College Girls Ch. 1

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We met in college during out 2nd year of pharmacy school. Both of us knew that there was a connection there but I was the only one willing to try anything in the open. So I invited her over for a study session. Being the fact that we were in most of the same classes.

Let me tell you a little bit more about her and I. My name is Angel and I’m 23 and her name is Mary and also 23. We lived in the same dorm area so it made it easy for us to see each other all the time. So I was ecstatic when she finally agreed to this study session I was ecstatic. I made sure that I had a bottle of wine and some snacks just in case we got hungry. I told her to come over about 5:30 that way we would both have time to shower and relax a little. I had other plans in mind for that evening besides studying the books. I was so happy when 5:30 drew near.

Finally when there was a knock on the door I jumped up and ran to it. I opened it and there she was decked out in p.j. bottoms and a tank top and me, I was in the same thing. And they were almost matching. Hers were blue and mine were purple. Both tops fit tight to emphasize our tits. And the bottoms were hip huggers and tight to show off our nicely rounded bottoms. I invited her into the living room where I had everything set up the stuff we needed for the lab and the food. She smiled poker oyna and said, “Wow this looks really good thanks for inviting me.”

“No problem. I figured this lab requires 2 people, and I didn’t have a partner and neither did you.”

“Yeah that’s true.”

We started talking some more about school and the labs as we worked and it turns out we have a lot in common. We are both single and looking. And both wanted the same thing. We both wanted someone to love and to have fun with. And someone that we can be ourselves with and not have to change our ways. Which was pretty cool. We both loved the same kind of music and food and clothing lines, which was a total obvious. But as we got deeper into the lab we talked more about our fantasies and our dreams. At one point in the middle of the lab we got up to stretch and get some munchies and talk some more.

“Mary can I ask you something really blunt? And if you don’t want to answer you don’t have to.”

She looked into my eyes and said, “ask me anything you want cause I have a question of my own.”

“Well if you were approached by a girl who was curious would you like you know mess around with her?”

“Wow Angel I didn’t know that you had thoughts like that. But in all honesty yes I would cause I’m very bi-curious.”

I stared at her with amazement canlı poker oyna think YES YES YES MY DREAM. I smiled at her and said, “so am I Mary.”

She just looked at me and smiled. “I say Angel, we finish this lab and see what happens after that.”

“HMM ok Mary.”

So we settled back down but I had a hard time concentrating. She smelled so good, like raspberries and rain. I could feel the wetness gathering between my legs just thinking about it. We finished the lab and cleaned up. After we finished she stood up and walked over to me and removed her shirt very slowly as to tease me. My eyes did not leave her chest as her creamy white size 36c breasts slipped right out and as she came level to my face with them I reached out and started to fondle and suck them. I slid my hands up and down her back and around her breasts feeling them and caressing them. She started to moan and scream out in pure carnal pleasure.

I ran my hand down to her bottom and started to rub her as she started to pull my shirt off over my head. I stopped sucking her breast long enough for the top to go over my head and for her to caress my size 38c breasts. We laid down on the floor and continued to caress and fondle each other. I slid my hand down and felt her bare pussy and almost came right there. She was shaved and was wearing internet casino no underwear. She started to moan as I slid my finger into her as she started her hand wondering down to my bare pussy. I stop touching her and pulled her pants down as she did the same to me.

“Baby, why don’t we move to my bed where it a little more comfortable and more romantic.” We got up and walked into my room were we continued to just kiss and touch and lick each other. I turned her around into a 69 position and started to go at her pussy with my mouth.

She started to suck my clit and that sent me over the edge. With her fingers and mouth in my pussy I came harder then I ever have. I started to suck her clit and shove my tongue and fingers in her as she started to cum I licked it all up and she had done mine.

She kept moaning and groaning into my pussy and I did to her. After we had calmed down a bit, I turned around to face her and started kissing her. I held her and she held me as we came down from the massive orgasm together.

“Mary, that was amazing.”

“Yes it was. Can I stay with you the rest of the year?”

“Sure. I would love that. I want to continue what we are doing.”

“Me too. I have watched you for so long Angel and wanted you and now I don’t want to loose this.” We started kissing again and touching again and we both knew we had found what we were looking for. And we both knew there was more fun to cum.

“Ok people here is another one and yes this will be cont. So please look for it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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