Christina Looks for a College Ch. 04

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As she opens it, she is taken back by the beauty that stands before her. Dawn is a tall blonde with a great body and currently only wearing a bath robe. Dawn steps forward into the room and closes the door behind her. She then pulls the knot on her robe and reveals her sexy body to Chris. Chris instantly turns as red as a sports car as she takes in the exposed skin and boldness that has presented itself to her.

Dawn says that “I heard you through the wall and had to connect a face and body to the sweet moans that made me so wet; I hope you do not mind.”

Chris says that she doesn’t as she instantly soaks her shorts. That same wicked and sweet smile returns to her face as Dawn steps forward and takes Chris into an embrace. Their sweet lips meet as Dawn’s robe falls to the floor.

Christina Looks For a College Chapter 4

It is a kiss like Chris has never felt before. It is soft and gentle, but still rough enough to hit all of the right nerves in her sexy lips. Chris slowly parts her lips to accept Dawn’s tongue into her mouth. She wraps her own tongue around Dawn’s, like a snake wrapping around its prey. Their kiss continues as Dawn’s hand reaches out to the hem of Chris’s t-shirt and slowly begins to raise it up between their bodies and off of Chris’s. By this point Chris’s nipples are as hard as diamonds and her body begins to shutter with the anticipation of Dawn’s touch.

As Dawn continues her efforts of removing the barrier between her and Chris’s bountiful chest; Chris begins to make a trail down to between Dawn’s long, sexy legs. Her hand comes to rest on Dawn’s mound just as Dawn’s hand brushes by Chris’s sensitive nipples; waves of pleasure surge through her body from Dawn’s touch. Dawn finishes removing Chris’s shirt and Chris’s hand finds Dawn’s throbbing clit. Chris begins to gently rub Dawn’s button and a moan escapes Dawn’s lips as her eyes go back into her head. Dawn slowly pushes Chris back towards Kim’s bed as shocks of pleasure resonate throughout her body from Chris’s sweet touch.

Once to the bed Dawn slowly lowers Chris’s sexy body to the bed. She tells Chris that she is enjoying what Chris is doing to her, but to stop for a bit because she does not want to cum yet. Chris obliges her request and removes her long finger from between Dawn’s smooth legs. Dawn then begins kissing Chris’s toes on her left foot and starts to kiss her way up the inside of Chris’s left thigh. Chris’s breathing increases as her sweet pussy begins to drip down onto her shorts and the bed below her. As Dawn reaches the bottom of Chris’s shorts she can smell the sweet scent of her nectar that awaits her. She kisses her way up the middle of Chris’s shorts making sure to rub her face into her dripping wet center. She then reaches the waist band of the shorts and takes it into her teeth. She looks up and smiles at Chris who smiles back down at her. Dawn slowly begins to pull off Chris’s shorts with her teeth. When she reaches the top of Chris’s mound she parts Chris’s sweet pussy lips with her tongue and gives her throbbing love button a tease. She looks up at Chris as she does this and Chris’s eyes are closed and Dawn can begin to feel Chris’s body shake below her. She continues her journey down Chris’s body and smooth, sexy legs until she has her shorts completely off.

Dawn then begins to hear a familiar moan come from Chris’s lips and she looks up to see Chris rubbing away on her sensitive, pink clit. This brings a smile to Dawn’s lips. Dawn decides to watch for a short poker oyna time as Chris continues to rub herself ever closer to another powerful orgasm. Chris’s moans increase as she begins to feel that now all familiar waves of pleasure from her head to her toes. She feels herself getting closer and closer to her breaking point as her breathing gets even heavier and more pronounced. She feels her whole body begin to tense up as the moment of no return is upon her. Dawn also sees Chris’s body tense up and reaches out to remove Chris’s hand from between her legs.

Chris opens her eyes in shock and disappointment and asks Dawn, “Why did you do that when I was so close?”

Dawn replies, “Because I want to be the one to make you cum and I want it to be your hardest ever.” “I want to make you moan and scream out in pleasure, so I can hear those sweet sounds that brought me over here in the first place.”

Chris says, “Well then get to it!”

And that is what Dawn does. She pulls Chris to the end of the bed so that her legs hang off. She then smiles up at Chris and asks her if she is ready.

Chris replies emphatically, “Yes!!! Please!!! Make me cum!!!”

Dawn gets down between Chris’s parted legs and reaches out and parts her puffy, pink pussy lips to reveal a now very engorged, throbbing clit looking back at her. She leans forward and takes it into her warm mouth causing Chris to let out a scream followed by a slow, pleasurable moan. Dawn begins to lick and suck at Chris’s sensitive love trigger like she was licking a melting Popsicle. Chris’s moans increase as her breathing begins to return to its previous quickened pace. Dawn puts some more pressure onto Chris’s button of pleasure as Chris’s hands find their way to her 40D breasts. Chris begins to rub at her sensitive, rock hard nipples causing those familiar waves to return to her body.

Dawn continues her assault on Chris’s body as the sweet sound of her moans return to Dawn’s ears. She suddenly feels Chris’s body tense up and she knows that her taste of a job well done is near. Chris grabs a hold of the sheets beneath her sexy body as she feels her toes begin to tingle with what is sure to be a fantastic orgasm.

Chris yells out, “Here it comes!” and Dawn clamps down on her throbbing clit as Chris reaches her breaking point.

Chris’s whole body stiffens and she screams out in pleasure as wave after wave of electric pleasure surges through her body. She unleashes her first dose of sweet nectar all over Dawn’s face. Chris’s whole body begins to shake as she pours out wave after wave of sweet tasting love all over Dawn. Electric shocks continue to surge through her body and just when she thinks she is done another wave of pleasure soars through her body and all over Dawn’s face. Dawn licks up as much as she can of what Chris is giving to her, but it is too much and it begins to pour down her face and onto the floor below. She cannot believe how much Chris has in her. But she is happy as the sweet screams and moans of pleasure have caused her to plunge three fingers into herself and bring herself closer to her own orgasm. One final flood of liquid love from Chris and she collapses on the bed loosening her hold around Dawn’s head with her legs.

Dawn falls back onto the floor herself and increases her assault on her own love center. Sliding her three long, thick fingers into her dripping wet, throbbing pussy while her other hand finds her pink, hyper-sensitive clit. She continues rubbing away at her canlı poker oyna clit and pounding away at her sweet pussy until she realizes she needs more. She goes over to Kim’s dresser in search of something better. She glances over at Chris and she is between consciousness and unconsciousness as she basks in the glow of the best and hardest multiple orgasms she has ever had. Dawn also sees the puddle of love on the floor that Chris has left behind. She shakes her head in disbelieve that one woman could cum that much all at once.

She turns to Kim’s dresser and opens the drawer to where Kim keeps her pleasure stash. She finds just what she is looking for; a long, rubber vibrator with a beaver head stimulator on it. It is right next to the double dildo/vibrator that she and Kim have made use of in the past. She takes her beaver headed friend and lies on the floor. She brings her legs up and spreads them wide as she moves the vibrator between her legs. She turns the beast onto its low setting and slowly inserts it into her waiting hole. She instantly has a mini orgasm as it begins to fill her up. Her eyes roll back into her head and her body tenses a little until the pleasure toy is as deep inside of her as it will go. She holds it there enjoying the vibrations that it is giving off inside of her. She can feel every inch of her pussy tighten and throb around it. Her clit has now reached its full potential as the beaver head is busy doing its job on it.

Dawn slowly begins to slide the length of the pleasure tool in and out of her tunnel of love. She increases the strength of the toy to its full potential and immediately she screams out in pure pleasure. She begins pushing the toy in and out of her throbbing love center faster and harder. Until her whole body begins to shake uncontrollably and she lets out one long, exaggerated moan as her pussy grabs a hold of the toy buried to the hilt inside of her and then lets go releasing her own sweet nectar into the air. (Yes, Dawn is a squirter.) Her tight, little pussy continues to contract around the toy as wave after wave of pleasure surges through her body and squirt after sweet squirt of cum pours out of her. After about a minute of multiple orgasms rock her body, she slowly comes back down to earth to hear a familiar sound. She looks up to see Chris standing over her with her three fingers buried in herself. She is slowly sliding them in and out and Dawn can hear just how wet Chris still is.

Dawn smiles up at Chris and asks her if she likes what she saw. Chris replies, “Almost as much as what you did to me.”

“Well then, would you like to try something new?”

Chris says, “Hell yea!” in response to Dawn’s question.

Dawn tells Chris to sit down on the floor and she will get what they need. Chris does as Dawn says as Dawn gets up from the floor and goes back over to Kim’s dresser. She returns with what seems to be a really long vibrator or dildo. Dawn informs Chris that it is a double-ended dildo that can also become a vibrator. At this point a huge smile comes to Chris’s face as her interest in this new toy heightens.

Dawn then turns on the little bullet vibrator that is in the center of the toy; it instantly comes to life. Dawn instructs Chris to lie down on the floor and spread her legs nice and wide. Chris does as Dawn requests and instantly she finds Dawn putting one end of the toy to dripping wet entrance. Slowly Dawn slides it deep into Chris’s accepting pussy until Chris can take no more. Chris now has a internet casino huge smile on her face as this new feeling of fullness overtakes her whole body. She feels as if all of her senses are on speed, everything seems 100 times more sensitive than usual. Dawn gives Chris a minute to get acclimated to the toy and she then slowly begins to lower herself onto the other end of it. Chris lets out a scream of pain that turns to pleasure as Dawn’s weight pushes the toy even deeper into Chris’s tunnel of love. She has never felt anything this deep inside of her and she likes the waves of pleasure it is bringing to her body.

Dawn goes down as far as she can on the toy and allows herself to also get acclimated to its fullness. She then slowly begins to slide up and down the length of her end of the toy. She lets out a long, drawn-out moan as she feels it leave her and then return to fill her once again. She starts to build up speed and Chris begins to fuck the other end of the toy that is buried in her. Chris also feels it leaving the safe haven of her throbbing pussy to then return and send another electric shock of pleasure from her toes to her head and back down again.

Dawn and Chris get into a good rhythm as then continue to slide the full length of their dripping wet pussies up and down their end of the toy. Moans and screams of pleasure are filling the room as they both move ever closer to yet another set of powerful orgasms. A puddle of their shared love-making is forming on the floor beneath their bodies. Chris reaches down and begins to rub her now throbbing clit adding to her heights of impending pleasure.

Just as Chris does this, she hears Dawn yell out that she is going to cum. Chris yells back encouraging her to do it all over her. And that is just what Dawn does. She begins squirting her first load of sweet cum all over Chris’s chest and face. Chris licks her lips enjoying the sweet nectar that Dawn is providing her with. Dawn continues to pound away at the toy buried inside of her as her pussy pulses around it and continues to unload more hot cum all over Chris and the floor around them. Just as Dawn is starting to come down from her last orgasm, Chris yells out that it is her turn. She rubs her clit real hard as her first orgasm overtakes her body. Her body shakes as wave after wave of bliss travel throughout her. Dawn pulls herself off of her end of the toy and begins to use her hand to pound the toy in and out of Chris’s spasming pussy. Chris screams out one last time as her last orgasm ravages her body with pleasure.

She reaches down and has Dawn remove the toy from her. Dawn then collapses next to Chris on the floor. They share a series of long, sensual kisses as they play with each others rock-hard nipples. As they finally return back down to earth from their high, they smile at each other. Chris suggests that they go and lay on Kim’s bed together. Dawn likes the idea and so they go there. They immediately wrap each other in their arms and slowly drift off to sweet sleep. As their eyes close, two smiles of pure satisfaction remain on their lips.

Meanwhile back at the sorority house, Kim has been having her own fun. Kim arrives at the front door to her sorority house and knocks on the door. She is greeted by her sister Lisa. Lisa is a 5’7″ woman with short brown hair and a great figure. Kim smiles at her as her outfit accentuates her 40D breasts nicely. They embrace each other and close the door behind them.

Kim asks, “Is everyone else here?”

Lisa replies, “Yes, they are all here waiting on you to get the party started.”

Kim says, “Well then what are we waiting for?” as she begins to unbutton her shirt and follow Lisa into another room.

To be continued…

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