Bella Dona Ch. 01

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My name is Bella. I had an amazing life as a young girl. Conventional society wouldn’t agree, but some out there would see it my way. Maybe a few of you would even be a little envious…

My memory is not so good these days and my typing is even worse… Here is my story…


The sun streamed through the window of my high-rise apartment. One of my cats stretched and looked at me with hungry anticipation… Time to get up. I crawled out from under my covers.

“Alright, I get it. You’re hungry.” I mumbled. My bare feet hit the Oriental rug and groggily I stood up. I shuffled into the kitchen, reached for my bag of Guatemalan coffee beans, dumped them in the grinder. With a loud buzz the scent of coffee stung my nose. I loved that smell. I dumped the fresh grounds into the coffee maker and added the water. Soon the pot was hissing away filling the whole place with that enchanting morning smell. By now both cats were at my feet, ravenous and pestering me. So I refilled their dishes and they contented themselves by feasting on their Purina…

As I waited for the coffee to finish brewing, I walked over to my spice cabinet and pulled forth a mason jar… Aaaah, fresh green, just the way I like it, I thought to myself, as I sorted through and broke down my pot. A few moments later I had a perfectly rolled joint in my fingers. The cats, Mordred and Arthur had eaten enough and hung around my feet as always.

The coffee was done, so I poured myself a cup, adding plenty of real cream and sugar. I grabbed my day planner and the phone and hopped up on the counter. I lit my joint and took a deep drag; Mordred loved the smell, so I made sure to share.

“Here ya go, little one,” I said as I blew a gentle stream at his face. Purring, he sniffed at the cloud around him. I scratched his neck for a few seconds and then dialed the phone.

“Bella sweetie, glad you call me. Lots of work for you tonight!” A woman with a very Korean accent said to me. That poker oyna was her way: no hello or formalities, she loved her caller ID.

“Hey Nichole. Please tell me it’s a fun one… I need some fun tonight,” I said as I took another drag.

“You put that shit down and listen to me you picky pain in my ass!” She told me.

“Now mama, you know damn well I like my morning smoke. I can be picky – I’m the pick of the litter. Whatcha got for me?” She wasn’t my mother but we were so damn close we definitely could be family. “My New York guy said he’d be in town, did he call?” I asked as I crossed my fingers.

“Yes he call. He said he be here by 7:00. So you meet him at 8:00 at the Ritz. Room 942, he leave key at front desk. He said no panties, but wear stockings, black. He said he brought you shoes from New York.” I could feel her grin as big as mine on the other end of the phone.

“That’s just what doctor ordered. Thanks Nichole! You’re the best!” I said as I took another drag, choking a bit this time.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You better make some money, honey, and make sure you check in when you get there. Have fun with Mr. New York.”

“I will, thanks.” I said as I hung up the phone.

Well time for a shower now. I put the rest of my joint out, grabbed my coffee, and headed off towards the bathroom. Cats trailing my feet, I walked over to the vanity, took a long draw off my mug, and set it down. I started the shower, then brushed my teeth and took my hair out of its nightly braid.

I stepped into the shower and stood under the hot running water, loving the feeling. Every pore on my body sang as the water streamed over me. I loved my morning showers! I washed my hair and left the conditioner in as I washed the whole of a perfectly athletic body. I breathed in the scent of the sandalwood soap, and smiled as I watched the delicate white foam slide down my skin. I love the contrast; my skin was pretty dark in comparison to the foam. I began the process canlı poker oyna of the morning shave. I lathered up the armpits, and a few strokes later, smooth as a baby’s ass. My legs took a bit more diligence. I gave them a generous layer of the gel, then took several long strokes over the length. Stroke by loving slow stroke, they soon were done as well.

Then came the bikini area. It was only for Mr. New York that I did this. Fortunately, I kept things neat, tidy, and short down there to begin with. So shaving bare wasn’t all that much of a stretch. I gelled the whole area and began the careful process of shaving. Everything would have to come off. Carefully I shaved those few delicate square inches completely bare. I rinsed off. I took my time rinsing, things always felt particularly sensitive when it all came off. I ran my fingers over the small surface to make sure I got all the little hairs removed. I was successful. But I did let my fingers linger there. I thought for a moment how great this felt, super sensitive, and stoned, under my hot shower.

I could feel the old familiar sensation of arousal. The blood flowed south, and I had nothing but time. I reached out of the shower and into one of the vanity drawers and got my “shower toy”. A little vibrator about 5 inches long, and waterproof… I stood under the showerhead, leaned back, and let the hot water course down my body again. I turned on my toy, it hummed happily as I guided it down. It felt nothing short of delicious on the newly shaven skin as I let it wander for a moment before resting it on that sweet spot of my clit. I drew in a long breath and leaned my head back on the warm tile, free hand beside me on the wall. My eyes closed as the inner eye opened to see flashes of Esteban. Images of him flashed before me. The toy buzzed on, drawing deeper breaths from me. Images random and intense. His 6 and a half foot body over me, his lips on mine, his hands in my hair, his breath on my face, his hands internet casino on my face… Each passing moment bringing me a barrage of microsecond images. The toy buzzed on as I felt my own fluids of excitement mix with the hot water. I thought my knees would give out; my mind’s eye was relentless with its slide show… Esteban’s hands, his glistening pale olive skin, and his dark eyes pierced my soul. A deep breath grabbed me in tandem with the orgasm that came upon me hard like a thunderstorm, every muscle in my body just seized.

“Esteban” A soft moan escaped my lips between ragged gasps for air. My knees weakened but did not give; my eyes squeezed shut begging for just one last image… Nothing but a dark blur of color as my body rocked on for a few more seconds. My head went fuzzy and then numb. I regained my senses and came back to reality, feeling relieved and relaxed. With a flick of my finger I turned off my toy, and just let my arm go limp at my side as I stood there against the wall and enjoyed the water for a while longer. I sighed as it poured over me. After a few moments I set the toy on the edge of the tub. I stood back upright and rinsed off my now hypersensitive parts. I realized then that I still had conditioner in my hair. I rinsed it out chuckling at myself a bit.

I turned off the water and stepped out of the tub. I wrapped up my hair and dried off… The cats, hearing me out and about, wandered around my feet, staying with me like little shadows. I figured I needed to get something for breakfast. I walked over to the fridge and pulled out some eggs and the fixings for a spinach salad. That would do nicely, I thought as my tummy grumbled in agreement.

I looked at the phone for a moment. Should I call him? Esteban. God, how I love him. Damn, how I miss him. No! I can’t call him. I decided to prepare my breakfast and get on with my day… I think I was in the mood for a new pair of shoes.

An hour later I was ready. I patted the cats on the head, bade them to be good and grabbed my keys. I hopped into my car and let her warm up for a few minutes. I love Chicago; I could practically hear the city calling my name. So with a few hundred bucks in my pocket, off I went.

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