Daniel Pt. 03

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Years passed Daniel and I played often, I sometimes came home to him naked in my kitchen or bedroom, he spent many nights in my arms, my cock lodged deep in his bowels, I must have shot gallons of cum into that boy. Daniel was offered a transfer he would be the head of his division, in a city on the other side of the country, he was both thrilled, and sad at the same time, I was more than sad, I would miss him so much he had become so important to me. He texted me

“Can I come over? spend the night? I need to talk to you, I need some input on this decision I have to make.”

“You have a key you can come anytime you want you don’t have to ask, this is why I gave you the key babe.”

Daniel arrived at six pm I knew before he got there what he wanted to talk about, or so I thought.

“Tom as you know I got this promotion, however I have to move many miles away from you,”

“Yes you told me on the phone, so what do you want to ask me?”

“Should I take the promotion?”

“Daniel you have to you will never get anywhere if you don’t.”

“But I don’t want to leave you behind, Come with me?”

“I can’t leave, you know that I have my career here, my house my life is here, I can’t pull up stakes and move miles away, starting over, I am not in my twenties anymore.”

“Tom I Love you, I can’t leave if you don’t come with me.”

“Daniel you have to move besides I’ve never said I Love you, your a good piece of ass, nothing more. We are friends with benefits, nothing more than that, you need to go, this is an opportunity of a lifetime for you.”

Daniel was in tears, I felt so bad for what I had said to him, of course I loved him, he was so important to me, it would be hell to be away from him, but I could not let him lose this chance at this golden opportunity. I held him as he wept, I looked at the wall, I would never have him in my arms again, he would not stop by, telling me about his day, his eyes lit up poker oyna as he looked at me with love, Daniel knew I loved him, I never said it aloud, but it was there, when I held him, kissed him, how I never dated anyone, I only had eyes for him, I loved this boy from day one. However, I could not ruin his chance at advancement.

Daniel spent the night but it was not the same, I only held him we did not have sex, I am sure he hardly slept all night, I know I did not get one second of sleep, I kept pulling him closer to me, how would I ever let him go? How? The day came, I drove him to the airport, the tears were flowing from both of us,

“Knock em dead Daniel make me proud to be your friend, take care of yourself, I will truly miss you.” Daniel kissed me on the neck, he even gave me a little bite, a reminder of the first time I met him, he did not say goodbye, he turned, never looking back.

I sat in my car for a half hour crying, I could not drive, I could not see, the tears were flowing, when I could finally get myself composed, I opened the window, the fresh air would help, I started the car, and drove home. The house was so empty, Daniel did not officially live with me, but he was in my home most of the time. I stood in the entrance, again I cried, falling to the floor,

“What have I done?”

I stayed there crumpled up on the floor of my entry way, crying. I finally got myself back together, went to the kitchen poured myself a glass of wine, went to take a sip, threw the glass into the sink, shards of glass flew everywhere. I went to bed, how was I going to get thru this? This bed was so empty without Daniel in it, here I was this big tough man wallowing like a baby, this was not like me crying in the car, crying in the entrance, I was stronger than all that.

I got up, cleaned up the glass in the sink, I looked out the window, I could not, I would not, leave this like this , I could not let Daniel think for one second I was canlı poker oyna not deeply in love with him. I booked a flight, the soonest I could get left on the Friday, I would arrive at seven pm his time, I called Daniel told him I planned to come out to see him on Friday night, my flight and hotel booked. I expected more enthusiasm from Daniel, but I had hurt him so badly, how could I have done that to him.

My flight was on time, the cab ride long and tedious, I could not wait to see Daniel again, I had a surprise for him when he came to my hotel, I got unpacked, called him,

“When can I expect you?

“Not sure I can make it I am not feeling very well.”

“Please Daniel I have a few things I have to tell you and show you, Please Please Please, come to my hotel. Don’t make me beg.”

“I’m sorry Tom but you hurt me! I am not sure its a good idea for us to see each other. I will try to meet you for lunch tomorrow, Goodnight.”

Luckily I got Daniel’s address from Peter, so I knew where he was, I got ready had the hotel clerk order me a cab, I got in, we were on our way. I was nervous, terrified, very scared he would not talk to me. When I got to his building I stood at his front stoop for a few minutes I had to collect myself before I did this, I had it all planned out, I just needed to execute it now. I rang Daniel’s apartment,


“Daniel it’s me can you let me in please?”

“Tom I am not sure its a good idea for me to see you right now.”

“Please Daniel five minutes only.” There was a pause, he buzzed me in, I walked up to his suite. I knocked on the door, Daniel’s eyes were red he had been crying,

“Tom what do you want?”

“Can I come in?”

Once in the suite, I took his hand,

“Daniel I am such an idiot, no one is as stupid as I am, how could I realistically let you leave and not tell you the one thing I should have told you a long time ago.” I got on my knee, internet casino

“Daniel I Love You with all my heart and soul, I feel like such an asshole for not telling you this before you left, but I could not stand in your way.” Daniel tried to speak,

“Please let me finish there is more I have to say. From the first time I met you I knew I cared for you, I soon fell deeply in love with you, I am sorry, Please forgive me for being an idiot, Will You Marry Me?” I held out a ring box, a ring Daniel had pointed out long ago it being the ring he wanted to get married in.

Daniel stood there like a deer in the headlights, tears rolling down his cheeks,

“Tom can I speak now?”

“Yes please give me your answer.”

“Tom you hurt me so very badly, I could not believe you would be so heartless to not say you love me sooner, that is why I bit your neck in the airport, to remind you of our first meeting. Tom I knew I loved you then. Will I marry you? I don’t know… Yes, yes Tom I will marry you, get up, kiss me, put my ring on.” I took Daniel into my arms, his arms around my neck mine around his chest,

“I will never let you go ever again, Daniel I love you more than life itself, after I dropped you at the airport I sat in my car for a half hour crying, then again at home, and the wine glasses we bought together are now an incomplete set.”

“Daniel I am so sorry for putting you thru all this, please forgive me.”

“Tom I forgive you, I love you Tom, when can we get married?”

“Is tonight to soon?” I kissed Daniel, carried him to the bed we rolled around in our clothes, kissing, telling each other how much we loved one another. Daniel and I got naked, I only wanted to kiss, to hold him, to tell him how much he meant to me, how much I loved him. Daniel had other ideas, Daniel rode my cock like never before, he was a wild man, he made me cum in seconds, I threw him on the bed, taking his cock into my mouth, I sucked him till he blew his load, Daniel shot a massive load in my mouth, I grabbed him, we shared his load.

“Daniel I promise you this, I will never let you go again, I will also tell you every single day, I Love You.”

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