Bigrig Ch. 04

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Jonathan woke up alone once more. It had been two weeks since Bruce had brought him home. The tests did finally come back. Well, actually, they had been back three days after they were sent. Someone had misplaced the results, not finding them, until Greg had threatened to put his foot up someone’s ass if they didn’t.

But even since he had known he was clean, there just wasn’t any motivation in Jonathan lately. He felt drained and tired most of the time. Sleep would overcome him, if it got quiet enough, and this was beginning to worry him. What in the hell was wrong with him, anyway? He had no desire to even get out of bed most days of late. Something had to be done, or a reason for it must be discovered.

Still, he was surprised that Bruce and Greg had not picked up on it. Always trying to maintain his sweet disposition, he was beginning to struggle with it now. And it wasn’t so much Greg, or Bruce as is was just the way he was feeling lately… like someone had wrung him out and left him to dry.

He threw the covers back going into the adjacent bathroom just a few feet away. After doing the necessary, he washed his hands and face, brushing his teeth, tongue, and the roof of his mouth. Brushing through his hair he braided it in a long thick braid. Taking one of the earthen colored elastics, Greg had bought for him, he tied it off at the end.

Going back into the adjacent bedroom, he went to the chest of drawers across from the bed. Opening it he pulled out a pair of the jeans, Bruce had given him, that once belonged to his nephew. Putting them on, he crouched, making the tight jeans conform to his body. He then put on a red T-shirt, from the same batch of clothing. Finding the pair of house slippers, Greg had also purchased for him, he put them on, going into the kitchen.

The two men sat eating breakfast, talking quietly. Going to the coffeepot first, he reached up into the cabinet. Grabbing a cup, he filled it with the hot liquid. He then sat at his place at the table, pouring the half-and-half in, and stirring in his sugar.

“Are you okay?” Bruce asked then.

“Yeah…” Jonathan half smiled at the man, as he brought the cup to his lips with both hands.

“I said good mornin’ to ya. Guess you didn’t hear me.” Bruce returned.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.” Jonathan felt sick that he hadn’t.

“You sure you’re okay?” Greg now put the back of his hand on the youth’s forehead. “You’re still warm… but you seem to be okay. I can’t understand why the fever still hangs on, so.” The man fussed.

“I’m depressed, that’s why. I want to go with Bruce. You keep tellin’ me everything I can’t do, that I want to do.” Jonathan griped at the doctor solemnly now.

“Well, go! I’m just lookin’ after your damn health, bitch!” Greg barked back.

“I will, damn it! You’re not my mother anyway!” Jonathan shouted back.

“Fuck you, bitch.” Greg stood leaving the table, and the room.

“What’s with you, Jonathan?” Bruce had seen it, but he didn’t believe it. Jonathan did have a bad side. He was stubborn and willful. This wasn’t the sweet little man he had picked up just three or four weeks ago. This guy was someone completely different.

“I’m startin’ to feel like he’s tryin’ to keep me away from you.In every since of the word. How am I suppose to feel?” Jonathan explained vehemently.

Tears filled his eyes as he spoke. He too was surprised at himself, really. And he knew he had hurt the man that had so faithfully taken such good care of him. But he couldn’t help but feel the way he did.

“I think you two need to fuck, and get it over with.” Bruce grinned obnoxiously. Standing he came around the table. Grasping the youth’s shirt, he pulled him out of the chair.

“Hey!” Jonathan called out, as Bruce began to drag him out of the kitchen, and into the bedroom. He fought him all the way.

When they got to the bedroom Greg raised up, wondering what all the commotion was about. Bruce shoved the youth toward the man so, that Jonathan fell over the edge. He then grabbed the youth, lifting him, tossing him next to Greg.

“Now, you two fuck, and get it outta the way.” Bruce growled. “I am not puttin’ up with this shit.”

“I’m not touchin’ ‘im! He’s your bitch!” Greg stated firmly.

“I said, fuck! And I mean get to it! Now!” Bruce growled at him louder, his hands on his hips.

The two stared at each other for a long moment, before Greg looked over at Jonathan. He knew to argue with Bruce, when he was like this, was like trying to trap a rattlesnake. But as he looked into Jonathan’s face, he began to realize that perhaps the man was right.

Everytime he looked at Jonathan he could feel that twinge of arousal come over him. This had never happened to him before, not even with Bruce, or even Tony, who was a mutual friend of theirs. He was finding he was scolding himself more often lately, for the potential of an obsession that could occur. But now, he was realizing that, all this time, all he had free spin wanted was to just touch him, and hold him, make love to him.

He then took the youth into his arms, staring into his face long. It felt to him like crossing the line of a taboo of some sort. But it also felt so delightfully wicked.

Jonathan eagerly was molding his body to his, as if he had awaited this moment for years. And the feel of him so close, was strangely erotic. Sensation was coursing through him already and nothing had yet been done.

Slowly, he completely closed the distance between them. Inertly, he leaned his head down, coming closer to the youth’s face. His breath quickened, even before he had touched the youth’s lips. It seemed his heart would pound its way out of his chest before long.

When their lips met, it seemed an eruption took place between them. Right away their kiss was heated. They seemed to war with the other for advantage and mastery.

Greg pulled the youth closer, beginning to plunder his body hungrily. Unconsciously, his hands moved over him with such abandon. His head turned one way then the other as he took control of their union quickly. A bit of force was added, from where, or why, he wasn’t certain.

He soon moved half over Jonathan, pushing a knee between the youth’s thighs. Moving against the teen’s body, he gathered the T-shirt from the bottom, pulling it up and over his head. Loosening the jeans he moved, as Bruce helped the man removed them. Now Jonathan lay there naked… Vulnerable to the doctor’s stare.

As many times as he had seen the youth’s nakedness, it had not seemed to effect him as it did at the moment. His entire being was engrossed in the youth’s frail thin body.

Compassion overcame him once more. A need for the youth grew at the same moment. Gently a single hand traveled lightly over his upper body, in a slow meandering movement.

Coming down atop Jonathan once again, he surrounded him in his gentle arms. They kissed as Greg eased into his body.

Jonathan moaned softly at the feel of the man’s entry. He arched toward him, taking in all he could of Greg. His body surged with arousal and need, as the doctor’s gentle hands explored him freely. Soon his whines begged the man for more. Wanting release… Needing to be sated.

Very soon they were moving together with wild abandon. Embraced as they kissed, they reveled in the feel and need of the other’s body.

Greg now pinned the youth’s hands over his head, holding them there. It seemed his need for force had suddenly returned. He plunged deep into the teen’s body powerfully. And Jonathan met with the man’s challenge, pushing onto him with a strength of his own. Their bodies mounted higher toward completion.

Jonathan soon pulled away from the man’s mouth, gasping for air. “Fuck me…” he whispered to him. “Come on… Fuck me, man.” It was as if Jonathan would dare him to do, whatever is was that he desired.

Greg pushed harder into the youth, causing him to arch his head back groaning aloud. He grinned wickedly, as he felt the first of Jonathan’s release deep inside. Watching him eagerly, he listened to the sounds of his climax, enjoying the feel of it as it happened. But it quickly faded, and he continued to drive his manhood into the youth.

Eagerly Jonathan arched toward him once more. He watched Greg’s face, as the man assaulted his body lovingly, over and again. And yet, he insisted on the light-handed force, he was giving. But this was nothing to Jonathan. Still, he couldn’t help but wonder if the man was holding himself back. Perhaps he needed a little goading to help him along.

“You like this young ass?” Jonathan teased him now. “You like being in control of me? Holding me down, so I can’t be free of you? Fuckin’ me? You like it?”

“Yes, Babe… I love it… You’re such a turn on.” Greg breathed.

“Yeah? I turn you on?” the youth spoke on his breath with a wicked grin.

“Yeah, Babe… You do turn me on… badly.”

“You’ve wanted me all along, huh?”

“Yeah, Babe… I have.”

“All you had to do was bend me over and ream me.” Jonathan began to breathe heavily once more. “Come on, Doc… Take what you want… Do it… Fuck my young ass.”

“God, Jonathan…” The man leaned down nestling against the youth’s head and neck. His body was overcome by the simple words the youth had spoken.

Yes, he wanted to control him. If he had the chance, he would tie him from head to toe, leaving him completely defenseless, against his the fantasies he had seen in his mind. And, yes, he wanted to take what he wanted from him powerfully.

He moaned over and again moaning aloud as he spilled into the youth. His body trembled with the intensity of it. And it was all he could do to keep moving. If not for Jonathan taking control at the moment, he would only lie there trembling and jerking from this strong release.

“Yes, Greg… That’s it… Give it to me.” Jonathan whispered into the bonus veren siteler man’s ear. He continued to ride the man’s length arching high for Greg’s sake. Soon the man calmed and they slowed to a stop. Greg released the youth’s hands, as they lie kissing and caressing lightly.

“Now, you guys feel better?” Bruce asked, lying right next to them.

“I don’t know…” Jonathan teased. “I might need another go at it, just to be sure.”

The two men laughed. “You’re an animal.” Greg teased.

“No, I’m a wild thang.” Jonathan corrected him playfully. “You’re the animal. You just ain’t given into it, yet.” He smiled up at the man for a moment. But it faded, as he thought of the things he had not thanked him for. “Thanks, for all your gifts. I really appreciate ’em.” He stated sincerely.

“Your welcome. I guess I was just doin’ that, to substitute for what I really wanted from you. I didn’t know, Bruce was gonna let me have you too.” the man confessed.

“You know that I always share everything with you, Greg. And I could see you guys avoidin’ each other so bad. That’s why you two were at each other’s throats. You wanted each other, and the frustration was gettin’ to ya.

“From now on, you guys wanna screw around, go for it. I’m not gonna listen to you two bitch and fight, all the damn time.” Bruce was smiling as he spoke, but he meant every word he said. “And another thing, if you two wanna touch and pet, or whatever, just do it. Don’t let this happen again.”

“Okay, Bruce.” Greg rolled to the other side of Jonathan, getting comfortable.

“Jonathan, go shower. We gotta get the truck loaded up.” Bruce now ordered gently.

Jonathan moved without protest. His excitement rose at the idea of them leaving together in the truck. He had waited for those words now, for four weeks.

“So, you’re takin’ ‘im with ya?” Greg asked as a statement.

“You want me to leave ‘im with you, for a week or two?” Bruce asked. “He can’t stay here alone. And I don’t want you hangin’ round here, when I’m not here… until this thing is over with his Uncle.”

“It’s up to you. I could take ‘im to my apartment.” Greg offered. “He’s still got a fever, Bruce.”

The man sighed. He turned to Jonathan, who stood between the bed and the bathroom door listening. “I know you wanna go, Baby. But, he’s right. You still need another week or two, to be sure your not sick.”

Jonathan’s, little chin quivered, as his head dropped to his chest. He turned to the bathroom, going in, closing the door slowly.

“Damn, Bruce… I hate to break his little heart like this. But what should we do? What if you get out west and he renews?” Greg asked.

“I agree… He’ll just have to buck up this time.” The man stated solemnly.

Jonathan rode in Greg’s car to the man’s apartment. He was silent, feeling his very heart had been ripped out of him, when Bruce left without him.

Slowly, he helped Greg unload their clothes and stuff into the place he’d be living, for at least the next two weeks. As he made it inside, he stood not knowing where to go.

Greg had a good size apartment, which he had enjoyed for the last several years. The front door opened, bringing one right into the living room. There was a sofa in the center of the large room. Two end tables, each had lamps on them at either end of the sofa. It faced the wall, to the left. In front of the sofa, was a wooden coffee table.

There were two recliners, sitting at an angle, on each end of the coffee table, facing the television. The television was against the right wall.

There was a large Oriental rug, on the richly polished wooden floor, from the front of the sofa and two recliners, to the front of the entertainment cabinet, that housed the television, VCR and videotapes of all kinds.

A large bookcase divided the living room from the dinning area. It was arranged with old books, vases with plants, and nice things to dress it up a bit.

In the dining room, a roundtable with four chairs under it stood, in the center. It led into the kitchen, which had an island in the center. This is where the stovetop was. On the side of it was a veggie sink, chopping counter, and knife rack.

There was plenty of counter space and two large sinks against the wall, along with the oven and dishwasher. The back door was to the right as one entered the kitchen.

The staircase leading upstairs, was directly in front of the front door. Under the staircase were a half bath, and the laundry closet.

Upstairs and to the left, was the bathroom and bedroom. The bathroom was to the right. The bedroom was adjacent to it.

Entering the bedroom, the bed was situated to the right and center of the wall. A large closet, on the same wall closer to the door, was where Greg hung all of his clothes. A dresser stood across from the bed, on the left wall. Next to it, and close to the window, was the small closet, where Jonathan’s clothes would be kept. Between the deneme bonusu veren siteler door and the dresser, was the chest of drawers.

Entering the bathroom from the large bedroom, was the toilet, sink, then the large tub. The shower, was on the left, across from the tub. It was opened, with sliding doors of etched Plexiglas. Stepping into it, one-stepped down into a water wonderland. Turing the water on, one was completely surrounded in water. From the waterfall showerhead, to the small jets in the walls, aiming at different angles.

“Come with me, Jonathan.” Greg led him upstairs, to the bedroom. “Put your clothes in here.” He opened a vacant closet for the youth.

When Jonathan unloaded his arms onto the bed nearby, Greg moved up behind him, encircling him in his arms. “Jonathan, I know how much you wanted to go with him. He’s concerned you’ll get sick again out there in the cold weather, just as much as I am. And that wouldn’t be very much fun, would it?” The man now tried to reason with the youth.

“No,” Jonathan answered softly, mulling over what he was saying. And it was true… As weak as his body was, at the moment, it was very likely, he would become ill again. That would cause Bruce a lot of trouble, if they were thousands of miles away from home, and needing medical attention. He sighed heavily, as Greg kissed his cheek lightly.

“I’ll do my best to make you feel at home, Babe. When we get the car unloaded, we’ll go shopping. Bruce gave me some money, to buy you some new clothes, for when you go out with him, next time.” The man informed him.

“Really?” Jonathan now turned, facing the man.

“Yep. So, let’s get the car unloaded and we’ll get goin’.” The man smiled into the youth’s face.

He leaned down, kissing Jonathan fully. The youth encircled him in his arms, pulling his body close to the man. A soft moan issued from Greg, as Jonathan’s young body was now pressed to his.

The torrid heat between them, seemed to ignite his senses instantly. He struggled with the temptation to lift him in his arms, and take him to his bed, right then.

His hands apparently had minds of their own, as they plundered him inertly. One slipped under the kid’s T-shirt, while the other moved further down his body. It finally came to a halt, as the fingers began to curve under his bottom, trying to sneak their way between his thighs.

A moan escaped him, as he pulled Jonathan more firmly against him. Or had it been Jonathan that had moaned? He couldn’t be sure. Still, he could feel his young hardness pressed against him. The inexplicable incitement he felt, was beyond his comprehension at the moment.

He had found himself liking the youth, since the first time he met him. As he had gotten to know Jonathan, his interest had grown. So many times, he had wanted to just kiss his mouth, or hug him close. But, he was afraid Bruce might become incensed. And out of respect for him, and his new companion, he kept his distance from Jonathan.

Now that he knew the youth was open to them both, he found himself wanting him more than ever. It would be good for them, to spend some time alone together… Get to know each other even better.

He knew that if he didn’t stop himself now, he would do just what the temptation was, that needled him so. And they would go nowhere, or do anything but make love all morning… maybe, the rest of the day.

Greg slowly pried himself from the youth, smiling down into his angelic face. “Let’s get the car unloaded, so we can take you shopping. I’d like to spend some time with you, the rest of the day.” Greg admitted.

“This is the real reason you wanted me to stay. So you can molest me whenever you feel like it.” Jonathan teased.

Greg chuckled. “It could be…but the car is still not unloaded and we are not shopping, are we?”

Jonathan nodded, laughing, feeling much better now. He turned, leading the way back down to the car. When they had unloaded it and put away their clothes and things, they piled back into the car, going to the local shopping center. As Greg parked the car in a spot, he turned the key cutting the engine. Turning to the youth, he smiled.

“You stay with me, now. Don’t run off somewhere so, I can’t find you.” Greg warned.

“Okay.” Jonathan nodded, understanding the man’s concern.

They exited the car and went together into the center. Greg headed straight for the men’s section, with Jonathan right beside him. Having looked at the tags on the jeans, the youth had been wearing, he had a good idea what size the youth was.

He helped Jonathan pick out several pair, which he took into the dressing room to try on. Greg sat on the bench in the little room, watching him change into the first pair.

“Are they too tight?” Greg asked as Jonathan slipped his hand inside guarding himself from the zipper.

“No, I just need to break ’em in.” The youth returned grinning. He winced as he tugged hard on the zipper to get it up. And the soreness in his tummy still seemed to be troubling him.

“You like to wear tight jeans, huh?” Greg asked playfully.

“Well…” he turned leaning close to the man. “How does it effect you, when you see me in ’em?” he whispered to the man.

“Hmp.” Greg half laughed. “I get your point.”

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