Cosplay Beth Pt. 02

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I woke up to find Beth snuggled under my left arm. I don’t know when she snuck in, but she was more than welcome. I looked at the bedside clock again and it was just shy of 10AM. I slid out from under her as smoothly as I could and moved quietly to the restroom. I needed to get a jump-start on my day. We haven’t done any prep for the barbeque butt or the sides. After my morning bathroom ritual, I sneaked into the kitchen and got to work. I was going lazy with the butt due to the time constraints, but the crock pot would do nicely. The group usually started showing up at 5 and dinner was ready at 6ish. I already had everything I needed, so I got to work. Once the butt was rubbed and in the pot, I settled in on breakfast. Easy-pour pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage. I added some hash brown patties for good measure. The coffee was pungent in my nostrils. If bacon and coffee smells don’t wake her, it’ll break my heart.

“Good morning!” Beth said announcing herself.

“Mornin’.” I said turning around and holding out the first poured cup.

“Mmm… Gimme!” She responded eying the steaming mug. I pulled away just in time and tapped my lips with my finger tip. “Mmm… Gimme some of those, too!”

We locked on for another closed mouth kiss. More sensuous moaning from Beth and my hand was suddenly empty. Just as well. I try not to drink coffee too soon after brushing my teeth.

“Want some OJ?”

“Pulp or no pulp?”

“Take your pick. I have both.”

“Ummm… No pulp, please.”

OJ with pulp is great for breakfast, but lousy for mixing simple alcoholic beverages, so I keep both on hand.


“Nope! I’m actually feeling pretty good! I do have to take these, though.” She said popping a small square container open and slipping the three pills into her mouth one by one, chasing each with the orange juice.

“Oh, I see your a morning person.”

“Nah. I have good and bad mornings and evenings. Last night was great, so this morning is good, too.” She said with a spring in her step. She took a seat at the island bar just outside of the kitchen. I handed her a plate and utensils. The meal was ready and we each helped ourselves. She didn’t add any sugar to her coffee. Not sure why that detail seemed so important to me, though. After finishing up our breakfast, Beth took it upon herself to load the dishwasher. With last night’s and this morning’s clutter in there, she went ahead and started it up.

“Brick, turn on the news, please.” I said.

“Who’s ‘Brick’?” Beth said, looking around, her head on a swivel.

“I’m the ‘Man’ of the house.” A voice said from nowhere. The TV jumped to life and the volume was lowered to a background level.

“He’s my apartment. The AI I designed and installed. It’s kind of my job.” I said modestly. I’ve bored people to death about his true nature and abilities, so I’ve abridged the explanation a few times over the last couple of years. Brick reminds me of a certain talking skull in a Wizard Private Eye book series I enjoy.

“I hope you don’t mind, Boss, but I ran a diagnostic last night. It was a couple of days over due. Everything’s fine and dandy.” Brick said.

“That would explain the load buzzing that chased me from the other bedroom… Smooth, Brick, real smooth.” Beth said smiling.

“I’m not sure what you mean…” Brick said in a faux innocent tone.

“He fancies himself as my built in wing man. I had to uninstall his link to my ‘SwipeDate’ app. He wants to live vicariously through me.” I said, sparking a giggle from Beth.

“I’ll have you know that I, unlike you, have a girlfriend.” Brick said, matter-of-factly.

“Bernie is practically your sister, man.”

“Not true! We’re just very similar.”

“Bernie?” Beth asked, looking around again, expecting another voice.

“She’s a similar AI I installed in a friend’s house down South. One of the beer guys.”

“Oh. Should I be looking anywhere when Brick talks?” Beth asked, still looking around.

“Nope. I’m blind. TJ had me shut off the cameras before you showed up last night, as well as all the other surveillance devices. You can talk to the blue circle under the TV if it makes you feel better, though. That’s me. Most of me.” Brick added.

“Once Beth’s dressed, you can open your eyes and ears, okay?” I responded.

“No rush. You guys enjoy the lovely morning. Beth should check her blood sugar, though.”

“Excuse me?!” She said wide eyed.

“I learned it from your FootNote page. I have to protect TJ and myself. Don’t take it so hard. Your profile is completely public.” As he responded, his circle turned to a dim pink color.

“I’m sorry. He’s the prototype and demo for my product. I may have given him too much leash.” I said, apologetically.

“Naw, It’s fine. It’s pretty cool that he can do that. Sorta sweet, too.” She added. “Do you mind if I take him up on his advice?” Beth was already reaching into the front pouch of her bag.

“Sure. Do you mind if I do it? I’ve had lots of practice.”

“TJ… illegal bahis You said you wouldn’t-”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry, Brick.” I said cutting him off. “My younger sister, Theresa, has- well, had type 1 diabetes. We lost her a few years back due to complications.” I said, a little too somber.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. Here.” She said handing me a lancet.

She looked like she felt dumb for saying exactly what everyone always says, but I eased her a bit.

“It’s cool. I’ve had a lot of time to come to terms with it. She’s actually my twin. It also explains why there’s no pictures around here. It’s okay, really.” The glucometer beeped. “82 just after eating. Not bad. Do you take insulin?” I said.

“No, but type 1 runs in my family, so I need to stay on top of it. Can you excuse me for a minute?” She said pinching an alcohol wipe to her ring finger where I poked her. She stood up and walked towards the bedroom and into the bathroom. “Umm… this might sound odd, but do you-“

“Bottom drawer on the far right. There’s plenty of them.” I said cutting her off. I bought a bunch of toothpaste at one of those big box stores when they were on sale. They came with a free toothbrush, but I’m not a fan of the brand. I realized that- gasp!- she hadn’t been planning on staying the night. I reached for a tin box with curiously strong mints inside and popped one in my mouth.

After returning from the bathroom, she snuggled up next to me as we half watched the news. My hand was playing in her hair. I’m surprised we didn’t turn it into a nest last night. Her hand fell to my lap as we talked and laughed. The sting of bringing up my dead twin sister faded away.

Before we knew it, we were kissing again. Clothes fell off in a similar manner as last night, only faster this time. I laid her down and took the opportunity to show her my oral gifts. My mouth planted tiny kisses on her inner thighs and outer folds. I was stroking her strip of hair as my tongue started to slide up her slit. Once my tongue flicked against her hardening clit, I wrapped my lips around it and proceeded to suck on it as my tongue continued to lap at it’s target. She was moaning and tossing her head from side to side. I couldn’t see her face past her heaving breasts, but I was sure she was enjoying my technique.

Suddenly, she pushed me at my shoulders and pulled herself away.

“Think you can handle me sitting on your face?” She said defiantly.

“I think I can manage.” I said looking deep into her eyes, my mouth notched to the right side.

I stood and led her to the bedroom where I laid down on the bed. I tucked a folded pillow under my head and neck and she took her perch, resting her breasts against my abdomen. As she eased herself down on my face, she took my cock in her hand and stroked it to life. My mouth found it’s target again and I wasted no time getting back to work. She gasped then moaned once my tip was in her mouth. We proceeded to drive each other crazy. Her strokes were long and deliberate and took special attention to the mid-shaft, just below the head. I pulled her down further, spreading her legs more. I needed to reposition some again after that because my weekend stubble was tickling her mound and inner thighs. My hands were gripped tight around her amazing ass. I could smell her get more and more pungent as the tug of war waged on. Her pussy started to dribble onto my nose and cheek bones and I ceased my attack on her clit long enough to catch a good amount of her nectar in my mouth. She doubled her efforts and I was paralyzed by her new tactic. I started to cum as I regained control of my body. I wasn’t going down (up?) without a fight. My fingers slid into her folds and probed her. My fingers ached with the angled bend, but I got a good stroke or two on her g-spot before she started cumming. My lips parted, but my tongue continued to lick as I got a much larger dose of her juices just as my orgasm geysered into her open mouth. She left the tip in her mouth and pumped my shaft with her hand, moaning her approval. She eagerly swallowed every spurt. Last night’s gentleman would have warned her, but her assault made it very clear that there is no room for such niceties in a race like the one we were in. I continued to lap at her open pussy and lips while she lazily rubbed my balls and squeezed may ass.

Once she rolled off of me, I again guided her to the shower. A quick lather and rinse, as well as lots of kissing and caressing, we were ready to venture out into the world. We agreed that her place would be our fist stop. She needed to feed her cat and grab a fresh set of clothes. She also asked me if I were inviting her to stay the night again. I told her she was more than welcome and I’d be glad to have her for breakfast again, not letting the joke go to waste. I was wearing camo shorts and a matching brown tee shirt. She opted to not put her panties back on as they were still a little damp from last night. By now, the Butt already started to make some intoxicating aromas fill the apartment. We needed illegal bahis siteleri to move fast before we got hungry again. I called a SuperTaxi and we headed down after a short wait.

The doorman was on the building line as we stepped off the elevator. He hung up as soon as he saw us.

“There you are, Mr. Flynn!” Bobby the Doorman said.

“Please call me ‘TJ’, Bobby.”

“Sure thing. Sorry TJ.” He responded, flicking his head in Beth’s direction. Some of the people that live in the building like to show off to guests. It was par for the course for him. He and I are normally on a first name basis, but he needs to keep up appearances. “Miss Beth…” He added, tipping his cap. “She’s outside waiting for you.”

The SuperTaxi was a standard white sedan with an older woman driving. She’s driven me before. Meg and I have had some good talks on the way to the airport or down town. She keeps a cooler with iced water up front for her “guests” as she’s fond of calling her fares. A quick ten minute ride and we were at her place. It was a recently renovated Brownstone. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be surprised or impressed.

It occurred to me that I didn’t know what she did for a living. I later found out that she’s a junior curator at one of the museums down town. She decided to take a week off, having just finished up the new display she’s been working on. She still needs to be there for the debut on Sunday, but it’s more formal interaction than manual labor. She invited me as her “Plus 1”, which I accepted.

The townhouse has been in her family for years and was seldom used. Moving to the big city for her job was made easier knowing she already had a place to stay. She kidded that her Father’s brother wasn’t all too happy with losing his bachelor pad away from home. I volleyed the joke back and told her that there were a few apartments open in my building . She added something to the conversation along the lines of “sleeping with her uncle’s neighbor”. I agreed after minor consideration. That was the first time we had any ‘talk’ about our future. Normally, the air would have been impregnated with those heavy thoughts, but we both felt surprisingly at ease. Side effects of the oxytocin in our blood, perhaps?

She invited me in and I politely asked Meg if I could borrow her for a few hours and she gladly agreed. She snatched up a pair of knitting needles as we climbed out. I assured her we wouldn’t be long, but she didn’t seem worried.

Inside, Beth ran us into the bedroom as the last stop of the quick tour. Most of the bedroom doors were closed. We had to be quiet because she wasn’t sure if her roommates were still asleep out and about. She threw on a pair of daisy dukes and another tee that related to our game as well as our “playtime” after. It read “Rogues do it from behind.” and had a dagger on it dripping an ominous green liquid from the tip. Poison? Orc blood? She also tamed her hair into a loose ponytail. She ran into the kitchen to grab her “Famous German Potato Salad” she had prepped for the game night prior to coming over last night. While she was ladling it into a transportable container, I fed the cat and emptied the litter box in the guest bathroom without being requested. Her calico “Crookshanks”popped into the bathroom as the junk slid into the scent free trash bin close by. Crookshanks’ cat expression could only be translated into English as “Satisfactory work, Human”. We took a bit of time discussing plans for tomorrow, agreeing that Saturday at the beach would be nice.

After departing from her townhouse, we stopped for some pizza. Graciously enough, there was an open spot in front and we invited Meg to join us. She declined, but we brought a slice and drink out to her before we ate.

On the way back to my place, we picked up some more beer. I wasn’t running low, but I knew that IPAs aren’t for everyone. We also added a few snacks for good measure. Game night tends to run late and dinner will be long forgotten after a while.

We got back around 4:30 after taking the long way around the water front. I paid my tab electronically and gave Meg a sizable tip in cash. As we walked through the lobby, I gave the leftover pizza to Bobby, knowing that he’d have a long ride home before eating. Two slices will do him well after a full day.

Once upstairs, we needed to scramble to get dinner prepped. I was busy fork-splitting the butt and adding the barbeque sauce. Beth was working on boiling the corn on the cob and and even tossed the coleslaw for me. We shared the terrible task of prepping the garlic bread and a little banana pudding for dessert. Everyone brings sides to complement the meal, too. Beth’s German potato salad was going to be a hit. I stole a taste from her spoon earlier, before she packed it up.

Adrienne and Rosie showed up just before five. Good timing. Beth and I were just settling down with a drink to relax before the party broke out. They are my oldest female friends and mostly responsible for my socially left slant. They’ve been together canlı bahis siteleri since we all met in grad school. I was Adrienne’s Best Man at their wedding, which is funny because she thought Rosie and I had a thing. We didn’t. Damn it.

Adrienne is a taller gentlewoman at 5’11” and fit like a runner with the tan to match. Her face, shoulders, and chest are freckled by the harsh sun, but she actually tans pretty well. She has short ash blonde hair and is of Norwegian decent. If I needed to describe her easily, she looks like Ellen DeGeneres with a David Bowie habit.

Rosie is the perfect example of a pan-sexual hippy. Her skin is a decadent mixture of mocha and caramel. She’s just shy of 5’9″ and a little thicker than Adrienne and nobody complains about it. She’s naturally sexy and completely oblivious to it. Her dreadlocks and peasant tops complete the hippy look. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t own bras or underwear, either. When standing side by side, they complement each other surprisingly well in contrast.

They brought gluten-free, cheese substituted mac-n-cheese with fake panko crumbs on top. It’s not awful, but not mac-n-cheese, either. They also brought a garden salad, Rosie is a vegan, after all. They also usually stay the night because they often indulge too much to drive. They have the privilege of keeping a Fob as well as my second parking pass. The spare bedroom pretty much belongs to them, too. I noticed that the housekeeper had come and gone, so the room was ready for them.

Brad and Leonard showed up fifteen minutes later. They brought a generous dish of “Vegetarian Cowboy Beans.” Baked, canned beans in a casserole dish. I’m surprised they didn’t burn their building down. They both fit the role of a “Bear” in appearance. They love contact sports and often kidnap me to see the Yankees or Jets play. “Ballgames and blow jobs” they always say. I decline the latter, naturally. We met in an old gaming group that died a few years back in college and started our own as a way to cope with my schooling and their early “Adulting”. They’re both general contractors and buy and flip houses in lower Westchester. We kid about how that and cock sucking are the “gayest” things they do. They really do amazing work. I’d love to move out to the ‘burbs, but my work is mostly in the city. They are my best “guy” friends. When I finally do buy a house, I know who to call. Their wedding in Cabo was pretty insane. A story for another time, perhaps?

Betty and Georgie showed up at five past six. That’s right on time for them. They live upstairs and we met through a gaming web site. They moved in around the same time, but we had never met before. It was a little strange to me, but funny to them. I was their escape from their everyday lives. They have five kids, two are still in diapers. Lets call them exhausted. They are a progressive thinking Irish Catholic couple that I now go to mass with. He’s a broker downtown and she’s a homemaker. Friday night, Betty’s mom comes over to sit while they play downstairs. I often go up there to watch Sunday night shows like a popular book turned show I like to call “Rape and Dragons” and a comic book show about zombies walking around. They DVR it to watch after bedtime. They had their first kid in high school and she’s getting ready to go off to college in the fall.

They brought a snack tray with meats and cheeses as well as a hummus dip with crackers. It’ll be perfect for munchies later. Rosie has, on occasion, brought her copy of Betty’s hummus recipe. She added a little “green” to the mix. Tonight, though, the “green” is being vaporized. Vaping reduces that lingering weed smell one gets from smoking it.

Dinner wasn’t my best work, considering, but overall pretty good. Everyone took a shining to Beth and were glad to finally see a girl in my life. They saw immediate potential in us. They were impressed with her gaming skills later on, too. Brick threw a huge twist at us that night. Brick loves to DM, and none of us object. The main NPC in the campaign took a liking to Beth’s character. After a quick sexual encounter, he revealed himself to be an Elder Bronze Dragon in human form. It’s geeky stuff I won’t bother you with. Beth Fucked a dragon. In essence. I said it.

The session ended early. Everyone was more interested in Beth and the weed. Betty and Georgie left early actually complaining about missing their kids. They said that we’d need to meet up for a double dinner date later this week. Leonard and Brad hit the streets before they drank too much and Rosie and Adrienne opted to stick around for awhile, as always.

We talked for a few hours after that. The ladies almost forgot I was even there. They discussed Love (with a capital “L”) and relationships and all that girly shit guys spent three minutes on. Beth admitted to having an ex-girlfriend back home. That finally got my attention, and that got a pepperoni slice thrown at me. I shamelessly ate it off of my lap and inquired some myself. Turns out that she was dating her younger brother in high school and they secretly had a thing on the side when the sister would come home from college. Scandalous! She also mentioned that she enjoyed being pegged with a strap-on while she fucked herself with a vibrator. I was an active part of the discussion after that.

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