Captain Of Her Heart Ch. 11

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My cell phone’s bleating woke up from blessed sleep. I released Alisa to thumb it into silence, answering the call from my brother.


“What the fuck did you do?”


“What the fuck did you do, Tawnya?”

I sat up, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and urging the rest of my brain to wake up. The table clock said it was twelve-fifteen and gentle beads of rain flung themselves against the windows. “Wha … what are you talking about?”

“The house, Tawnya. The house. Where are all of Mother’s things?”

“Mother’s things? Mother’s things?” I tried not to raise my voice but it had become an impossibility now. “Those things belong to me!”

“Not according to the will! You’ve stolen from my mother!”

“What happened to ‘I’ll take care of everything while you’re gone’? Wasn’t that what you said?” I growled. “Imagine my surprise when I walk into my house and find all my stuff still there!”

“I removed your things, not your father’s.”

“Did you remove my panties?”


“A lot of my panties are missing and they’re not at your apartment. Did you take extra care in removing them?”

“Tawnya, I don’t know what’s gotten into you … “

“Ryan, call me back when you’ve picked a side. Until then, goodbye.”

“Tawn … ” I closed the phone on his shout, terminating the call, my mind swirling.

“You can’t trust him, you know.”

Alisa’s soft voice made me drop the phone and return to her side. “Good afternoon.” I whispered, canlı bahis touching her lips to mine, then opening hers with my tongue. The kiss deepened, taking us on a sensual journey that ended with both of us whimpering in despair when we pulled apart. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“That’s okay.” She touched my cheek. “Tawnya, you can’t trust him. You know that.”

“I know.” I whispered, laying my head next to hers. “I just hate to think about it.”

“I know, honey.” Her comforting tone helped to ease my hurt, along with her hand smoothing the skin on my arm. “Would you like to tell me about it?”

I met her eyes and searched their brilliant depths for a hint of distrust and found none. I was scared to trust her after my own stepbrother, someone I’d known for an infinitely longer amount of time, had let me down. But there was something about her, something in her touch that told me I could trust her with my life. And so, I told her the entire story, watching her lovely face for a negative reaction and finding only love and consolation there. “And that brings us yesterday’s mad dash and Ryan’s phone call.”

She drew me closer to her, pressing her warm lips to my temple. “Do you still have the key to your stepmonster’s house?”


“Then I think we should go hunting.”

“Alisa, I don’t want you involved in this. I could get arrested.”

“Then I’ll get arrested with you.” She grasped my chin, turning my mouth toward her. “And I won’t take no for an answer.”

Her bahis siteleri mouth was warm, wet and glorious and it didn’t take long before I was pressing her into the pillows, grinding our pussies together. A shiver ran through her that snaked into me and I pushed my fingers into her icy-gold hair, massaging her scalp with my fingertips. I felt her leg rub against mine, then slide between them and our weight shifted, rolling us so that I was now on the bottom. I let my hands glide up and down the silky-smooth length of her body from the nape of her neck to her softly-rounded ass but Alisa stopped me, raising my arms above my head.

She sat up, smiling at me as she tied first one, then my other wrist to the headboard of her bed. Her hands slid over my skin as she made her way down to my ankles, securing them with two men’s ties from her dresser drawer. Finally, she slid a blindfold over my eyes, giving me a long, deep kiss as she moved it into place. “I’m going to give you something to calm your nerves.”

With those cryptic words, I felt the weight lift from the bed and I was alone. The first inkling I had that she’d returned was an ice-cold liquid onto my nipple. I gasped at the sensation of cold, immediately followed by the heat of her mouth and tongue licking it away. Next, the liquid was smeared onto my bottom lip and she gave it a slow, sensuous lick, dipping into my mouth and the sweet taste of chocolate flooded my mouth. The cold bowl of a spoon touched my lips and I opened my bahis şirketleri mouth, letting her feed me a spoonful of the chocolate pudding before she moved away.

I felt her making cold drawings on my flesh, around my breasts, across my stomach and down my thighs with the pudding. Then her tongue followed the lines, cleaning and scouring, making me writhe against the bonds. She ignored my pleas, taking her sweet time to lick the pudding away. When she reached my dripping pussy, she spread my legs wide and dropped a glob onto my red-hot clit. The combination drove me crazy. I bucked wildly, begging her to release me but she still ignored me.

She used a finger to spread more pudding onto me, this time on the heated lips of my pussy. I shivered at the touch of her tongue, languidly licking up, down, inside and outside of my lips before spiraling inward, mixing sweet pudding and tangy pussy cream. Alisa’s fingers pulled the lips open and she shoved her tongue inside like a piston, thrusting and rotating, thrusting and rotating until I was arching like the Triomphe. My pussy exploded into so many pieces that I thought I’d never put them together again.

I didn’t even feel her undo the ties. I was floating so high that it was a long time before I came down again, lost in the warmth of her arms as she held me close. Being with her was so wonderful, so breathtakingly awesome that no fantasy I’d ever had could come close.

“Alisa, I … “

She shushed me. “Don’t jinx it.” She kissed my ear, sending a shiver through me. “We have some work to do before our flight leaves.”

I shook my head, turning over to look into her eyes. “If we get caught, you could lose your job.”

“I know.” She grinned. “Let’s go.”

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