Bukket Ch. 07

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I discovered that my eyes were closed. For some reason I could not bear to look at those men cumming on me. I just sat like a marble statue with clenched teeth. At one point the attack on my left breast stopped. I opened my eyes again.

The first thing that caught my eyes was the live display. They were focused entirely on my chest and it looked like I was wearing a body suit. I blinked my eyes a few times to clear the vision. And there I could see it. My t-shirt, my so comfortable form fitting white t-shirt, had gone much beyond just hugging my curves. It was completely pasted on my chest. Twenty loads of cum had also turned it transparent with the result of a clearly visible bra.

But I hardly had any more time to look at them, as five more guys had already stepped onto the platform. I saw the man talking to them in a low voice. I could not get a word of the conversation. What were they planning now? I did not know. But the first guy (first or forty sixth?) was standing in front of me and stroking his dick. I tried to gauge where he was planning to shoot. But all my speculations were wrong.

I saw the white spurt clearly and immediately felt it hitting on my forehead just under my hairline. He flicked his dick once from left to right and I felt warm beads all across my forehead. But the next guy was already there. He almost shoved the first one away and then let go. He came in copious amount. He painted my forehead from left to right and right to left. And then he left. As fast as he had come.

There was a moment of silence and then the crowd exploded. I had no idea how I looked. Cum had run down to my eyes now. I could not opened them. It started to run down my cheeks through the sides of my nose.

Now, this was uncomfortable. In an instinct I tried to wipe my face and then realized why my hands were tied. This is exactly what they did not want me to do. I tried to move my head from side to side but could not move it an inch. I decided to open my eyes.

I opened them forcefully and immediately – instinctively – closed them, as another spurt of semen hit exactly on my right eye. I had no idea when the next guy had come. His second spurt hit my left eyebrow, ran down immediately and sealed my eyes completely.

Now, there was no way I could open my eyes. There were just too much cum on them. And the whole thing had started to run down my face. I struggled in vain to wipe my face and stopped only when a hand gripped my head and steadied it. In a few seconds my eyes were awarded with another gush of cum.

I tried to come to terms with the situation. I could only try to divert my mind to forget the tingling feelings on my face. But the diversion did not work as I could clearly hear what the man announced this time.

“So guys…there goes the fiftieth load on her. Fifty! And right on her eyes…”

And it was right on my eyes. But this time I hardly felt anything as his words kept on reverberating in my mind. Fifty loads? I got fifty cumshots?

There seemed to be a little pause. I could not see anything. Then the man said, “Now…for the rest of you…shoot wherever you want. So…fifty one to three…get on with it!”

I heard footsteps approaching me. Soon I was surrounded from three sides. Who will cum first? I tried to gauge. I heard a moan on my left and felt the warmth just under my jaw line. He finished on my shoulder. poker oyna The other two took some time. Suddenly a hand grabbed the back of my head and I felt warmth seeping onto my skin through my hair. He had cum right on top of my head. The third one shot straight on my chest.

“Fifty four to six!’ said the man. Once again I was surrounded. This time all of them was taking time. I was stiff as a board. I knew I would be hit from three sides. But which one will cum first? The man in front was first and he hit on my chin. The one on left came almost immediately on my breast. The one on right came last. I felt a hot streaming running down my arm to my elbow.

I felt totally stiff. As I could not see, every other sensation had grown stronger for me. My legs were aching. I tried to shift my body weight but to no avail. My arms hurt from being strained to my back.

Fifty seven hit on the exact spot where the last one had hit me. Both fifty eight and nine hit my face.

I could give everything to be allowed to wipe the cum off my eyes. I wanted to see. This was terrible. Once again three guys were standing. I had no way of knowing which part of my body will be hit first. This time it was my right breast. The sixtieth came on the top of my head and third one on my neck.

I was in pain. My whole body ached. My legs had gone numb. My sitting posture made my breasts protrude in front. While I certainly do not have enormous breasts, I was most certainly not thin. My breasts were reasonably large and this unusual posture caused a strain on my shoulders, which had by now started aching.

I completely misjudged the next trio. I thought the first one would come from right and I was hit squarely on my chest. Then I heard a moan from my left and warmth spread over my right breast. Finally the guy on my left came on my forehead.

Sixty four to nine came on my head. All of them. Four of them did so on the bun. I did not feel when it hit the target but was acutely aware of the hot streams running down the back of my neck.

And I was acutely aware of everything. My stiff joints, my shoulders aching from the weight of my boobs, cum running and dripping and drooling all over my face and body. My throat was bone dry but nobody was going to give me a glass of water.

Seventy and seventy one came simultaneously. I was not ready for that. One hit me on my neck and the other on my cheek. The third one hit straight on my lips.

The smell was overpowering. I was enveloped by it now. My throat made futile swallowing attempts constantly. It was nothing but a combination of instinct and desperate longing. I knew I would not taste it. That is the reason behind the gag. They won’t allow me to taste a single drop.

Seventy two hit on my breast but seventy three I completely missed. I heard the moan but did not feel anything. It could have been on the bun or on the waistband of my skirt or maybe he missed the target. But seventy four was a monster. I would never know who it was, but he came like a hose. Standing on my right he aimed his first thick spurt on my neck and it completely covered the skin. The second spurt hit the back of my neck and third one on my right cheek. I felt like being whipped and I tried to twist and turn and scream. But the man was not yet finished. His fourth spurt landed on my eyes and the last one at the base of my throat. canlı poker oyna

The smell turned me into a near hysteric. I knew I would not taste it tonight. And I knew I would never have an orgasm if I did not taste it. And I knew that they knew it. The only thing that pushed me over the edge! Now I was on the very edge but nobody would push me.

Cum rained on me from three sides as seventy five, six and seven shed their juice. I was in panic now and tried to twist away from the next three ejaculating men. But this only gave the crowd something to cheer for. All I had done was struggle against the bonds.

I discovered for the first time the feeling of absolute helplessness that can only come from bondage. I was in complete physical restraint and there was nothing – absolutely nothing – that I could do to protect my face and body from this unending onslaught of male lust.

What came next was almost physically painful. Three of them came simultaneously from three sides. They hit me on both cheeks and on the front of my throat. All them had ejaculated with force and the effect completely stunned me.

And then there was madness. I heard the man saying something. I was in no condition to understand what was going on. I only heard a multitude of footsteps. Then I knew that a group of people was coming towards me. They were the rest of the group and I simply did not know how many there were. Must have been around thirty. At least twenty five.

I felt them moving close. I knew they were getting ready to cum. I cannot remember if I had any thoughts in my mind then. I didn’t even know how hard I was breathing until my heaving breasts started causing extra strain on my already stiff shoulder.

And then all hell broke loose. The first shot hit me across the bridge of my nose. The rest I do not know. It came from all sides and it came all over me. Cum was dropping everywhere…on my face, head, neck, chest, thighs…just everywhere. My mind seemed to come in focus for a moment and then go out of it. When it came to focus, it reeled. Feelings felt like photographs…lasting only for a moment. I would feel a thick load running down my cheek from my forehead and another running down my arm towards my wrist. At the same moment there would be a spray on my gag and that would start dripping from my chin. And my left breast would receive a shower from two men together. And then my mind would go out of focus. It would come back to briefly acknowledge a spurt on my right cheek and random drops on my skirt and bare knees and a jet that hit right on the middle of my left cheek.

I have no memory of the last shot. I had not passed out, by I was in a sort of sensory standby. When I once again became aware of my surroundings, the people were leaving. I heard shuffling footsteps. There were a lot of noise. Time meant nothing to me anymore. When the noise had almost completely disappeared, I knew the room had emptied.

Two people were approaching me. One of them came behind me and started to untie the ribbon which held my head against the pole. “Not the gag,” I heard the man saying from somewhere in front of me. “I know,” replied a female voice from my behind. Was this the same woman who had brought me here?

As soon as she had untied the knot, my upper body lost its balance. I was just too exhausted to sit straight. I would have collapsed internet casino straight away if there were no other bonds. Instead my body bent forwards from waist upwards. The movement caused a small shower of cum drops on my thighs and knees. Next, she untied the bond across my waist and then untied my hands.

And I collapsed sideways. I was not bound to the pole anymore. Only my ankles and knees were bound together. I collapsed like a rag doll. At the same time my hands – nearly numb – moved towards my face. Instinct – pure instinct – was driving me now. But the man was much faster than my fatigued instinct. Midway to my face, my hands were caught in a steel grip and they were bent backwards. My body twisted automatically and turned ninety degrees. Now I was lying down on the platform flat on my stomach. On my back my two wrists were brought together and I felt the cold metal even through the thin material of the gloves.

As I heard the metal click of the handcuffs, my mind completely resigned from thinking. I could not think of a single reason for this new restraint and gave up thinking. I just let them untie my feet. Very soon circulation started in my near-senseless legs and the pain made me forget everything.

Then a strong hand gripped my shoulders and hoisted me up on my feet. He had to hold me for quite some time until I got some strength on my legs. Finally he let me go and I was finally standing on my own. But I was still gagged and handcuffed. I had never been so thirsty before. And I still could not see.

“Come,” said the woman. She held my elbow and guided me. We stepped down from the platform and she led me to the door. Once again we were in the elevator and finally I was back in my room.

“Sit,” she said. I felt a surface against the back of my knees and I sat down with her help. It was the bed. But it seemed to be covered with a plastic sheet. I heard another footstep. The man had entered the room. Once again strong hands grabbed me and pushed me down on the bed. I heard the sound of keys against the handcuffs and once again my hands were free. But they were not really free as the man held them in his iron grip and brought them forward and pulled them above my head. Once again there was a metallic click and my hands were cuffed above my head beyond the metal rod of the bed stand. Then I felt cold metal touching my feet and then my ankles were cuffed too. I was lying on my side with my feet doubled up. He roughly straightened my feet and I heard the sound of a chain again. Soon the cuff on my feet was attached to the rods. I could not curl up my feet anymore. I had to lie straight with my wrists above my head and my feet bound together.

Then, finally, somebody started removing the gag. I guessed it was the woman. She removed the ribbon. My mouth was so weak that she had to pull out the panties. I started panting. And then a plastic tube was inserted into my mouth. “Drink,” she said. And I sucked on it and cool water filled my mouth. For a moment I was in heaven. I drank and drank and still I felt thirsty. I drank as long as I could and then only stopped to take breath. Then I drank a bit more and finally felt that my throat was not so perched anymore.

The tube was removed and suddenly I felt a round object against my lips. A plastic ball was inserted into my mouth. A strap was fastened behind my head. I was ball gagged.

“Goodnight Mrs. Dalehood,” said the man, “Sleep well.”

And then…only then…it occurred to me that they did not let me wash myself. I would have to spend the night drenched in cum.

And I could feel it starting to dry against my skin.

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