Bad Vibe: Aftermath

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This is a continuation of “Bad Vibe” and is the story of what happened to our three main characters after the events of graduation night. It would be easier to understand if the reader would at least skim that story.



Maude Richardson: 48 years old, a High school librarian who has accepted a position at the State University. She is 5’5″ a little overweight but not excessively so, with generous hips and a shapely bottom and nicely proportionate breasts.

At the beginning of this story she is recovering from a gang rape at the hands of some students.

Craig Thorvalsson: 5’11” and 175 pounds, wiry and fit, blond haired and green eyed he had broad shoulders and a long distance runner’s physique. He has always been shy with girls and is still a virgin.

He lives with his mother, his parents having divorced when he was nine. He was very attracted to older women in general and his mother in particular. He had saved Maude who is very grateful.

Amy Thorvalsson: Craig’s mom. A successful real estate agent and partner in her own firm, at 5’6″ she’s a little taller than Maude with slightly smaller breasts and strawberry blond hair that she kept in a short bob. She didn’t go out often, and spent most of her free time with Craig.

The story begins where the previous one left off.

Craig put the groceries in his car and drove home. When he arrived he found a note from his mom telling him that she was going to be late getting home.

With the evening to himself Craig fixed a sandwich and sat down in the living room with it and a glass of water, finishing his simple meal he relaxed into the cushions of his recliner and let his mind wander.

The conversation at the grocery store with his neighbor about the events a year ago made him recall all that happened, the good and bad.

If this were an old movie the screen would blur and ripple, before clearing to the scene in this same house a year ago, with his mom, Maude and himself sitting around the kitchen table making plans for the coming week.

Amy and Craig assured Maude that she could stay with them as long as she wanted, and the first order of business was to collect clothing and other items that she would need from her car and her house.

As she had been preparing to move within the next few days most of her things were organized and ready to either load into her car or be taken by the moving company that had already been arranged for.

After a day of getting Maude’s things squared away, and another few days of interviews with the police and State’s deputy prosecutors, with depositions and statements made, the three found themselves curled up in the living room after dinner, chatting and talking.

Maude had come through her ordeal fairly well considering, she was still startled by loud or sudden noises, and didn’t want to be alone. The last few nights when she went into the guest room by herself she started trembling and had a hard time sleeping.

Craig was sitting on the overstuffed loveseat with Amy, his arm around her shoulders as she leaned into him with her legs curled up under her. Maude was curled up in the large recliner near the loveseat, she too had her legs curled under her and was facing the other two.

All three were in their casual clothing of choice for around the house. Amy and Maude in long T-shirts with panties, Craig in a T-shirt and a pair of loose boxers.

“I really appreciate how good both of you have been to me” Maude said in a very quiet voice. She was starting to tremble inside and didn’t know how long she could keep it from showing.

“Oh Maude, don’t worry about it, we’re glad to have you, neither of us gets out much and we’re happy you’re here,” was Amy’s reply.

In fact she could sense Maude getting tense about something but wasn’t sure what it was.

Craig, knowing that Maude would take a while to recover, and that she would never be able to forget the experience, wasn’t sure what to do, he felt woefully inadequate to help Maude through it, but thought that a compliment wouldn’t be out of place, after all it usually perked up his Mom.

“I wouldn’t mind you staying as long as you want, having two lovely ladies all to myself is just great” he said with a little laugh.

Both ladies looked at him, Amy rolled her eyes and smiled up at him.

“Don’t lay it on too think boyo” Amy quipped. Maude just smiled though the tears that were beginning to blur her vision.

“Aww Mom, you know what I mean, both of you guys are really sex… um, good looking” a blush beginning to redden his face as he nearly blurted out that he though his Mom was sexy.

Amy and Craig were now noticing that Maude was trembling slightly and glancing at her wristwatch.

“Maude, are you all right? Is there something I can do for you?” asked Amy.

Maude was giving in to her fear of being alone, it was getting the best of her.

“Both of you have been so nice, I just hate to ask for more, but, I … I…” she was stumbling over poker oyna her words and didn’t know how to ask.

“Don’t worry dear, we’re here for you, shshhh, don’t worry.”

Amy had gone over to Maude and was crouching by the recliner, her arms around Maude pulling Maude’s head into her shoulder. Amy was also motioning with her chin to Craig, motioning for him to come over to her, soon both of them her hugging Maude and trying to sooth her.

“Last night was so terrible, I couldn’t stop shaking and I couldn’t sleep, ever little noise, every creak in the house, everything made me cringe, it was terrible. I know it’s too much to ask, but …”

Craig’s eyes opened up really big, he realized that she wanted to be with someone during the night and with typical teen-age single mindedness he assumed she wanted to sleep with him.

“Well, sure Maude, I’d be happy to sleep with you” Craig said. Then realized what that sounded like. “Uh, I mean … I meant that …”

“Craig, you should know better than that!” Amy hissed.

But Maude came out of her funk and actually laughed.

“Oh Craig, trust you to help me out again, and take my mind off the problem.”

Craig then noticed that he had a raging erection, he pushed it into the arm of the recliner hoping that no-one noticed.

“Well Craig, that would solve the problem, but raise too many more. Thank you for the offer, but I was thinking maybe I could bring some blankets in and sleep on the floor of your room Amy, would that be OK?”

“That would NOT be OK. I have a king size bed, and you can share it, I won’t have a guest sleeping on the floor.”

Amy then looked at Craig, his erection hadn’t escaped her, “And you, mister ‘she can sleep with me,’ can get your mind out of the gutter and not make crude passes at our guest, that’s the last thing she needs. Now go into the kitchen and make some hot chocolate.”

As Craig carefully turned and tried to get into the kitchen with showing his hard-on to the two women, Amy threw one more comment at him as he left the room. “And get that, that … thing under control before you come back in here.”

Craig’s face was red as a beet and he ran the last few steps into the kitchen.

As soon as he was gone Amy turned to Maude who was grinning and trying not to laugh out loud.

“Did you see the size of that thing?” Amy whispered to Maude.

“I know, I thought it was going to put my eye out.” Maude whispered back.

“My little boy has sure grown up,” Amy said a little sadly. “He reminds me of his father when we first met. He would get hard at the drop of a hat and go all night back then.”

“Youth” Maude answered. My first boyfriend was like that. I think the thing I resented most about my husband was that all the time that he was telling me he was too tired, he was having a fling with that 21 year old.”

“That was pretty much how it happened with me as well.” Amy said.

In the kitchen Craig was berating himself as he fixed the hot chocolate, mumbling under his breath: “stupid stupid stupid, how could I be so stupid, I didn’t mean it that way, well maybe, stupid stupid stupid.”

“On the other hand,” Craig thought to himself, “She is a very sexy lady, and she’s smart too. I wonder if … no way, I can just dream, there’s as much chance of sleeping with her as there is with my Mom.”

He tried to stop that line of thought immediately, he knew it was wrong to want to bed his Mom, but he had been in lust with her since he could get a hard-on.

He went on getting the hot chocolate ready, the water was heating up on the stove, and he had the instant mix in the cups, with a few extra measures in his cup the way he liked to do it. He got the mini marshmallows and put them in too, then checked on the water.

His mind started to fixate on his last thought — sleeping with his mom — he had lusted after her for years, stealing her panties from the laundry basket so he could rub them on his cock.

He loved the feeling of the silky material as he lightly dragged it over his balls and cock, and stroking himself with it. The erection that had mostly gone down had started to rise again.

He thought about going up to his bedroom for a quick stroke session, but thought that would be too obvious, and reluctantly went to the freezer with a plastic bag in hand, thinking to fill it with ice and hold it against his privates to soften his penis.

The gasp he made when he did the deed was heard in the living room. Amy smiled. She and Maude were now ensconced on the couch, each leaning against opposite arms and turned toward each other. Amy figured out what he had done to ‘get that thing under control.’

“I guess a bag of ice puts things under control,” she murmured to Maude

“That’s what it sounds like.”

Craig came in then with the hot chocolate and the conversation turned to the more mundane things for the rest of the evening.

The three of them were relaxed and fast friends when they finally called it quits and headed to bed. There was canlı poker oyna no awkwardness as Maude got changed into her night things and joined Amy in bed.

Craig lay in his bed, struggling to stay awake, turned on but terribly sleepy as his mind spun fantasies about his Mom and Maude cuddling up to each other, touching each other.

He pictured Amy curled up behind Maude, reaching over and pinching Maude’s nipples as she kissed the back of Maude’s neck.

He told himself that it would all start with his Mom cuddling Maude to comfort her, and proceed quickly to some hot milf on milf sex.

The truth was a little different, Amy and Maude each lay on their sides, facing each other and talking quietly. Once Maude started at the sound of the house settling, but before it could really frighten her Amy quietly explained what it was. The two touched hands and continued talking.

“Maude, you know that Craig has a crush on you, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I don’t think that it is just me. He spends a lot of time checking you out as well.”

“I know, I feel bad about it, some time ago I thought that seeing me dressed so casually and even a little revealingly that it would make him more confident with girls.”

“I think that you have also made him fantasize more about you.”

“You’re probably right, I knew that even before that he started taking my panties from the laundry basket, I assume that he masturbates with them.”

“I understand that it isn’t uncommon for young boys to do that. How long has he been doing it?”

“I think pretty much since junior high, at least that’s when I noticed it, he wasn’t as careful then.”

“Do you think he wears them?”

“I don’t know for sure, he might, but I do know he sometimes cums on them, usually I can see where he wipes them off, and sometimes when I do the laundry they’re still damp, so I think he washes them off when he really messes them up.”

“Does it bother you?”

“No, at first I was surprised, but actually I think I’m flattered that he thinks they’re sexy enough to use.”

“My little brother did that too when I was growning up, I complained to our mother, but she explained that boys do that sometimes and that I shouldn’t worry about it. I once caught him with them, he was stroking his thing with it, and was wearing a short baby-doll nighty. He was soooo embarrassed.”

“What did you do?”

“The nighty belonged to our sister, and it was my panties, I told him that mom knew and that he better behave and treat me nice or I would tell his friends that he wore lingerie.”

“I’ll bet he was super good to you after that.”

“He was, I told him that he better not stretch anything out, and he should hand wash anything he used, and he did. Sis and I were just home for summer vacation from College and he had just graduated from high school, just turned 18, but it had been going on for several years.”

“Did you tell your sister?”

“A few years later after we had all moved out on our own. She said that she had known about it, and mom had told her the same thing she told me. Sis figured that since he was getting things from the laundry hamper and they were going into the wash afterwords, it didn’t bother her. Like me she she thought it was cute, and believed mom when she said it was a phase he was going through.”

“Did he get over it?”

“I guess so, he’s married with two kids, of course he might still be wearing lingerie, but hopefully his wife knows about it, maybe she buys him things. I’m sure it’s just a phase with Craig and he’ll get over it just like everyone else does.”

“I know, but I’m worried that he’s fixated on me, rather than going out with girls his own age.”

“I get the impression that he likes older women in general.”

“Maude, I have no right to ask this, but do you feel at all attracted to him?”

Maude hesitated, she was, of course, grateful to Craig, and he was a good looking young man, but to admit to his mother that she had entertained some fantasies about him that might be a little out of line would be difficult.

She decided to go ahead and see how his mother felt about it.

“Amy, I would have to be blind not to notice that he’s attracted to me, and that he is a hansome young man…. I can’t help but be flattered by that, and be turned on by it. I think that at some level I am attracted to him, but I also can see that while he is turned on by me, he’s also turned on by you.”

Amy was silent for a while, she thought how she and Craig flirted, how she almost paraded in front of him and how she had encouraged him to look at her.

“I know Maude, I can’t help but see how he is, and I have to admit that I’ve fantasized about being with him, I know it’s wrong, but sometimes I get so lonely.”

“Oh Amy, you shouldn’t worry about that, after all, he is an adult, and if you can’t relax in your own home, when can you?”

“I just worry about any damage I might do to him.”

“I know, I feel the same way, but on the other hand he is a very internet casino good looking young man, and appears to be very well endowed. The idea of taking someone his age to bed, teaching him how to really make love to a woman, make love so that both of us ….”

“Mmmmmm” Amy said, I know. Knowing what I know now, at my age, but being with a someone that young, he could go, or cum, all night long” Amy giggle as she said that. “Oh I am so bad.” She finished.

“I know, I’ve been thinking the same thing myself, but we’re just talking about a fantasy aren’t we. As fun as it is, I don’t suppose either of us could really do it.”

They both were quiet for a short time, imagining the possibilities, until Maude turned on her other side, and made herself comfortable.

Amy lay there for a while, thinking about how Maude must be coming recovering from her ordeal quite well if she could fantasize about sex with someone already, and quietly said as much to Maude.

Maude continued to lay their quietly, until Amy thought she might have fallen asleep, then answered:

“It seems odd, as horrible as it was, it awakened something in me, I hadn’t had sex with my husband for several years before we divorced, and just assumed that I wouldn’t be attractive enough for anyone else, and just stopped thinking about it. I haven’t even jilled myself off in over a year. I was just about as sexless as someone can be before this happened.”

Amy was touched by that confidence and felt so sorry for Maude that she slid over in the bed and cuddled up to her, putting her arm over the smaller woman and hugged her close.

Maude gave a sigh, and then a quiet moan.

“Oh Amy, that feels so good. Thank you.”

“Mmmmm it does feel good, it’s been a long time since I cuddled up to anyone, I didn’t realize how much I missed it.”

“On the one hand, they hit me, and slapped me, and treated me as if I wasn’t really human, just a toy they were playing with.

“It was the violence that I was frightened about more than anything, and I was afraid they would kill me afterwords.

“The actual sex was terrible, and I was repelled by them, they were drunk and they stank of beer, my poor pussy was bruised.

“That was on the one hand, on the other hand they used lubricant, so I guess it could have been worse.

“There were a few of them that it was obvious didn’t want to do it, who were more gentle, even timid, a couple couldn’t even get hard, they just pushed against me, I saw one of them with tears in his eyes.”

Amy just stayed quiet as Maude talked about it and slightly hugged her. As Maude talked she put her hand over Amy’s and slowly moved it up from where it clasped Maude’s tummy until their two hands were just under Maude’s breasts, barely touching the underside of them.

“They made me say things Amy, terrible things, they made me say that I wanted it, that I wanted more, and I did say them. That might have been the worst part, that I was asking for them to do that to me. I even said those things to Craig.”

“He told me, he said that was what really struck him, convinced him that you DIDN’T want it. He said the way you talked convinced him that you were forced to say it.”

As they talked Amy had cuddled up as close as she could, her legs curled up behind Maude’s legs. Maude raised up one leg a little bit, and Amy slid one of hers between Maude’s legs. Maude could feel Amy’s breath on her neck.

“I can remember things about that night almost like it was a dream, or a movie I saw, I guess that’s because of the drugs they gave me.”

Amy pushed her leg a little further between Maude’s, until Amy’s thigh was pushing against Maude’s pussy. Meanwhile Maude had let go of Amy’s hand and had slid her own hand down past her belly and slipped it under the waistband of her own panties, until her fingers were able to slide alongside of her clit. She let out a little moan.

“Have you ever been with another woman?” Maude asked in a whisper.

“Practiced kissing with a friend in Junior High, then in college a few times, my roommate and I, we experimented.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, not enough to give up boys, but it was fun. I guess it was that we were being so naughty that was attractive at that point, but it was fun too.”

Amy could feel Maude flexing muscles in her hips and legs, squeezing her leg, shifting her hips back and forth. Amy moved her hand up and cupped Maude’s breast, felt it, squeezed it.

“Ohhh, that feels good,” Maude gasped, “we’re being so naughty, so bad.”

“Shhhh, don’t worry, let go, just let yourself go, you need this, need to remember how good if feels, need to have a good cum.” Amy whispered.

She was caressing Maude’s breast now, lightly pinching her nipples, squeezing, pulling, caressing. She was pushing her hips into Maude’s bottom in time with the other woman’s own slight movements.

“It feels safe with you, another woman, I think I can let go, something’s been building up in me.”

Maude continued to gently rub her own clit, she had reached further down between her lips and coated her finger with the wetness she found there, and was gently, slowly rubbing, slowly bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm.

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