Billy’s Fantasy

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Thanks to Jasmine 2083 for reviewing the story for spelling and grammer.

“Could you please go and put something on that fits you correctly?”

My mother was standing in front of the stove while she cooked my breakfast. I had on a tee shirt and a pair of cut off jean shorts. She was pretending to be pissed off because the end of my cock was sticking out the leg of my shorts. This was not an accident, I had cut the legs off this pair of jeans myself, and had made sure that the end of my cock would be exposed when I sat in the right position.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about mother,” I replied innocently, “you just bought me this shirt a few weeks ago.”

“You know exactly what I am talking about Billy,” she replied as she turned to check the breakfast, “the legs on those cut-offs are way too short, and you’re not a little boy anymore.”

“You’re right mom, I’m not a little boy anymore, and I’ve told you before to stop calling me Billy, I’d rather Bill, or William for that matter, Billy is a little kid’s name.” This had been a sore point between us for some time. “As you can see, I am not a little boy anymore.” I said referring to my expanding cock that was snaking its way down the inside of my thigh, which she would see if she turned and looked.

Without turning she replied, “I’m not going to look at your cock if that’s what you want. I’ve seen a few cocks in my life, and frankly none of the ones I’ve seen have been that impressive and I’d be surprised if yours was anything to get excited about. Trust me, if you took after your father, you don’t have anything to be too proud of.” She giggled at that, which was kind of annoying, she never said anything positive about my dad.

However that comment made it apparent that I knew something she did not know. It sounded like I was somewhat more endowed than my deadbeat father. In fact, I knew I was more endowed that most of the other guys. All through high school I had built up a reputation of having the biggest cock in my class, which from my observations in the locker room were pretty much true. So true, in fact, that too few of the girls I dated wanted to fuck me. Some gave me hand jobs, and Mary Ellen, a girl I had known since grade one, would pretty much suck me off anytime I wanted. So technically I was still a virgin. I had watched plenty of porn on-line though and I knew I didn’t have the biggest cock on the planet, and there were obviously women that had no issues getting fucked with something as large as mine. That’s why I had begun to focus my attentions towards my own mother. She was definitely MILF material, in the most pornographic sense of the word; although you wouldn’t know it by the way she acted or dressed.

I had rubbed my cock to a semi-hard state while mom had been sounding off. “I’m nothing like my father,” I replied, “See for yourself.” I stood up and put one leg up on my chair, which caused the cut-off jeans to ride up even further exposing almost seven inches of semi-hard cock meat. Come on mom, turn around and have a look at my cock, it’s really something to see!”

Of course she didn’t turn around, because this was a scene from my fantasies, not anything that has ever come close to really happening no matter how much I wanted mom to notice me. I’d had this dream almost every morning for the last few weeks, and I woke up just as I had gotten to a point that if mom turned around she’d see my cock, and who knows what would happen after that. Both my waking and nighttime dreams included me doing all sorts of dirty and nasty things with my mother, but this dream was particularly vivid, and disappointing from lack of fulfillment. At least when I checked out my mother’s great body, almost always hidden under too many layers of clothes it seemed, I could jack off and experience that physical pleasure. As it happened, I jacked off a lot.

Mom worked during the week, so for years now Saturday and Sunday mornings were the only days we had a sit down breakfast, usually we were running off to work, or school until I graduated 3 weeks ago. I was nineteen and ready for college, and had two months to enjoy life before hitting the books again. I was going to a local college in the fall, and had a part time job at the local supermarket which I planned to keep. It didn’t distract from me getting decent marks in high school, and if I was able to work it properly I would have enough cash during college too. During the summer I worked three 12 hour days, and had the rest of the week off. However, the hours sucked for those three days, starting at six in the morning. Three days on and four days off was pretty good though, and I didn’t have to work Fridays or Saturdays.

So for the last three days I had been playing out my dream for real. I had cut off a pair of my old jeans, and had practiced coming down Saturday morning for breakfast, sitting at the table, and allowing my cock to become accidentally exposed. I positioned the chair at just the right angle, even nudged the table over a bit so it didn’t look like a setup. I practiced sitting in a manner that looked poker oyna natural while allowing my meat to display itself. The hardest part was not getting a hard-on. Just thinking of exposing myself this way to my own mother was a turn-on for me, so I worked really hard at keeping myself in check.

Mom had not called me down yet so I had time to take a quick shower and jack-off, which would help me keeping my erection from getting out of control. I slipped on the shorts, and a tee shirt, and was just about to go down stairs when mom came out of the kitchen to call me. She looked up the stairs, seeing me standing at the top, and paused before saying anything. I was sure she could see my cock hidden in the shadow of the jean shorts, it would have been impossible to miss. She didn’t say anything though and just stood there, so I started down like nothing was amiss and just said good morning to her like usual. This had not been planned but as I passed her at the bottom of the stairs I was sure I noticed a little redness in her cheeks, possibly a reaction to a glimpse of cock? I could not remember mom ever dating anyone since the old man had died 8 years ago in an industrial accident. Had it been that long since she had seen a cock?

She followed me into the kitchen as I went and poured a cup of coffee and sat down in my usual chair after pulling it out so it was angled exactly as I had practiced. I started our usual conversation while watching her putter around the kitchen getting the food ready. Mom wore expensive business suits all week and usually on weekends relaxed her attire a bit. This morning was no different, just a light yellow dress, sleeveless, which came down just above her knees. Still very conservative, but not a suit, and the fact that it was sleeveless made it so I could occasionally catch a glimpse of her bra encased boob through the sleeve hole when she held her arm up.

I knew mom had a great body even if I had never seen anything more than a one piece bathing suit would allow. I was hoping we would end up swimming together this afternoon because of the heat; we seldom had a chance for anything like that. I’d checked out her lingerie drawer on a regular basis and found some not so conservative underthings hidden away. She stood about 5-7, and was very statuesque I guess. Her bras were large, some 38DD or E, and others 40D, I guess it depended on the fit. Her waist seemed thin compared to her breasts but I never thought it was out of proportion, and her hips and ass had a nice flair to them. I had jacked off many times wondering what she would look like naked or lounging in her lacy lingerie. Along with a number of pairs of panty hose that seemed to rotate through her drawer, I had also found some traditional stockings and a garter belt too.

As I sat there watching her and chatting, I imagined that she was wearing a pair of ultra short cutoffs, and a halter top, like Daisy on the Dukes of Hazard. I could feel my cock resting on the inside of my thigh, still flaccid, but I knew that any kind of glance towards me would give her a perfect view my cock head, plus she would be able to see the shaft covered by the fabric of the shorts. I made sure to mention my idea of having a swim together in the afternoon, seeing that the forecast called for record high temperatures. Mom agreed but indicated that she had a lot of errands to run and hopefully we would find the time. We usually did everything together on Saturdays now because it may be our only full day together.

Just as I mentioned the swim mom turned holding out plates full of food. She was looking right at me and I could tell by her reaction that she could see my manhood poking out of the shorts. At first I thought she might actually drop the plates. It was exciting knowing that she was looking at my cock, and of course that excitement started to cause the expected physical reaction in my cock. I didn’t want her to know that I knew she was eyeballing my cock so I asked if something was wrong. She regained her composure quickly and walked to the table and set the breakfast down before seating herself. I could feel my cock still growing in my shorts but it was now hidden from my mother, so I figured I was safe. Mom was definitely embarrassed though because I could see she had blushed again just like earlier. Plus, if it wasn’t just me hoping for something, I was sure her nipples had hardened under her bra, and were causing little bumps to appear through the material of her clothes.

I turned my chair towards the table and we both began eating our breakfast. I told mom I wanted to get out of the house early so we could get all the errands done before it got too hot out. I also needed to stop at the pool store to pick up a couple items for the pool. We finished up breakfast but before I left the kitchen to go get ready my mom stopped me and said we needed to discuss something first. I sat back down and looked her right in the eye, as if I wanted to catch every word.

“Son, I may as well just say this, but you can’t wear those cutoffs you have on outside the house. It looks like you may canlı poker oyna have cut them a bit too short.” she said in a matter of fact voice.

I smiled before replying, and watched her face relax a bit. “Really,” I said innocently, “I thought the idea was to make them short so they would be cooler.” This was going perfectly I thought as I pushed myself back from the table and looked down at my shorts, pretending I wasn’t sure what she meant. I knew my cock was not currently visible, although the outline of it was clear as it curled down towards the seat of the chair. I purposely spread my legs so mom couldn’t help but look for herself. I wanted her to tell me exactly why they could not be worn outside. “They don’t look too bad, just a bit shorter then my last pair.”

I was watching her face as she stared at my crotch, if I popped a boner right now that would be the end of it. I needed her to acknowledge she had seen my cock. She finally looked up at me and I could see the redness had returned, she was definitely embarrassed about staring at my crotch, plus she now had to tell me why I had to change them. “Well earlier,” she started very hesitantly, “when you came down the stairs, and again just before we ate, I could see your, your, your penis coming out the leg of the shorts.” She seemed relieved to have said it out loud, and I wasn’t surprised that she said penis instead of cock or prick.

“Oh, really?” I looked back down again, and noted her eyes following mine. I moved my hand to my crotch and grabbed the edge of the leg hole and adjusted it, pulling it this way and that so my bulge became even more apparent. It was also obvious that my fingers had found the end of my prick although it wasn’t exposed. I chuckled before continuing, “I’m sorry mom, I guess you’re right. I won’t be wearing these outside the house. Glad you noticed before I embarrassed myself at the mall or someplace else. I’ll change before we go”.

We were both still looking at my fingers pushing my shaft up trying to tuck it in better, even though I knew it wouldn’t help. Mom was looking on also and the seconds were ticking by as we both looked and said nothing. I certainly wasn’t going to say anything, however if someone didn’t blink soon I would be sporting a massive hard-on. I wanted to save that for mom to see later though. Just then mom came out of her trance and stood, picking up the breakfast dishes.

“You go change while I tidy up these dishes, we should get going right away.” she said as she walked away from the table.

“No problem mom,” I replied as I pulled my cock right out of the shorts and lifted the leg hole up, exposing most of my meat, “I’ll be back in a flash.” I stood for a few seconds with my cock fully exposed as my mom walked towards the dishwasher not able to see me as I rubbed it allowing it to harden a bit. It still gave me a thrill knowing she had seen part of my manhood, and had definitely stared at the huge bulge I created while I pretended to adjusted myself. I turned and ran upstairs and changed into a pair of jeans, making sure my bulge would be apparent if mom, or anyone else for that matter, decided to check me out.

Our trip consisted of a number of errands and stops, fairly non eventful except I was sure I noticed mom checking out my bulge several times. While driving around in the car there wasn’t much conversation and I mostly daydreamed about our encounter this morning and what I had planned for the afternoon. Our last stop was the pool supply store, which pretty much carried everything there was for a backyard pool. Not only did it have all the cleaning supplies and equipment, which we needed, it also had patio furniture, BBQ’s, and a wide variety of poolside wear, mostly bathing suits, but also towels, wraps and just about anything you would want for backyard fun.

When we arrived at the store we found that they were having their annual clearance sale trying to get rid of last year’s stock. I was headed towards the service department to get some chemicals and filters and mom said she was going to shop around the store to see if there were any deals to be had. After I finished my shopping I went to the front of the store to find mom. As I looked around I saw her checking out swimsuits so I walked over to see how she was making out. I slowed my approach as I noticed her holding a very skimpy bikini up in front of her while looking in a mirror. I’d never seen her wear anything like that around our pool before, so I stood there and imagined what she would look like wearing something that skimpy. I decided I had to push the idea of her taking the first step by actually buying something like that.

“Are you going to try something on mom? Why don’t I go and check out the furniture sale while you try a few on, we have lots of time.” She had turned my way and had put the suit she was holding up in front of her under her arm like she was hiding it.

“Oh I don’t know dear, most of these are for younger women, not really a style for someone my age.” She had a note of sadness in her voice; like it was something she had always wanted internet casino to try but had never had the nerve. I decided to push a bit more.

“Come on mom, you’re not that old, and I’ve seen some ladies at the beach a lot older than you wearing all kinds of suits. It’s not like you’ll be out in public, and besides, you have no reason to be ashamed of how you look, and you’re in great shape.” I didn’t wait for a reply, I just turned and headed over to the furniture area, “Come get me when you’re done,” I said over my shoulder as I turned the corner.

It was about 25 minutes later when mom returned with a bag over her arm. I didn’t ask her about it and pointed out a couple of lounges that were on sale that would look great on our patio. “These are the best deal here, and the guy said if we took them both off his hands he’d give us an even better deal. They are last year’s stock and these are the last two display units, I think we should get them.” Surprisingly mom agreed immediately, mentioning that it would be nice to enjoy the hot sun this afternoon with new comfortable furniture also.

We packed everything into the SUV and headed home. For some reason mom asked me to drive saying that she just wanted to relax instead of driving. She was just staring out the window not saying anything, so I asked her if something was on her mind. She didn’t say anything for a moment, as if she was thinking about whether she should say anything at all.

“It’s nothing really, I just feel like I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately, and watching you getting ready for college and starting your adult life makes me feel kind of ancient if you want to know the truth. Lots of changes going on in your life and mine is pretty much the same old thing, maybe I’m just kind of jealous. I missed a lot of that stuff because of getting pregnant so young, and as happy and proud as I am to see you grow into the fine young man you’ve become, I can’t help feeling like life is passing me by.” I understood where mom was coming from, having watched her become more and more down in the last eight years. She wasn’t as vibrant as she used to be for sure, but she had just turned 37, so she had plenty of time left.

“It’s not like I’m going anywhere really mom, I’ll be hanging around for at least another four years. Plus I don’t like this talk about how old you’re feeling. Remember what Grandpa used to say, ‘you’re only as old as you feel,’ and it seems he’s feeling pretty good with his new girlfriend down in Florida. He got back into the dating game pretty quick after Grandmother passed, you could date more than you do.”

“Well I can’t say I have not thought about dating more now and then, but the dates I do go on don’t seem to go anywhere, maybe I’m just expecting a bit too much, or maybe I’m so out of practice I forget how to date. I don’t think you’ll understand, it’s different for men.” she replied as I pulled up to the house and backed into the driveway so I could unload the stuff we had bought.

After I had hauled in the groceries and mom started putting things away I went back outside and took care of the pool chores and got the new furniture arranged. Mom called me for lunch and by then it was pretty hot out and I had worked up a good sweat.

As we ate our sandwiches I told mom I was going to head out back for a swim right after lunch, and laze by the pool all afternoon.

“That sounds like a plan, I think I may join you.” she sounded a lot more positive than she did on the drive home, which made me feel good also. “Maybe I will wear one of the new suits I bought and you can tell me what you think. You have to promise not to laugh though, they are a lot different than what I usually wear, and I hope I didn’t waste my money.” She had a big smile on her face as she said this so I took it as a joke.

“You bought more than one?” I said, somewhat surprised.

Mom giggled, “I actually bought three if you want to know the truth, and the discount got better the more you bought, so instead of deciding I just bought the three I liked.”

I stacked my dishes before getting up and going upstairs to change. I stripped naked in my room and stood under my shower for a couple of moments to wash the sweat off. I couldn’t decide what to wear. Usually I had a pair of baggies that went down to my knees, all the guys wore these types nowadays, except the guys on the school swim team. I had planned to wear my cutoffs but that was before mom had decided to join me for the afternoon beside the pool.

I dug around in my drawer and finally found the pair I had bought when I had tried out for the swim team in my junior year in high school. It wasn’t one of those real tiny Speedo’s I’d seen a few guys at the beach wear, I had to get something a little more substantial to contain my cock, however they afforded a good presentation factor so I slipped them on and adjusted them several times to get the right look. Unfortunately, I had become somewhat excited when I heard mom come up the stairs and enter her bedroom, I was thinking about her in the bikini she was holding in front of her earlier today. That, along with the idea of prancing around in front of her in my Speedo like suit ended up giving me a boner. So for the second time today I quickly jacked off so I would have more control around mom.

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