Big Changes At Home Ch. 03

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Chapter Three: A Day At The Spa

Breakfast that morning was a quiet affair, with the family eating in silence. Taryn had to admit that she found her daughter’s sideways glances, more than a little uncomfortable. Rosina kept looking at Taryn with a perceptive stare, almost as if she were trying to bore into her brain and leaf through its contents. Could her daughter somehow know about Owen’s and her relationship? If so, how would she explain it to her daughter or even get her to keep quiet.

Richard seemed to be oblivious to these glances, but then he seemed to be oblivious to most things that happened around the house. Some days Taryn wondered he would be happier with a hide-a-bed in his office rather than bothering to come home. She held in her scowl as she looked at her husband and tried not to blame him for the situation she was in with their son. Though the thought crossed her mind, that if Richard had truly satisfied her sexually, could she have resisted Owen? Even if it were true, it was a mute point, for she was involved with Owen and he was her Master.

When Owen came in the dining room, Taryn felt her temperature rise. He kissed her in the typical way a son kisses his mother. That kiss was only a tease for what she really craved and only left her wanting more. She didn’t dare grab him and kiss him in the way she wanted, even Richard would notice a deep, passionate kiss shared between mother and son. When Owen left, Taryn was left to cool down and not look too disappointed that he had left.

Taryn was so distracted with thoughts of her son that she didn’t hear her husband and daughter get up. With a kiss and an “I love you, see you later,” they were off. Now Taryn was alone in an empty house, and was left to gather up her nerve. The house wouldn’t clean up itself, and with a groan, Taryn took one last sip of her coffee.

For the next hour Taryn cleaned and tidied up the house. It didn’t take long, as she kept up on the housework but the family was adept at making a mess in record time, her husband being the worst. With a long sigh, the vacuum cleaner shut down as Taryn started to wind up the cord.

Taryn knew she was just delaying the inevitable, she was regretting her day at the spa. It was strange to regret a rare treat that she allowed herself. Her Master had told her to spend the day at the spa and treat herself, and she was happy to comply with that order. She was told to have her pussy shaved bare and her pubic hair above, trimmed into an “O”. This order was not what she was dreading, though she didn’t know how she would explain it to Richard. It was the order to try to have sex with the woman who trims her bush that she was dreading. Taryn had never in her life had sex with another woman and didn’t know if she could go through with it. Thankfully, Master only ordered her to “Try,” and not necessarily succeed; perhaps a little light flirting would be enough.

It was with this comfort that Taryn changed into a light, spring dress and walked out the front door. They lived in an upscale part of town and every convenience was within walking distance. It was a beautiful morning and the day seemed to beckon Taryn to go for a walk. The air was sweet with the lovely scent flowers on the breeze; the tree-lined streets were filled with people with the same idea. The streets were not too crowded, but there were enough people abounding to show life in the streets. It was a good day and by the time Taryn had arrived at the spa she had forgotten her troubles.

The spa was a quiet little storefront in a trendy part of town, not far from where Taryn lived. This was one of those streets that were filled with older buildings that had been fixed up, yet retaining their old charm. It had become one of those nifty shopping districts where all sorts of offbeat shops sprang up. It was for this reason that people loved to come here and walk the street, just window-shopping and seeing what was now available. Taryn was one of those people and regularly walked up and down the street, just taking in the sights.

The particular building that Taryn was entering was a two-story brick building that was much longer than it was wide. This was the norm on the street, and added to the charm with all the buildings packed so tightly together, shoulder-to-shoulder, as it were. The inside of the building looked fresh and new, with a nice cream colour dominating the entrance. The small waiting room occupied the entire front portion of the building, but only went back about ten feet. The two bay windows let in lots of light and seemed to light up the place on their own. In the middle was a tall desk with a single archway cut into the wall and a few feet beyond that was another wall so as to block your view of the back.

Nobody was there at the moment, so Taryn decided to look at the various paintings around the walls. They were all scenic pieces, and bursting with the colours of the four seasons. Taryn didn’t have to wait long before she heard some noise coming from the back. The footsteps and chatter came louder and soon two women burst into view. poker oyna

One women was smartly dressed in an expensive business suit, and the other was in hospital scrubs. The woman in the business suit walked in front of the counter and started fishing through her purse. The woman in the scrubs walked behind the counter and started tapping away on the computer. In short order the woman in the business suit had paid and walked briskly out of the spa, with a healthy glow about her. The woman in the scrubs then turned her attention to Taryn and smiled broadly.

“Taryn? Taryn Thompson?” the woman in the scrubs asked with an excited, yet questioning tone of voice.

Taryn had to give her a second glance as to see who she was. The woman standing behind the counter wearing the hospital scrubs was a tall, Italian, busty, woman, with a slender figure that even the drab, functional outfit couldn’t hide. Her black hair fell to her shoulder-blades in a thick yet strait manner but was tied back in a ponytail. As she looked over the pretty face of this woman and took in her brown eyes, she then had a spark of recognition.

“Karen?” Taryn asked with a smile on her face.

“Yeah! Good to see you! I haven’t seen you in ages!” Karen said with giddy glee as she walked toward Taryn with arms outstretched.

Taryn flashed back and suddenly remembered Karen’s story. They were not that dissimilar, in the fact that they were both married to successful lawyers. Or rather that they both were, married to successful lawyers. Karen’s story is a story of how a picture-perfect life can smash in an instant. Karen had been married to Tony Basilone, a partner in Richard’s firm, and the two were good friends. Taryn had seen Karen at many of the firm’s functions and had a good, but not especially tight friendship. Karen and Tony had a daughter, Veronica, who was finishing up high school this year. Karen had started this spa as a hobby, a reason to get out of the house and fill her days with something other than housework. When she started it, it didn’t need to be successful; it didn’t even need to pay for itself. That was until Tony swiftly divorced Karen and married a much younger lawyer in the office. Now this little spa needed to support: itself, Karen and Veronica. Karen didn’t get anything from Tony other than the business because of some prenuptial agreement, and a bit of legal trickery. After the divorce a few years ago Karen just sort-of dropped off the radar and lost touch with Taryn.

“So this is where you’re hiding out?” Taryn asked as she gave the room an obvious glance. “I never knew that this was your spa!” she said with astonishment as the two women hugged a friendly hello.

Perhaps it was the order that Master had given her, but Taryn was very aware of Karen’s body. Taryn could feel the heat from Karen’s lovely body that was now pressed up tightly against her in the friendly embrace. There was nothing sexual about the embrace, as it was simply a warm greeting between friends. That didn’t stop Taryn from momentarily wondering what she was wearing under those scrubs. With a shake of her head, Taryn pushed the nasty and troubling thought out of her mind.

“Yeah, this is mine,” Karen said with a chipper tone of voice as she smiled to herself, glancing around the room. “About all I own, these days,” she added with a somber sigh that somehow slipped out.

There was an awkward pause as Karen broke the embrace and took a seat in the many chairs scattered around the exterior of the room. Taryn didn’t know just what to say, just what she was supposed to say. After a moment she spoke up and said what was on her mind.

“I should have made a better effort to contact you,” Taryn said sympathetically as she sat down beside Karen.

“Hey, I know where you live and I never dropped by once,” Karen said as she picked up Taryn’s hand and held it.

“How are you and Veronica doing? Do you live nearby?” Taryn asked with her voice full of compassion and empathy as she looked into her friend’s eyes.

“Oh, were doing okay, this place keeps food on the table and a roof over our heads, literally, we live downstairs. We turned the basement into an apartment after the divorce. One of the last, nice things Tony did,” Karen said and sighed heavily, looking down and looking quite ashamed. “I can’t believe how far I’ve fallen.”

“You have nothing to be ashamed of!” Taryn said forcefully as she shook Karen’s hand and waited until their eyes met before they continued. “That bastard left you for a bimbo! You were the perfect wife! By the time he realizes that, it’ll be too late. Just let him try and find a woman as great as you!” she said with certainty as she looked up and huffed in disgust.

“Thanks.” Karen said as she hugged Taryn once more, quite tightly and let a few tears drop onto her friend’s shoulders. “I guess I needed to hear that,” she said gratefully and smiled warmly at Taryn.

“You’re welcome,” Taryn replied graciously.

“This is terrible for business! I shouldn’t be blubbering all over a customer! What did you come canlı poker oyna in for?” Karen said as she wiped the tears from her eyes and sat up straight.

“I came in for the works! Richard has far too much money and I need a day of pampering! I didn’t know this was your place or I would have come in sooner,” Taryn said proudly as she sat up straighter.

“Great, I’ll give you a good discount, it’s been a little slow this week,” Karen said as she stood up and walked toward the desk.

“DISCOUNT!” Taryn said with her voice thick of disgust. “I won’t hear of it! Didn’t you hear me, I said Richard has too much money, so I insist you give me the works and hose me for it to boot!” she said firmly as she walked up to the counter and the pair of women shared a conspiratorial giggle.

“I’ve never had a customer ask me to OVERCHARGE them before!” Karen replied in shock. “But I like the way you think,” she added with a giddy grin on her face as she continued to tap away at the computer.

It wasn’t long before Taryn’s day at the spa began. From one area to the next Taryn and Karen went; Taryn felt very relaxed through the course of it. All manner of odd, yet relaxing things Taryn was subjected to, and all through it she was floating on a cloud. It wasn’t until they entered the “waxing room” that Taryn tensed up. In a flash Taryn remembered all that Master had told her, she sighed deeply as she looked around the room.

“Take the robe off and have a seat,” Karen said in a casual manner as she pointed at the table in the middle of the room.

The room wasn’t that large and looked not that dissimilar to a doctor’s office. The table looked shockingly similar to a Gynecologist’s exam table. Taryn stood in the doorway and looked at the exam table and then over to Karen with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, Yeah, I got it from a Gyneo’s office, alright. I find it’s perfect for the waxing and trimming,” Karen said with a frustrated sigh and shook her head and looked at Taryn, who still didn’t move. “Just hop up there, will ya,” she said with a chuckle as she pointed at the exam table.

Taryn chuckled nervously and then removed her robe, before hopping up on the exam table. Feeling self-conscious was an understatement as Taryn laid there with her feet in the stirrups. Karen pulled up a stool that was on wheels and sat right between Taryn’s legs. Looking down between her legs and seeing her friend causally examining her most private of areas was an odd sight for Taryn. Karen looked at Taryn’s groin area with the keen eye of a professional before looking up into Taryn’s eyes.

“Geez woman, who did the hack job on you?” Karen asked with a slight shudder as she pointed at Taryn’s pussy.

“Okay! It’s been awhile since I’ve trimmed!” Taryn huffed with a defensive tone of voice and a slightly offended scowl on her face.

“Well it’s a good thing that you came in and let a professional handle this,” Karen said soothingly as she lightly ran her fingers through Taryn’s pubic hair. “What did you want done down here?” she asked as she continued to run her fingers through the soft, curly hair of Taryn’s nether region.

Taryn was surprised at how casually and calmly Karen was touching her most intimate of places. Taryn had to tell herself that because of the many times Karen had done this must be the reason that she was so comfortable with the female form. Taryn didn’t know how comfortable she would be if their places were reversed. At that moment Taryn had an image flash across her mind of that very thing. Taryn shook her head to get the image of nude Karen spread before her, out of her mind.

“Well I want the bottom shaved completely and the upper portion shaved into an ‘O’,” Taryn said with a nervous flavor to her voice that she tried to keep out.

“Excuse me?” Karen asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“I want you to shave this completely,” Taryn said as she ran her fingers over the lips of her pussy, getting a secret charge out of doing so in front of Karen. “But, up here, I want you to shave it into the shape of an ‘O’,” she said as she ran her fingers through her pubic hair above her pussy.

“I understood what you said but why an ‘O’?” Karen asked curiously, as she looked at Taryn and waited for a response.

“I . . . I have my reasons, please just do it and don’t ask why,” Taryn said in an uncomfortable manner with a slight frown on her face.

“You’re the customer, so I’ll do what you say,” Karen said as she put her hands up in surrender. “So we’re shaving this completely,” Karen said as she lightly ran a knuckle over Taryn’s slit, causing Taryn to shudder as a bolt of pleasure shot through her. “And we’re shaving this into an ‘O’, right?” Karen asked with a knowing sparkle in her eye as she ran her fingers through Taryn’s patch of pubic hair.

“Yes,” Taryn said with a slight hiss in her voice as she tried to keep her emotions in check.

For some reason this close intimate contact from her old friend was exciting her in ways she never imagined. Just the light touches here and internet casino there that she had received had fired up her imagination. Taryn hoped that her excitement would not be obvious and she tried to think of anything non-erotic. Karen set to work right away, starting off with a typical bikini-wax before moving on to Taryn’s specific demands. Even though the pain of the waxing was present, it was the soft, tender touch of Karen’s expert hands that Taryn couldn’t help but find erotic.

Things got worse for Taryn when Karen began to shave her pussy. Every movement and contact brought Taryn pleasure, as with each pass of the razor, her pussy became more sensitive. Even Karen’s breath that passed over her nether region was excruciatingly pleasurable. Once or twice Taryn even let out a mew or coo of approval, with the only acknowledgement from Karen being a knowing smirk.

Once Karen started to trim the patch of pubic hair, Taryn thought she would be safe, but this was not the case. For one, Karen used an electric trimmer and made sure to keep the vibrations to a maximum. As well the odd, carelessly placed thumb would pass over Taryn’s pussy lips or clitoris. Taryn had to bite her lip in order to keep herself from moaning during this teasing and trimming.

“There, done,” Karen said with a sparkle as she turned off the trimmer and put it down beside her. “What do you think?” she asked as she held up a mirror and showed Taryn her own pussy.

“Great, Thanks,” Taryn said as she looked over her pussy in the mirror and ran her fingers over it.

“See, we trimmed this up,” Karen said as she traced the ‘O’ shaped pubic patch. “And we shaved this bald,” she said as she ran her finger up Taryn’s pussy.

For a frightening moment, Karen traced her finger up and down Taryn’s pussy leisurely. Taryn was conflicted for on one hand she wanted this caressing to stop, but another part of her wanted it to continue. Karen looked at Taryn in the eye with a sparkle in her own and continued to caress and pet Taryn’s now moist pussy.

“You like this don’t you?” Karen asked with a knowing glint in her eye and a slightly husky tone of voice.

“I . . . it looks lovely, yes,” Taryn said nervously as she smiled at Karen, trying to hide her nervous excitement.

It was the look in Karen’s eyes that had Taryn scared, for she could see that Karen was interested. At the very least, Karen liked teasing Taryn and enjoyed the predicament that Taryn was in. What scared Taryn the most was the fact that she might actually be able to seduce Karen. Taryn was still unsure if she could actually have sex with Karen but she still had to at least try, Master’s orders were very specific. Perhaps if Karen brought her off, that would be enough to satisfy both herself and Master’s order.

“No, silly . . . you like, this, don’t you?” Karen said as she then slipped her finger inside Taryn’s pussy lips and ran her finger up to Taryn’s clitoris.

“Ooooooh Yess!” Taryn hissed out as the simple caress brought her intense pleasure.

“It’s okay, a lot of women can’t help but get excited over having their pussies shaved,” Karen said soothingly as she continued the obvious teasing of Taryn’s pussy. “Would you like me to bring you off?” she asked as she leaned forward and lightly blew on Taryn’s clitoris.

“Ooooooooh GOD YEEESSSSS!!” Taryn hissed out in a desperate whine as her pelvis started to twitch, twist and convulse.

“Just relax, honey, this won’t take long,” Karen said confidently with a chuckle as she thrust her index finger into Taryn’s pussy.

“Is this something you do for every client?” Taryn asked as she looked down at Karen lovingly; her body was quickly becoming overwhelmed with pleasure.

“Sometimes it is necessary to ‘take the edge off’ of a client,” Karen said with a smirk on her face before she added with a chuckle, “You should see what I do for those women who tip heavily!” Karen laughed knowingly and winked at Taryn, hoping she would share in the joke.

“We’ll I’m paying DOUBLE, so EAT ME!” Taryn said with a determined growl before she reached up and grabbed two handfuls of black hair and pulled Karen’s face to her heated pussy.

“Hang on a second! I don’t eat pussy! I’m not a dyke! Let me go!” Karen protested and urged, but the words didn’t come out as anything intelligent.

Karen quickly realized that with her lips pressed so tightly against Taryn’s pussy that like it or not, she was eating her friend’s pussy. Karen struggled for another moment to break free but knew that even this effort to break free was simply resulting in her reluctantly munching on her friend’s rug. She cursed Taryn inside her head and resigned herself to the reluctant lesbian experience.

She reached out with her tongue and licked the inside of Taryn’s pussy-lips for the first time, eliciting a sigh of approval from Taryn. When her tongue returned to her mouth Karen found that the new taste it brought with it, was sweet and to her liking. Conflicted, yet reluctantly she went back for more of the delicious nectar. It wasn’t long before Karen was licking and sucking at Taryn’s pussy of her own desire, Taryn’s hands returning to her sides. Karen had a need to make Taryn cum, she had a hunger to bring this woman to orgasm with just her lips and tongue.

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