Daddy Vader (Big Van Vader) Ch. 03

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I dangled from atop Vader’s big shoulders as he carried me through the hallways back to his dressing room. Every now and then he would reach up and give me a swat on the ass.

“You’re going to make Daddy Vader really happy, boy. Just listen and obey and everything will be alright. You got that boy?”

“Yes Sir.” I said. My hands rested on the lower part of his sweaty back. Even his back was filled with muscles.

“Good boy,” he gave me a hard pat on the ass to also show his pleasure to my answer. “First thing is first though. We need to make your submission complete.” I had an idea of what that meant. I had heard stories/rumors that many a wrestler had shall we say provided Vader with an intimate service. Vader had a way of using his intimidation to get what he wanted, and he loved to humiliate other wrestlers. He was in bully in that regard.

We arrived at Vader’s dressing room and he kicked it open with great force. There were a few stools in front of lockers and a large padded table against the wall. Vader set me down on the table.

“Stay there for now boy. Let’s talk first.” Vader towered over me. I could only look up at him. I dared not look away even though I wanted to – this red monster held me locked in his staredown.

“I want you to say it again. Who is your Daddy?”

“You are my Daddy. Vader is my Daddy.”

“Very good, boy. And you will address me as such. You may call me ‘Daddy’, ‘Sir’, “Daddy Vader’, even in public. Got that boy?”

“Yes Sir. Yes Daddy Vader.”

“Such a quick learner you are. Also, you will do as I say. Complete obedience. You will help me before, during, and after my matches. If I tell you to come, you will come; if I tell you to fetch, you will fetch; if I tell you to kiss my ass, you will kiss my ass; if I tell you to get on your knees, what will you do boy….?”

“I will get on my knees, Sir.”

“Good boy,” Vader said as a smile simultaneously appeared on his face. Vader put a hand on my shoulder. It lingered a bit and he gave me a bit of a squeeze. He was getting a better feel of my body. I could see the look change a bit in his eyes.

At that, Harley Race entered the room and Vader’s lustful trance was broken for a moment. “Sorry to interrupt Vader. But here are the red trunks you requested.” Harley handed Vader a pair of red wrestling trunks. They looked much too small to fit a man like Vader.

“Thank you Harley. And the same goes for Mr. Race, boy. You will respect and obey him too. Do what he says. You may call him ‘Mr. Race’ or ‘Sir’ but not ‘Daddy.’ You have only one Daddy. Ain’t that right boy.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Good boy.” Vader ruffled my hair in a mocking way. “Alright Harley, leave us alone will you. Its time Daddy and his boy to have some alone time.”

“You got it big man. Let me know if you need anything.” Mr. Race walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. That look and evil grin returned underneath Vader’s red mask. His eyes scanned me up and down. I couldn’t tell what was going through his mind, but I knew it would be foolish to resist whatever Big Daddy had in mind. He put his big paw again on my shoulder. This time his hand trailed down my arm feeling and squeezing my bicep, tricep and the rest of my muscles.

“You’re nice and fit. Not a big man by any means. Sorry…not a big BOY. You’ll never make it far in this business. Its a good thing Daddy Vader is here to let you hang on his coattails. You’ll still earn a paycheck and avoid the many beatings that were surely coming your way. Stand up boy.”

I obeyed and Vader continued to explore my upper body with his meaty hands. He rubbed my pecs, testing their bounce and firmness; he ran the back of his hands over my abs. He spun me around and did the same with my back. I couldn’t see Vader at this point but I could hear him growl and groan. Daddy Vader was getting riled up. I then poker oyna felt his hands begin to caress my ass. He stepped to the side,and used one forearm to push me forward a bit making me bend slightly at the waist as my hands rested on the table.

SMACK! SMACK! I received a couple quick yet strong spanks from Daddy Vader. “Such a nice and firm boy butt. Daddy is going to have fun with that.” It was becoming all too clear what my submission meant.

“What’s with this color though boy? Black? Real men wear black. You’ve already told the whole world you’re not a real man. We need to fix this. Let’s get you into something a little bit more fitting for a jobber boy.” Vader reached and grabbed the red trunks Mr. Race had brought in. He threw them on the table next to me. “Here, let me help you get those trunks off.” Vader then reached around me and I felt his hands reach into my trunks to pull out the drawstring. His chest was pressed against my back and his head rested right on my shoulder as he peered down to see what his hands were doing. I could feel his hot breath on my ear.

“What’s a matter boy. Nervous for Daddy to see what his boy is packing underneath? Remember now, I already felt your little guy poking me in the ring earlier. I know not to expect much.” Daddy Vader found this quite humorous. I just stood there and let his hands work. He quickly undid the knot and seductively slid his hand inside my trunks, stretching the waistline so they easily fell to the floor. I was not naked in front of Daddy Vader.

“Like I said, boy. You’re just a little guy.” A laugh, a quick flick of my semi-hard member, a pat on the ass followed this insult. “Put these on boy.” Vader threw the new red trunks at me. They might be a tight fit, but you won’t be wearing them very long anyway. I hurriedly stepped into the trunks and tried my best to adjust to their tightness to try and get comfortable.

“Turn around boy.” I did. “Get on your knees. It’s time for you to find out what a real man looks like.” I sunk to my knees and looked up. It hit me just how big this man was. His thighs, his stomach, his chest, arms, even his head – all vastly overshadowed my small figure. He pushed me back onto my heels trying to get me to the perfect height. He tilted my head skyward and stepped forward enough so that his sweaty daddy bulge all wrapped up in his black tights rested on my mouth and over my nose. He held me there for a few seconds making me get a good whiff of his manhood, a scent I would become very familiar with.

“Take it all in boy. You know what is going to happen. To complete your submission and accept my protection in becoming my boy, you are going to suck Daddy’s dick tonight. And get used to it. You will be servicing Daddy often.”

Daddy Vader let go of my head but I didn’t pull away from his crotch. I was drunk with lust at this point. I wanted this. I let my nose graze over every inch of this daddy bulge – a bulge that was growing bigger by the moment. I pressed my face firmly into the crease between his balls sack and thighs. I let the manly aroma from his sweaty sack flood my senses.

“I was right about you. You had that submissive daddy bear chaser tell from day one. You think I didn’t see you staring at me in the halls, at the hotels, the bar. You don’t hide your attraction very well. That’s why I had you put in with a squash match with me. I knew I could get the real boy to come out in you after I beat you down. You should thank Daddy for making your fantasies come true.”

I pulled away from my snuggle with this alpha man’s balls. I looked up and locked my now puppy dog eyes with his dominant glare. “Thank you Daddy.”

Daddy Vader kept peering down on me. I dared not look away. With a half smile and glimmer in his eye, he dropped his voice to a seductive volume. “Tell Daddy what you are. You are not a real man. You are a boy.”

“I’m not a real canlı poker oyna man. I am a boy.” I repeated.

“You are my boy.” I nodded my head in agreement.

“Say it.” Vader demanded.

“I am your boy.”

“And who is your Daddy.”

“You are my Daddy.”

“Say, “Vader is my Daddy.”

“Vader is my Daddy.” Our eyes remained locked the whole time.

“Good boy.” Vader ran his hand through my hair. “Now, how about you give Daddy’s dick a kiss.” I looked directly at the outline of Vader’s cock. It was much closer to my face then before. I leaned forward and gave it the gentlest of kisses – lovingly almost.

“Good boy. Good boy…. Alright enough of the formalities. It’s time for Daddy to feed you.” Daddy chuckled at his joke as he pulled the straps of his singlet off his mountainous shoulders and down past his big belly. His entire upper body glimmered with sweat. This man was so big and powerful; I couldn’t help but run my hands up and down his torso and up to his muscular chest. I traced my way back down his body until I reached his singlet and tights which were at his waistline. I hooked my fingers inside them and started to slightly pull them down.

“You’re an eager boy. You’re forgetting my boots though. Why don’t you start with them first.” Vader rested his hands on his hips and watched me as I stooped over and gave each of boots a kiss first. I couldn’t help myself. I was in a trance. I was completely devoted to this bear of a man. I wanted to show the respect and honor he deserved. I heard a deep chuckle above me. “Damn straight boy. Kiss your alpha’s feet.”

I was fumbling with the laces of his boots. Having such big boots it was not the fastest of tasks to do. Plus, my hands were shaking with nervousness and excitement. I was apparently moving too slow. Vader bent over, and I felt one of his hands trace up and down my back and then give me a few semi-hard spanks. “Hurry up, boy. The faster you get these boots off the faster you’ll get your treat.” I picked up my pace and quickly got each boot off.

I then slipped my fingers once again inside the tights and looked up at Daddy Vader. Grinning he gave me a nod to continue. I now had permission to disrobe the rest of this big bull. Keeping my fingers inside his tights I traced my way to his hips and edged the fabric down past his ass, hips and big bulge. I had revealed a fully filled out white Spalding jockstrap – the kind I used to wear back during my baseball days. This man filled out his jock a little bit better than I did however.

I didn’t let myself get too distracted by this yet. I knew I would have plenty of time getting to know this new friend. I hurriedly worked to get the rest of Vader’s wrestling gear down to his ankles to avoid any dissatisfied spanks. Vader rested one hand on my shoulder as he lifted each foot to allow me to slip the black suit completely off his body. My tasks were almost complete. The main event was near. I reached up to remove the big white jock. The stretch of the fabric looked like it was screaming to be removed anyway. But as I reached for the jock my face was shoved into Vader’s groin. Vader was smothering me in his manhood moving my head around every square inch. All that could be heard were my muffled grunts and a low growl from the big bear.

Vader released my head and turned around. I was now staring at his bare ass. It was as wide as a truck, not the roundest ass in the world, but round enough to make my mouth water. “Pucker up boy. Give Daddy’s ass another kiss.” I wasted no time and planted a big wet one on his right cheek. Then I kissed it again and again. My tongue was sneaking out to taste this Daddy ass. Vader through laughter, “That’s enough boy. Save that tongue for something else.”

Vader turned around and what seemed like in slow motion began to remove his jock and let it fall to the floor. Of course, my eyes were internet casino fixed on what I later would refer to as “Big Vader.” Vader’s dick wasn’t overly long. It was certainly above average, afterall a man who walked with the confidence of Vader had to be swinging a big bat below the waist. But the more impressive part of Big Vader was it’s girth. Vader had a thick Daddy dick that was sure to be a big mouthful and slobberfest for anyone – even for the biggest talkers in the industry.

“Are you ready boy.” Vader’s voice broke my trance.

“Yes Daddy.”

“Well then,” Vader paused and took a wide comfortable stance. He placed a meaty paw on the top of my head to hold it still. “Open wide! It’s Vader Time!” I obediently opened my mouth and Vader slowly thrust forward giving me my first taste of Daddy dick. Vader held this position for a few seconds allowing us both to ponder this foundational moment in our relationship. Vader brought his hand to the side of my face and ran his thumb upwards on my forehead, signaling me to look up. I did so while trying not to let his cock slip out of my mouth (as if that were a real possibility…). He looked down at me, his red mask still on. Never had I seen such a powerful and manly face. “How’s it feel boy? Your Daddy’s cocksucker now!” And with a half growl and half laugh Vader began to slowly thrust in and out of my mouth. It took everything for me not to gag and stay focused breathing through my nose. Eventually I got used to this and began to bob my head with the motion of Vader’s thrusts. Once I had began this Vader let his hands return to rest on his hips and let me take control of the worship of his member.

I passionately worked. I think I was doing a good job too as I could hear Vader’s grunts become deeper and his breath become shortened. He encouraged me throughout too, saying things like: “Atta’ boy,” “You’re good to your Daddy,” “You’re a good boy;” He’d even repeat his trademark taunts: “Who’s Da Man?” And his special one for me: “Who’s your Daddy?” Each of these questions I know was his way of turning himself on even more, but I made sure to answer them by looking up at him with submissive eyes all the while keeping a steady pace sucking his dick. This only made Daddy Vader’s smile underneath his red mask even bigger.

“Soon Daddy’s going to give you a nice reward. Then you’ll truly be my boy, my personal cocksucker.” I didn’t like to be called demeaning names, but cocksucker never struck that wrong chord with me. I viewed it not as demeaning but only putting me in my place. That’s what I was. I was Daddy’s cocksucker. He was a dominating man who knew how to properly fill out a pair of pants whereas I was a small boy more suited for life on my knees. He was alpha. I was beta. Cocksucking communicated this perfectly.

Daddy’s talk motivated me to work harder. Up and down my head bobbed, and I began to slobber down my chin. My hands grabbed behind Daddy’s ass to give me more leverage. I felt Vader begin to thrust with the same rhythm as my movement; his heavy breathing was audible in the hallway. “Here it comes boy.” Vader grabbed the back of my head to keep me from pulling away. I wasn’t going to anyway. He let out a low exhaling grunt as I felt my mouth become filled with big squirts of Daddy’s sperm. It gave me new meaning to the phrase “Vader Bomb” which was one of his finishing moves. That was true here as well! Vader kept his dick in my mouth as he caught his breath. Finally, he reached down and lifted my chin so I could look at him. His seed still filling my mouth.

“Swallow.” And with one big gulp that I did. A sticky sensation was left in my mouth and lapped my tongue around to try and deal with it. I looked back up at Vader for a sign of approval. Had a I done a good job?

Vader smiled, patted me on the head, and said, “Good boy. I hope you liked Daddy’s treat. Now, let’s hit the showers. Follow me.” Vader turned and left me on my knees and headed to his private shower. I quickly rose, stumbling a bit as I tried to get feeling back in my lower legs. I followed Vader into the shower. My service was not yet done.

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