Bicycle Seat

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My boyfriend, Brandon, is borrowing my French 10-speed road bike. Brandon and I don’t make out because he is Mormon.

“I’ve been taking this puppy for tours around campus,” he said to me earlier today.

And tours of your cock, I’m thinking now as I stand outside of Brandon’s apartment complex before I go to class, looking at the bike he’s borrowing.

Does it turn me on that my bicycle seat gets more of his cock than I do? I picture the process so vividly – and if only I were my bicycle seat! Just imagine all his genitalia rubbing up against this seat – through fabric, sure – but so much action! Cocks and balls dangling atop its sedentary support.

Or maybe it bothers me that my bicycle seat has gotten a better feel of his cock than I seemingly ever will.

How big is his shaft as it rubs against you, oh bicycle seat who I envy so deeply? Does he have a sensitive nut sack? Have you ever felt his dick’s intentions? Are its intentions conveyed to you through the crotch of his brown corduroys? Do you two ever converse and could you ask it if it wants me? Does it want to dig inside of me? Does it get hard when my boyfriend thinks about me? Does my boyfriend fantasize about me? Does his cock fantasize about me?

Oh yes, it bothers me that my bicycle seat may be so much closer to my boyfriend’s poker oyna cock than I am. I’m standing here, staring at it with an expression ridden with lust and jealousy.

Just one rub – that’s all I’m asking! Rub your dick against me, Brandon – I don’t even care if you’re wearing clothes! Just rub your dick against me. I need to feel your hard-on for me. I need to know that you want my body, and don’t you love me physically? If I whisper in your ear, won’t my breath trickle down through the open cavities of your insides, get channeled down to your cock, and set it erect like an ostentatious Grecian pillar, craving my artistic affections?

And don’t be shy, Brandon, when I unzip your pants. Touch me while I kiss your face – pinch my nipples through the thin material of this borrowed tank top I’m wearing; run your fingers along what little bit of my hot stomach shows, cup my ass in your thin hands. I’ll pull your pants and your boxers off and I’ll love your pubic hair, so much darker than the blond-brown hair on your head or the light blond hairs that grace the muscles on your arms.

And your penis, standing here, looking at me. How I’ll love the peculiarities of your penis! However long, however thick, I’ll love your circumcised cock because it’s yours and it’s finally mine.

Watch me as I take your canlı poker oyna dick in my mouth and soak it with my spit and the precum warbling out of your swollen tip. Oh, are we losing ourselves in the sweet music of our self-abandonment and my total, selfless cock worship? I’m so wet, Brandon, and even though you’re about to cum down my throat, don’t you want to feel my wetness first? Reassure me that you do! Untie my running shoes, take them off, pull my pants down, and look at my undies – how you can positively milk the desire right out of them! I am out-of-my-mind in love with your cock, how it’s bobbing like a deviant pole between your thin legs and I’ve already taken off my shirt and bra. Run your long fingers over my cunt, through my pubes, feel my abs of steel contract beneath your slight touch, squeeze the up-and-down-knobbiness of my ribs, squeeze hard and kiss my tits and feel my whole body writhe under the amazement and passion of our beautiful love making.

And is that your dick I feel bumping against my cunt and my thighs as you kiss my collarbone? Stick it in me, please, Brandon, you have to stick it in me now. This moment marks the pinnacle of all my wanting: I’ve never wanted anything more than I want your dick inside me right now. Ohhh… that’s right – feel how it eases in with such remarkable perfection? internet casino I just knew the fit would be so perfectly snug!

Now, like an angry mountain man charging through the wilderness in search of mythical treasures, ram your dick up inside of me and poke at my G-spot. I mean fuck me, sweet cheeks. Let me tickle your hole with my fingers as the walls of my pussy clamp down on your swelling cock. Pump it up into me harder and harder. Hear me panting into your ear that I love you and I want you so badly and you feel so goddamn great – shoot your steamy load deep inside, baby – and oh you make me feel like a princess with your refined, royal fucking.

Then I’m cumming and you’re cumming and we’re moving together in a soppy, wet rhythm to the senseless ecstasy of our single orgasm.

And oh my god, talk about senseless! What am I doing? All that fantasizing about sex and foreplay with Brandon had my brain so emblazoned with desire that I didn’t even realize what I’d been doing in reality all this time! I’ve got the phallic portion of my bicycle seat up in my pussy; I’ve been humping my bike for the past five minutes and just came all over it! Holy shit! I awkwardly bring one leg back over the violated bike while pulling my pants back on and inevitably fall into a bed of thorny rose bushes and weeds next to me. I battle with the prickles for what feels like an eternity, and finally get to class about fifteen minutes late with leaves in my whacked hair and scratches all over my face and body.

Fucking bicycle seat!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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