turn-on, but I had head-tripped on Pam for so long now that it was impossible for me not look at her and fantasise. Besides, I found her very nice to look at.

“I can’t wait to get out of these clothes!” she said. “It’s been so warm today and I’ve been hot and sticky in the wrong places all day! I should’ve gone without knickers! Or totally naked!” She giggled.

If only she knew how much these comments turned me on! She had always been the same, and being honest, I loved it! As the journey progressed Pam’s skirt rode up as she moved her feet to operate the pedals. Eventually it rode up no further, remaining half way up her thighs. She didn’t seem bothered, or even to notice, and I was in a permanent state of arousal for the rest of the journey.

We arrived at the hotel and parked in the car park, retrieved our gear from the boot of the car and trudged along to find reception. There, Pam gave her name and we were given directions to our room.

“Room?” I said. My cock jumped to attention. I lowered my kitbag from my shoulder, holding it in front of me in an attempt to cover any tell-tale bulge.

“Yes. They didn’t have two singles, so I booked a double room. Don’t worry, it’s two single beds!”

“Ok.” Sleeping in the same room as Pam! First thing I would have to do is go to the bathroom canlı bahis şirketleri and rub myself crazy to satisfy the ache that had built up during our journey. “Well, I don’t snore, so it’s ok!”

“I’m a deep sleeper, don’t worry!! Nothing wakes me up, believe me!”

We found our room, inserted the key we were given at reception, unlocked the door and went through to a medium sized and well-appointed hotel room; must be a bit pricey, I thought. The two single beds were on the opposite wall about four feet apart; four feet from Pam, and for a whole night. My imagination went in to over-drive as I thought of Pam lying asleep in the bed next to me. I wondered what she wore in bed; a stuffy night-dress or something more revealing, or maybe nothing. If it stayed warm overnight, she may kick the covers off completely; I would have to stay awake all night, I thought.

My reverie was broken as Pam flung her gear on the floor next to one of the beds, kicked off her shoes and then flopped on her back onto the soft mattress letting out a deep sigh. She was obviously un-aware that her skirt had ridden up well above mid-thigh and I had a fabulous view right up to her black knickers. The bathroom was off to right, and now I was desperate to relieve myself. Reluctantly, I tore my gaze away from her crotch.

“I need to go to the loo.”

“Don’t be long then, I need to go!” Pam said.

“Oh. Well if you’re desperate you go first then.” Although it wouldn’t take me long to see to myself, I didn’t want to be rushed.

“Thanks!” she said. She moved off the bed, one leg then the other, giving me another glimpse of inner thigh and crotch, adding to my ache which was now considerable. She brushed past me smiling and shut the bathroom door behind her.

On the table between the beds was a little kettle, cups and a selection of biscuits. I popped a custard cream in my mouth and glanced around our hotel room. There was a large flat-screen TV on one wall, a large and very expensive looking wardrobe on another and various paintings, water-colours I thought, hanging on any free wall space. Yes, pricey, I thought.

As I looked over our room my gaze turned towards the bathroom door and I noticed it had a large key-hole. My heart beat faster as I realised what I would see if I looked through. I hesitated, but my heightened state of arousal got the better of me, and I knelt down quietly to peek through. It afforded me a good wide view of the bathroom, the toilet at the far end facing the door, the shower off to the right and a wash hand basin to the left. Pam was at the basin and I could hear water running. Damn, had she already finished? I already had my zip undone and my manhood in my hand. I was about to put it all away when she scuttled over to the toilet. She hadn’t been yet; I kept my hard member in my hand and started to rub. She stood facing the door, I was careful to keep as still as possible in case she saw movement through the keyhole. Pam lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties in one swift movement and sat down on the toilet. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get a glimpse of her bush. Or maybe she was shaven smooth, who knew? I rubbed faster; I needed to finish myself off sooner rather than later. I heard the tell-tale hiss and tinkle as she let go and could see her face, a picture of relief. The tinkling sound stopped and she exhaled deeply. She pulled some paper from the roll behind her and stood up to dry her pussy. And there, I caught a glimpse of dark pubic hair. Not shaven then! Then she turned around to throw the paper into the toilet. She still had her skirt up, one hand pulling it tight around her waist, and this gave me a perfect view of her bum which was slightly larger than I had imagined all those years ago in school; fleshy but not overly so. She then bent down a little to pull her panties back up, and in that split second before her skirt fell down I had a glimpse of her parting cheeks and black bush peeping round from the front. I came just as she flushed the toilet. If she’d have been wearing trousers or if she had kept her skirt hitched up when she bent down, I was sure I would have seen deeper into her cleft.

I felt so much better, and I comforted myself in the fact that she would at some point have to use the toilet again, or the shower, and I could watch her again through the key hole. I was excited at the prospect.


We walked to the tournament venue through a large park on a path lined on one side with trees and thick bushes. We got changed into our sports gear and once we were down on the courts we started talking game-play strategies, Pam as competitive as ever. All I could think about was watching her later through that keyhole. We sat on a large bench to wait for our game to be called and Pam had once again forgotten that she was wearing a skirt; I could clearly see her white sports knickers hugging her crotch tight.

We played our first two matches and won, though it was a long canlı kaçak iddaa drawn out affair. The more Pam lunged, the more I could see her white knickers getting moist with sweat and clinging to her bum. We lost the next game, and we were knocked out, probably due to me not concentrating on the game but on her bottom! We decided to walk back to the hotel rather than staying to watch the other games.

“Well, at least we tried our best!” Pam said, as we walked through the park back towards the hotel. “We couldn’t have done anything more. Next time eh?!”

“Yup, we did our best.” I kind of felt a little guilty; I should have concentrated more on the game than the view in front of me. Pam made suggestions on how to improve our doubles play, which I absentmindedly agreed with; all I could think about was the sight of her naked ass through the keyhole. It was a rather one-sided discussion. We were the only ones walking through the park and the light was just starting to dim, the greens of the park turning deeper. It was still warm though, and both of us were still glowing from our earlier exertions on court.

“Tell you what, it was warm. I drank so much water!” she said, her voice slightly strained. “Problem is I really need a pee now!”

She had stopped walking and was starting to wriggle, bobbing up and down as she looked around.

“You know what, I do too.” I said. “I think I can hold off ’til we get back to the hotel. Do you want me stand here and keep watch?” My ache had returned with a vengeance as I thought of Pam peeing in the bushes.

“Well,” she scanned around, still wriggling, “we may as well both go together behind these bushes. What do you think? Come on, no one is about.”

I checked around and as Pam said, there was no one about. Silently, I followed Pam through the trees, slowly picking our way through some bushes, wondering if she meant we would be peeing in front of each other. My heart was beating like a drum as I caught glimpses of her tight underwear when she bent down to avoid low branches, our bulky kit bags making it tricky to get through. We came to a slight clearing which had a natural ceiling of leaves and branches, high enough for us to stand upright. I looked about and realised that we were totally out of sight from all directions.

“I really need this, sorry.” said Pam, with a slight quiver in her voice. She stood there for a moment with her hands under her skirt grasping her panties, ready to pull them down. “You’re going as well aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes…ummm.” My cock was throbbing and I wasn’t sure what Pam would do if she saw that I was aroused. I hesitated. “Thing is…….”

“Yes?” Pam said impatiently, still leaning forward slightly, ready to pull her pants down.

“I’ve got a bit of a, y’know?” I gestured towards my crotch. She seemed dumbfounded, frowning a little. “You know………”

“A penis. Yes I am aware that men have a penis.” She said testily.

“No, I mean, a……” I made useless flapping motions with my hand, vaguely gesturing towards my crotch.

“Oh…….. A hard-on you mean?” Pam giggled.

“Um, yes.” I smiled apologetically.

“Oh don’t worry,” she said dismissively, “I have seen one before, a while ago mind, but I’ve seen it all before!”

“Oh.” I readied myself, thumbs tucked under the elastic on my shorts. I was desperately trying to steady my hands.

“I’ll count to three and then we pull pants down, or shorts in your case. How about that?! I’m getting desperate now!”


Pam giggled and counted to three and we both pulled pants and shorts down, my cock jerking out like a lazy spring. Pam was already crouching down as she looked across at my rod standing proud, almost pointing straight at her.

“Are you shaking?!” Pam asked looking at my hands, or was she looking at my dick?

“I am a bit.” I said. Unfortunately I was shaking badly, a combination of the prospect of witnessing Pam take a leisurely pee in front of me, and my heart beating way too fast. My member was throbbing in time. Pam hesitated a little, and cleared her throat. She was definitely looking at my dick and I started to feel a little self-conscious. We both dithered, and I was unsure what to do or say. Pam cleared her throat again.

“Can I hold it?” she said, looking at my member like it was a rare animal she had never been close to before, unsure whether it would bite, an object of fascination. She seemed to have forgotten the discomfort of her full bladder.

“Ok.” I was in a trance. She moved closer and crouched down by my side, panties around her ankles, and slowly lifted her hand to lightly hold my cock. It suddenly got an extra pump of blood.

“Come on then, do your pee!” she said with obvious amusement. She lightly squeezed my dick and slowly pulled my foreskin back enough to expose the end of my glans. She seemed to study it as if she had never touched a cock before. I tried to squeeze but it was impossible to pee with canlı kaçak bahis my manhood in its rigid state.

“I can’t go, sorry.” I grimaced and laughed nervously. “Sorry.”

“It’s ok. I’ll go first then.” She smiled at me and playfully squeezed my cock. She stood up and quickly slipped her white panties away from her ankles and hung them on a nearby branch. She then started to lift her skirt, seemed to think twice about it and slipped that off too, hanging it on the same branch as her panties. All I could do was stare open-mouthed at her dark bush. She lifted her t-shirt a little and then crouched down beside me. I craned my neck to look down her back towards her ass. I could see the top of her cleft and tried to imagine what the view from beneath would be like. She looked up at me.

“Do you want a closer look?”

“Ummmm. Would that be ok?” I said, swallowing hard. I was still getting my head around Pam butt naked in front of me; I must be a part of the most relaxed and open platonic relationship ever to have existed.


I knelt down beside her and peered around at her bum. She winked and smiled, turning around to face away from me. Her ass looked fantastic and the twin-v profile of her parted cheeks was perfect. She then let herself forward until she was kneeling down on the soft ground. She reached back with both hands and pulled her cheeks wide apart. My eyes nearly popped out and my mouth hung open. I could now see her asshole, dark in colour and pouting as if blowing me a kiss. It was hairless, and below, surrounded by her dense bush, her large pussy lips were well and truly parted; all I wanted to do was freeze this moment in time. Damn the keyhole, this was a much better view.

“I thought you might like that!” Pam said and giggled. “I know you better than you think, you naughty boy!”

I laughed, trying to make it as nonchalant as possible, but didn’t succeed. My cock was rock hard now, and I started to squeeze it with my right hand.

“I really do need to go now. Ok?” asked Pam.

“Yes.” I croaked, my mouth dry, wondering if this was all a dream.

She let herself forward a little more, lifting her ass slightly higher, and then I saw her asshole twitch and a trickle of pee appeared from near her little button. She kept the trickle slow to begin with, her anus twitching as she used her muscles to control the flow. I watched the clear liquid trickle out while I rubbed myself. She twitched again, this time halting the flow.

“Are you wanking back there, mister?” she asked, chuckling.

“Oh. Sorry.” I stammered.

“No, it’s fine. Don’t come though, not yet.”

Not yet? Wow, what was to come next? I wondered.

She relaxed and resumed her trickle. Gradually, she let it flow faster, her liquid hissing out at an angle as she relaxed her muscles to completely let go. She really did need to go it seemed. Her liquid kept coming and a little of it trickled down through her bush and onto the dry ground beneath her. After not long enough, the flow started to slow and finally stopped. She squeezed two or three times to make sure, each time her asshole pushing outwards, opening slightly. I actually thought she may be trying to poop, but when she was satisfied there was no more to pee, she relaxed and sighed in obvious relief.

“Be a poppet and go to my sports bag and fetch some tissue for me, would you? In the side pocket.”

I leaned across to her kit bag and opened a side pocket. There I found the small packet of tissues next to a pair of scrunched up black knickers. I pulled out a tissue and held it out for her.

“Do you want to wipe my pussy for me?”

I nodded, mute from having witnessed Pam peeing from such a close range. I brought the tissue up to her pussy and pushed it against her lips and moved it around drying it off. I kept gazing at her asshole badly wanting to lick and sniff, though some of her aroma was just discernible. I put my left hand on her left buttock, warm and soft, still clammy with perspiration, and I pressed slightly to widen her crack.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice” she murmured.

I spent as long as possible drying Pam’s pussy, studying her intimately with a puerile fascination. I pressed my hand harder against her buttock, parting her cleft a little more, learning every nook and fold of her pouting asshole. I announced that it was all nice and dry and boldly kissed her bum cheek in such a way that my nose came within inches of her warm crevice, allowing me to draw in her pungent scent.

“Why thank you very much. Very kind of you!” Pam said. She turned around, giggled and pointed at the shrinking puddle on the dry ground. “Better move away from the wet patch!”

We shifted ourselves sideways, both of us still kneeling. She smiled at me and put her hand around my cock kneading it gently.

“What are we going to do about this then? How come it’s so hard? Surely I don’t turn you on, do I?” She watched my face and her eyes seemed to urge me to answer truthfully.

“Well……..I’m afraid your bum is far too sexy!” I laughed nervously; surely this was going beyond platonic now?

“Really? I always thought my bum was too wobbly!”

“No, no, no. Believe me, it’s perfect.”

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