Demonlord Natalya

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“So it seems like you’ve been a busy little girl of late,” Natalya strummed her latex-clad fingers along her pet’s stomach, slowly walking them up the gentle rise of their mons. “Isn’t that right Amber?”

Demon Lord Natalya-Gremory, Lady of the 12th Pit of Screaming Perversion, Succubus Queen of the Realm of Sapphic Agony, and She Crowned with Brimstone and Lust, chuckled and tasted the air with a forked tongue, smelling the other succubus’s growing excitement.

Unconstrained by any ever so mortal taboos regarding nudity and clothing, the succubus queen dressed not to conceal or to cover, but to accentuate and highlight her body. Her outfit was an exquisitely tailored affair of body-hugging, glossy latex in violet, pink, and black, comprising stockings, long gloves, and under-bust corset, and garters and straps joining them all, crisscrossing her body. Her favorite part of the outfit wasn’t any of the more obvious features, but the small highlights: the tiny silver skull clasps at the end of the garters at her thighs, another ornamental one between her breasts, and how her stockings included heels and formed toes that left it open to the imagination if she herself had cloven hooves.

Conventional wisdom on all things demonic would surely have placed Natalya and her pet atop a throne of skulls, within a lake of fire, or held aloft by the arms of a thousand damned mortal souls, collectively screaming in agony as the fiends screamed for other reasons entirely. Conventional wisdom would be wrong on all of the above, as both succubi lay entangled atop a bed covered with silk sheets and dozens of pillows. Mind you, the sheets displayed an embroidered goetic sigil emblazoned with runes, declaring the bed and everything (and everyone) one it as the property of the demon queen herself.

The succubus queen herself lay across the bed, smiling as she traced two fingers across her pet. Although both were succubi proper, Natalya herself was in a word, exalted by comparison. Her body was that of a mortal woman, albeit one of flawless complexion and perfect form, but with an ashen skin tone, claws, purple ram’s horns, a long and vaguely reptilian prehensile tail tipped with a barbed end, and draconic wings that sprouted from her back.

“Tell me about your most recent adventures Amber.” Natalya cooed, pausing to put the silver lip of a chalice to her mouth and take a deep draught of blood red wine. “I trust that I taught you well…”

The other, lesser succubus smiled up and nodded. Slightly smaller than Natalya, she possessed roughly the same physical features that marked her as something more and something less than mortal. A slender, scaled tail sprouted from the base of her spine, ending in an almost heart-shaped devil’s spade at its tip, her fingers ended in delicate claws, and a pair of horns sprouted from her skull, curling back alongside the curve of her skull and making a roughly half-twist as they curved back around. She wore even less than the succubus queen that lay next to her, with only purple latex stockings and gloves, a collar, and jeweled piercings on her nipples and clit, all linked by a silver chain that ran between them.

“Did you corrupt a woman or simply further her transit down that path?” Natalya queried, tracing her fingers between her pet’s breasts, neatly placing tension on the chain between her nipple rings in the process. “Did she taste you, or did you taste her?”

Amber closed her eyes and sighed as her Mistress’s fingers slipped past the crest of her pubic mound and continued down between her legs, framing her clitoral hood with index and middle finger and fluttering between her slick, excited labia.

“She’d poker oyna never been with a woman before…” Amber shivered as Natalya traced a claw across her clitoral piercing, tapping one pearl and then the other, pinker one in turn. “She figured that summoning a succubus would satisfy her curiosity.”

As Amber began to tell her tale, the Succubus Queen stood up and looked down at her pet, admiring the other, lesser demon’s curves. Unconsciously, her submissive spread their legs, drawing a smile to Natalya’s face and a languid flicker of her tongue across her lips.

“Keep talking.”

Natalya knelt down and straddled the other girl’s thigh, staring into Amber’s eyes as she rocked her hips forward and back. Continuing to listen to her pet but focusing on her own pleasure, Natalya left a slippery, glistening tail on Amber’s latex as she rubbed her pussy across it again and again, pressing her netherlips against the other succubus like a wet and intimate kiss.

“Please Mistress. Please let me worship your pussy…” Amber paused from her story, opening her mouth and extending her tongue, drooling with unabashed desire as she looked, wide eyed, down at her Queen as they masturbated against her thigh.

Amber drooled as she watched Natalya pleasure herself, biting her lower lip. As she looked with worshipful eyes, her Mistress snarled and shuddered with an orgasm. Within moments though, the succubus queen recovered and gestured her fingers through the air, “Keep talking. I want to hear you talk as I finger fuck myself.”

And so she did, finishing her story while Natalya brought herself to another half-dozen orgasms.

“Such a good girl…” Natalya chuckled, her breasts heaving up and down before she finally caught her breath. Watching Amber’s reaction, and the other succubus’s open mouth, she reached back down and continued at a much slower pace, casually fingering herself for show, “I knew there was a good reason that I granted your desire and turned you into a succubus in the first place. You’re so ever eager to worship me. Now show me that tongue of yours. Taste your queen.” Natalya extended her lubricated fingers to Amber’s mouth, letting her honey glisten in the light before sliding them past her pet’s eager, hungry lips, allowing her a taste.

Amber leaned her head forwards and moaned with appreciation as she savored her queen’s juices, swirling her tongue across each finger and sucking them clean, one by one. Thick and slightly sour on her tongue, the musky taste was nonetheless intoxicating, and Amber’s tail flicked side to side with eager excitement before it curled forward and almost of its own accord began to press itself against her pussy.


Natalya slipped her hand from Amber’s mouth and swatted away the other girl’s overly-eager tail.

“Your tail has a naughty little mind of its own Amber.” Natalya chuckled, grasping the offending appendage and bringing it to her mouth, letting her pet watch wide-eyed as she opened her mouth and suckled on its tip, pleasuring it like a strapon and tasting Amber’s juices coating it. “But I’ll be the one in charge of penetrating you dear. Spread your legs.”

“Please…” Amber’s eyes glowed with delight as she complied without hesitating, spreading her legs as her Mistress held up the same hand which had only recently been pleasuring herself, and wriggled those same fingers enticingly.

“Think about when you summoned me.” Natalya cooed. “Think about all those things that I did to you that night. Then think about all the things that I can do to you now, now that you’re a succubus as well. You’re no longer subject to mortal biology canlı poker oyna and mortal stamina my darling little thing.”

Natalya slipped her middle finger between Amber’s labia, watching the other succubus moan and shiver. Instinctively she slipped a second finger inside, curling them up and pressing forward, seeking out her G-spot. Amber bit her lower lip and thrust her hips forward, pressing herself against Natalya’s fingers even as they gently thrust in and out with masterful skill.

“You will scream my name and you will shudder and squirt a dozen times again before I’m done with you tonight Amber.” Natalya chuckled as she added a third finger and brushed the palm of her hand against the other woman’s engorged and protruding clit, now erect and exposed from beneath its hood. Just large enough to suck, that had been one of the physical changes to Amber’s body that she’d insisted upon when she’d first corrupted the girl and triggered her infernal apotheosis.

Natalya licked her lips as she continued fingering her pet, eventually leaning forward and planting a trail of kisses across Amber’s abdomen. The kisses shifted to broad laps of her tongue, tasting the salt of Amber’s sweat and then turning to suck at her nipples. Amber whimpered and shut her eyes, absorbed as she was in her owner’s attention, quivering as Natalya’s tongue circled each nipple, flicked the rings that pierced each of them, and caressed one breast or the other with her free hand, even as the other hand continued to deftly finger fuck her, increasing in speed and in the pressure of her palm upon Amber’s clit.

“I know it’s here somewhere…” Natalya slipped a fourth finger inside, delighting in the warm, wet caress it found as Amber clenched down and gasped. The demon queen could have found what she was desired in moments of course, but she enjoyed the play of teasing and taunting her lover as her fingers thrust in and out, over and over, with each moment building her pet to orgasm. Finally though, she curled her fingers up and pressed upon a spot she knew oh so well. “FOUND IT!”

“Oh Natalya!” Amber’s eyes shot open as she screamed and shuddered.

“Cum for me bitch! Cum for me!” Natalya cackled as her fingers pounded in and out, grinding her fingers into Amber’s G-spot.

“OH YES! YES! NATALYA!” Amber screamed, spasmodically clenching down and releasing on her lover’s fingers as waves of pleasure coursed through her body. She shook, gasping and unable to properly breathe, with every nerve in her body on fire as she gazed up at the demon queen perched between her legs, nearly fisting her by that point, wings spread, glorious and resplendent In her domination as a spurt of glistening fluid sprayed out across her. Gazing up at her Mistress, she realized belatedly that a woman was screaming, seconds elapsing before she realized that it was her, screaming Natalya’s name over and over.

Eventually the screaming stopped, though not before Natalya fingered her pet to another trio of shuddering orgasms as she kept her mouth open to taste Amber’s cum. Most of it sprayed across her face and chest, leaving the demon queen hungry for more directly from the source.

“Such a wonderful girl.” Natalya licked her unnaturally long, forked tongue across her face, cleaning it of her pet’s honey. “But just so you know Amber, I’m in a mood for pussy on my tongue.”

Amber’s eyes glimmered with an internal light. Giddy in her afterglow, she laughed and curled her tail around Natalya’s wrist, pulling down and driving her owner’s fingers an inch deeper.

“Greedy little thing…” Natalya smirked, “I’ve taught you well, and you’ve made for internet casino a spectacular succubus.”

“I learned from the best Mistress.” Amber bit her lower lip and sighed happily, smiling as she looked over her breasts and down at the demon queen between her legs.

Natalya licked her lips and looked up, deliberately keeping eye contact as she crawled into position, placed both hands on her pet’s thighs, and leaned forward. She felt the other girl’s legs shiver as she opened her mouth and exhaled, sending a rush of warm, moist air across her pussy as a prelude to the kisses and oral worship to follow.

“Yes, yes you did…” Natalya spoke, masturbating her own ego as well as accepting her pet’s praise from moments before in a verbal preamble to her next display of carnal excellence. That was at least her intent.

The demon-queen inhaled, savoring Amber’s musky scent as she opened her mouth and extended her tongue. Then, just as she leaned in and prepared to lick the length of Amber’s slit, the other succubus abruptly shimmered with a brilliant, golden nimbus and promptly vanished.

“Fuck…” Natalya hissed, awkwardly leaning forward with her tongue extended and suddenly bereft of a partner she’d had every intention of devouring for another hour or more. Grumbling at her pet’s inopportune summoning to the mortal plane, she sighed and took her frustration out on herself, half-heartedly fingering herself to an orgasm while promising all manner of pain and death to the mortal conjurer who’d interrupted her evening’s festivities.

More powerful demons could of course deny a mortal’s summon, but novice succubi like Amber had no choice in the matter. If they were called by name, or plucked at random from the abyss by a non-specific magical request for any demon at all, they were simply whisked away and that was that.

Angrily Natalya stood up after a second round of doing her level best to fist herself, snarling softly and painfully aware of just how much more she would have enjoyed having her favorite partner there. Pausing to lick her fingers clean, she then swirled them through the air, opening a transparent portal from her bedroom to the mortal plane.

“Well at least one of us is getting to eat pussy tonight…” She pouted as she gazed through the portal, watching as Amber knelt in the center of a well crafted summoning circle, magically compelled to please the naked mortal sorceress that stood above her. “And fuck it little miss summoner, Amber would have gone down on you if you’d just asked her. You’re wasting your time and spell reagents to actually compel her to obey you through sorcery. Still, as a voyeur well beyond your ability to bind, I approve of the view.”

Natalya continued watching the two of them cavort, nodding with satisfaction at the mortal’s skill with magic, but also at her pet’s more practical skill with her tongue, fingers, and tail. Of course watching only added to her sexual frustration and desire, even after she came again with a hand between her legs, casually flicking across her clit.

“Fuck it, you’ve both had your fun. Now it’s time for mine.” Natalya chuckled as she briefly licked her fingers clean again and began another series of magical gestures to make the portal less of a window and more of a door.

The succubus queen smiled and flicked her tail with lecherous glee. She would reclaim her property and in the process she’d enjoy herself. Oh the mortal was skilled to be sure. This one was smart. This one wouldn’t be signing away her soul into demonic consignment, but nothing of the rules and strictures of the nether realm would prevent the demon queen from stripping the overconfident bitch naked and engaging in a torrid daisy chain with her and Amber.

“You’re good with magic, now let’s see how good you are with your tongue.”

With an evil grin playing across her face, Natalya stepped through the portal.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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