Cousin Comes to Stay and Play

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Sarah spread her legs slightly and watched the golden shower fall into the bowl beneath her. Her hand went down and her fingers played with the nicely trimmed bush atop her pubic bone. As long as she could remember, she was fascinated by her vagina, even more so since her cousin, Lucy, unlocked some of the mystery for her as well as the pleasure available to her. Her finger went to the little hood that covered her clit and she pressed slightly and pulled back revealing that wonderful little cutie that sent jolts of joy throughout her body. With her other hand she lightly touched it and smiled. She finished peeing, cleaned herself, but remained on the toilet, legs spread, enjoying the view, while anticipating a little play time.

How she wished Lucy was there at that moment. She closed her eyes as she dropped on finger to dance amidst the folds of her pussy as she thought about her cousin. Lucy had taught her well, and she had been an eager student. She was only a year older than Sarah, but in the ways of the world so much wiser. Lucy had come for a two week stay last summer to celebrate Sarah’s eighteenth birthday, which happened two weeks before Lucy could fly out; but, better late than never. Lucy had shared Sarah’s room, but she shared much more than that.

So carefree and full of life, Lucy brought an enthusiasm to everything she did. That first night, as they were getting ready for bed, Lucy cast off her clothing before going into Sarah’s bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. Sarah starred in amazement as she watched her uninhibited cousin bend over and splash water onto her face. She finished in the bathroom and hopped into bed without a stitch of clothing. Sarah had managed to compose herself long enough to change into her pajamas and then finish up in the bathroom before climbing into bed next to Lucy.

“I can’t stand to wear anything to bed.” Lucy said as Sarah climbed into the queen size bed. “I toss and turn so much that I get all twisted up in everything. Besides,” she continued, “It feels deliciously naughty to be naked in bed.” She watched Sarah’s eyes widen as she spoke.

Lucy lay on her side, facing Sarah, with her arm propping up her head. The other arm lay outside the covers, exposing her perfectly shaped breasts at her younger cousin. She could sense the tension in Sarah, who nervously glanced at Lucy’s breasts, then back to Lucy’s face. “Am I making you uncomfortable, Sarah?” she asked demurely, knowing exactly what she was doing.

“No,” Sarah replied, too quickly to be believable. She shifted in bed, lying on her stomach with her face toward Lucy. She hoped that Lucy would look away so she could steal another quick look at her breasts. But Lucy’s eyes were locked on hers. “How long have you been sleeping naked?”

“Gosh, I guess since I reached puberty. Haven’t you ever done it?”

“No. I can’t say that I have,” Sarah responded. “Well, you should at least try it before you knock it,” Lucy retorted as she gave Sarah a playful shove with her hand.

“Hey,” Sarah shot back, while rolling to her side while reaching out to push back. Sarah was aiming for Lucy’s shoulder, but fell short as her hand landed just above Lucy’s right breast.

Lucy laughed as she rolled onto güvenilir bahis her back, “Ow! Ow! What are you trying to do? Give me breast cancer?”

“Shut up!” Sarah said playfully. “Do you want my family to hear you?” She had propped herself up and was taking advantage of the opportunity to look at Lucy’s breasts. As far as Sarah could tell, they were a perfect 32 B in size. She didn’t have long to look, though, as Lucy spun around and was on her knees in a blink of an eye moving toward Sarah. Before she could think, Lucy had pushed her over, onto her back and climbed on top of her, grabbing her wrists and pinning her on the bed.

Sarah feigned a struggle to get Lucy off, but as she bucked and wiggled she was looking at Lucy’s body — soft lines defined her breasts and flat stomach. She could see just the top of Lucy’s pubic hair, and was longing to see more. As she struggled to get loose, Lucy taunted her. “You hurt my breast! I should make you kiss it to make it feel better.” She lowered her body toward Sarah, positioning her right breast just above Sarah’s mouth.

At that moment, Sarah would have loved nothing more than to kiss Lucy’s breasts, but she feigned resistance, turning her head from side to side as Lucy sought to press her advantage. While they struggled, Sarah’s pajama top moved up, exposing her stomach. Lucy moved to allow her ass to make skin to skin contact with Sarah as the two continued in their mock wrestling match.

Sarah secretly wished that she was naked at this point. A strange tingling was occurring between her legs and she enjoyed the feel of Lucy’s ass on her stomach. They were giggling away when a knock came upon the door. They froze instantly, Sarah’s dad called playfully through the door, “Hey you too. Keep it down or I’ll have to give you both a spanking.”

Lucy grinned at Sarah as they both said, “Sorry.” They heard his footsteps move away from the door and Lucy collapsed on top of Sarah as the two girls continued to giggle. Sarah liked the feel of Lucy on top of her and threw her arms around Lucy to give her a hug. Lucy squeezed back and pushed to rise up off Sarah.

“Whew! That made me hot and sweaty,” Lucy said.

“Me too,” responded Sarah, while flapping her pajama top to cool herself down.

“These have to come off,” Lucy said as she reached down and started to unbutton Sarah’s top. Sarah offered no resistance as Lucy’s fingers quickly worked the buttons until Sarah’s top was open. “Sit up,” Lucy commanded. Sarah obediently rose and in an instant, the pajama top was cast aside. “Doesn’t that feel better?” Lucy asked as she pushed Sarah back down on the bed.

Sarah blushed and responded, “Yes; it does.” The cool air did feel good on Sarah’s skin. Her breasts were almost identical to Lucy’s, maybe a bit smaller, but with bigger areolas around her nipples.

Lucy continued by grabbing Sarah’s bottoms and working them down saying, “Let’s get rid of these too.” Sarah offered no resistance as Lucy peeled off both her pajama bottoms and her panties. “Lucy started to cast the bottoms and the panties aside, but then noticed the wet spot on the panties. “What’s this, little cousin?” Lucy asked as she showed Sarah the damp spot on the panties.

“I… I… I don’t türkçe bahis know,” Sarah responded, suddenly feeling ashamed. To her shock and surprise, Lucy lifted the panties to her face and smelled the wet spot.

“MMM, smells nice,” Lucy said as she moved to wet spot to her mouth and took a little lick. “It tastes even better. Wanna try” She moved the panties to Sarah’s face and pressed them in. Sarah had no choice but to breath in her scent as Lucy pressed the panties into her nose and mouth. Lucy tossed the panties aside and laid back next to Sarah. She moved a hand to Sarah’s breast and started tracing a circle around the nipple. Sarah inhaled deeply at Lucy’s touch while squeezing her legs together. It felt like electricity going from her breast to her crotch.

“MMM,” Lucy cooed, “Do you like that?” Lucy asked. ” You have such beautiful breasts.”

“Yes,” Sarah managed to say. The sound of her voice was husky as her body responded to Lucy’s touch.

“You’ll like this even more.” Lucy replaced her finger with her mouth and started sucking on Sarah’s nipple, which was as hard as a little rock. As she sucked, her free hand began its downward descent in slow circles until it came to rest on Sarah’s pussy. Unwittingly, Sarah opened her legs granting Lucy complete access. Lucy allowed her hand to come to rest, covering Sarah’s mound, pressing slightly, as she continued to suckle Sarah’s breast.

Sarah moaned with pleasure and started grinding her hips up against Lucy’s hand. This was what Lucy has been waiting for. She stopped sucking and removed her hand and lay down on her back and sighed heavily, and waited.

Sarah wasn’t sure why Lucy stopped, but she knew she didn’t want her to. She looked over at Lucy stretched out on her back with no covers. Lucy’s eyes were closed. Sarah watched as Lucy’s breasts, rose and fell with the cadence of her breathing. Her nipples were hard as well. Sarah allowed her eyes to cascade down Lucy’s body. It was beautiful. She stared at the little tuft of hair on her pubic bone. It was all she could do to keep herself from reaching over and touching it.

While she was starring, Lucy lifted a hand and placed it between her legs, which opened slightly to accommodate her fingers. Sarah looked up, but Lucy’s eyes were still closed. Sarah returned her eyes to the spot of action as Lucy began using one of her fingers to separate the lips of her pussy. Fascinated, Sarah watched as Lucy masturbated before her. She could see the wetness growing on Lucy’s pussy as her own hand went absent-mindedly down between her own legs, mimicking what she was watching.

Sarah would look at Lucy’s face when Lucy would moan with pleasure and then turn back to her Lucy’s pussy. Lucy raised her wet fingers to her own mouth and seductively licked the moisture off each finger before returning to pleasuring herself. Sarah watched attentively as her own breathing became more and more labored.

Finally, Lucy stopped. She spread her legs wide open and dropped her hands at her side. Unsure what was going to happen next, Sarah stared, wide-eyed, and noticed what she was doing to herself. She raised her hand to her face and smelled herself and then slowly licked her fingers like she had seen Lucy do. güvenilir bahis siteleri Then she reached over and allowed her finger to touch Lucy’s breast like Lucy had done to her.

A big sigh escaped Lucy’s mouth as opened her eyes and stared at Sarah. “That feels good, Little Cousin.”

Emboldened by Lucy’s comment, Sarah leaned over and lowered her mouth over one of Lucy’s nipples and started to gently suckle. She was rewarded with more moans as she pleasured Lucy. Like Lucy had done, she lowered a hand to cover Lucy’s pussy, which was dripping wet by this time. As she pressed down, a finger slipped and entered Lucy’s pussy. Lucy gasped. Sarah, thinking she had hurt Lucy quickly pulled back.

“No,” moaned Lucy. “Don’t stop. It felt so good.”

Sarah returned her hand and began exploring Lucy’s wet pussy with her fingers while sucking Lucy’s breast. Lucy lifted her hips in response to Sarah’s touch and in just a few moments, she clinched her legs together, trapping Sarah’s hand, as the throws of orgasm washed over her body. Unsure what had just happened, Sarah stopped sucking and raised up to watch Lucy’s orgasm.

“MMMm,” Lucy cooed. “That was wonderful.” Let me return the favor. Unsure what the favor was, Sarah allowed Lucy to push her back on the bed. Lucy positioned herself between Sarah’s legs and she began to massage Sarah’s torso, breasts and thighs. Sarah thought it felt heavenly.

Sarah closed her eyes and relaxed under Lucy’s hands. When Lucy stopped, Sarah looked down and saw Lucy scooting down and lowering her face between Sarah’s legs. When positioned correctly, Lucy began to use her tongue to separate the folds of Sarah’s pussy in search of Sarah’s clit. Sarah moaned loudly as Lucy found her mark. Stopping only momentarily to say, “SHHH! You want your Dad to come in now?”

Sarah quickly covered her face with a pillow to muffle her moans as Lucy went back to work. The feeling was like nothing Sarah had ever felt before. Waves of pleasure coursed through her body building to what, she had no idea. It just kept getting better and better. She found herself bucking against Lucy’s face. Lucy continued her skilled efforts until she felt Sarah’s legs clamp down furiously on her head. Sarah’s hands went involuntarily to Lucy’s head and pressed Lucy’s head against her pussy. A moment later Sarah’s first orgasm wracked her body with wave after wave of intense pleasure. She bit her lip and continued to hump Lucy’s face as the orgasmic experience carried her away until she finally let go with her hands and legs and pushed Lucy away.

Lucy smiled and said, “Wow, I think you must have had three for four orgasms there, Little Cousin. From your expression right now, it looks like you enjoyed yourself.”

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” Sarah moaned. “I’ve never experienced anything like that before.”

Lucy smiled and cuddled up next to Sarah. She kissed Sarah on the cheek and said, “Good night, Little Cousin. Sleep well.”

Sarah smiled to herself…. Sitting on the toilet masturbating to the memory of her first sexual experience. She brought herself to climax, as she thought about that first night.Her body shuddered with pleasure as she licked her fingers clean. The two weeks had passed too quickly and Lucy had gone home, but she had taught Sarah many things during that short stay. Sarah knew she needed to find a new playmate, but who would it be? Who would it be? Who would it be? Maybe Kimberley… mmmm yes, Kimberley just might be the one…

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