Cobalt Blue Ch. 08

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Cobalt Blue 8: I’ll be yours, Valentine

Stewie took a fortifying breath as he mentally ticked off that all his preparations were completed. Valentine’s Day was coming up soon, but he and Jaze would be working over the actually day itself as well as a couple of days either side. Jaze had come up with the idea of each of them doing something to surprise the other either side of Valentine’s. He had also insisted that Stewie was to go first. Stewie had despaired when looking to buy a gift. So much was tacky; so much was geared for ‘traditional’ couples. The only stipulation from Jaze was that Stewie was *not* to book a restaurant. Although Jaze never made a big deal of his wealth, Stewie knew that he could never afford to take them to a really expensive restaurant and Jaze saw no reason for Stewie to struggle to pay when he so easily could.

Stewie then looked at the small box in his hand and toyed with his own pendant. At a distance the pendant looked plain but up close you could see it was engraved with a circle that had lines radiating out from it. Jaze had said it was only fitting for the man who had brought light into his life. The reverse held their initials and the date they had confessed their love; the date that Stewie had given Jaze the gift of his virginity along with his heart. He gave a small sigh. He really hoped Jaze liked this gift. He then smiled; he was sure Jaze would like the other part of his gift.

Jaze arrived home full of anticipation. He stopped as he looked at the house and realised it was home. Home because it was where he would find Stewie. Stewie had made it home; *was* home to the older man. He hoped that when it came to his turn to give a Valentine’s surprise the next week, that Stewie would appreciate just how much Jaze did truly love him. But tonight…tonight was Stewie’s night. He stepped inside the house and called his mate’s name.

“Welcome home, lover,” Stewie purred as he emerged from their den. He smiled as Jaze blinked rapidly to take in the sight before him. Stewie wore sheer black pants. They were sheer enough to not hide the fact that Stewie wore no underwear, but just short of sheer enough to display the younger man’s endowments. Jaze found the ‘almost’ more erotic than if he had been clearly able to see. There was a matching shirt and Jaze’s eyes roved where he knew his mate’s nipples would be. The cinnamon nubs were slightly darker than the rest of Stewie’s skin under the shirt and Jaze licked his lips predatorily. Stewie was barefoot and as Jaze took the few steps to pull his lover to him their differences in size seemed more emphasised. Jaze realised he was already hard from the display alone. He devoured Stewie’s mouth, his tongue plundering the warm wet cavern of his mate, reacquainting itself with the unique taste of the beautiful younger man.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Jaze husked as he buried his face in the golden silk that fell to Stewie’s shoulders.

“I’ve put some clean clothes in the bathroom for you,” Stewie said panting softly. “Not *our* bathroom,” he added as he moved towards the kitchen. “The bedroom’s off limits.” He looked over his shoulder and sultrily added; “At least for now.”

Jaze rushed to shower and change and headed back to the den. The room was lit by candles and food was on warmers or in bowls on the low table. Soft music was playing. Jaze smiled. It was a perfect candlelit, romantic dinner. He caught Stewie in his arms and guided them to their big armchair to sit and cuddle.

Stewie wriggled free and pulled at the waistband of Jaze’s leisure pants.

“Want you,” he moaned as he dropped to his knees, pulling the pants to Jaze’s ankles and then off the powerful legs altogether. He pushed Jaze to sit in the chair. His hands reached to tug and pinch the dark nubs at Jaze’s breasts. He buried his face into the lightly furred abdomen, nipped down the prominent treasure trail and nuzzled at the thick dark pubic pelt. Jaze was already erect and leaking and Stewie greedily licked the gathering fluid. He then bathed the engorged head with soft kitten licks, savouring the intimate taste of his lover. Stewie slid a hand to cup the haired sac, heavy with its unspent need and watched riveted as Jaze’s shaft twitched in appreciation, pearly fluid seeping from the small slit. Enveloping the head, Stewie began to suck gently, one hand gently squeezing Jaze’s sac, the other stroking the thick shaft. A large hand caressed Stewie’s head, holding him, but not directing his movements. Strong hips thrust gently, not wanting to force hard flesh too deep into Stewie’s willing mouth. Stewie glanced up to see Jaze, his head thrown back, panting wetly through an open mouth. Stewie hummed as his tongue probed insistently and he was rewarded with thick pulses of his mate’s hot crème. Stewie swallowed rapidly, but a few drops slid free as he released the softening organ.

With a gasp, Stewie was swept into Jaze’s embrace and poker oyna the older man licked the last of his seed from Stewie’s face before mating their mouths together. As the kiss ended, Jaze gazed adoringly into turquoise depths.

“Love you so much, babe,” he said.

“Love you, too,” Stewie affirmed. “Jaze no, I’m saving myself,” Stewie moaned as Jaze’s hand found his own need.

“You’ll have time to recover,” Jaze said hoarsely. “Please, love,” he added.

At the nod, his hand moved to caress the silken rod damp with pre-come. He arranged Stewie to kneel straddling him. He kissed Stewie again, thrusting his tongue into the smaller man’s mouth to the same rhythm as his hand on Stewie’s erection. On each upstroke, Jaze twisted his wrist and slid his thumb over the engorged head. As Stewie writhed ecstatically, Jaze could feel the younger man nearing his release. He pulled the sheer pants clear of Stewie’s groin, slid down in the chair to leave Stewie’s groin level with his face and swallowed to the root in one go. Stewie wailed his name, his slender hips bucking into Jaze’s insistent mouth. Jaze’s hands on the naked buttocks urging the thrusting deeper. As Stewie’s release flooded his mouth, Jaze milked the younger man dry, not a single precious drop of his mate’s seed escaping his ravenous mouth. Allowing the sated organ to slip from his mouth he kissed its tip and re-arranged them to sit with Stewie boneless in his lap.

“If we stopped right now, this would still be the best Valentine’s ever, Stewie,” Jaze whispered into a tiny ear.

“Mine too,” Stewie agreed. He nuzzled his mate for a few moments, fighting off the post-coital fuzzies that threatened to send him to sleep. “You get settled at the table,” he finally said kissing the tip of Jaze’s nose. “I’ll get dinner.”

Jaze enjoyed his ‘home-cooked’ meal. Stewie had kept actual cooking to a minimum. The starter was Parma ham and fresh figs, the main meal grilled lamb chops with a honey dressing and mixed salad and desert was fresh strawberries with a dark decadent chocolate sauce. A half bottle of champagne was also produced and the two men alternated between using the sauce or the champagne for dipping their fruit. As the meal ended, the lovers found themselves feeding more from each other. Gracefully, Stewie rose and extended his hand to Jaze. Wrapped in each other’s arms they danced slowly, their movements slowing incrementally till they simply swayed to the music. Jaze pulled Stewie’s hips to grind against him, evidencing his desire for his lover.

“I love you,” he husked.

“Love you, Jaze,” Stewie replied and pulled gently free of his mate. He retrieved the hidden box and held it out to Jaze with a shy smile. “This is for you,” he said. “It’s part of your Valentine’s.”

His mouth dry, Jaze opened the small black box. He gave a small gasp at the contents. It contained a single silver dog-tag. The front was plain but on the reverse around the top arch was ornate script. Smiling, Jaze recognised their entwined names. Running down the centre of the tag was the single word ‘Forever’. With shaking hands Jaze affixed the necklace and pulled Stewie tightly against him.

“It’s perfect. You’re perfect.” He felt tenseness seep out of Stewie’s body and realised the younger man had been clearly concerned about the jewellery’s reception. He angled the beautiful face and kissed the smaller man long and deep trying to express all the love and gratitude he could. His tongue slid sinuously against Stewie’s, exploring every nuance of the other man’s mouth. By the time the kiss ended, Stewie was almost limp in Jaze’s embrace.

Stewie fought to regain his senses and locked eyes that were dark with desire with the older man. “Give me five minutes and then follow me upstairs,” he said as he backed away to the door, eyes riveted on Jaze’s.

The five minutes seemed endless as Jaze waited. As the last second ticked past, the big detective surged for the stairs. Outside the bedroom he called to his mate to ensure he was welcome and stepped inside at Stewie’s invitation. He stood and stared slack-jawed at the tableau before him.

Candles were the only light in the room, scenting the air with subtle rose as well as casting a warm glow. Stewie lay naked on their bed. He lay on gold sheets on which were strewn red rose petals which clung randomly to his lissom body. The light from the candles cast flickering shadows over his slim unmoving form and made him seem like an ethereal being. A small bouquet of red roses and an ice bucket with pink champagne stood on the bedside locker. Jaze heard his breathing become more ragged as he took in the black leather cuffs already attached to the bedposts that lay by Stewie’s wrists, the matching black leather collar around a pale slender throat and the strip of leather tied around the base of Stewie’s erect shaft. Their ‘toy’ box lay at the side of the bed. As Jaze’s eyes met Stewie’s the canlı poker oyna younger man slowly bent his knees and allowed his legs to drift open. The shadows hid the tiny gate to Jaze’s personal paradise, but his hungry gaze was drawn automatically to the shadowed declivity. Jaze felt the low growl deep in his chest as his arousal throbbed between his legs.

“Happy Valentine’s, Jaze,” Stewie whispered. “This is the other part of your gift. Me; to do with as you please.”

Jaze was at the bedside without being conscious of the movement that took him there. He touched the angelic creature that lay so open, so vulnerable and so invitingly in his bed. His hand caressed the smooth chest, the nipples that pebbled at his touch and down to the rosy shaft. He allowed his finger to glide through the pearly fluid that gathered at its tip and painted a cinnamon nub before swooping down to lick it completely clean. The taste of his mate’s essence was more intoxicating than the champagne they had already shared. Jaze gazed at the toy box and back at Stewie who waited for his pleasure. The collar was not the symbol of a dom/sub relationship, but the symbol of their trust and their belonging each to the other. Jaze contemplated the toy box again and then the roses and champagne. Suppressing a smile he reached to fasten the thickly lined cuffs to Stewie’s wrists.

“Mine,” Jaze’s voice caressed Stewie’s ear. Jaze moved to kiss his way up each smooth thigh. As he came to the velvety sac, he licked enthusiastically relishing the soft mewls of Stewie’s pleasure. Stewie’s hips pumped upwards seeking the relief that Jaze could give or withhold. The bigger man knew Stewie would be expecting to be kept bound and hard during their play, but since Stewie had said he was Jaze’s gift, Jaze decided he could change the rules of the game as suited him. Jaze fondled Stewie’s sac, feeling how high and hard the precious orbs were. Draping an arm over the slender hips, Jaze’s mouth worked Stewie’s erection in earnest. He ran his tongue along the prominent vein and hollowed his cheeks as he increased his suction.

Stewie moaned and writhed as Jaze’s wickedly talented mouth tormented his throbbing flesh. Lights danced behind his closed eyes and the hot wet suction was driving Stewie to the edge of his control, but the younger man knew that with his cockring in place, he would be unable to come. He felt his sac squeezed gently, the orbs pressed together then apart, building sexual tension tighter in the slender man’s groin. He felt Jaze slide a finger into his mouth alongside Stewie’s shaft and the younger man whimpered, unconsciously spreading his legs wider to invite the inevitable. A slick finger teased at his entrance and Stewie keened trying to bear down on the questing digit. It pressed at the furled aperture until Stewie pulsed his welcome before sliding fully inside to rub unerringly at Stewie’s sweet spot. Stewie screamed Jaze’s name as his shaft demanded release.

Jaze moved from the frantic younger man, allowing Stewie to recover before the next sensual onslaught. He opened the toy-box and removed a black silk scarf to tie around Stewie’s eyes. Jaze knew the younger man would be expecting him to use some of their toys, but Jaze had better ideas. He stroked Stewie’s hard, angry-red organ. “You like me touching you, baby?” Jaze asked.

“Yes,” Stewie moaned. Then the younger man cried aloud at the hot, wet suction that once again enveloped his aching flesh. A hand gently pinched a taut teat whilst the other fondled his sac. Stewie whimpered at the multiple sensations and writhed under the attention. He felt Jaze move and tried to listen to what he lover was doing. Cold champagne drizzled over his body followed by Jaze’s hot tongue again and again till Stewie was gasping for breath. As he lay recovering from the maelstrom of sensation he felt Jaze move again. This time he felt the softness of a rose stroke over his sensitised nipples, up and down his hard flesh, across his sac and to finally probe between his spread cheeks. Shamelessly Stewie tried to spread his legs wider, offering more intimate access. Jaze allowed the flower to glide across Stewie’s opening and as he finally moved it away, he swept his tongue over the tiny portal.

Jaze gazed down at his restrained lover and smiled ferally. He selected an ice cube and began to shape it with his fingers. Once satisfied with its mutated form, Jaze moved to hold Stewie’s legs open and pressed the ice cube against the exposed entrance. Stewie screamed and bucked but couldn’t dislodge his bigger, heavier mate. Slowly Jaze worked the ice in and out of the tiny entrance to the sound of Stewie’s incoherent cries. As the cube finally melted, Jaze thrust his tongue deep into the spasming aperture. He laved at the loosened opening, delving deeper tasting Stewie’s most intimate flavour. Moving from Stewie’s body Jaze stood to stare at the wanton, writhing creature that moaned internet casino his name. With a growl Jaze untied the blindfold and released Stewie’s wrists. Stewie’s eyes were so dark as to be black and Jaze felt a triumphant thrill that he had put that look in Stewie’s eyes. He wanted to see Stewie thrash unrestrained beneath him when the younger man came; he wanted to see the change in Stewie’s eyes as he sheathed himself in the tight hot depths of the smaller man.

“Want you to take me,” Stewie husked. “Want you to make me yours. Want you to come in me. Please, Jaze. Take me.”

“Soon, baby,” Jaze growled. He smiled as Stewie’s eyes riveted themselves to him as he stripped…slowly. He displayed his powerful muscles to their best advantage, his lightly furred, broad chest, powerful biceps. Turning he flexed trapezious and deltoid muscles and the rock hard gluteous muscles. He turned again to let Stewie’s eyes devour the red, hard flesh that jutted from his thick nest of dark curls. He stalked predatorily to the bed and as his knees hit, simply crawled up over Stewie to loom over the diminutive form. He lunged down as bit at Stewie’s shoulder to raise a mark of his passion. The shudder and moan from his now unfettered beauty causing his shaft to jerk, pearly drops falling onto the soft warm skin of Stewie’s abdomen.

Jaze oiled his fingers and pressed two inside his lover, smiling with triumph as they slid unresistingly into the heated depths. He scissored them as he rubbed Stewie’s prostrate before adding a third to ensure Stewie was prepared. Jaze crossed Stewie’s legs at the ankle and pushed them back, opening Stewie wide and ensuring that Stewie could do nothing other than lie and accept the attentions. Jaze positioned himself at the glistening entrance and pressed inside almost folding Stewie in half. He moved slowly to begin to allow Stewie to become comfortable with the long, thick shaft filling him as well as Jaze’s not inconsiderable weight and then began to thrust hard, deep and fast. Jaze’s mouth covered Stewie’s and his tongue delved into the smaller man’s mouth in concert with the thrusts of his hips. He felt one small hand grip his biceps with deceptive strength, the other fisting the bedding as Jaze ruthlessly exploited Stewie’s weakness with every powerful surge into the slick, searing channel. He felt every millimetre of his flesh gripped tight, the sheath rippling around him with every powerful thrust.

“Please, Jaze,” Stewie panted. “Too much, too good. Need to come, please. Let me come.”

“Love you, baby,” Jaze’s voice a feral sound. Gonna come inside you. Gonna make you mine.”

Jaze pushed forward further, Stewie’s knees being pressed so far back as to push on his shoulders. His thrusts became shorter, faster, jabbing insistently as Stewie tried to thrash and wailed his need. Jaze slid his hand to fist Stewie’s imprisoned flesh to bring the younger man to his crescendo. With a dextrous flick of his finger, Jaze released Stewie’s shaft and the younger man screamed. His release anointed their bodies, reaching as far as Jaze’s lips where the older man lapped at it voraciously. Jaze felt the heat in his loins liquefy and with a primal bellow found his release.

Stewie’s body was still convulsing from the powerful orgasm as he felt Jaze’s seed pulse hot and wet inside him. Moaning wantonly as his flesh pulsed one last time, spurting weakly, Stewie went limp.

Jaze’s hips pounded furiously as Stewie’s internal muscles milked him dry. He grinned in primal satisfaction as he felt the second, less powerful, orgasm from his beautiful blond. As Stewie went boneless, Jaze’s mouth closed over the fluttering pulse at the pale throat and he sucked hard. Satisfied with the mark, he moved to allow Stewie’s legs to fall to the mattress and balancing most of his weight on his forearms awaited Stewie’s return to consciousness.

Sated cerulean orbs finally flickered open and gazed with open adoration into matching hazel.

“Thank you, Stewie,” Jaze said. “For everything.”

“Happy Valentine’s” Stewie whispered his throat hoarse from his screaming. He then mewled softly as he felt Jaze’s satiated organ finally slip free from his body.

“Come here, baby,” Jaze murmured quietly. He rearranged their bodies to have Stewie’s lips at one of his furred breasts. “Suck me for a minute, lover,” he asked.

He smiled and moaned his pleasure as soft lips began to suck gently at one dusky nub, whilst slender fingers pinched with infinite care at the other. It took less than a minute before the ministrations became erratic and soft sounds of sleep came from the smaller man cradled lovingly in Jaze’s powerful arms. The older man determined to allow Stewie some time to sleep and then treat his lover to a long hot bath to alleviate the aches he knew were inevitable from their impassioned love-making. He fingered his new necklace. The ornate script and clever overlapping would make it impossible to immediately recognise it as their names, however, the word “forever’ was branded on Jaze’s heart. When it came to his turn, he intended to demonstrate that it was indeed ‘forever’ for both of them

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