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Copies of this story may not be made for distribution, be publishing or copied to another webpage without explicit permission from the author. All characters in the story are at least 18 years old.

* * * * *

It was a dreary May morn when Alice first suspected her daughter Amy was a lesbian. Amy had dated a few boys in high school but it seemed as soon as they got really interested Amy would drop them. She seemed to spend more time with her girlfriends than the guys who hung around in their band group. Amy played a flute in the school band and had made the all-county band squad. That morning Alice had discovered Amy’s flute and sheet music on the kitchen counter long after her daughter had left for school. She knew Amy needed the flute so she hurried to get dressed and jump in her car to take it to her before the school bus left for the overnight trip to the band performance.

As Alice walked out the door she accidentally dropped the folder containing the sheet music which caused the sheets of paper to scatter about her kitchen floor. She grabbed the music sheets and other pieces of paper and stopped when she found a handwritten letter. She knew she should not read it but a mother’s curiosity overpowered her.


I’ve notice how you look at me during band practice and I know you feel the same way about me as I do you. I think about you night and day and have trouble concentrating when I’m in class especially if you are in the same room. I’ve felt this way about you since the 10th grade but have been afraid to say anything. Now that we are about to graduate high school and head to college I felt it was time to say it. “I LOVE YOU!”

If I wrong about this please tear this letter up and that will be it. But, if I’m right wear your red blouse tomorrow for our trip to the band performance. I’ll be waiting impatiently hoping to see you in red.”

Alice smiled thinking some boy had sent the letter. That was until she saw the signature at the bottom.

“Love and kisses,


CARLA! Alice panicked seeing the girl’s name. Carla was one of Amy’s best friends and had spent many a sleepover at her house. Surely, she did not think her Amy was interested in girls. She tried to place the letter in the middle of the stack of paper so Amy would not know she had read the letter. Why didn’t Amy tear up the letter? She grabbed her car keys and looked at the clock. 9:00AM. the bus was supposed to leave in 30 minutes. She sped out the door and sped in her car to the high school

Alice pulled into the large parking lot and saw the bus and a few kids standing around it. She grabbed the flute case and the folder and ran up to the bus just as the driver was closing the door. She knocked on it until he opened it. “I need to give this to my daughter.” The driver waved her inside and she moved quickly up the steps and back through the bus. She saw the surprised look on her daughter’s face.

“Mom,” Amy expelled.

Alice handed her the flute and folder. “You forgot these.”

“Oh God, thanks for bringing them” Amy said. Her mind had been blank since receiving the letter from Carla. She was lucky she still remembered her own name.

“Well. Have a good trip,” Alice said as she leaned over to kiss her daughter on her cheek. As she pulled back she noticed the girl sitting next to Amy.

“Hello Mrs. Garrett,” Carla said smiling.

“Carla,” Alice said surprised. She then turned quickly and saw the red blouse Amy was wearing. Her face turned white and she didn’t know what to say. Finally she said, “Amy I don’t think you should go on this trip.”

“What?” Amy asked not believing she would say such a thing. At dinner last night the whole family including her younger sister Ellen were all excited about the trip. Even her dad Bill who hardly ever said much about her band involvement was happy.

“Don’t go,” the frightened mom whispered.

“Mom, you have to get off the bus,” Amy said embarrassed that her mother would be saying such a thing.

“I’m sorry Ma’am but we are leaving now,” the band leader said to the woman standing in the aisle.

“What?” Alice said turning around. The band director took her arm and gently pulled her down and off the bus.

“Don’t worry she will be OK,” he laughed. Alice stood back as the doors closed and the bus pulled away. Maybe she was over reacting? Girls sometimes say these things to each other. She shivered when she remembered her first experience with a female many years ago.

It was her first year at college when she tried out for the swim team. She was a pretty good swimmer in high school but was not sure she could compete on the College level. The final cuts were going to be made the next day and she knew she had to do well at this practice. She was not dating anyone at the time and did not pick up on how their young swim coach Erika smiled at her as she came out of the water, “Alice would you see me before you leave today?”

Alice froze thinking free spin she was going to give her the bad news today. “Sure coach,” she said with a frightened look. For the rest of the practice Alice gave her all and even won a few of the heats. She glanced upward out of the water and saw the coach smiling more and more at her. Good. Maybe I’ve done so well she will tell me I made the team. Alice thought.

She was still in her tight one piece bathing suit when she knocked on the coach’s office door. The coach yelled to come in and Alice nervously walked inside. The coach got up from her desk and closed and locked the door. Alice stood shivering with her hands clasped together as the coach came and stood next to her.

“I just wanted to say how much you have improved since our first day of practice,” Ericka said. “However, you are still a little overweight and losing a few pounds would improve your speed and endurance.”

“Overweight?” Alice repeated. She was slightly overweight but not that much. She knew a lot of her weight resulted from her larger breasts. “I’m not really overweight.”

“Yes. I can point out areas that are probably slowing you down if you take off your suit,” Ericka said with her heart beating rapidly.

“Take off my suit? Here….now,” Alice said feeling her face getting hotter and hotter.

“Sure. We are both females and the door is locked.”

Alice wanted to make the team so bad and now she was hesitant about removing her swim suit in front of her coach. Her parents had been really strict with her growing up and had preached to her about saving herself for her wedding night. The only things she knew about sex was what she overheard from other girls.

“Can’t you just point out parts of my body with my suit on?” Alice asked. For some reason she could feel the heat and dampness between her thighs. A feeling she had so well contained in the past.

Ericka laughed. “Don’t be silly now let me help you.”

Before Alice could respond the coach pulled her swim suit straps over her shoulders and down her arms. Alice looked in horror at her long pointy pink nipples now bare to her coach’s eyes. She would know that she was excited.

Ericka tried not to stare at the girls marvelous breasts as her damp suit pulled away and moved swiftly down her stomach. The girl’s full dark bush of pubic hair made its world premier as did her swollen glistening virgin lips.

“Now step out of them,” Ericka said. She had watched this girl for the past three weeks and knew she was the most inexperienced one of the bunch. Ericka had found out years ago it was much more exciting seducing a virgin that one who had been around the block with men.

As Ericka turned to place the suit on the chair Alice quickly covered her pubic mound and breasts with her hands and arms. The coach turned around and smiled.

“No use being shy,” Ericka said as she pulled the girls hands away from covering her breasts. “First of all let me say you are very beautiful. Your body is very nice and feminine. Your breasts have very little sag.” Ericka’s hands moved up to gently cup under the girls orbs without touching her nipples. “What bra size are you?”

Alice could hardly speak while feeling another person’s fingers on her private areas for the first time. She kept telling herself it was just the coach trying to help her out. But, her fingers were so soft and felt so good. “38 C,” she managed to say.

“They look very nice but are also very bad because you now have to overcome the friction as you move through the water.” She slowly moved her fingers up over the girl’s hard nips. “When the water moves over them like this.” She moved her fingers gently down over the tips again and down to her stomach. “It slows you down.” Her fingers remained resting on her stomach between her breasts and her untouched pussy.

“But, I can’t do anything about my breasts,” Alice whispered. Her breasts and nipples were on fire. She wished the coach would touch them again.

“Here look at mine.” Ericka said as she stood back and pulled her own bathing suit over her small but very firm mounds. Her tiny rosy pink nipples rested directly in the center of each breast. Ericka placed her own hands on her own shoulders and slowly moved them down with the girl’s eyes following her fingers. When she got to her nipples she stopped for a second to gently caress them. Then her fingers moved down to her own stomach and stopped. “There is very little obstruction for the water to go by.”

“Put your hands on your shoulders and move them down over your breasts,” the coach ordered.

Alice froze.

“Go ahead,” Ericka laughed.

Alice moved her shaking finger up to her shoulders and gently downward until her fingers pushed against her nipples. “Oh,” she moaned softly and quickly moved her hands lower. She was breathing heavy as she looked at her coach.

“Now do mine,” Ericka said firmly. She wanted to let the girl know she was bonus veren siteler in charge.

“Yours!” Alice repeated. She was not ready to touch another girl’s naked body. “I shouldn’t.”

“Sure you should,” Ericka grabbed her wrists and guided her hands up until they rested on her shoulders. She released her wrists. “OK now move them downward very slowly.” Alice fingers were trembling as she moved them slowly downward across the coach’s delicate skin and soft mounds of breasts. She stopped when she got to her nipples and tried to go around them but Ericka stopped her hands by grabbing her wrists again. She didn’t say a word as the girl’s fingers pushed against her rigid tips. Alice was breathing heavily when the coach dropped her hands.

“Turn around,” Ericka commanded. Alice did as she said. Ericka smiled as she stared at the girls lovely buttocks. They had a little bit of baby fat but over all looked fantastic. Her fingers again started at the girl’s shoulders and moved caressingly downward until she was cupping the cute round ass cheeks in her fingers. “Not too bad,” she said while giving them gentle squeezes. “But, definitely something that would slow you down in the water.” The coach’s fingers caressed for almost a minute until they slithered down the girl’s tender thighs which were squeezed tightly together.

“Now do mine,” Ericka announced. She turned from the girl and slowly pushed her bathing suit over her slim hips. She did not know if the girl was watching until she heard her gasp as she leaned forward to take the suit from her feet. She knew the girl could see up under her ass at her shaved pussy lips. She stood naked in the center of her office waiting to see if the girl would go for it. After about a minute she felt the girl’s hand rest on her shoulders and veer southward over her thin but muscular back.

Alice was torn between grabbing her suit and running from the office or just letting whatever happens happen. She had always admired the coach’s body as she demonstrated various swimming techniques in the pool. She had told herself the attraction was her admiration for the woman’s swimming skills but know knew she desired the passions of another woman. She was braver this time because she didn’t hesitate to move over the woman’s buttocks and to cup them in her hands. They felt so nice.

Ericka smiled as she felt the girl’s fingers explore her backside. Her fingers were now moving because she wanted to touch her body and not because the coach was making her do it. It was the first step of her seduction. She moved down her thighs, to her calves and slowly back up. Ericka spread her legs to see if she would move up the center but as soon as she got to the top her fingers moved up to again caress her ass.

“It may be better if we faced each other and do it,” Ericka suggested. She turned slowly to show the girl her tight abs and shaved pussy mound. Alice’s eyes moved quickly down to see the woman’s bald pussy. She jerked her head back upward. Ericka moved slowly towards the girl’s front until their breasts slowly crushed together.

“Reach around and do my back while I do yours,” the coach said. This time Alice didn’t hesitate at all. Her body begged for more pleasure and to feel the woman’s naked front against her own made her lose her composure. Neither female wasted little time as their hands moved down to cup and caress the other one’s ass. Their faces were less than an inch from each other as they looked into their eyes with a heated passion. Ericka slipped her thigh to the side until it pressed against the girl’s hairy mound. Alice tried to hold back her moan but it felt too good. The coach’s thigh pushed and rubbed against her pussy. “OH!” She opened her leg wider to allow the coach’s leg in tighter against her damp pussy.

Ericka felt the dampness on her thigh and knew the girl was now hers to do with as she pleased. She looked at Alice’s eyes and saw the need for satisfaction. The girl did not flinch as Ericka moved her soft lips to her own. Her mouth opened to allow her invading tongue inside. After a two minute French kiss Ericka moved her lips away and slid her fingers down the girl’s damp stomach and into her love nest. As soon as she touched her standing clitoris the girl came. “Ahhhh!” she moaned as her lips again searched for the coach’s mouth.

Ericka tried her best to dampen the moans of satisfaction from the girl’s lips. She was afraid someone outside the door could hear her cries of pleasure. Finally the girl’s body stopped moving. She opened her eyes and smiled.

“Come over to the sofa and let’s do it the right way,” Ericka said without much pulling effort on the girl’s hand. Alice fell onto her back and looked up as the coach moved her lips and body down to hers. Their lips stayed locked as their hands and fingers explored each others body. Ericka moved her lips down to suck in the long nipple. She used her years of experience to lick, kiss and suck the hard digit until deneme bonusu veren siteler the girl was moaned loudly again. She laughed as she pulled her lips away and moved her own chest upward until Alice tasted her first nip.

Ericka pulled her nipple away and again kissed her lips down the girl’s plentiful mounds until her tongue licked and slid into the large mound of curly hair. She could not see the girl’s pink slit but the top of her clit was standing up waiting for her tongue. As she curled her tongue around the small mound of joy Alice’s hips shot upward and her hands pulled the coach’s head closer. “Oh Yes!” Alice cried as she achieved orgasm for the second time.

Ericka moved her body up on top of the girl’s and lay in the youngster’s arms. Her lips moved to gently kiss and suck on her pierced earlobe.

“I never knew it would be so wonderful.” Alice whispered as her hand moved down between the coaches legs. She explored the woman’s bald pussy lips and slid her middle finger deep inside her hot oven.

Ericka moved her lips to the girl’s mouth as the girl’s fingers quickly brought her to completion. “Are you sure you never did this before?” The coach asked with a smile.

“Yes,” Alice giggled. She moved closer to the woman and they just held each other for almost an hour before Alice spoke. “Does this make me a lesbian?”

Ericka moved her lips over and gently kissed the girl’s closed eyes, nose lips and chin. “It makes you who you already are.” Alice made the team the next day but the coach pulled her aside and told her that they could not see each other again. She said she cared a lot for Alice but their relationship would only mean trouble for each of them.

A month later Alice met Bill and tried to forget how good she felt in Ericka’s arms. She knew her family would not allow her to have a lesbian relationship so she did what was expected of her to do. She married Bill. Up until today she had put those feelings for Ericka away in storage. She started crying as she watched the bus pull out of the school parking lot.

“What was that all about?” Carla whispered to Amy as the bus sped down the highway.

Amy glanced into her sheet music folder and saw the letter in a place where she knew she did not leave it. “You,” Amy said smiling. They were going on a trip for three days and two nights and would be sharing a room. Amy folded her jacket over her arm and hand as she reached for Carla’s. She had felt the same about her best friend but was too afraid to say anything. They caressed each others fingers and hands as the bus made its five hour drive up the interstate.

At the first rest stop everyone ran from the bus to try to escape the rain. The girl’s all gathered in the restroom to dry and fix their hair to look good for the boys who were already gobbling down the food. Ten girls noisily moved out into the fast food joint and left two behind. Carla smiled at Amy and pulled her into one of the toilet stalls.

“Carla!” Amy laughed. “What are you doing?”

“Something I’ve wanted to do for three years.” Amy’s eyes opened wide as she watched her best friend’s mouth move closer and closer to her own. Both of their eyes closed as their soft lips gently brushed and nibbled. Amy was surprised when Carla’s tongue pushed against her closed lips. As she opened her mouth someone came into the restroom. “Are you two coming?” A girl’s voice asked.

“Yes,” Amy giggled as she quickly gave Carla a peck on her lips and moved out of the stall. It was not uncommon for two girls to share a stall so their secret was safe.

The last three hours of the trip drove both girls crazy. They sat thinking about their upcoming nights alone together. Neither really knew what to do or how to pleasure the other one. They guessed they would just have to learn as they went.

Finally at dusk the bus pulled into the Holiday Inn parking lot and everyone unloaded their musical instruments and luggage. Carla had already made sure that she would be sharing a room with Amy so when the coach read off the room assignments both girls smiled at each other.

“Rule number one,” the band director said. “No boys in the girl’s room and vice versa.” “Everyone got that?” “Yes,” Carla and Amy said at same time.

“Dinner is at 7:00PM so you have four hours to relax. Do not leave the hotel areas and always travel in pairs,” he said smiling. He knew most all the all-state band were 18 year old seniors whose hormone levels were peaking. He would do his best to keep them separated but it was very likely a few of them would get together.

Two of them, Amy and Carla, quickly opened the door to their room and threw their bags inside. When the door closed they both stood and just looked at each other.

“Why did you wait so long to tell me?” Amy asked feeling her heart pounding in her chest.

“I was afraid you didn’t feel the same way and would hate me.” Carla said feeling her body tingling in anticipation of what was to come.

Amy’s body was shaking from nervousness and excitement. She pulled her luggage over to the small desk and sat down on the side of one of the single beds. “I feel the same way. I’ve tried not to feel that way about you but it just won’t go away.” She put her face into her hands.

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