Commuting on the 7.45

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Same train, same carriage, same seat and same boredom. Five days a week, every working day for the past seven years I had endured the same routine. As usual I tried to read the newspaper folded in my lap but my concentration was poor. At twenty-six I was obviously at one of those crossroads of life. The divorce was finalized but I had no man in my life and I badly needed some good sex. I could do my job to the satisfaction of my bosses but the thought of even another year at the same place made me want to scream in frustration.

I closed my eyes and let my mind wander over one of the two subjects that dominated my mind these days. I saw myself on a white sandy beach in the tropics, surrounded by handsome men bearing cooling drinks. Eenie, meeny, miney, mo. Hmmmm which one would I choose for tonight? Oh how I wanted to get out of the rut of my current life and travel abroad.

The sudden squeal of the train’s brakes jerked me out of my reverie and I groaned as the train halted between stations. Another morning late for work meant another late arrival home that night. I yawned and looked around the carriage at my fellow commuters. All wore the same long suffering look at the predictable interruption of our trip. My eyes caught those of another girl who was sitting facing me a few seats down the aisle. I guessed she was in her mid-thirties, her short dark hair framed an attractive face and I envied her slim body. She smiled directly at me then grimaced and shrugged her shoulders in resignation. I smiled back and shrugged my shoulders in agreement of our situation.

As I gazed back down at my paper I found myself wishing I was sitting next to the friendly traveler. I raised my head to look at her again and blushed as our eyes met once again. This time the stranger smiled, licked her lips suggestively with her tongue and blew me a kiss. I felt my face turning crimson as I looked quickly down at my paper once again.

When the train jerked forward once again I could feel her gaze on me and I wasn’t game to look up. My mind raced; oh my god was another woman trying to pick me up? Strangely, even though I had always considered myself straight I felt no revulsion at her flirting. In fact, I admitted to myself as I pretended to read the paper, I felt somewhat thrilled that she was attracted to me. Finally the train drew into the city central station and as I folded my paper I risked another quick look at the lady. Damn she was looking straight at me and again she blew me a kiss. My cheeks blushed bright red and I jumped off my seat to stand at the door to be first off. I felt people crushing in behind me and I froze as a hand touched my left arse cheek. A quick caress, a squeeze and a pinch sent shivers through me as the train finally stopped. The door opened and I jumped out and practically ran off the platform and out into the rush of the city.

All that day I couldn’t get the girl on the train out of my mind. What would it be like to make love with another woman I constantly wondered? At one stage I got myself so hot and wet that I had to go to the toilets and masturbate. I realised with some astonishment that I was excited and not repulsed and wondered if I would I see the girl again? Would I be game to sit in my regular train seat tomorrow morning?

After a restless and almost sleepless night I decided that I was worrying unnecessarily. As I ate some breakfast I resolved to sit in my usual seat, after all, I had never seen her before and the chances of her being in the same carriage today were very slim. So it was with some determination that I boarded the carriage and sat in my usual seat. I sighed quietly as a quick look around showed no sign of the lady. I giggled to myself as I wondered if my sigh had been one of relief or disappointment? Two stations later I looked up from my newspaper and there she was sitting in the same seat as yesterday! Of course her eyes were looking straight at me and once again I watched the lick of the lips and the blown kiss.

I kept my eyes on hers and shook my head slightly from side to side. I was trying to convey to her that I was not interested, although the sudden dampness in my pussy seemed to tell me otherwise. She looked around to make sure nobody was watching us and almost imperceptibly shook her head as if not accepting my answer. As I blushed bright red again and wriggled in my seat I unconsciously wet my lips with my tongue. My suitor smiled and again licked the tip of her tongue around her lips. I felt small beads of perspiration breaking out on my forehead and dug around in my bag for a tissue. As I patted the tissue across my brow the girl nodded her head up and down, obviously pleased with the effect she was having on me.

In total confusion I gazed back down at the paper for the rest of the trip. Thank god it was Friday I thought, at least I would have the weekend to rest and try and sort things out in my mind. At last the train jolted to a halt at city central but I was slow collecting my things poker oyna and as I moved to the doorway she was standing right in front of me. Once again that brilliant smile was flashed at me as she reached forward and stuffed a piece of paper in the top pocket of my jacket. I shivered as her hand brushed my left breast and then she was gone and I made my way slowly to work.

I sat at my desk trying to concentrate on my work without success. I was afraid, literally afraid to look at the piece of paper in my pocket. All sorts of things ran through my mind, could I trust this woman, was she a stalker, why did she make me so turned on every time I thought of her smile? Those lips and tongue, what would they taste like? What would she taste like?

After an hour of indecision I finally took the paper from my pocket and unfolded it to read: ‘I really want to talk to you and I think you want to talk to me. Meet me Saturday morning at 11.00am at Winter’s Coffee Shop. If you don’t show I promise I will never bother you again. But you will show, won’t you? Love J’.

Winter’s Coffee Shop was located in the group of shops near the station where I caught the train each morning. Had she been watching me or just knew the station where I joined the other commuters? My mind was so confused that by lunchtime I had a bad headache and took the rest of the day off, much to the annoyance of my boss. I went home, took some headache tablets and slept for a few hours. When I awoke I wrote down all my thoughts about this lady on a large sheet of paper, a system of problem solving that I had used previously. After weighing all the pros and cons I decided that I would meet J tomorrow morning and have this talk she wanted so badly. Having made that decision I felt more relaxed and found myself nervously excited and actually looking forward to meeting this mysterious lady called J.

I slept amazing well that night and woke the next morning feeling refreshed and more than a little nervous. I had trouble eating breakfast and agonized long over what to wear that morning. After a long shower where I carefully shaved my legs and underarms I selected a dark blue knee-length skirt with a plain sky blue top with a vee neckline. I shivered in anticipation as I slipped on small floral panties and a matching bra. The top and skirt looked fine in the mirror and I spent a long time on my hair and makeup. The thought that I was going to all this trouble for coffee with a girl and not a guy made me giggle at myself.

Naturally I was ready long before I needed to be and I paced around my apartment telling myself to relax and not to be nervous. Even though I could easily walk to Winter’s I decided to take my car in case I needed a quick exit. So just before the appointed time I drove through the small strip shopping center and to my delight found a parking spot two doors down from the coffee shop. I shivered as I checked myself in the car’s mirror, took some deep breaths and with an outward calm that conflicted with the churning in my tummy, made my way to the shop.

I saw J sipping on a cup of coffees at a corner table away from the other customers. I waved to her and after I ordered a cappuccino made my way to meet the mysterious J.

She stood as I approached and held out her right hand in greeting. “Hi, I’m so glad you came, my name is Jayne. I’m really happy you came, I knew you would.”

“Hello Jayne, I’m Laura.” I replied as we shook hands and sat opposite each other. “You knew I would come? You were that sure?”

“What a lovely name Laura,” Jayne’s smile lit her face. “ Yes, I had a feeling, sometimes you just know.”

“You make a habit of picking up strange women?” I asked, then I giggled as I realized what I had said, “Not that I’m strange, at least I hope not.”

Jayne laughed. “No Laura, I don’t make a habit of picking up strangers. But you looked so sad, morning after morning on the train, and I just knew I had to talk to you. Ah, here’s your coffee.”

“Well I’ve just gone through a stressful divorce settlement Jayne, that would account for my moody mornings. And I need a new job too, I have to break away from the deep rut I have dug for myself.”

“Divorces are shit aren’t they?” Jayne replied. “I went through one three years ago so I know how you feel. Fortunately my neighbor was wonderful and she helped me through a very rough period.”

I felt myself relaxing as Jayne and I chatted away, she had a way of asking probing questions that allowed me to talk openly and honestly about my marriage and divorce problems. She told me about her experiences that were amazing similar to mine and we were soon chatting like old friends.

After nearly three-quarters of an hour I said, “You know Jayne, this chat has been really good for me, I’ve been able to unload and talk about stuff that I couldn’t discuss with my family or friends.”

“I’ve really enjoyed it too Laura.” Jayne replied as she licked her lips in that suggestive manner. “But it could canlı poker oyna get a lot better.”

A shiver ran through my body as I asked, “Ummm what do you mean Jayne?”

“I bet that since you split with your ex that all the guys think you are an easy lay, right?” Jayne looked directly into my eyes as she asked the question.

I blushed and said, “You’re not wrong, Jayne.”

“And mostly what you need is to be held and hugged, to feel safe and not used for a quick screw, am I right again?”

I nodded in agreement as I felt one of Jayne’s legs rub against mine under the table. I resisted the urge to move my legs and waited for her next words.

“Let me tell you a little story Laura.” Jayne smiled as the tip of her tongue once again wet her lips. “I was really depressed after my marriage broke up and at one stage considered suicide. One day my neighbor came over and found me sobbing, I was a total wreck. She just sat on the couch with me, held me in her arms and told me it was all right to cry, to grieve for my marriage. She was wonderful, a person I could really talk to, just like you have with me.”

I nodded again, wondering exactly where this story was leading to as Jayne’s leg continued to rub mine.

“When I finally calmed down and she wiped away the last of my tears she leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead. I was so overcome by her help I gave her a peck on the lips, as I would a close friend, know what I mean?”

Again I nodded, unable to find words. Jayne looked around to make sure other customers could not hear here, then in almost a whisper she continued.

“Next thing I know her hands hold my head and she pulled my mouth to hers and she kissed me. Oh Laura, how she kissed me! It was the sexiest, softest kiss I have ever had, so much better than any mans. Next thing I know she is unbuttoning her blouse and unclipping the front of her bra. She pulled my mouth down and I sucked on a large nipple, it was amazing. Laura, I had never ever considered myself bisexual but to cut a long story short we ended up in my bed for most of the day. You look flushed Laura, are you ok?”

Jayne looked concerned but of course she could see the effect her story had on me.

“Ummm yes Jayne, I’m ok.” I smiled as I felt small beads of perspiration break out on my forehead. “What a lovely, amazing story. Do you, ahhhh, still see you neighbor, or was it a once only?”

“Oh we see each other regularly Laura, we are very good friends.” Jayne smiled sexily again. “Laura, have you ever thought of making love to another woman?”

“Not until you blew those kisses to me on the train on Thursday.” I replied, surprised at my own honesty.

“And now?” Jayne asked.

“I, I’m not sure Jayne, to be honest. Yes I need some good sex and I find you very attractive.” I swallowed and continued as I looked straight into her eyes. “But whether I can do “it” with another woman I don’t know.”

“Come into the toilet with me now Laura, let me kiss you once, please. If you don’t like it then we can go our separate ways or just be friends, it’s up to you.” Jayne paused for a few seconds as my mind raced. “But don’t let this be one of those times you will look back on and regret not giving it a try.”

I closed my eyes as Jayne’s foot moved higher, rubbing just above my knee. ‘Come on Laura’, I thought to myself. ‘Give it a go, she’s right, no regrets.’

To Jayne’s surprise I stood up quickly and grabbed my bag. She looked up at me with her mouth open as I said, “I need the toilet Jayne, that coffee has gone straight through me.”

“Oh, me too.” Jayne recovered quickly and grinned at me. “Lead on McDuff.”

I giggled at the phrase I had not heard for many years as I led the way through the tables to the toilet. My tummy was churning as I pushed open the door into the Ladies, what would it be like to feel that sexy mouth on mine?

The two cubicles were unoccupied and I turned as I heard the door close behind me. I was trembling as Jayne came close and placed her hands on my shoulders.

“Relax and enjoy Princess.” She whispered as her hands moved up to hold my head.

I watched as Jayne wet her lips once more then closed my eyes as she moved her mouth onto mine. Softly, so softly I felt her lips touch me as she turned my head a little sideways. The pressure became firmer as she guided my head forward and I felt myself kissing her back!

“Oh God,” I moaned and my eyes flew open she broke the kiss.

“More?” she asked huskily.

“Ohhh yes!” I whispered as my arms went around her and our lips met once again.

Never had I been kissed like this before! I opened my mouth as our lips crushed against each other’s. I felt Jayne’s tongue pushing it’s way into my mouth, playing with mine and exploring around my teeth. I’m sure my knees were shaking as I delighted in the longest and sexiest kiss of my life.

Jayne must have felt my knees sag as she took her lips off mine and asked, “Are internet casino you ok?”

I opened my eyes and nodded, again I was lost for words.

“Come back to my place Princess? Make love with me?” Jayne’s pleading words were music to my ears.

“Oh yes baby!” I moaned as I pushed my lips to hers once again.

I didn’t hear the toilet door open as Jayne and I kissed deeply once again. A polite cough made us suddenly break our embrace as we saw a well dressed lady in her forties standing there watching us.

“Oh I’m sorry!” I burst out, suddenly finding my voice.

“Oh don’t worry about me girls, I’m just turning green with envy.” The lady smiled encouragingly at us. “Enjoy yourselves, I wish I could.”

“Thank you so much.” Jayne replied as she turned to me and said, “Come on Laura, let’s go to my place.”

She gave me another playful peck and then to my surprise turned to the lady and kissed her full on the lips. The lady stood with a look of surprise and amazement as Jayne pushed me to the door.

“Never give up, there is someone out there for all of us.” Were Jayne’s farewell words to the lady as we left the toilet, both of us giggling like teenagers.

As Jayne and I ran the short distance to my car my mind was spinning at the events of the morning. As we settled into our seats I turned and impulsively kissed my sexy companion once again before starting the engine and pulling out into the traffic.

Jayne instructed me how to get to her home which wasn’t far away. I drove carefully in the midday traffic, unable to wipe the large smile off my face.

“Good kissin eh Princess?” Jayne asked as I stopped at some traffic lights.

I looked across to see Jayne sliding her right hand down the front of her designer jeans. She moaned as her fingers obviously found the wetness between her legs and played there for a few seconds. Jayne looked at me as she withdrew her fingers and sucked them greedily into her mouth. A loud blast from the horn of the car behind me jumped me back to reality and I pressed the accelerator down again.

“Mmmmm it tastes so good Princess, soon I’m gonna taste your cunt.” Jayne laughed. “Don’t you love that word? And you’ll taste my cunt baby. I know you’ll love it. Turn left here, up the end and turn right, not far to go Princess.”

I finally turned the car into Jayne’s driveway and stopped at the end of the front porch. Jayne opened her door and jumped out as all of a sudden I had an attack of nerves and sat there holding the steering wheel. Jayne slammed her door shut and was halfway along the porch before she realized I had not moved. Quickly she came back around to my side of the car, opened the door and squatted down beside me.

“Attack of the nerves Laura?” She asked quietly as she stroked my right arm.

All I could do was nod my head up and down.

“Ok, take some deep breaths honey. It’s completely understandable, such a new situation for you.” Jayne breathed deeply in tune with me as her firm fingers took my hands off the steering wheel. “Come inside Laura, we can have a glass of wine and just talk if that’s what you want. No pressure from me, you can leave at any time you like.”

“Ok, thanks Jayne, you are so nice.” I smiled wanly as I let her assist me from my car.

With Jayne’s arm around my waist we walked across the porch and she showed me into her lovely home.

“The toilet’s down there, third on the left.” Jayne smiled. “I’ll be in the living room here, a glass of cold Chardonnay perhaps?”

“That would be lovely Jayne, thanks.” I did need to go to the toilet and I took my time with a refreshing cold wash.

Feeling a bit better I returned to the living room and sat down on the cool leather couch beside Jayne. She handed me a glass of wine and I sat there sipping on the refreshing drink.

Jayne stayed silent until the glass was half full. “Feeling better now Princess?”

I smiled. “I like it when you call me Princess, it’s a lovely nickname. Yes I do feel a bit better thanks, you are so understanding.”

Jayne move close so our knees were touching. “Nerves are only natural Princess, especially when you have a little thinking time. When I was seduced right here on this couch, it just happened, I didn’t have time to think. And once she got me going, wow, I didn’t think about anything but what was happening to me.”

“Why did you kiss that lady in the toilet?” I asked. The wine was relaxing me and I felt my spirits returning.

“It was just on impulse. She seemed so genuinely happy for us, not many in that age group would be Princess. I just wanted to give her something exciting to remember.”

“Well I’m sure she will remember today, just as I will.” I drank the last of the wine and moved a little closer to Jayne. “But I don’t want to just remember the kisses in the toilets.” I raised my head and looked into Jayne‘s eyes. “I want you to taste my, umm, taste me Jayne, and I want to taste you.”

“Say it Princess, what do you want to taste?” Jayne’s words were almost like an order.

I took a deep breath and replied, “I want to taste your cunt.”

“And taste my cunt you will Princess, just relax and let me guide you.”

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