Blue Collar

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Being the HR person for a trucking company I never ever looked at any male employee with ‘interest’. They were just new hires, coworkers and people I usually never associated with and anyway I was happily married. Things changed one Monday when the operations manager advised me I would have a new hire coming in and would need to process his paperwork. He knew he was supposed to give me at least 24 hours’ notice so I could clear my calendar for the time it would take to complete the paperwork, so, when the new employee appeared at my door I was slightly irritated.

The minute I saw him my anger dissolved; he was magnificent. Usually I don’t ‘check out” men so blatantly because I work and interact with a lot of them. You definitely want to keep that line between management and employee. Too many times office personnel had become involved with the crews and once that happens; your reputation would be instantly tarnished — especially if word got around to other drivers. Innocent glance or not, you do not want rumors amongst truck drivers.

Now back to him. He stood about 6’3 and was probably 250 pounds, the biggest Mexican man I had ever seen. His shoulders literally filled the doorway. He was massive. He didn’t have that typical ‘bodybuilder’ physique, bigger top and smaller hips and legs. He was like an oak tree — thick and strong, and I thought that I wouldn’t mind climbing him. He had a rugged face; one that had seen a lot in life and his brow was heavy and covered coffee colored eyes. His hair was cut short and a little longer on top. He had a strong jaw and a slight scar on his chin that was covered by a closely trimmed goatee, I guess some would see him as menacing or unapproachable but something drew me to him. I would never contemplate cheating on my husband, especially with someone I worked with (the whole ‘don’t shit where you eat’ factor). I am usually not attracted to men of my own race, but something ignited inside me for some reason and I knew something eventually would transpire between us. Images of him on top of me filled my mind.

“Hi Mrs. Travis I’m Samuel, I was told by Tom to come in and fill out new hire paperwork?” He was a gentle giant and I had to try and keep my thoughts in perspective.

“Yes, Sam please have a seat. You don’t mind that I call you Sam, do you? Tom just informed me this morning that you were coming in, so please bear with me. This may take some time; I hope you don’t have anything planned for a while?” I made eye contact with him and it seemed like he was taking inventory of me also, and it warmed a special part of me.

“No, Sam is fine and I’m yours for as long as you need.” He said with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

Those words made my heart skip a beat and a slow ache began between my legs.

It had been so long since I have flirted with anyone, much less with someone who was equally interested. It took four hours to complete his paperwork and in-between we got to know each other. I found out he was forty years old and wasn’t married but he had a ‘baby mama’ that he lived with, but I didn’t sense any passion when he spoke of her. He had two older children from an ex-wife.

He asked me some questions to make small talk and I freely answered them. Yes I am married, no children and yes, I’m Mexican but that my husband was a ‘gringo’ and that’s how I have the last name of Travis. He laughed at that. I could almost picture him as a boy; his smile was so easy.

After the final piece of paperwork was signed, I thanked him for being so patient and welcomed him to the company. I extended my hand and his engulfed mine, it was warm and massive and his fingers were thick and slightly calloused. He held on just a hair longer than necessary and I made eye contact with him.

“I think I am going to like working here,” he stated as he turned and left my office. It felt so empty when he left, and the aroma of his cologne lingered.

Weeks passed by, and I had not seen Samuel since his hire date, but I knew he was around because I would see his time card cross my desk. Maybe it was best that way — no temptation. I had to pull a Saturday work schedule, which gave me uninterrupted time to finish paperwork no one was expected in and all I had to do was answer the phones if they rang. I was in my office when I heard someone calling from the dispatch window. I got up and made my way to the voice and standing outside was Samuel. He was in casual clothes a t-shirt and jeans and smelling delicious. I was dressed for a casual day in the office and the t-shirt I chose to wear was a bit tight around the breasts. I was a bit self-conscious. Being Kurtköy Escort a bigger woman I usually don’t like drawing attention to my body, but I didn’t expect to see anyone in the office.

“Hey Sam, how are you?” I was nervous all of a sudden, my heart thumping hard in my chest.

“I forgot to turn in a time sheet and I knew someone would be here on Saturday, but I didn’t know it was you.” He made eye contact with me and was leaning on his palms as he talked to me filling the small window and my mind started wondering what he would look like without his shirt on.

What was wrong with me? I just had sex with my husband before I came into work and here I was, acting like a bitch in heat.

“Oh you can give me the time sheet; I’ll take care of it” And I walked up to the window and took the sheet from him.

“You here by yourself?” he asked acting concerned and looking around.

“Yeah, it’s a bit creepy sometimes but if I stay in my office it’s not so bad” I said as I crossed my arms in front of me, not realizing that I just accented the v cut shirt and my cleavage.

His eyes lit up and he licked his lips, now I know how a gazelle feels when being stalked by a lion. The sexual energy sparked between us.

“It’s not right to have a woman here by herself when any driver can come in” he said a bit annoyed.

“Oh please, what man is going to attack me?” I said, unaware that I just put myself down.

“Why wouldn’t they?” he came right back at me.

“Look at me Samuel, I am not a dainty little woman that can be picked up and taken advantage of.” I did a hand swipe of myself and his brow creased, irritated.

“I could take you” he said in a matter of fact way.

“You are not just ‘any man’, someone your size is rare Sam. And anyway, even you couldn’t lift me” I laughed self-consciously.

Next thing I knew he came through the door and came at me.

“You don’t think so?” and with that he swept down and put his arms under my legs and around my waist and picked me up, with not so much as a grunt.

“Oh my god Sam put me down! You are going to hurt yourself!” I was pleading with him, not aware I as almost in tears, afraid I would hurt him.

“You couldn’t hurt me.” He said is face mere inches from mine. “Look I can even walk with you” and he did, he took me to my office. I could feel his arms tighten around me and I couldn’t look him in his eyes.

“Ann, please look at me” he asked softly. I raised my eyes to him and then to his mouth. His lips were full and my heart was beating so fast. That was the first time he ever used my first name.

“I know you feel it” he said, his voice low almost like a caress over me. His hands were digging into my side trying to pull me closer.

“We shouldn’t Sam, too many people could get hurt and I truly love my husband” I pleaded.

“Please put me down Sam, you have proven your point” and with that he slid me down his body, and I could feel his hard bulge on my tummy.

I rested my hands on his chest, but didn’t move away from him. His erection was intoxicating and turned me on instantly. His chest was like a brick wall and so defined, I could feel his nipples through his tight t-shirt and I licked my lips.

The silence between us was torturous, so many things we each wanted to say but didn’t. I started to pull away and he grabbed me from behind my head and he tilted my head back so I could see his face.

“Just once Ann, so we both know. You have crossed my mind since that first day I met you, I have never met a woman I connected with so instantly. Wondering what you feel like, taste like” his thumb caressing my cheek, pulling me closer.

“It’s wrong Sam, on so many levels. But … I can’t seem to resist it either.” And I let him take control.

He held my face between his big hands and pressed me against the cinder wall and away from the window in my office. He had to bend down a bit to adjust to my 5’3 stature; he was so close I could feel his breath on my lips. He licked his lips and softly pressed to mine, my eyes closed relishing the pressure of his mouth on mine. My hands rested on his hips, pulling him into me and enjoying the erection poking into me and his kiss deepened. I opened my mouth and he slid his tongue in and a growl escaped, whether it was from him or me I’m not sure. I couldn’t get enough of him, I wrapped my arms around his waist and his hand still cradled my head at the base of my neck and as he assaulted my mouth. It was electricity, pure sex attraction, and hunger. I sucked on his tongue, and he gripped my hair tight Kurtköy Escort Bayan in his hand and pulled. The floodgate opened between my legs, and I whimpered into his mouth. He broke the kiss with a loud ‘smack’ and I could see my saliva glistening on his mouth. My lips burned and were swollen from the onslaught and from his goatee. Our breathing resonated in my office, and a slight hint of musk filled the air.

“Oh my god woman, I have never been kissed like that.” He rested his forehead against mine.

“I could lose myself in your mouth Sam” and I slid my hands up his chest to wrap around his neck.

“I’m so wet right now, what am I supposed to do with all this?” I looked him in the eye, anxious for his response. The ache between my legs was almost uncomfortable and I could feel the slick moisture his kiss had created. He untied my yoga pants and placed his hand down my soaked panties, he immediately slipped a thick digit between my fat lips and found my hard clit. His eyes closed in ecstasy.

“I haven’t been this hard in such a long time. I like how the ache feels” and he grabbed one of my hands and rubbed it against his crotch. The heat from him was intoxicating.

His rough finger stroked my swollen nubbin and he had me panting.

“Wow, you are soaked” and he pressed me harder against the wall and slipped a finger deep in me and I dug my fingers into his thick arms.

“Madre de Dios!” he growled against my neck, and proceeded to pump his finger in and out of me. Then I felt another massive finger join in. His hot breath was on my neck and my hands had worked up to his shoulders and latched on for support. He had me pressed against the wall and I could feel it biting into my shoulders.

“Oh Sam, don’t stop please” I moaned, enjoying the finger fucking he was administering to me.

“I wish it was my dick inside you, pumping like this,” he growled right before he took my mouth again. His tongue matched his fingers’ strokes, he twisted his hand so that he was palming my pussy and his fingers were now curved inside me. He pressed his palm against my clit while his fingers stroked my G-spot that sent me over the edge and I started to release.

“Oh God…oh my god Sam!” he covered my mouth with his. My whimpers and his grunts mixed together and resonated in the office. My juices oozed over his hand and lights exploded in my brain, my legs were shaking from the orgasm. My thighs held his hand prisoner between them and he was supporting me against the wall. I was trying to catch my breath as my cheek rested against his chest and I could hear his heart thundering in his chest.

“That was … amazing” I finally found my voice.

“Damn Ann, you are so fucking hot.” He pulled his hand from my throbbing pussy, and his fingers were covered with my honey. Thick streams of cum webbed between his fingers, and I took them one by one into my mouth and cleaned him off.

“I taste good on you,” I said as I licked the last finger.

“I don’t think my dick could get any harder than what it is right now” and he kissed me. He could taste me on my tongue, and slowly sucked on it. My body responded again to him, I couldn’t believe it I wanted him again. This time I wanted him inside me, his hard cock buried balls deep inside me.

There was a two drawer file cabinet that reached mid-thigh to me and he maneuvered me to lean against it.

“Ann I can’t seem to stop, I am aching to be inside you. I didn’t plan on this getting so out of control and I can’t remember the last time I wanted someone this badly.” He wedged between my legs and my now soaked pants.

He leaned into me and cradled my head in his big hands and I caught a waft of my musky scent on his hands.

“I need to be inside you Ann. If only this one time to be with you, I want to feel you wrapped around me.” I could only nod my response; I wanted him so badly, too. I reached for the button of his jeans and unsnapped it. I looked up at him to make sure we were going to do what was destined to be. I licked my swollen lips and slowly pulled the zipper down; I could see the black cotton of his boxer briefs and the bulge of his engorged penis.

“Is that all for me?” I asked coyly, making eye contact with him.

“Yes, all for you. Please touch him; he aches for you,” he said in a voice strained with passion. My mouth started to water. I ran my fingertip over the swollen member and it seemed to get harder and I heard him moan.

He was pure heat and sex; I could tell he was holding himself in check or he would toss me down right there and take me. I slid Escort Kurtköy his pants down his legs; those massive legs, muscled and covered with dark hair. I dragged my nails over his thighs and he reached over my head for support from the wall.

“Hold onto my shoulders for support”” I suggested. I gently pushed him back a few steps as I dropped to my knees in front of him, my mouth starting to salivate.

‘Oh god Ann, what are you doing?!” he couldn’t hide the amazement in his voice as I was positioning myself in front of his erection.

“I…I have to know Sam, I have to know what you taste like. I haven’t had another cock in my mouth in years, please don’t stop me?” I gripped the waistband of the briefs and started to pull them down.

“I couldn’t stop you if I wanted to right now,” he said, almost to himself.

Once I pulled his briefs down over his hips his cock sprung from its cotton containment. I could see there was a droplet of pre-cum seeping from the tip. I moistened my lips and gripped his enormous cock. He was velvet, circumcised steel. My hand wrapped around his shaft and, if I didn’t have long nails, the tips of my fingers wouldn’t have touched. I ran my tongue around the gorgeous mushroom head, and cleaned off the slightly salty juice.

“Mmmmm” I moaned as I delved in to take more in. I covered his bulbous tip and slowly sucked. I could hear him struggling to hold in his exhilaration and I was in heaven. He was hot and hard and so silky smooth. I could feel his hand on one shoulder and the other holding the back of my head, the vision before me was magnificent. His head thrown back, sweet ecstasy on his face, He held up his shirt so it wasn’t in my face and I could see his firm belly. I closed my eyes and proceeded to bring him to the brink of cumming; I wanted to taste him.

On my knees, looking up at him I was going to give him the best memory of his life. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped it on my swollen lips. His musk was on my breath and I cupped his balls and sucked on each one.

“Oh shit Ann, so amazing” he growled and now his hand was supporting him on the wall. I could tell he couldn’t take much more and he grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me up. He reached for my pants and with a strong yank he pulled both panty and pants down. He reached behind him and slammed my office door closed to make sure no one could bother us.

He lifted me by my waist and sat me on the file drawer, and pulled on leg of the pants and panties off my leg.

“I can’t wait any longer Ann, I need to be inside you!” all I could do was nod in response. I wrapped my free leg around his waist and he rubbed the tip of his cock against my moist slit, and then buried his thick cock inside me. Now, my husband is a pretty generous size, but Sam’s cock was enormous and I gasped when he was balls-deep inside me.

“Oh shit… you are so tight Ann,” he groaned as he paused for a moment to enjoy my pussy muscles tightening around him and then he started to pound me. His strong arm was wrapped around my leg and I had a strong grip on the sides of the file cabinet.

“Yes Sam, fuck me… fuck me hard,” I cried out. And he complied.

The sound of bodies slamming against each other echoed in the office, juices spouting, moans and grunts chorused. His balls slapped against my ass and his thighs rammed the file cabinet, which took the brunt of the punishment.

“Oh fuck Ann, I’m going to cummmmm,” he groaned as his orgasm hit and I could feel his hot load deposited inside me, I tightened my muscles around him so I got every last drop. I had both legs wrapped around him and his hands were above my head, leaning on the wall. We both gasped and breathed in the funky aroma of raw sex that had permeated my small office.

He looked down at me with a smile on his face and I could only reply with my own.

“That was amazing,” he breathed, trying to regain some control.

“Just as I had imagined how it would be, if not better” I smiled and he released my legs from around him and I sat up on the file cabinet.

“You imagined having sex with me?” he asked as he pulled himself together, and zipped up his pants.

“Many, many times and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit it” I scooted off the cabinet and slipped my panties and pants on.

“Well you aren’t the only one who’s had that fantasy” he smiled and pulled me into his arms, and kissed me. I could feel myself getting worked up again and his kiss became more intense. I unfastened his arms from around me and gathered my thoughts.

“You realize this can only be a one-time thing?” I had to bring us back to reality.

“Yes, I know. It will be hard because there is so much more I want to do with you.” The disappointment in his voice touched me. He opened the office door and we walked out going our separate ways. Deep down inside I knew there would be another encounter.

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