Caroline’s First Movie

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I woke up horny as hell and my hand was already at my clit, playing with it and making me more aroused. My fingers slid in my wet pussy, finding the leavings of many loads of cum from the night before, while my other hand found my tits and I started playing with my pierced nipples. The mornings event came back to me and I glanced down at the tattoo at my pussy. “Fuckslut” it said and the knowledge that I now was marked with what would be my new name made me even more excited. I brought my cum sticky fingers to my mouth and sucked them clean before I let them return to my dripping hole. I flicked faster at my clit with my fingers, now wet from my juices. I knew that I was close to orgasm and pulled hard at my nipple rings. “Aaaoooaa!” An earth shattering orgasm swept me away and my pussy overflowed, making a wet spot on the sheets under me.

When I regained my senses I remembered that I wasn’t at home. Mr. Black had took me home to his house and told me to get some sleep after a night of fucking. My pussy, ass, tits and especially my new tattoo felt sore but I was already exited being at Mr. Black’s, hoping that he finally would fuck me. I had been his pet years ago but his cock was still the biggest I have had. In his case it was true what they say about black men.

The room I was in appeared to be a guest room, but my clothes was nowhere to be found. After visiting the guest rooms toilet I made my way to the kitchen in my birthday suit, hoping that I would find some kind of breakfast. When I was about to raid the fridge I thought I heard something from further in the house. So abandoned the fridge to investigate what it was.

I heard noises from the master bedroom indicating that they were awake. Opening the door so that I could glimpse in I saw the thin thai girl standing on all four with her ass up into the air and Mr. Black mounting her from behind with his enormous dick up her small ass hole. She was moaning into the pillow, either from pain or pleasure, I wasn’t sure.

I must have made some sound because Mr. Black turned to me and told me to get in the bedroom. He took out his huge dick from her ass hole, which was gaping almost in the same size as when he had been inside her.

“Lick her asshole Fucktoy.”

I licked around her gaping hole, making her moan into the pillow again. Then i fucked her with my tongue and lapped at her ass.

“Now suck me clean slut.” I turned my attention to Mr. Blacks cock, licked at his purple cock head. It smelled of her ass but I still tried to take as much as possible of it into my mouth. After sucking him clean he ordered me to get on the bed in the same position as the thai girl.

I stood on all four with my ass up and my pussy dripping, waiting for Mr. Black. He placed his dick at the entrance to my pussy and slowly pressed himself in inch by inch. His cock head was fully buried inside my pussy, and my pussy walls pressing around his dick, like it was trying to crush it. He pushed in one inch more, then withdrew and pushed in two more inches in my stretched pussy. Then he with drew again and pushed in one more inch. He continued until he couldn’t get any more in, canlı bahis and then he pulled out completely, leaving my pussy open and craving.

Now his cock was at my asshole. It was covered in my pussy juices so that it would slide in more easily. I had to bite down on a pillow while he pushed his huge cock inside me. Once inside he was still for a moment, letting my ass get used to the invasion. Then he slowly started fucking me. He pulled out all the way, so that his dick barely touched my ass and then he plunged in again, over and over.

After a few minutes of fucking he pulled out and went over to the thai girl and without a word he slammed his huge cock in as far as he could and fucked her in a higher tempo than he had fucked me. She screamed down into the pillow when he entered her, but soon her ass was as expanded as it was when he drew out a few minutes ago.

I stood on my knees waiting for it to be my turn again and after a while he was done with the other girl and returned to me. He pushed in hard and fucked me forcefully. I figured that he couldn’t last much longer so I enjoyed myself while it lasted, flicking at my clit.

Soon he drew out his slimy cock from my ass, aimed at my gaping hole and shot his load into my open asshole. He told the other girl to suck him clean but I had to stay where I was, not moving a muscle. Then he placed the girl face up under my pussy and told me to push out the cum so that she could taste it. I pushed and the cum came oozing out from my ass, running down to my pussy and then dripping down into her open mouth. When I couldn’t get any more out she swallowed and licked and sucked at my asshole, trying the get the last drops out.

The sight made him hard again and he shoved his dick up my ass once again.

“Go get the double dildo” he told the girl while fucking me, now in a more controlled pace. When she came back with the dildo we were told to stand om all four on the bed, ass to ass. He then inserted one tip into her ass and then the other into mine.

Soon we found the pace and simultaneously fucked back at the dildo, spearing ourselves on the thick dong. I played with my clit and it sounded like she did too. Mr. Black placed his dick in my mouth and I could taste his sperm and the juices from both our asses.

Next he told the other girl to take out the dildo from he ass and me to lay on my back on the bed. Then he had hes suck her end of the dildo clean, before he placed the tip on the entrance of my pussy. I was so aroused that it easily slid in. Now I had a double dildo ticking out of my ass and going straight in to my pussy. He took a short metal chain and fastened it to my pussy rings, trapping the dildo inside me without any possibility of slipping out.

The girl lay over me in a 69, lapping at my clit and playing with my pussy lips. I was licking at her clit while Mr. Black was fucking her ass. Full from the dildo and her clit massage pushed me over once more. I came with a scream muffled by her pussy. Mr. Black shot his load up her ass and took out his dick which he placed in my mouth and told me to suck him. Slowly his dick was shrinking after his orgasm bahis siteleri and then he told me to clean the asshole of the girl. I did, licking and sucking at her gaping ass just like she had done to me before. She pushed out his load in my mouth and I swallowed as I looked up into Mr. Black’s eyes.

“Time for breakfast, we have a long day ahead of us.”

Mr. Black went to the kitchen and we followed. The girl and Mr. Black prepared the food while I was told to sit at the table since I was their guest.

It wasn’t comfortable sitting on a chair while your pussy and ass are full of a large double dildo so I couldn’t sit still.

“Fuckslut, I have a job for you. One of my friends are shooting a movie today, but the gild that should play the main part is ill. So you are going to take her place.”

“Master! I don’t want to! Why can’t your girl do it instead?”

“Don’t talk back to me!

But since I really need you I will let that go. She already has another part to play in the film. And you are perfect for the part I have in mind.”

The thai girl gave me a short mini-skirt, almost so short that it showed the dildo between my legs. And to that a tight t-shirt, showing a lot of cleavage. She put on a similar, slutty outfit. Then we got in the car and Mr. Black drove away.

We arrived at a isolated house out in the country. There was a couple of cars parked outside but otherwise it looked deserted. Br. Black parked and led the way up to the front door.

A young man opened the door to let us in. We entered a room where a man in a suit sat smoking a cigar. “Welcome Mr. Black. I was afraid that you wouldn’t show. I see that you managed to find a replacer.”

“Yes I did, and I think she will be perfect for the part. Fucktoy, pull up your skirt and show him your pussy.”

When I revealed my pussy, filled with a double dildo that was hold in place with my piercings and also filling my ass the man almost lost his breath. And when he saw the tattoo he smiled at Mr. Black, saying that I sure would be perfect.

The suit led me in to a bedroom and told me to undress. He told me that the plot was that I was a “lab rat” in an science lab where they researched sexual freaks. I should be a nymphomaniac with an obsession of anal sex and large toys. So I should more or less play myself.

The young man who opened the door and another man came in and made the cameras ready. “Action!” said the suit and the cameras were rolling.

The door opened and two men in white doctors coats came in.

“So here is the new patient, lets examine her.”

“Look at that, the piercings and the tattoo really shows that she can contribute a lot to our research.”

They removed the chain from my pussy rings and attached it to my nipple rings instead, pulling my tits together. One of the men took hold of the dildo, pulling it out of my pussy but let the other end stay inside my ass. He then pushed the tip of the end that had been in my pussy to my ass hole, trying to put both ends up my ass. The other man squirted some lube on my ass and the dildo slowly came in. My ass was stretched like never before bahis şirketleri and the camera man came in for a close-up.

They told me to hold the dildo in place while they concentrated on my tits. I was made to stand up with both hands holding the dildo in place. Then they attached wires to my nipple rings. The wires led to a small, humming box. They turned a dial on the box, which sent an electric current through the wires and my tits. My tits bounced and the current made my nipples tingle. It made me clench my ass muscles and I ejected the dildo from my ass and it wend bouncing over the floor.

“Lets try something else.”

The laid me in the bed and inserted a dildo into my pussy, and then attached the wires to my pussy piercings. They turned the power on and my pussy clamped on the dildo, launching it over the room like a cannon ball.

“Interesting. Let’s do the next test.”

They placed me on the floor next to the bed with my shoulders to the floor and my lower back resting against the bed and my legs over my head so that my ass was pointing straight up and open for the to play with. Both had one dildo each and they fucked me with them, one in my ass and the other in my pussy. Now they undressed and stroked their hard cocks. They gave me the dildos to suck at before they finally started fucking me.

They took turns inserting their cocks in my ass, when one pulled out the other went in. One of them played with my pussy, twisted at my rings and once in a while inserted a finger in my wet pussy hole. Then they both stopped fucking me and stroked their dicks, getting ready for the money shot. Meanwhile the cameraman took another close-up at my gaping asshole. After the close-up they both shot their cum loads into my gaping hole and the camera man came in for a close-up once again, filming the cum in my ass.

Once they had taken on their coats they left the room and let Mr. Black and the thai girl in instead. The girl had her arms and legs wrapped around Mr. Black and her ass impaled by his huge cock. She dismounted and got to her knees, lapping at my pussy.

Mr. Black aimed his cock at my gaping, cum filled ass. Slowly he pushed it in and I moaned from being expanded so much. Cum flooded out of my ass as he pushed and the girl tried to lap it all up. Some ran down my pussy and dripped on my face. She showed the camera all the cum she had collected before swallowing it down. Then she went back to licking my cunt. With her mouth on my pussy and Mr. Blacks cock in my ass I came in the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. I moaned and bit down on the dildo in my mouth, my pussy squirted into the girls mouth and my ass clenched time after time around the big cock, trying to milk him of his sperm. Mr. Black took out his ass from my pulsating ass hole and shoved it down the tiny thai girls throat.

After a few thrusts down her throat he backed away and told her to keep her mouth open. Then he came, shooting a cascade of his seed into her mouth. She turned to the camera and showed her price. The bent down to me and french kissed me, sharing the cum with me.

The camera man circled around where we stood on our knees kissing, playing with the cum and caressing each others tits. Finally we swallowed his cum and waved goodbye at the camera, that focused at my tattoo and zoomed in, catching the final frame of the film “Fucktoy”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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