Best Friends Ch. 05

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The next week — the first week since Pat and Jeremy and Jeremy’s mother, Roni, became lovers — went by painfully slow for all three. Pat and Jeremy had to see each other every day at school and conceal their lust for each other from their classmates. They both found themselves daydreaming during classes and sneaking longing glances at each other. Jeremy wanted Pat’s cock back in his mouth in the worst way. Pat could not believe how much he wanted his friends cock back in his ass. Every time that week that he got a hard on, he felt a twitching at his back door needing to be filled again. Don’t get him wrong, he was not a complete bottom. He still wanted badly to be inside of Roni and to take his friends anal cherry, but he also wanted to feel cock inside of himself again.

To ease his pain, several times during the week Pat found himself jerking off in the shower with his left hand while a shampoo coated right hand eagerly slid two, three, even four fingers deep inside his anal canal.

Things had to be worst for Jeremy. Not only did he see Pat all day in class, but he also saw his mom all night at home. And Roni had never been shy about wearing skimpy shorts and shirts around the house. Jeremy seemed to have a hard on 24/7! He had to keep it concealed at school, but walked around the house in a pair of loose shorts and no underwear in the hopes that his mother would see it and continue their incestuous relationship one-on-one during week. He even tried to slip up behind her one night while she stood at kitchen sink washing dishes. He rubbed his hard dick through his shorts against his mother’s ass and felt her breasts through her shirt, excited to find that she wore no bra. But when her only response was “That will have to wait until Friday night when Pat is here,” he went upstairs to his bedroom to take care of himself for what seemed like the 100th time that week.

Finally, Friday was upon them all. Jeremy and Pat, who also played on the basketball team together, gutted through the two hour practice in anticipation of the night to come. In the shower after practice, the two exchanged several glances at each other, but tried no to look too long in fear that their penises might spring to life in front of their teammates. They showered quickly drove home as fast as they could.

When the boys arrived at the house they hoped to find Roni naked in the doorway to great them. However, they instead found a note for them that simply read:

“Boys, I had to run out to work on a surprise for tonight. Have fun and I will see you soon. Love, mom.”

The boys wasted no time in having fun. They headed straight to Jeremy’s bedroom and practically ripped off their clothes. Jeremy dropped to his knees as if trying to grab a loose ball in basketball and engulfed Pat’s dick as fast as he could. Jeremy loved feeling Pat’s manhood grow in his mouth. He loved the first few strokes his mouth took on his flaccid cock and loved it even more as he slid his lips slowly over his quickly inflated rod. Pat grabbed the back of Jeremy’s head and began thrusting into Jeremy’s mouth. Jeremy let his best friend fuck his mouth, grabbing onto Pat’s hips to hold himself up. With each thrust Pat’s dick went a little farther into Jeremy’s throat, gagging poker oyna his friend. Jeremy tried his best to loosen his throat to let his friend in more. The gagging was producing a good amount of saliva adding lube to the efforts.

“Oh, fuck this feels so good!” Pat announced. “Take my cock you bitch! Take it down your throat!”

Jeremy couldn’t believe his best friend had just called him a bitch. What’s more, he couldn’t believe it turned him on! Jeremy began moving his tongue around and clenching and unclenching his throat muscles, adding to the pleasure that Pat was feeling. In no time Pat said he was cumming.

Jeremy pushed himself off of Pat’s cock and began stroking it.

“That’s it,” he said. “Cum on my face.”

Jeremy opened his mouth and watched string after string of Pat’s creamy substance explode from the tip of his penis and hurl towards his awaiting mouth. Some landed on Jeremy’s tongue, some on his cheek, some even in his hair.

While the boys were busy having their fun, Roni was out working on her surprise. As she approached the familiar door, worry and doubt filled her mind. What if this doesn’t work? I could have a lot of explaining to do if this backfires on me. She threw caution to the wind and knocked on the door. The door was answered by a tall man in pretty good shape for being in his mid-forties.

“Oh, hi, Roni. What can I do for you?”

Roni took a deep breath. “You will never guess what our sons have done. Can you please come with me to my house to see this?” And with that, Roni drove Pat’s dad Bob to her house…

They walked up the stairs and approached Jeremy’s bedroom door.

“Now, this is going to be a bit of a shock. Whatever you do, remain calm and just stay here in the hallway with me and take it all in.”

Bob could not imagine what the boys had gotten themselves into, but he was prepared for the worst. Roni slowly opened the door a crack trying not to make any noise to disturb the action that she sure was going on behind this closed door. Bob’s jaw dropped to the floor as he looked in; he was frozen by the sight.

Laying on his back in the middle of the floor was his son, Pat, naked with his best friend on top of him in a 69 position. He stood there, stunned, as he watched Jeremy’s cock disappear into his son’s mouth and then reappear.

He was brought back to consciousness as he felt Roni’s body on his back and her soft voice whispering in his ear.

“I found the doing this last weekend. Like you, I found this disturbing, our boys sucking each other off…”

Bob suddenly felt Roni’s hand reach around his body and rub his member through his jeans. Both of them were a little surprised to find that Bob’s cock was already hard.

“I can see you are finding this entertaining,” Roni said. “I found myself drawn to that conclusion myself. In fact, I even joined them last weekend.”

Bob could not believe what he was hearing, but could not help his interest in finding out more. Roni unzipped Bob’s pants, slipped her hand inside and found his hard 8 inches, and continued:

“Your son is quite a fast learner. Jeremy loves receiving head from Pat. He is really quite the cocksucker, as you can see. I just loved feeling his shaft canlı poker oyna in my ass while Jeremy fucked my pussy. And he seemed to absolutely love having Jeremy fuck his tight hole. I have been trying to teach them about sex, but I’m sure that they could use a lesson from a man as well. I think all four of us could have some fun.”

Bob nodded his head in agreement. It had been quite awhile since his wife had passed and, due to the same reason, since he had been laid. This was all too perfect for him. He had always desired Roni; she was simply stunning. And like his son, he had always had gay “tendencies.” His wife used to wear a strap on dildo to fuck Bob’s ass, then leave it on get in the doggy style position so that Bob could fuck her ass and stroke her “penis” pretending that she was a he. Bob had always thought of himself as lucky for having found a woman who was receptive to that fantasy. Now he knew that he was very lucky.

The two shed their clothing and Roni entered the room. “Hello boys. Enjoying yourselves?”

Jeremy rolled off of Pat and said, “Yes, very much. We have already exchanged loads and were just waiting for you.”

“Good,” she replied. “As promised, I have a big surprise for you. Are you ready for it?”

They both shook their heads eagerly, but were shocked when Bob walked through the door naked with a major hard on.

“OK, both of you get on your knees!” commanded Roni.

They did as they were told. Bob walked over to his son who had a puzzled look on his face. “So, I hear you are turning into quite the cocksucker. Why don’t you show your dad just how good you are?” Bob grabbed his cock and pointed it right in his son’s face. Pat slowly leaned forward, parted his lips, and slipped them over his father’s head.

“That’s it, son. Suck your father’s cock. I want to feel the whole thing down your throat. I’m bigger than your friend, so you are really going to have to work for it.”

Pat began sucking his father’s tool. He couldn’t believe how large he was and how much he was spreading his mouth. His dad didn’t lie, he was larger than Jeremy. He started slow, getting used to the size. As he began getting more comfortable he began picking up the pace. He also began taking more and more of his father’s cock down his throat. After a few minutes, Pat had worked all 8 inches into his throat and was pushing, trying to get it down as far as possible.

Not to miss out on the fun, Roni stood in front of her son, spread her legs and guided Jeremy’s face to her dripping pussy lips. Jeremy dove right in, he had wanted to eat her again all week. He kept stealing glances of Pat deep-throating his father while he sucked on his mother’s clit.

Almost in unison, Bob and Roni came. Roni covered her son’s face in her juices while Bob filled his son’s mouth with his seed. For the first time since his wife died, someone other than himself brought him to orgasm. He never would have guessed that it would be his son doing it. Pat pulled away from Bob’s now empty cock and opened his mouth to show his father his mouthful of cum before he swallowed it.

Jeremy was overtaken with lust. He moved quickly behind Pat and pushed him over so that he was on all fours. Everyone in the room knew internet casino what was going to happen now and no one wanted it more than Pat. Jeremy spit onto Pat’s brown opening and rubbed the liquid in. He spit there again, and then onto his cock, lubing it up quickly. He placed the head at his friends opening and asked, “You want this inside of you, right?” But he might as well have no asked, because he didn’t wait for the answer. He quickly pushed in and Pat felt the slight pain that was quickly becoming familiar.

“Oh fuck yes!” Pat screamed his reply, and he reveled in the sensation of once again receiving a dick deep in his ass. He loved it and he loved that his dad was watching him get butt fucked. Jeremy ravaged his ass. Pat knew at this pace that his friend would not last long so he enjoyed the feeling as much as possible.

“Fuck me, Jeremy! Fuck my ass! Oooh yeah, get it deep, deeper please. I want to really feel your cock inside of me. Come on, fuck me faster! Fuck my ass harder!”

Jeremy was pistoning in and out as hard, fast and deep as he could. He felt his friend’s asshole pull on his dick with each thrust. Bob couldn’t believe the words coming from his son’s mouth, but knew that he got this desire from him. He remembered commanding his wife to use the strap on dildo in the same way.

Roni moved over to Bob and looked at him saying, “You get him next. I need to get you ready.” Roni bent down and took Bob in her mouth, getting his dick nice and wet to slide into his son next. He looked down at Roni on her knees blowing him and then looked up just in time to see Jeremy grab Pat’s hips, take one final thrust, and bury his load deep into his ass.

“Oh yeah, I can feel you shooting inside of me. It feels so good, your cock is pulsating in my ass, oh I love it! Give it all to me!”

Jeremy drained his balls completely and moved out of the way.

“Daddy,” Pat said, “it’s your turn now. Come screw your son’s ass.”

Bob didn’t need to be told twice. He replaced Jeremy behind Pat and slipped the head of his dick inside of his son’s ass. “Oh yeah,” Pat responded.

“Oh, do you like that feeling? Do you like the feeling of being entered?” Bob pulled all the way out and entered the head again and received the same welcome response. He did this several times, sliding in, pulling all the way out and then reentering the hole. Finally, after the seventh or eighth time, Bob slid all the way in, burying his cock fully inside his son’s tight, but slightly used, hole. “Oh my god! I can feel Jeremy’s cum around my cock. Fucking amazing!”

“Oh yeah, use it as lube. Fuck me daddy. I want to be fucked good and hard. I don’t ever want you to stop fucking me. Your hard cock feels so good! I feel like I am being split in two and I love it!” Pat kept yelling out filthy comments as his father fucked his ass hard. For a good fifteen minutes, Bob plowed into his son’s back door and both were enjoying it immensely. Bob couldn’t hold out any longer and Pat felt the cock inside of him become rigid. Then, he felt the warmth of his father’s cum fill him up, mixing with Jeremy’s semen that was still inside. The feeling made Pat blow his load all over the carpet. As Bob’s cock shrank, he pulled out of his son’s ass. Bob, Roni and Jeremy all watched the cum mixture follow Bob’s dick out of Pat’s ass and spill down his leg.

Bob looked at Roni and said, “Thanking you so much for making me aware of what our son’s were up to. What’s next?”

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