College Tutor

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“Listen Jeremy, shouted his mom in frustration, you aren’t going to drop out! This isn’t going to happen she screamed in frustration! Your dad and I have tried I don’t know how many tutors and none of them have worked for you! You just can’t continue this way! You can’t fail again! His mom was frustrated! I know you can do this, why’s it so hard?”

Jeremy’s mom and dad had gone back and forth with him for weeks about his grades. He had been through 6 tutors and none wanted him back! His careless attitude and outlook caused all of them to quit! The student peers didn’t want anymore of him because he didn’t apply himself and one of the girls said he was hitting on her.

Jeremy had a streak of misbehaving much like his dad. His dad and his mom almost divorced twice. His dad fooled around various times, but was caught with lipstick on his shirt and the scent of perfume was on him.

She was a teacher who went onto become a college counselor and administrator. She often tutored college students who had commitment. She had a weakness for younger married men and even younger single college males. Jeremy and his dad fit those descriptions.

Carefully his dad suggested her as someone who could get him to turn himself around. He mentioned how he talked about their dilemma at work and Gary Haskins suggested a woman. Gary Haskins hadn’t worked for the company in over 8 months. Although the whole story was made up, his wife believed in it and no one was the wiser. Jeremy’s dad arranged it all.

Kelly Hampton, the college counselor and administrator was a sleek looking 6′ 0″ tall woman! Kelly Hampton had perfect features. From head to toe, there wasn’t anything wrong with her. Her hair, eyes, lips, cheekbones, and neck line all suggested she was happy with herself and proud of whom she was. She quietly discovered in Canada once a surgeon who did breast implants at just over half of what doctors in the states did them for. She went north and upgraded her beauty and it was well worth the trouble. She felt she was not well endowed and this was a perfect solution. She was more then satisfied with the outcome. So were ‘friends’ of hers she met socially or otherwise.

Her libido was ‘second to none’! She had the sex drive of a tigress! She knew how to keep it in check as she had to due to the nature of her job! She knew was fine prey and who was not!

Kelly Hampton was a great fuck! She was exceptionally smart and giving of herself too! She knew how to handle people.

Jeremy proved to be a great specimen! She expected a nice young kid, aged 20, to come to her office at her apartment to receive tutoring and nothing else. Her parents were none the wiser either of what would come of all of this!

The first meeting they went over prior course work to see where he stood amongst other college sophomores. He lagged farther behind then she thought. He had to catch up quickly. They started the class work in early summer.

Her apartment unfortunately for both was hot and stuffy due to renovations being done on the complex. She wore shorts that highlighted her shapely legs! She wore a lightweight skirt and a sleeveless top that accentuated her body which was a byproduct of good exercise and a breast augmentation! Yes she caught his attention right off the bat, but she didn’t intend to.

She ran, swam, and looked every bit the part of a woman who maintained themselves daily! So did Jeremy, except the swimming. He ran everyday and played basketball every other evening! He had a chiseled but slender frame. It was a fine body for a twenty year old!

Kelly Hampton was 34 and single as single could be! He liked her instantly!

With a light brown head of hair that was thick and wavy in nature, anyone would be attracted to that and would love running their hands through his hair. It was soft, thick, and full; it added to his attractive, charming personality, and hawt frame! Yes that’s right Jeremy was a good-looking young dude.

His feet gave telltale signs of how well endowed Jeremy actually was. He was a size 12 ½ and that said it all for Kelly Hampton.

“He’s as nice looking as his dad! He even has good size feet, hmmm.” She picked that up quickly!

His view of Ms. Hampton was “Great tits, long legs and I bet a pure pussy too. Look at her; look at that body! Does she fuck as well as she looks?”

“Now the price of this session is $75.00, Kelly told Jeremy. Your parents gave the money for it, right?”

Being deceptive as he was he replied, “Pardon me? $75.00; I think there is a mistake. My understanding was the first two sessions were free and then if things worked out, my parents would agree to pay. That is what I was told.”

“No, no, no that isn’t what I agreed to. There is some miscommunication. We’ll straighten this all out. I’m sure of it.”

He looked at her, puppy dog eyes in tow and smiled like he had no idea what just happened. “I’m sorry Ms. Hampton, I really am. Is there anyway we can resolve this right now? I don’t want to give you canlı bahis the wrong impression.”

“Maybe, we will see. Would you like a glass of water first?” He said yes and thanks. He was polite, deceitfully naïve and showed perfect manners.

“Wow, how do you put up with the heat in here? It’s very hot. Do you run fans? Don’t you have an air conditioner?”

“Yes but it’s down now, so I have to dress accordingly. This may be a stretch, but you understand since I have company! I’ll be right back.”

“I have to dress accordingly” he asked himself, “What does she mean by that? Since I have company?” He wondered what she dressed like when no one’s around!

As she went to get the water, he stood up, went to the window, and asked since it was so hot if he could shut the window. She said okay.

“Are you that hot Jeremy?”

“Yes but I think I’ll be okay.” Then he asked if he could use her bathroom. He went in and acted as if he needed to splash water to cool off.

He came back and she saw that he did. “Hmm, he sure does look fine in that ribbed top he’s wearing.” So she said to him, “If it doesn’t embarrass you, feel free to take that off and cool down Jeremy; it isn’t going to disrupt anything.”

But she thought to herself, “At least I don’t think it will.” She was not sure about that. She didn’t know he was going to become slightly aggressive and try to put the make on her either! She wasn’t prepared for that, but it wasn’t beyond her either!

“No, I wouldn’t feel right doing that. I’d feel very uncomfortable doing that I think. Thanks anyways.” He said to himself, “God is she a banger or what?”

She looked him over from where she stood and thought, “His dad didn’t have that body, that stomach, and that butt! I bet he’s as good or better then his dad is! Sure he is, she thought, I bet he’s even more of a man! Wow, he is tasty!”

She smiled as she looked him up and down and a ping hit her between her thighs! “Oh, oh, that’s not a good sign, mmmmm.”

Jeremy thought, “Wow, God I’d love to rip off her top and well everything else and just suck away at her tits and that body for starters! God what a banger she is! Wow, I’d love to lick her cunt out! Man, I bet she’s as tasty as they come!”

Sitting down at the table, it was very hard for each of them to focus on the task at hand! The two began trying to work away at some problems and theories in Geometry. Becoming frustrated he put down his pencil and looked at her. “I can’t do this, it is just too hard! It’s just too hard.” No, it isn’t hard Jeremy! Nothing’s hard unless you want it to be hard. I can make things hard, that’s for sure. She thought about what he concealed underneath those shorts he wore! If you want I can show you how things can get hard.”

He had no clue what she really meant when she said that. To make matters worse, she scooted closer so she could show him systematically what he needed to do. Then he smelled her perfume. It was distracting! It was too hard to focus!

He’d look up, but not at her, saw her cleavage, what little there was that was revealed to him, and calling out his attention. “Oh God how do I do this” he wondered.

“May I say something which is going to be misconstrued?”

“What’s that Jeremy”, Kelly asked.

“You are, well you’re a very nice person.” He didn’t say what he was really thinking. He blushed and apologized for being out of line he thought.

“That isn’t out of line; thank you I appreciate that. It isn’t often anyone comes out and compliments another like that, so thank you.”

She heard him take another whiff of her perfume.

“That’s really nice perfume you’re wearing too. I really like that. What’s it called?” He became little by little, more comfortable sitting so close to her.

“Oh my dad bought some of that for my mom a few months ago. She loves it and wears it a lot I think. That’s why it smells familiar. I love it when she wears it.”

“Oh really, Kelly replied, I love it too. It sure makes a girl feel like a woman. You should by one for your girlfriend; you have one right?”

“No I don’t! Then he lied and said “I am not real experienced with dating.” Girls are hard to figure out. I wish I knew how to deal with them better. You’re not a girl, so that’s different and it’s well, obvious too.” He tried to casually compliment her.

“What do you mean by that? I’m not a girl! I sure am a girl. I have all the same parts and emotions a girl has. Umm, but let’s move on okay. You and I don’t need to talk about boys and girls; we aren’t here for that!”

“I’m sorry, that’s true. We aren’t here for that. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay Jeremy; you are quite the good looking guy Jeremy! Why you don’t have a girlfriend is beyond me.” He didn’t answer. “I’d think anyone would be lucky to be with you. I see a very handsome guy with quite the body in fact! I mean you are not at a loss for looks in any way.”

“Umm, thank you Ms. Hampton ummm, uhhh, well you aren’t either Ms. Hampton.”

“Why thank bahis siteleri you”, she responded and thought again to herself, “I’d love to just grab a hold of his crotch and see how built his piece is!”

“Does that mean what I think it means Jeremy? I really want us to focus.” Now she was lying!

It was getting out of control. The session was about over as far as tutoring was concerned!

“If I can be up front, what I mean is you have great features. I’d say features to die for in fact. Any guy would be lucky to”, but he didn’t finish.

“Well, well now aren’t you the suave one, said Kelly! I like the way you compliment. It is as if you have some experience doing that. I’m getting another glass of water, would you like one?” He said yes.

When she came back his shirt was off and he sat there with only his shorts on! That caught her off guard. Jeremy, umm, do you mind? Can you put that, but she paused and said, “You are umm, in good shape!”

“I think you are, but he didn’t allow himself to say what he felt. You are, and again he didn’t finish his thought! That perfume you’re wearing is great!” That’s all he would let himself say. But he couldn’t control himself and he grabbed her arm, “Feel this!” He put her hand against his chest.

By mistake she let him hold her hand against his pecs and she said mistakenly, “Wow that’s nice!”

She pulled it away immediately and regained her composure.

“No we can’t behave this way. I’m not like that Jeremy! I am not going to let you try to do that! Let’s not go there! In fact, maybe you should leave and we can reevaluate this to make sure we are doing this for the right reasons! Is that clear?”

“I’m sorry, he said, I didn’t realize what I did would upset you. I guess I got the wrong signals! You did say thank you after I gave you a compliment.”

“Yes I did and I’m sorry I misled you. That’s it for today. I will see you in two days and we’ll get down to business for sure. Is that clear?

She thought to herself, “God I wish he would have slid my hand all the way down! All the way down to his masterpiece; ohhh I wish he would have done it!”

He assured her that he would focus and two days later, he dressed much more conservatively wearing jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt. Wearing his cap to cover up his beautiful full head of hair, she was disappointed because it was a great feature she wanted to run her fingers through as soon as the right time came! She thought about doing it somehow in this tutoring session!

“Hi Jeremy, sit down and relax. May I get you a drink?”

She wasn’t wearing perfume, she wasn’t wearing anything revealing, but she put on a strategic every day blouse along with a bra that lifted up her breasts noticeably! He noticed that right away.

“Okay, let’s get down to business!” He wanted to make sure she thought he was serious. Working side by side, he whipped out his arm to hit her lightly but intentionally, against her leg. “Perfect, he thought, that should start it off.”

“Ohh, excuse me, she replied; let me move a bit.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you.” He looked and smiled.

“It’s okay Jeremy. But let’s keep our focus, okay? Is that understood?” She really wanted him to do little things like that and see where it would lead. She wanted to touch him, but how? “He sure looks great in those jeans”, she thought.

“It’s hot in here again isn’t it? I can’t seem to get a good airflow going. I always end up showering quickly and that cools me off for a while. Do you go swimming anywhere Jeremy?” He didn’t understand why she said that while they ‘tried to focus’.

He looked up at her and this time right in her face as he tried to behave himself, but she had moved up against him, shoulder to shoulder. “What is she doing”, he thought. He saw her long flowing brown hair. Her glasses were down low on her nose. The blouse was buttoned up so none of her cleavage could be seen; he didn’t try to gaze upon it.

He got the signals and asked her, “May I have another glass of water?” She said yes and when she came back, he undid his jeans so that his boxers were visible. He unzipped them but she could not see them. He waited for the right moment to get her attention! He was going to do it this time! He was going to grab her hand and put it on his cock!

She sat next to him. She sat right up next to him, but that time she did it with a smile. She looked right at him and noticed how he looked like he was serious. He acknowledged that he was serious.

“So you don’t want anything too hard I take it?” Kelly wanted him hard! He wanted to get hard!

“Such as what, he wondered, is there something in particular we haven’t covered that should be covered? Does it need to be hard?” He was confused.

“I think there is one thing that absolutely has to be hard Jeremy. Let me show you.” That’s when she slipped her hand across his lap and was going to put it on his crotch. She was taken by surprise when all of a sudden he was one step ahead of her. His bahis şirketleri jeans were already undone and waiting for her to take charge!

“Oh my God, I had no idea! Are we, umm, uhhh, ohh wow Jeremy. Were you and I planning separate advances on each other? Hmm, this is interesting. What can I do to make this an exceptionally fun tutoring session?” Her eyes lit up.

“May I”, she asked as she advanced her hand down the front of his boxers as he decided to slip off his jeans the remainder of the way!

“Uhh, uhhh, ohhh, she said. You have to take off those shoes don’t you?”

“Well what about you, what are you going to entertain me with Ms. Hampton?

“Ohhh Jeremy, Jeremy! Don’t worry your little sexy ass about that honey!”

“Should I give you a full strip tease or do I get to handle that load inside first?”

Jeremy responded by saying, “You need to hold this”, as he pulled off everything below his waist! His cock sprung out and showed every inch of its splendor to his tutor!

“What can I show you in return then? There must be something I can let you see or have in return, isn’t there?” She was enjoying his artwork!

“Ohh God you are blessed” she said! “Wow, mmmmm that is so sweet! May I?” She grabbed a hold if his cock and rushed to get it longer and harder! “Ohhh, that’s nice very nice Jeremy. Do you care if I slip my mouth over you?”

“Mmmmmm, she mumbled as she sucked his cock, although limp, in her mouth. He stood there in front of her letting his tutor suck away on his manliness. With a good amount of hair surrounding it, she loved the soft and smooth nature brushing away at her cheeks when she sucked it all the way back in her mouth!

Finally she got it solid like a concrete beam and it gorged her mouth superbly. She was hornier since she was successful at getting the young man horny too!

He was proud of his inheritance!

“Is that fulfilling enough Ms. Hampton? Am I suitable, I hope?”

She only nodded her head yes because she didn’t want to stop the flow of things! She enjoyed something so perfect in her mouth she wasn’t going to quit now to say speak!

On the other hand, he wanted her jewels but she forgot herself. She enjoyed that manliness he bestowed!

He thought to himself, “What about her womanhood?”

“Do I get an opportunity Ms. Hampton? Umm, will I get to enjoy your fruits? Is this going to be one sided?”

She accidentally gagged and began laughing at the way he said things.

“Sure you do, come here, and do as you please! I am yours as long as I have an undetermined amount of opportunities to fulfill my needs. Do we understand one another?”

“Here, start here Jeremy. I am all yours! I just became a little overzealous at the idea of temporarily giving up time on your heritage! This endowment is unmatched by many I assume! This here as she grabbed a hold of his dick, is one majestic jewel! Ohhhhhh is it! Mmmmm, it is nice!”

“Awww, I guess thank you is what I should say. But your tits, wow Ms. Hampton, they are well, wow! And your body Ms. Hampton, it is ohhh god how do I want to say it right ohhh, wowww!”

He stared at a set of tits that bludgeoned his view! He wanted to feel them, suck them, squeeze them, and shove his cock between them! He didn’t know what to do!

His cock vibrated and there were tremors within! He ached to whip it at her, against her, or in her! It didn’t matter because he didn’t care! He assumed a lot!

It was so damn hard that he could have easily started jamming on her and she would be pleased! He assumed he could ejaculate that easily on her that she would react so instinctively she’d be pleased and orgasm!

“Awww, that’s so sweet. Now what can we do for entertainment, instead of tutoring here? I feel like a good old fashion titty fuck! Can you take this off and do that? Or did you have something even better in mind? Maybe you’d love to shove your hog up my ass? Yeah, mmmm, that even sounds more exotic! That sounds like a better and bigger turn on to me! Yeah that’s it; fuck me up my ass Jeremy! Will you do that for me? Can you do that for me? Are you even able to do that to me?”

Her tone was so sweet and commanding, that he could not deny her! However, he did have difficulty with that idea!

“Umm, you mean just like that, slide it up your ass? Slide it up inside of your butt hole? Umm, I’m not so sure about that Ms Hampton!”

“You mean to say you are leery of it. You were so bold earlier and now Jeremy, you don’t have the balls, or the backbone to do me up my fine, fine ass!” She pulled off her clothes completely and staring him straight in his eye was one fine tuned curvaceous figure that his daddy loved fucking too!

Men love to butt fuck me Jeremy. I love to be fucked in my ass, it is so erotic! Are you a real man Jeremy? I thought you were when I saw your body a couple of days ago! When I saw your hungry horse a little bit ago I sure thought that but I guess I assumed wrong! You are still just a boy in a man’s body! Awww I’m so sorry. Here just suck on my titties and then you can go home, okay? I am so sorry you didn’t mature to that level. You do like these titties right Jeremy? They aren’t too much for you are they young man?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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