Aunt Faye Ch. 06

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For weeks after Aunt Faye’s surprise visit with her mother and sister, my subconscious kept wandering back to that first weekend in the condo. I replayed the scene with Icy on the stairway over and over again, in my mind. It had been a one-time affair because Icy and Jackie had flown on the Atlanta the next afternoon. I had experienced something, with a woman nearly three times my age, which would remain with me for my whole life.

Icy and I had sat at the bar and talked for nearly three hours after I came down from upstairs. She was obviously wealthy, had been around the world more than once, married to the same man for over twenty five years, and still craved the danger and excitement of an occasional extra-marital fuck with a young stud now and then to keep her fires burning. “Ya gotta love it!”

I was buried in classes this semester and studying more than I ever had before. I’d taken an extra class, which was relative to another one I was taking, simply to get it out of the way. The extra load was proving to be a challenge, but I was thankful for having my own place without the added distraction of family around when I really needed to hit the books. Although, I did spend an occasional evening with Aunt Faye, and/or mother, whenever time permitted.

Finally, the semester was at an end. I found myself sitting on the sofa staring at the blank screen of the TV set. I had neglected to switch it on, one afternoon, choosing instead to relive the turbulent night with Icy again. I had not seen, or talked to Faye in over a week. My mother had stopped calling because I always cut her short when I was doing a paper or studying. Now, I was here sitting alone, in silence, wondering how to rectify the huge hard dick I was sporting, without having to jerk myself off.

I hated to call Faye’s house, because Uncle Ned would surely be home. So, I called mom to see how she was doing. She was all bubbly on the phone, when she heard it was me, and we had a nice conversation. She invited me to dinner so when I hung up, I took a shower and changed into some real people clothes and headed for Ponte Vedra Beach.

Dad greeted me at the door. He was all decked out in a nice sport coat and slacks. When I inquired about the outfit, I was told that tonight it was their night to host the monthly gathering of the new group of friends they gathered with. Mother had gone the extra mile and the house was all clean and sparkly. Trays with snacks and finger foods had been placed around the dining room and candles sat everywhere, waiting to be lit.

She had dinner all prepared for us in the kitchen. I turned as she came through the door from the back of the house and she looked yummy. Her hair was perfect and she had spent extra time on her makeup. I couldn’t ever remember her wearing such a daring dress around dad before, but then I guess I never took the time to look at her like this before. The sheer red fabric of the dress allowed me to view her red lacy demi-cup bra and thong panties. Her garter belt and black seamed hose were also quite visible. Her heels were high, and she stood tall and straight.

I whistled softly and hugged her. I felt her tongue on my neck as we embraced. Her hands went around me, squeezing my butt. Dad had walked down the hall and had not seen her display of affection.

“I’ve missed seeing you, David,” she whispered.

“I miss you too, Ma,” I said. “What are you dressed up for?”

“Our new little group is coming over here tonight,” she said.

“What are you having, an orgy?” I asked, joking with her.

Her perfume was intoxicating me. She turned away and went into the kitchen. Dad was right behind us and we sat down to a great dinner. I had become saturated with fast food over the past few weeks of heavy study. Dad disappeared right after the meal and mom and I lingered in the kitchen. She made a pot of coffee and while it was perking she stood with her back to me, looking out the glass doors to the pool.

“It’s not like you think,” she said softly.

“What isn’t like I think?” I asked.

“What you said before dinner,” she replied.

I had to think a minute before it hit me.

“You mean about the orgy?” I gasped.

“It’s not like and orgy, David,” she sighed. “It’s different. Your dad found out about this group of couples a few weeks ago and we’ve been seeing them. Five or six couples get together and we just sort of trade partners for the evening. It’s not just a big sex brawl or anything like that. And it’s safe. Not like you’re going into a bar looking for a stranger to have a one-night stand with.”

“What you do is your business,” I said, stepping up behind her and putting my hands on her hips.

“You must think I’m some kind of a slut,” she whispered. “I’ve tried not to lie to you about my sex life, you know. We’ve only been doing this for a short time. Ted just doesn’t pay much attention to me any more and I really enjoy it when those other men tell me how nice I look and hold me in their arms for a little while. But, I enjoy poker oyna it much more when you hold me.”

She turned in my arms and kissed me softly on the lips. I was getting a hard on. Then I heard the doorbell ring and she pulled away. I made a quick adjustment of my equipment and followed her into the living room. A couple about the same age as mom and dad had arrived. Dad introduced them as Jim and Kate Fleming. Jim was tall and bulky, not really overweight, just a big man. Kate was statuesque. She had lots of bottle blond hair; all piled up on top of her head, like Flo, and wore too much make up. He dress was apropos for the occasion, showing us an ample display of cleavage and lots of thigh below a very short skirt. She offered an expertly manicured hand to me when, dad introduced us.

“Such a handsome boy,” she purred. “Will you be joining us tonight?”

Before I could answer, Jim Fleming grabbed my hand and began pumping it up and down.

“Hell, yes,” he blurted out. “Why don’t you join the party tonight, Boy? There’ll be enough to go around, especially if Glenn and Sharon bring that foxy sister of hers from Cleveland with them.”

I looked first at mom and then at dad. He was dying. Mom had a smile all the way across her stunning face.

“Why don’t we just see what happens,” she remarked and ushered Jim away from us leaving me standing with Kate and dad.

Dad went into the den, where the bar is, and mixed himself a strong drink. He seemed to be drinking a lot these days. Kate linked her arm through mine and we walked out by the pool, whereupon she started grilling me about my sex life. I was slightly embarrassed by her blatant curiosity but I thought back on what mother had said earlier, about how she enjoyed the attention of the other men, and analyzed this to be one of those times when the woman would enjoy just that kind of attention.

“A good looking young stallion like you should have them standing in line,” Kate announced.

“I do all right,” I said. “I’ve had to spend a lot of time studying lately. I took an extra class and it was a pinch on my time.”

“Well, you can just relax tonight and not worry about that,” she murmured. “Tell me, do you think I’m pretty?”

We were sitting at a round table by the pool. Her chair was only inches from mine so it was easy for me to reach out and touch her. I reached my hand out and rubbed it over the top of her leg, letting my fingers caress the soft skin on the inside of her thigh above her stocking top.

Not wishing to tell her the truth about being just a smidgeon over done, I lied, “Older women excite me, Kate. You excite me.”

“Oh, you bad boy,” she said, batting her heavily mascara assisted eyelashes. “Does your mother know how you talk to the ladies?”

“Yes ma’am, she surely does!” I replied, squeezing her warm flesh gently.

We heard voices coming from the house. I turned toward the patio door and pulled my hand from between Kate’s legs. I heard her sigh. Two women stepped through the door, each carrying a drink in her hand. Both of them had cigarettes going and were dressed for a swap meet. The first, the younger of the two, was a tall, leggy Latino woman with striking features and coal black hair, which cascaded to her waist. She had a brightly flowered dress with a full swirling skirt and very high stilettos. How would I know her name was Carman?

The other woman was older, at least sixty-five, and heavier than all the rest. Her silver hair glimmered in the late afternoon sunlight. She had on a white silk blouse that absolutely bulged at the buttons, which were still buttoned, in the front. Her breasts were enormous and battled frantically with her white lace brassiere for freedom. A short black skirt stretched to barely cover the big orbs of her butt. But she exuded a sensuality as yet unattainable by any of the others present. Her name, quite appropriately, was Grace.

Carman and Grace joined us at the table and Kate made the introductions. Within moments of arrival, yet another button had come undone on Grace’s blouse and her hand had found my leg under the table.

“So, who’s your date tonight, Honey?” Carman asked, seductively.

“David is Meredith’s charming son,” Kate answered. “And I don’t think he brought a date, unless Sharon brings Elaine.”

“No matter, Sweetie,” Grace giggled. “You’ll have plenty of chances to play tonight.”

Her hand slid up my thigh and patted my hard cock under the table.

“Ooh!” She giggled.

Mom danced through the door with two more ladies behind her. She introduced me to Elaine, and Sharon. Both were thin and pretty. Elaine was older than Sharon, probably thirty-five, with dark hair and flat chested. Sharon had a bit more cleavage, but she had a really big butt. The men were filtering out to the pool area now and I was introduced to Glenn, Sharon’s husband. John, who claimed Grace as his and Xavier, who could only be married to Carman.

John looked to be around seventy, seemed bored with the whole deal but Xavier canlı poker oyna was a lion on the hunt, with his bright flashing smile and dark eyes. The ladies all seemed to gravitate in his direction, except Grace, she remained seated next to me with her hand in my lap.

Faye and Ned appeared out of nowhere, uninvited but encouraged to stay and enjoy the party. When Faye found out it was a swap party, she came alive. Suddenly even old John perked up.

It gradually darkened and the booze flowed. The mood was light and soon it was time to pick sex partners for later. Glenn produced a deck of cards and shuffled then together. Everyone sat around the patio and he walked from one to the other, holding the cards fanned out with his hands. The object was, each person would pick a card. As the cards revealed themselves, the first man and woman that showed like cards would be paired up, and so on. After your first partner, you were free to mingle with whomever you wished.

I had heard about this sort of thing going on in the past, but I had no idea it still happened and least of all that my parents would ever think of wife-swapping. Glenn held the deck up in front of Faye first. She drew a six of clubs. Sharon drew the four of spades, dad a five of diamonds, and so on until the pairs started to happen. I had the Jack of hearts.

The first pair turned out to be dad and Elaine, who disappeared immediately into the house. Jim paired up with his wife, who passed and waited for the next pair.

“Nothing personal, Darling,” she cooed. “I can have you every night, tonight I want some strange meat if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” he said, smiling and taking another card.

As luck would have it, he paired up with Faye and they wandered off into the house as well. Ned drew a three of spades to pair with mom’s three of hearts. Her head dropped to her chest for a second, but he stood up and took her hand pulling her to her feet.

“For old times sake?” He asked.

“Oh, what the hell,” she said, standing up and cupping his balls through his pants.

Sharon drew her card and paired with John. She sure didn’t have a new bride expression on her face as they went inside, but John looked pleased. Xavier pulled a seven to match with Kate and Glenn drew a match to pair with Carman. Grace sat in the chair next to me. We were alone on the patio. Her hand massaged my erection under the table.

“I hope you like older women,” Grace said.

“You can’t imagine,” I answered, leaning over and taking the cigarette from her fingers.

Then I leaned in and covered her mouth with mine. Her hands came up around my neck and mine went straight for her monster tits. The remaining two buttons on her blouse were history. I pushed away and pulled the cushions from two loungers next to the pool and drug them to the far end, away from the house and the lights from inside. After dropping them side-by-side on the pool apron, I turned and faced Grace, who stood in only her garter and black hose in front of me, with her hands on her hips.

Her pendulous tits sagged down, hanging nearly to her waist. I lifted them and squeezed them with both hands. She put her hands on my shoulders to steady her self as I bent to suck on her thick rubbery nipples. I heard her growling in her throat as I ground my teeth into her tit flesh.

I pulled my pants and shirt off and dropped to my knees in front of her. I reached around her and grabbed her fleshy ass cheeks in both hands and pulled her to me. The moon was still bright enough for me to see her thick salt and pepper pubic bush, glistening with her moisture before my face. I buried my face in her pussy and went to town. Grace flooded me within moments, smearing me with her excretions.

Her hairy bush smelled like fresh mown grass. I turned her and helped her to lie back on the cushions. Her hands found my cock and pulled me into her mouth. Straddling her face, I returned my attention to her wet pussy. It took several seconds for me to separate her thick thatch and lay it neatly aside so I could slide my tongue between her full outer lips and wallow in her soft interior. She flooded me with her sweet nectar as I delved into her hot cunt.

Her mouth was clamped around my cock, her tongue waging war on the soft round head. Her hands massaged my balls and cruised up and down my cock and thighs. She sucked me in farther and began to slide her tongue out of her mouth and around my cock as she sucked on me. What an incredible sensation. I could feel her breath on my balls as she pulled me in deeper.

I felt her mouth desert me and heard her say, “I’ve got to have you in me, David!”

I pushed up, making an effort to turn around. But she pushed me back down, turning me onto my back. She stepped over me, placing a foot on either side if my hips. As she lowered her body down, I could feel the juices flowing out of her pussy and dripping down on my stomach. Then I felt the heat of her cunt as she took me deep inside. She sat flat down on me. I reached up internet casino and grabbed for those huge titties. I mauled her, while she just sort of squirmed her pussy all around on my dick. I could feel her juices oozing out of her and running down between the cheeks of my butt.

She started to cum, growling through her teeth and clamping hard on me. I could feel her contractions race through her on the head of my deeply buried cock. More thick juice oozed out of her. When her spasms subsided, she started to rock. Gradually she intensified her movements until she bounced up and down on me. Grace was heavier than any woman I had ever been with, but she moved like a cat. When my release came, I washed her full of thick hot cum, splashing high up in her thrusting cunt. She descended to the bottom and sat there rocking until I had finished with my tumultuous explosion.

“Don’t move, Baby,” Grace whispered.

She put her hands on my shoulders and raised her pussy up off my softening cock. She lifted about a foot above me and held herself there on her hands and feet. I stared down between her huge hanging jugs and watched as thick globs of sperm drooled from her distended cunt and pooled on my belly, next to my deflated cock.

Then she did something that blew my young mind. After the cum had stopped dripping from her, she released a thin stream of scalding yellow urine. The thin stream increased to a torrent of hot raging piss, splashing down on my belly and running, mingled with our sex fluids down off my body, over the cushion and onto the pool apron, where it formed a dark wet spot on the concrete. She leaned down and covered my lips with a hot open-mouthed kiss. I was spent.

Grace laid back down on me, smearing the remains of our coupling between our bodies as she continued the kiss.

Lifting her head, she said, “That was marvelous, Lover Boy.”

I could hear hands clapping from the other side of the pool. Rolling my head to the side, I could see two women and a man standing by the patio door. I couldn’t tell who they were, but they had obviously enjoyed the show. Grace dismounted and stood up. She walked to the shallow end of the pool and descended the steps into the cool water. I stood up and dove off the deep end. I came up as my hands touched the side of the far end. When I surfaced, I was staring straight up into Aunt Faye’s cum coated pussy.

“Quite a show, Stud Muffin,” she purred. Then she too entered the pool.

Carman and Jim joined us and before long, most of the swingers were all in the pool. The women with hairdos, unsuited for swimming lounged in the shallow end. The men mostly swam up and back and got out. Carman and Faye stayed with me in the deep end until all the others went back into the house for other activities.

“First time for the yellow rain?” Carman asked.

“Yeah,” I answered. “She kind of caught me by surprise.”

“My Xavier likes to do the yellow rain,” she said. “I let him, because I love him. The old one will see to it that she has his gift before this night is over.”

“Not my thing,” Faye said.

“We do strange things for those we love,” Carman declared.

“That we do,” Faye agreed.

“How about you, Little One?” Carman asked. “What do you find most enjoyable with the ladies?”

“I love it all,” I answered. “I try to please the one I’m with. I try to make it good for her.”

“Then you will grow to become a great lover,” Carman stated. “And if she wants you to do distasteful things to her, what do you say?”

“I say, roll over and spread ’em,” I answered.

Her hand was slowly stroking me under the water. Faye moved around me and eased up against the dark skinned Latino woman.

“So, you like it in the ass?” She breathed into Carman’s ear, her hands groping Carman’s tits.

“Oh, Si!” She gasped, feeling Faye’s knee make contact with her pussy under the water. “My Xavier refuses. He says it’s a filthy thing to do. Glenn was in too much of a hurry to fill my mouth, than to worry about what I wanted.”

“I can help you with that,” I said, nibbling on Carman’s earlobes as I whispered to her. “Come with me.”

I hoisted myself out of the pool and dunked the lounger cushions in the pool to wash the cum and piss off of them. Faye and Carman swam to the ladder and climbed out. They followed me as I dragged the two cushions behind me to the far back of the big yard behind the house. I dropped them on the grass and stood as the two lovely dripping women approached. Faye pushed Carman down on the cushions and then knelt in front of me, sucking my cock deep into her mouth. Carman watched as Faye sucked me all the way down.

“Such a beautiful sight,” Carman said. “The woman giving pleasure to the man.”

Faye reached for the Spanish girl and pulled her to us. She directed her face to my cock and watched as Carman took me down. Faye kissed Carman’s face, and they shared me for several minutes until I had grown to full strength. Faye pushed me away and turned Carman around and down on her hands and knees. Her face went between Carman’s ass cheeks and I could hear her slurping as she lubricated her to receive my hard dick. I pushed Faye away and put my cock against her wet hole. It just popped inside.

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