Big Dick Nic Ch. 02

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Dominic pushed the door to the bedroom open. He was going to confront the boys once and for all. He swung open Tyler’s bedroom door to reveal that Tyler and Charlie were sitting in the bedroom on their phones.

“Okay, boys. I’m done with this bullshit.” Dominic yelled.

“What are you talking about?” Charlie asked, sweetly.

“Yeah, Dad. Are you losing your mind?” Tyler smiled, going back to his phone.

“Are you two kidding me? You both now what you have been doing to me. And I’m over this. You two have not only been having sex together, you were filming me and Christina.” Dominic screamed, pulling the phone away from Tyler.

“Oh come on Dad, that’s crazy.” Tyler said.

“Tyler, I fucking saw you in my bathroom watching me shower.” Dominic yelled.

“Yeah, you finally noticed now.” Tyler laughed.

“What?!” Dominic yelled.

“Oh Dad, it’s hilarious that you think that this is all starting now.” Charlie said, standing up and making his way towards Dominic. “We’ve been doing this for years, spying on you, watching you in the shower, and even getting my ass pounded by Tyler.” He stood in front of Dominic and slowly began to slide his hand towards Dominic’s crotch. “It’s now that I’m an adult that, we can finally all play together. So, we wanted to trip up and give you an invitation into our games.”

Dominic backed away from Charlie’s advances. He tried to leave in anger, but Tyler closed the door.

“We heard what you said to Christina. You are considering fucking us. Plus, she wants you to.” Tyler said, moving closer to Dominic.

“I can’t Tyler, you’re my son.” Dominic told him, trying to push Tyler away.

“That didn’t stop you from jerking off to me and Peter. I know you want to fuck me. I want it. I want it bad, Daddy. We both do. I might act like a total macho top to get some pussy or ass, but sometimes I need a big, throbbing cock in me. I need it right now.” Tyler said, pulling his Dad’s big head into a kiss.

Dominic wanted to pull away, he really did, but he couldn’t resist the forbidden kiss. Tyler saying the word Daddy had gone straight to Dominic’s groin.

Dominic began to take charge of the kiss, pulling Tyler closer to him. Dominic pushed Tyler’s mouth open to allow his huge tongue in there. They continued the bruising kiss until Tyler pulled back up for air.

Charlie smiled from the bed. His plan was working perfectly. And, after noticing a rather large bulge in Dominic’s shorts, Charlie strode over and grabbed it in his hand through the fabric.

“I guess you really do want us.” Charlie laughed.

“Shut up” Dominic said, pulling Charlie in for a bruising kiss.

Once he was pulled away, Dominic ordered the two boys to strip out of their clothes while he sat on the bed and palmed his erection through his shorts.

Charlie went first. He stripped off his shirt first to reveal his small, hairless frame. It was slightly muscular, but nothing near Tyler or Dominic. Dominic gave out a whistle of approval, causing Charlie to blush.

The small teen undid his jeans, slowly lowering them down his hairless legs, leaving him only in gray briefs. He began to slide them down, but Dominic stopped him.

“Not yet Charlie, let your brother go.” Dominic grinned.

Dominic pulled Charlie on the bed. Quickly, Tyler took his place and began to strip. Tyler’s shirt came off, carelessly tossing it onto the floor. He proudly showed off his musculature, which was nice for his age, but not as impressive as what his father was packing. Tyler could see that they were enjoying the show and sensually pulled down his shorts to reveal his tight, white boxer briefs, which were even tighter with the big bulge stuffed inside.

Ever the güvenilir bahis exhibitionist, Tyler began to dance like he was a stripper. He shook his crotch in Charlie’s face, which he was loving. Dominic was laughing and enjoying the show, but it was his turn now.

He pushed his son onto the bed. And after giving Tyler a quick kiss, he took his place in front of the boys. Dominic removed his shirt ever so slowly. Giving them a view of first his rock hard abs and then his huge pecs, before casting it off entirely. Dominic flexed his huge muscles and bounced his amazing pecs all to get a reaction out of the boys. It was clearly working, since they were basically salivating over him.

Dominic walked over to Charlie and stood over him, so that Charlie’s face was eye level with Dominic’s crotch.

“Take him out, Charlie. The beast wants to play, and he tells me that he really likes you.” Dominic said in his gruff, sexy tone.

Charlie was hypnotized by him. He tried to quickly slide the shorts down, but they were getting caught on the huge boner. Finally, he got the shorts down, and he was greeted with 13 long, thick inches of dick slapping his face.

“What can I say, I go commando.” Dominic laughed.

Charlie smiled and began taking the cock into his mouth, trying to force it in as deep as he could. And not wanting to be left out, Tyler slid in and began licking his fathers heavy, hairless nutsack. The two boys continued to slobber over Dominic’s huge cock, alternating between sucking and licking. Dominic was in heaven watching the two boys fight over his cock.

“Okay boys, I wanna get us somewhere that is a little more comfortable.” Dominic grinned.

Without warning, he picked up Charlie and swung him over his shoulder. He proceeded to do the same to Tyler, startling both boys.

“Dad, you are amazing.” Tyler laughed.

Dominic smiled as he carried the boys to his bedroom. His gigantic erection lead the way. He kicked open the door and threw the boys onto the bed.

“So where were we? Ah right, you boys need to lose your underwear. I want to see how you measure up against this.” Dominic smiled, pulling out his massive boner, still covered in saliva. Tyler went first, sliding down to reveal a 9-inch cock.

“Impressive, son. I guess big dicks run in the family.” Dominic laughed.

Charlie knew he was next. He shyly worked his underwear down to reveal his 6.5 inch erection. He sat there looking up at Dominic, seeming to seek his approval.

“What a cute little cock, it must be half the size of mine.” Dominic laughed. Charlie face fell.

“Don’t worry little buddy. I’ve fucked plenty of people with smaller dicks then you.” Dominic said.

“But I bet none of ’em had a bigger one than Big Dick Nic.” Tyler laughed.

“That is true.” Dominic started. “Now make room for Big Daddy.” He finished, climbing in between the boys.

The three sat on the bed, making out. Each of the boys were fighting to get some time with Dominic. It gave him a sense of alpha male pride to be the the object of the boys’ desire to be fucked. Dominic was like the stud that everyone wanted to give them his seed.

Eventually, Tyler worked his way down Dominic’s body. He kissed his rock hard muscles until he made it to the monster Dominic had between his legs.

“I love this thing.” Tyler said before beginning to deepthroat the enormous cock.

It didn’t work too well because Tyler was gagging only 5 inches in. Dominic knew he needed to take control and pushed his son’s mouth deeper onto his cock. Tyler gagged all the way down until he miraculously managed to hit Dominic’s huge balls.

“Damn, you seem to love my dick. How does it taste, son? How do you like the huge cock that türkçe bahis created you?” Dominic said. Tyler could only mumble a response before pulling himself off.

“It’s fucking amazing Daddy. Charlie, you gotta try and deepthroat it.” Tyler smiled, ushering Charlie over.

Charlie had no fear and shoved his face into the older man’s crotch. Dominic repeated the same process with Tyler on Charlie. Charlie was gagging hard as well, but did not want to quit.

Dominic called Tyler over so that he could eat his ass. Because, if Dominic is going to go for it with his son, then damnit, he’s going all the way.

Tyler felt the huge tongue enter his puckered hole. It felt incredible, like a small cock. The tongue went in and out, causing some amazing sensations.

Dominic, without warning, pushed Tyler aside and pulled his cock out of Charlie’s mouth. He reached over to the nightstand and pulled out lube and a condom.

“So I’m going to fuck you guys now. I’m big, as you know, and I don’t like being gentle. So, tell me if you wanna tap out.” Dominic said.

“No way, don’t stop. Even if we scream, keep going.” Tyler said.

“Well son, I’ll start with you first.” Dominic smiled.

He rolled the condom down his impressive length, before applying lube to his shaft and then his son’s ass. Once prepared, he began to push the length into his son’s asshole.

“Oh Dad, it feels so good.” Tyler moaned at the invasion.

Dominic loved watching his son get impaled on his monster. It looked so beautiful that he needed to take a picture and frame it.

“Daddy, move.” Tyler demanded.

Dominic smiled and set forth on a brutal thrust, intending to force his length in there. Dominic had always loved to jam big things into small spaces as a kid, and he especially fucking loved doing it as an adult. He rammed his huge dong in and out, getting lost in the feeling of his son’s tight anal walls. He grabbed onto his son’s hips to force himself in more and more. Eventually, he felt the satisfying pound of his balls hitting two fleshy ass cheeks.

“You did it baby. It took Christina ten years to get me to bottom out. It only took you ten minutes to get me balls deep in your ass.” Dominic smiled, so proud of his son.

Tyler could only smile and try to push back onto his Dad’s dick. He was so horny and needed the deep dicking from his father. And ever the one to please his son, Dominic picked up the pace. He balls roughly hitting his son’s ass with each powerful thrust.

Dominic was lost in feeling of pounding a tight boy hole, that he forgot it was his son’s. He didn’t even realize that his stepson had slipped underneath them and was giving his balls a nice tongue bath. Charlie would also lick his shaft and Tyler’s asshole.

Dominic kept his brutal pace, slamming in and out of his son. He heard a loud scream and found out that Tyler had just cum, tightening his anal walls around the thick cock inside him. Not ready to cum just yet, Dominic pulled out.

Dominic pulled Charlie to him and prepared him for the massive invader that was about to explore the deepest part of him. After a hot touching and lubing, Dominic had prepared Charlie for his cock.

“You ready?” He asked Charlie.

“Please, just go.” Charlie whined.

Dominic smiled, slamming into the smaller man with a brutal thrust. His huge cock pushed deep inside the boy, stretching him wider than he’s ever been stretched before. Charlie moaned on Dominic’s cock. It was far bigger than any one he’d taken before, and Charlie was loving it.

Dominic pulled out and flipped Charlie on his back so that he was face to face with his step-son. Charlie started to protest until Dominic captured his mouth in a rough kiss. Charlie güvenilir bahis siteleri got lost in the kiss, so he was surprised to feel Dominic roughly shoving his huge meat back into his ass. Charlie yelped and moaned inside Dominic’s mouth, urging him to go faster and harder inside of him. Dominic continued to push deeper inside of Charlie with each brutal pound. The boy’s ass squeezed tight on Dominic’s fat prick each time he entered the boy.

Tyler was rock hard again watching his godly father taking his pleasure from the tiny boy underneath him. He was completely turned on by the scene, and needed some relief. So, he began stroking his large cock at the scene.

Being an ever dutiful father, Dominic could not just let Tyler only jerk off to him. He maneuvered Charlie’s body so that he was on all fours, never losing the brutal pace of his thrusts. He beckoned his son over to them. And getting the message, Charlie opened wide to take Tyler in his mouth.

Charlie was getting destroyed by the father and son, turning into a whimpering mess between two hard, muscular bodies. Tyler moved in and out of Charlie’s relaxed throat, his big balls slapping Charlie’s chin. His father continued his hard pounding of his stepson.

Dominic stared at his son. He was so proud that he could share this moment with his precious boy. But at the same time, his son being their drove Dominic harder, just to show off. Tyler was technically competition now for Charlie. Dominic wanted to give his stepson reason to crawl back to him.

“He’s a good little slut, ain’t he Dad.” Tyler laughed, giving a particularly hard thrust into Charlie’s throat.

“Damn right, son. This little bitch was meant for cocks. Just look at the way he’s crying on the ends of our huge, manly dicks.” Dominic smiled, smacking Charlie’s ass.

Dominic reached up and pounded his fist into Tyler’s in a cocky display. The two men continued to thrust in and out of the small boy at their fast pace. Dominic reached down and began stroking Charlie’s cock. The stimulation from both the ravishing and the handjob pushed Charlie over the edge. He came all over Dominic’s hand with a loud scream.

“You came already, slut?” Dominic laughed, lifting his hand back. Dominic licked Charlie’s cum off of his hand. “Mmm, sweet.” He said.

Dominic resumed his thrusting in Charlie’s now tightening ass, causing Charlie to moan around Tyler’s cock. Tyler moaned too at the great feeling. The two studs kept destroying Charlie, who was loving it.

After ten more minutes of the ravishing, Tyler was almost there. Charlie’s throat felt so good around his cock. With a roar, he let loose his sperm into Charlie’s throat, who swallowed it, but some dribbled out of the sides of his mouth. As a thank you, Tyler began deepthroating Charlie. This sent him over the edge cumming for the second time, and in Tyler’s mouth. He managed to swallow it all though.

This scene turned Dominic on so much, that it brought him to the edge. He yanked his prick out of Charlie’s wrecked hole.

“On your knees boys.” Dominic yelled.

The boys obeyed. They kneeled directly below his cock, which Dominic began jacking at an amazing pace. Tyler leaned over and began licking his father’s balls. This finally drove Dominic over the edge, letting loose a ton of sperm all over the boys’ faces.

The two boys laughed at their covered faces and began making out. Dominic smiled and joined in, falling onto the bed with a boy on each side.

“They weren’t kidding when they called you Big Dick Nic. So, did you like it, Daddy?” Charlie asked, rubbing his hand across Dominic’s huge muscles.

“Very much boys, we have to do this again soon.” Dominic smiled, kissing both boys on the forehead.

“How about I order some takeout, and then we can get ready for round two.” Tyler smiled, running out of the room buck naked.

“I look forward to it.” Dominic said, bringing Charlie in closer for a kiss.

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