Chris, Tale 02

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“Okay, sweetie, I’ll see you then,” saying it with, what I hoped, was the horniness I was feeling.

“Can’t wait, sugar, Mama’s horny as hell,” Vic cooed in response.

“Makes two of us…see you soon, babe.”

Vic and I have been ‘seeing’ each other for a couple of months now. My husband, Max, was very cool about it, understanding to a fault, I suppose.

After years of fantasizing, I had finally had my first sexual encounter with another woman and Vic was that woman. Max said he understood me wanting to explore this side of me, of my sexuality, of my desires to be with other women and I had his blessing.

Good guy is my Maxie-boy.

He and I still indulged in the lifestyle and, in fact, had a couple of threesomes with a couple of guys after my first go-round with Vic.

Yep, pussy aside, I still liked my man-meat.

Throwing some things in an overnight bag, I double-checked to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything and decided to have a small cocktail and relax for a bit. Max was away at a convention for the weekend and Vic and I made plans to ‘shack up’ at her place for the weekend.

Yes, of course, he knew.

Our plans, Vic’s and my plan, for the weekend was simple. Tonight, this night was all about the two of us. Tomorrow night, we plan on going out to dinner and then maybe cruise by Chico’s for a drink or three.

Chico’s was a local cocktail lounge that catered to the swinging lifestyle and served as an informal meeting spot.

“Ahhh, Chris, Chris, Chris…” I muttered aloud to the empty-except for me-house as I finished my drink, “You’re such a slut.”

What prompted the muttering was me realizing just how much I was looking forward to Vic sitting on my face.

And to any of you chicks out there who haven’t played in girlyland…you have no fucking idea what you’re missing…

“Hey sugar, Mama’s been waiting for you,” Vic said as she pulled me by my hand into the foyer and slammed me against the wall. Pinning her body against mine, her tongue was down my throat in a heartbeat and her hand gently fondling my pussy.

Oh yeah, it was good…

“Miss me, did you?” I managed to say between gasps for breath when we broke apart.

“Kinda’…want some wine and or smoke before I bury my head between your legs?

“Yes on both and how come you get to go first? What if I wanted to go first?” I chided as I trailed behind her to the kitchen nook.

Turning her head to look at me, she replied, “How ’bout you get your taste of pussy while I’m dining at your ‘Y’?

Giving her a curious glance at her remark, we turned the corner from the hallway to enter the kitchen.

Hello. What the fuck?

“Chris, I’d like you to meet Mandy, my next door neighbor’s daughter. Mandy is legal-nineteen, did you say, Mandy-and Mandy wants to have her first time ‘real’ lesbian experience…Have I got that right, sweetie?” Vic said while handing me her stash box and beginning the process of poker oyna popping the cork.

“Ahhh, I’m kinda’ at a loss for words,” I stuttered.

“Hello Mandy, glad to meet you?” I manage to blurt to the cutie sitting at Vic’s table.

“Hi Chris, I hope my presence isn’t going to ruin y’all’s plans for the weekend,” she said politely.

“Ahh, Vic, can we talk in private for a minute?”

Mandy sorta’ looked down and blushed.

“You couldn’t give me a call and give me a heads up, Vic?”

“Wanted to surprise you?”

Mission accomplished!

“And you just assumed I’d be okay with a third in bed with us?”

Vic gave me the ‘classic’ deadpan look of ‘Who do you think you’re kidding’. Vic knew of the threesomes I’ve had with guys.

Shaking my head in agreement when I realized what her look meant, “Yeah, you’re right, not a good example.”

Gently taking my hands in hers, Vic whispered, “She’s cute, Chris…I’ve seen her body in a two-piece and have lusted after her from the time she first started growing boobs.”

Stepping back, Vic continued, “Look, if it really bothers you that much, I’ll ask her to leave, Okay?”

“No, no, don’t…I mean, it could be fun, right?” I quickly said.

“Ohhh yeah, sweetie, it could be a lot of fun,” Vic replied.

And with that, we walked back into the kitchen nook and found Mandy standing and gathering her things. Stopping, she turned to us, saying, “Look, maybe I’ll just leave…maybe this wasn’t a good id…”

“No, nonsense, stay…please stay,” I said, interrupting her in the process, “look, this girly-play is new to me, sweetie, that’s all and I’m sorta’ still feeling my way around, no pun intended.”

Well, maybe the pun was intended, thinking back on it, now.

“Forget my reaction to you being here and what say we start from the beginning, okay?”

“You sure?”

“Yep, now pour us a glass while I finish rolling us a big ol’ fat-boy.”

Giving me a big smile and eyes twinkling, she replied, “Okay.”

Two bottles of Cabernet behind us, we were sitting naked in Vic’s hot-tub and passing what was left of my fat-boy between us.

“So, why now? Why the interest in girly-play?” I smiling asked as I passed her the joint.

“Been interested for a while, probably a result of the kissing games my girlfriends and I played on our overnight sleepovers,” Mandy replied.

“Ah yes, those damned overnight sleepovers have been the start of many a lesbian life,” Vic chuckled while taking the offered roach.

“Well, anyway, one of my friends…well, she and I stayed overnight at each other’s house a lot, taking turns, you know?”

Nodding in agreement, Vic and I waited for Mandy to continue.

“Well, and she started it, we started playing those kissing games, you know, just the two of us and…well, she started feeling me up while we kissed and…and I let her, never stopped her,” Mandy said, sort of wistfully, I thought.

“Never more canlı poker oyna than kissing and feeling each other up but, well, it just started me thinking about what it’d be like to go further, but, but I never did anything about it.”

“How’d you know to ask me about it?” Vic asked.

“I’ve seen you come home a lot, late at night after you’ve been out and you’ve always come home with another woman, never a guy…so, I figured…”

If it quacks like a duck…

“Makes sense to me,” I quipped.

Nothing was said for quite a while, the three of us laying back, letting our bodies free-float in the huge tub and relishing the warm water as it bubbled over us and the sweet, sweet mellowness that the fat-boy provided.

I closed my eyes for a second, at least I thought it was only for a second, when a low, moaning sound brought me out of my reverie or stone-nap, whichever it was.

“Ummmmm, oh sweet Jesus, Mmmmmm,” I clearly heard coming from the direction of Mandy who was between Vic and I.

Turning my head and fully opening my eyes, I beheld Vic and Mandy in a vicious lip-lock, soft moans coming from them both. Vic was holding Mandy’s hair in her fist, holding her head to the edge of the hot-tub while kissing her. Vic’s other hand was under the water, between Mandy’s splayed legs and moving in a rubbing, fondling motion that I knew all so well.

Fuck! It was hot to watch!

Without and invite or any encouragement, I moved towards Mandy and lowered my mouth to her breast, the nipple just barely above the surface of the water. Wrapping my mouth and lips around her erect nipple, I began sucking on it while flicking it with the end of my tongue.

“Oh, Goddamn,” Mandy murmured between sucking on Vic’s tongue, “Oh Jesus, that feels soooo good.”

“That’s good to know,” Vic softly cooed, ” want to dry off and come play with us, sweetie?”

“Yesssss, oh God, yes,” was Mandy’s panting reply.

Drying each other off took a bit longer than necessary because of pauses to kiss, touch and fondle. Oh well, gal gotta’ do what a gal gotta’ do.

Once dry, it took only a nano-second for the three of us to get into Vic’s king-bed. Positioning Mandy between us, Vic and I took turns kissing her, each other, all of our hands on each other’s body.

Mandy clearly loved the attention that Vic and I smothered upon her judging by her own busy little hands on our bodies.

Responding to a sudden urge, I laid on my back while pulling Mandy to a sitting position on my stomach, her knees on either side of my ribs. Grabbing her firm ass in my hands, I pulled her slowly towards my waiting mouth and tongue, pulling her so that her wet, shaved pussy left a track up my chest, between my breasts.

“Hang on cutie-pie, Chris is going to take you for a ride,” I said softly just before lifting her up and onto my mouth.

“Ooooooohhhhhh, damn,” Mandy cooed while moving her pussy with increasing tempo and force on my sucking mouth internet casino and thrusting tongue.

Feeling my legs being gently forced wider, I lifted them and brought my heels onto Vic’s ass just as her tongue found my magic button.

The only sounds one could hear from that point on were the sounds of wetness and guttural moans of bliss, punctuated periodically by the sound of an orgasm being reached.

Round one ended about an hour later, the three of us breathing heavily as we lay in varying positions on other bodies.

“Oh my God,” Mandy panted, breaking the silence, “I wish I had given in to my curiosity a hell of a lot sooner,” chuckling a bit afterwards.

“Girl-play is a lot of fun, sugar, and just wait until you get your first taste of pussy,” Vic replied to her comment.


“That’s up to you, baby,” I contributed to the conversation, “no pressure from us for you to do so…it’s your adventure, you play it as you wish.”

“But, there’s two of you…who would I ‘do’ first?” She asked in what appeared to be a real conundrum for her.

“Me, neighbor-gal, you two have both gotten off and I desperately need to,” Vic answered, kneeling up afterwards and positioning herself so that Mandy was looking straight up to Vic’s trimmed love-box. Lowering herself slowly onto Mandy’s mouth and face, Mandy quickly figured out how eating pussy is done.

Rolling between Mandy’s legs, I brought my mouth to her sweet-tasting snatch and began my own pussy-eating fun…

“Oh, mom knew I’d be spending the night,” Mandy replied to my question, “but she thought it was because Vic and I were going to have a marathon night of movie-watching; she knows that both Vic and I are geeks when it comes to movies…I’ve spent the night before for that.”

Glancing over to Vic over the steam rising from my coffee cup, I raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Nah, didn’t happen, Chris,” Vic replied to my raised eyebrow, “we watched movies, ate popcorn, slept in separate bedrooms and I just masturbated to the fantasies in my head about the under-aged-but-still-made-me-horny-Mandy.”

“I wonder what would have happened if you’d made moves on me,” Mandy mused aloud.

“Wouldn’t have, baby-girl, you were underage and that was a big red-flag for me…not a big fan of going to jail for a piece of tail,” Vic answered.

We finished off the second pot of coffee and bid farewell to neighbor Mandy, the three of us playing kissy-face and grab ass as part of our goodbye ritual.

“I have a sorority thing tonight but if you guys don’t have anything planned for tomorrow?” Mandy asked as she was about to open the front door.

“I’ll be leaving to go home late tomorrow afternoon but I’d love it if you’d drop by before I do,” I cooed.

“Okey-dokey,” and with that, neighbor Mandy left.

Closing the door behind her, Vic put her arm around my waist and led us towards her bedroom.

“Got plans, do we?” I chuckled.


“Going to eat my pussy, are we?”


“You’re not?”

“Nope…gonna’ put on one of my strap-ons and fuck you…and then, you’re going to fuck me, Okay?

Well, okay then…

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