Discovering Jordan Pt. 01

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My name is Suzanne and I am a single woman in a serious relationship with a man who worships the ground I walk on. We met when he visited the bank where I work and were attracted to one another immediately. He started calling me from time to time and would find reasons to stop by the bank whenever he could. He is about 10 years older than me but I never considered that to be a problem. My parents didn’t like it the least bit at first but over time they could see how Gary cared for me. He is kind, he opens doors for me, he pulls my chairs out and is very protective of me. The fact that he is always a gentleman and treats me so well eventually won my parents over and he has been completely accepted by them now.

Our relationship has been strong and exclusive for about 5 years and I’m pretty sure he is going to propose to me soon. A girl just knows these things. Our sex life is incredible and spontaneous and this is important to the story I am about to tell you.

I manage a bank in the South and had just struggled my way into work on a Friday morning in early February with wet snow on the roads. The local weather forecast was calling for snow flurries with possible accumulation. If you are familiar with the South you’ll know that even a little bit of snow can shut down a town for quite a while. This particular morning I got going early, assuming there would be travel problems and I was entirely correct.

I lived about a mile from the bank in a group of new luxury town homes so I was the first to arrive that morning. By 7:30 there was already more than an inch and it was clear that things would get much worse before they got better. I made my required phone calls and the decision was made to keep the bank closed for the day. The roads were deserted and nobody was going to come into the bank today anyway. I was preparing to head for home to spend the day in my pajamas (or completely naked, as I prefer) when our newest teller, Jordan, came through the front door. She lived quite far from the bank and I was pleased that she made the effort in such bad weather, although it was all for nothing as it turned out.

I asked her why she drove 30 dangerous miles in questionable circumstances and she said that she thought it was the right thing to do. She assured me that she didn’t drive in by herself, and explained that her dad dropped her off on his way into his job where he didn’t have the luxury of taking a “snow day”. He has a 4WD pickup and told her he would pick her up after his shift later this evening. That plan was in serious doubt now.

Jordan had only been at the bank for about 6 months and we had become very friendly in that time. She had a sense of humor very similar to mine and was mature, intelligent and great with customers. She was a little younger than me and I knew very little about her. She did tell me that she was once married but hadn’t been in a relationship for several years.

She was a very thin, red-headed, freckle-faced woman with sparkling eyes and an infectious laugh. She was very attractive and tended to dress very in a very feminine manner, a trait that we had in common. I felt at ease with her and we found during our frequent slack periods that we could talk and laugh about almost anything – sometimes getting into risque subjects that I wouldn’t dare discuss with anyone else at the bank. I guess we were just at ease with one another.

Many of our conversations strayed into dangerous territory for a work setting between a manager and one of her employees. We were both emotionally mature enough to handle it and we became conspiratorial friends. I think we both began to think of the other as “best friends” but that kind of thing isn’t declared, it either happens or it doesn’t. The fact was that I didn’t have a female close friend other than Jordan. We talked on the phone occasionally poker oyna in the evening or on the weekends and always planned to hang out socially but never had.

So here we were, sitting in a closed bank on a beautiful snowy morning and she couldn’t possibly leave until her dad came back much later this evening. I asked her if she would like to come with me to my house and spend the day lounging in front of the TV drinking wine instead of sitting in a closed bank all day. I wasn’t very keen on the idea of sitting here all day waiting for her ride to come, honestly. By bank policy I couldn’t leave her here alone. She agreed to spend the day with me so we got into my car and slipped our way down the street for a mile to where I lived.

By the time we got to my place there was easily 3 inches on the roads and parking lots, and there was no hope of any road scraping activities for at least a day or more. Again, most southern towns just didn’t have the ability to scrape snow from the roads. I parked my car in the driveway and we made our way to my front steps in the messy slush. Jordan was about to step onto the first step when her foot went out from under her and she fell flat on her skinny ass in the slush. It wasn’t funny at all but we both went into a laughing fit when she almost pulled me down with her.

She got up and we made our way inside the front door giggling like two fools. She removed her coat and I took it from her but we noticed that she was soaked from her brief slush bath. It had probably ruined both her dress and her tights since the slush included the red muddy dirt from all of the recent construction in my new neighborhood.

She looked at herself in the hallway mirror and said, “Dammit!”

I said, “I’ll get you some things to change into. Why don’t you go shower in my bedroom over there and I’ll put your things in the wash. Maybe we can save them.” Probably not.

She thought this over and realized there was no way to keep those cold, wet things on all day so she said, “OK, but don’t go to any trouble.”

“Nonsense!” I said to her. “You just take those things off and go get cleaned up. There are towels and just about anything you need.”

She shrugged and within seconds had stripped completely down to her bra and panties right there in the front hallway. I guess my mouth was hanging agape and she laughed at my shocked expression. “Jeez! Haven’t you ever seen a woman in her underwear before?”

The truth was, I was stunned by her boldness. Her pale, freckled skin was in sharp contrast to her deep red hair and she was quite the picture! She was easily 8 inches shorter than me and as sexy as any of the “actresses” in the many adult videos I secretly watched. My eyes were drawn to her dark green bra and matching boy-cut panties and my mouth was suddenly dry. I had never been confronted with such a striking figure a mere arm’s reach away and wasn’t sure how to react. It seemed my lower regions knew exactly how to react.

“Well, not just inside my front door!” I stammered uncomfortably, hoping to cover my uneasiness.

Jordan got a mischievous look in her eye that I had seen a few times before in different contexts and it scared me a little. She reached behind her to undo her bra clasp. Her bra slumped from her shoulders and she pulled it off exposing her pert B-cup breasts with large, puffy pink nipples. I guess I gawked because she laughed, flung her bra at me and turned confidently towards my bedroom. As she walked she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, shimmied them off and left them lying on the floor near the foot of my bed. I marveled at her perfect butt swaying from side to side as she walked. She paused as she entered the bathroom and turned her head over her shoulder towards me. I was still gawking and was completely busted!

“Take a picture, it will canlı poker oyna last longer!” she teased.

She turned to take her shower and I was left stunned and oozing juice down my inner thighs.

I feel like I should add something here. I am as heterosexual as anyone can be! I have a boyfriend who treats me like a princess and we have an active and fulfilling sex life. He lives a few hours away where his businesses are and intends to move closer in the next year or so. We are completely devoted to one another but my sex drive leaves me wanting when he is away. I masturbate an awful lot but would never think of straying.

Thinking back to two weeks ago I recalled the weekend that Gary had come into town. He took me to dinner at D’ Antonio’s, one of our city’s finest restaurants. His talk during the drive had my crotch throbbing long before we arrived. During our pre-meal small talk he managed to make me terribly horny and then he surprised me by slipping his right hand under the hem of my dress and rubbing my pussy right there in the restaurant. I almost never wear panties and he had me ridiculously wet in minutes. He fingered me under the table and the risky nature of what was happening to me caused me to climax just as the waitress brought our drinks to the table! She had to have known. I had never been so excited in public! The embarrassment and danger had contributed to my massive orgasm.

Somehow I made it through dinner. When we got to my house later he had me naked within seconds of walking through the door. My evening dress was lying on the white marble floor, and I was left in my garter and stockings. Before I knew it he had used a kitchen towel to tie my hands and I found myself chest-down on the granite counter with my aching nipples mashed on the cold counter and my ass presented to him. The humiliation and helplessness had me dripping wet again!

This kind of sexual aggression had been cultivated by me over the last couple of years. Gary’s natural tendencies were much more gentle and caring but his love for me meant that he sometimes became the aggressive lover I needed. We complimented each other well in the bedroom but just didn’t have enough bedroom time.

But that night he was a dominant, forceful stranger who had drilled me hard while saying the nastiest things! I had come hard (and loud) twice and had had a couple of lesser orgasms before he had cried out himself and emptied two weeks worth of cream into me. I had felt every spasm of his cock as spurt after spurt had filled me completely. He had rubbed my ass and lower back while he had come down from his massive orgasm and finally his flaccid organ had slid out of me. His cum had run down the inside of both my thighs and a couple of big globs had fallen to the floor with disgusting splatters. The intensity of the situation had been so exhilarating.

Gary walked away briefly and went into my bedroom. I assumed this was a continuation of the humiliation of being tied and abused like this. He came back to the side of the counter where my face and hands were. I had no idea what to expect.

He stood in front of me, his now semi-erect cock hanging inches from my face. He ran the fingers of his left hand into my hair then pulled it to raise my face upward. His right hand guided his cock towards my mouth. He knew I loved to clean him after hard sex but demanding it in this way was a new thing. I energetically cleaned our combined love juices from his cock relishing my own taste almost as much as his.

He let go of my hair and said, “Good job, babe.” Then he walked back to the other side of the counter. He untied my hands and gently helped me stand up, then he surprised me by picking me up and cradling me in his arms. The look on his face was one of complete love and adoration. He kissed my forehead and carried me to my bed.

He internet casino gently laid me on a large towel he had obviously prepared earlier. He rubbed my wrists and kissed each one gently. He whispered, “Please lay still, babe.”

He went into the bathroom and I heard running water. I thought to myself that I must look awful by now, I was sure that my hair and make-up were a terrible sight. Gary returned with a warm washcloth and proceeded to clean up the mess between thighs taking great care to be gentle and loving. He was so thorough that he went back to get another washcloth to finish the job, then he gently dried me.

He got up again and surprised me by returning with my makeup removal items and another warm washcloth. He said, “If you looked in a mirror right now you would kill me!”. I could only imagine. I never leave the house without my makeup being perfect and am perhaps overly concerned about my appearance. At that point I’m pretty sure I looked like hell in front of the man I planned to spend the rest of my life with.

He gently worked on my face just as he had seen me do it so many times, then used the warm, wet cloth to finish the job like an expert. I have never been pampered with so much tender care! He put all of his cleaning supplies away, turned out the bedroom light and laid down beside me. I turned to my side so he could spoon me and he wrapped a loving arm around me as he pulled me close. Totally exhausted I melted into my lover.

I could feel his semi-erect cock between my butt cheeks and knew that our sexual appetites meant that we would make love at least once more before the light of morning. I fell asleep quickly as he whispered that he loved me. God help me, I knew that he really did – with all my heart.

An hour later I awoke needing to pee urgently so I slipped out of Gary’s arms and made my way to the bathroom. Fearing the worst for my appearance, I turned on the light over the large mirror and was pleasantly surprised to see that he had indeed done a great job removing my makeup. I peed and returned to my bed where Gary seemed to have been revived by his brief nap. Although still a bit sore from our earlier romp, I couldn’t get enough of this man. I laid on my back and parted my legs as wide as they would go and said, “Please make love to me, babe.”

This was his time to love me as he preferred, long slow strokes that reached for my deepest regions. He sucked on my neck and told me how beautiful I was. This was tender lovemaking at its best and Gary was damned good at it. Soon I climaxed hard and asked him to stop for the night because I was so sore. He did so without any hint of disappointment. I reached for his cock in an attempt to at least finish him off but he declined, asking me to spoon again. He was so tender and it was clear that he was more concerned about me than himself. I slept wrapped in the arms of my lover and friend until the sunlight came through my bedroom window. I was sure this night would be burned forever into my memory.

Now, here I was staring blankly at my bathroom door having seen Jordan wiggle her sexy butt at me. Even the remembrance of that night caused me to blush just a little as I heard Jordan turn on the shower in the very place I had shared so many intimate moments with Gary. On the one hand, I was helping a friend out by having Jordan over today. On the other hand she was naked in my shower after deliberately putting herself on display. This could be just playful naughtiness or genuine flirtation and I had absolutely no experience in this area.

The last thing I wanted to do was to assume something where there was nothing. I also didn’t want to be blind-sided by failing to see the proverbial light at the other end of the tunnel. Was this the dawning of a new sensual awakening or was it a speeding train bearing down on me. I was dizzy with the uncertainty of the situation, and with the reality was that she was here. I had already offered my house to her for the whole day. What had I gotten myself into?

I was soon to find out…

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