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I noted her as soon as she entered. There was an aura about the way her entrance demanded the attention of everyone in the room. Men’s mouths dropped as she walked past, oblivious to their presence. Women sneered, watched with interest, watched with fear and in one or two cases, with lust in their eyes.

She wore tight black skirt, black stockings, heels and a hot pink top that accentuated the fullness of her breasts. Her brown hair fell down past her shoulders and her face was exquisite. She was a goddess in control.

I held my drink at the bar, watching her move throughout the club, my heart pulsing in time with the dance music reverberating throughout the space. She moved onto the dance floor, stopping to move in time with the music as she cast her gaze about the room. Several men approached and danced for awhile, but moved off after the obvious disinterest she showed them. A small space formed around her as people started to lose interest as she simply moved in time with the music.

I, however was transfixed. I simply watched her move and the whole time I watched, I wanted to be closer. But I didn’t have the nerve. Just because she had shown no interest in those men who had approached didn’t give me enough confidence to think that she might prefer a woman or more particularly, me. That didn’t mean I wasn’t poker oyna going to watch of course! She was after all, gorgeous.

As I watched, she moved, swayed, turned and pow! She looked straight into my eyes. I was entranced in that gaze. And as I watched, I licked my suddenly dry lips and swallowed to try and restore my equilibrium. Her eyes never left mine, but a small smile appeared on her face and a twinkle in her eye. As she swayed, she lifted her arm and crooked her finger at me, inviting me to the dance floor.

I was compelled. I put down my drink and walked over to her, feeling that exciting tingle in my loins, not quite able to comprehend why I was doing this. When I reached her, she continued to move and I started to dance to her rhythm. We moved in time and she slowly moved closer to me to the point where we almost touched, but not quite. We moved and twined and twirled about each other, lost in the music, revelling in the proximity of another body.

Then she touched me. Her hands gently caressed my hips and she pulled me to her, our legs slipping between each others. The pressure on my pussy made me all too aware of just how wet I was and the thong that I was wearing was doing little to contain it. We ground together on the dance floor, not speaking, just enjoying the moment. Then she turned away, canlı poker oyna holding my hand and in doing so, maintaining the spell she had over me. She led me from the dance floor to the back of the club.

I noted the looks of disgust on some of the girls faces as we wove through the crowd, the looks of lust on the faces of the guys who had been watching the relief of some of their attendant girlfriends, relieved that she wouldn’t be targeting their men. I disregarded all their looks as I admired the view I had behind her. The curve of her hip, the neat little butt that must be tucked away beneath the skirt, that glorious hair spilling down from her head.

She led me straight into the toilets, opened the door to a stall and let me inside before coming in behind me and shutting the door. She moved in on me, pushing me up against the wall, her breasts crushed against mine, her tongue seeking mine. She spread my legs to grind her thigh against my pussy as she hungrily devoured me, her hands moving over my hips and sides.

As she kissed me, her hands moved down to my skirt, pulling it up, exposing my drenched thong to the cool air. she started sliding down my body, her mouth biting at my chin, then nibbling on my erect nipple through my clothes. As she moved further down, her hands slid my thong down. I moved internet casino my leg to accommodate their removal and she knelt before me, her hands again lifting my skirt up to my hips.

I was sopping wet, my pussy lips swollen and my clit stiffened in anticipation of what was to come. I wasn’t disappointed. She moved in and licked my wet lips, sending waves of ecstasy through my body. I lifted one foot up to the toilet to give her better access and she moaned as her tounge licked the length of my wet slit, ending with a circling motion on my clit. I shuddered in pleasure, loving the attention.

Then she settled in to work my clit with her tongue, her hands grasping my arse to help her pressure my clit. I writhed against the wall of the stall, biting my lip, my hands moving from my breasts to her run her fingers through her hair and back to myself, to pull and tug on my nipples.

It wasn’t long and I felt that familiar sensation build then crash down over me as I orgasmed, my pussy convulsing as she licked appreciatively at my juices. As I stood, weak kneed from the pleasure, she stood up and kissed me, sharing my taste with me, my juices mingling on our tongues.

Then she simply turned, opened the door and walked out. Two girls were waiting outside and looked at me with surprise as they noted my thong around one ankle, my skirt about my waist and my drenched sex. I quickly slammed the door shut.

It wasn’t until I was able to make myself leave again that I realised that through the entire encounter we hadn’t even spoken …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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