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I repeat “English not being my usual language, please excuse me for grammar and translation errors. My histories are only pure fiction. Have a pleasure.”

* * * * *

That suitable two years that I have installed to my account in a small southern city of France. I had 2 to 3 month of difficult.

I am single and I know that peoples wonder what bit well to make a woman, the thirty, alone in an if small village. So as to not to make chatter, I render some Saturday limps some in the closest city and there I find what to satisfy me. I return from time to time my lovers, the time of a weekend in order that my patients and fellow citizens does not put too question on my morals. But I like my celibacy. I have other adventures and it is what I am going to tell you.

For Summer holidays, I take nurse youths, again studied, as assistant and secretaries. This year there, I had taken a girl youth beautiful, brown, the well suitable body. It worked well.

We exited totality limps some night the evening Saturday and for my greater pleasure, one took us for two sisters pair although I am blonde and that my self chest smaller than his. She smacked the finger and she had several knights serving at her feet. She seemed to like the sex and rings that she raised certain morning, made me guess a night turbulent enough. I returned often without her. I teased it always on her agitated nights, but as soon as one was found in my closet, I became supports it.

I was devoted from time to time to the saphisme, if I found the so sexy girl. This girl pleased me a lot, but I not to knew how make to taste me also to these charms. The contract arrived increasingly to its term. There were less in less patients because holidays ended. She was going soon to leave and that grieved me a lot. A day, while there was a two hours to spend, I called her in my cabinet.


“Yes doctor!”

“We have a two hours to spend. Can come you to give me a help so as to make the inventory?”

“No problem doctor!”

She arrived in the cabinet and we work. The beautiful carried a pair of stockings this days finding that the weather was fresh. Me I was in boiling with it in my closet. I looked hastily its buttocks and its naked chest through the opening of the blouse. From time to time, I profited that it looks in a cupboard in height so as to paste me to its body in its back. She was surprised the first time, but after she pushing the vice to nod buttocks and to emphasize the pressure on my low stomach when I was in her back. One attacked the inventory of drawer under the table of consultation. She counted compresses, bottles of disinfectant. She open then the last drawer and this was the silence. I smile by knowing what she had discovered.

“In what category have do to return this, doctor?” tells she by showing the strap on belt that it held in hand.

“In therapeutic instruments like the poker oyna lancet.”

“Ok. Therapeutic instrument. I note it.”

She looked a bit surprised the object.

“We live in a small city Marie, and certain persons feel need to discuss to sometimes to appease certain fantasy. There are the hétérosexuelles, as homosexuals. In time that doctor, I have to be to the listening, as conjugal counselor and sometimes sexologue.”

“Are you use this engine, doctor?”

“As most of homosexuals in an if small city, prefer to live to hide, I provide them gadgets and other to bloom their existence. The former allows me their to make some the demonstration. I indicate them how to fix it to the size and shows them the different utilizations. Therefore therapeutic instrument my dear Marie.”

I guessed under her head the cinema that it could be made. She looked me an other manner. I open an other cupboard. There was all sort dildo, vibrator and Chinese spheres. I raw that its eyes were going to leave it sockets.

“I am a bit the sex-shop of the village, Marie!”

“You summits of the demonstration of that also!”

“Of course!”

We continued the inventory, but she no longer was to her work.

“Thank you Marie for your help! Mrs. There would have no longer to delay!”

“All right doctor!”

By leaving the room, I saw that questions had to jostle in her head. I arrived at the end of my consultations.


“Yes doctor!”

“It has to remain madam F. You can leave.”

“No doctor. There is a patient of last minutes. You take her?”

“Of course! You will leave after it.”

“Thank you doctor.”

AT the end of the session of madam F, I called my assistant.


“Yes doctor!”

“Can you introduce the last patient!”

“Well doctor.”

“See you tomorrow?”

“See you tomorrow doctor?”

The door opens and Marie entered my cabinet.

“Marie? Where is the patient?”

“It is me doctor.”

“Good, and what is your problem?”

She approached the office and I wondered where found this the skirt that I had noticed during the inventory. She sat in the armchair unveiling me her sheath leg stockings.

“I don’t know what I have. Since that I have left your office, as soon as I think of you and that I see the engine in your drawer of consultation, I have the throat that dries, my chest that inflates and my sex that wets.”

She tells that very seriously. I live no joke glow in its eyes. I taken then my doctor air.

“Good! Is astonished it your affair. Have you already had this symptom previously?”

“Yes, but I in had not worried unduly.”

“One is going to see that. Undress you and sit you on the table of consultation.”

“Ok doctor.”

She approached the table of consultation, pulled her blouse. She had already pulled her skirt. She show me her beautiful canlı poker oyna orange g-string. She was truly very “good”. She posed her blouse on a chair and sat on the edge of the table by looking me. Her chest was tended to all break. I approached her. She emanated from its body an animal heat.

“Open therefore your mouth and summits “A”.”

She executed and obviously I did not see anything.

“Mucouss are obviously dry. You have what again?”

“My breasts! Look them, they are all hard!”

I taken suckle them between my fingers. It groans. They were hard as the flint. I pinched them before to calm my gesture by a sweet caressing the palm of the hand.

“Yes! And your sex becomes humid?”

“Yes doctor!”

I descended my hand to her g-string.

“Is the case at this time?”

“Yes doctor!”

When I reached the elastic of its rump, it parted slightly legs so as to leave my hand to pass. Effectively, I collect a few liqueur on cloths of her pantyhose. I put then my finger in the mouth without leaving it the look.

“Hummm,” it was divine. ” I think to have a remedy to your problem.”

“Really doctor!” tells she the air eased.

Very good comedienne if it misfires its medicine studies. I posed my stethoscope.

“Slacken you! One is going to see your problem, step by step.”

I passed a hand behind its head and attracted it gently on my lips. They united and I slipped my tongue in her mouth. She make no resistance, surety rather energetically to my kiss. I left its mouth and descended to her hard chest. One to one, I licked its suckle and swallow its nipples. The beautiful groaned under my caress. She posed its hand in my neck so as to emphasize the pressure of my mouth on her breasts.

“Stop doctor! You make only worsen things.”

I left her chest and descended to the navel. I taken her g-sting and made it slip the long of its legs. She opposed no resistance. Its fleece was marvelously depilated to the form of the mark of the bikini that it carried to the beach. Once cleared of her panty, she parted her legs so as to leave me pass. An odor of cyprin invades my nostrils. I parted its sticky lips and began to lick the humid intimacy of the beautiful. It held me the head and pushed shouts to each of my knocks of tongue. I slipped my agile tongue in her flesh, drinking her liqueurs with delight. I caressed the pussy through my spindle and my g-string. I wetted abundantly. I left her sweet pussy and ascended to kiss her, offering the taste of her liqueurs in my mouth. Her beautiful eyes thanked me for so pleasure.

“Then doctor! It is serious!” tells her by breathing deeply.

“No, this is not if serious. But… ” I spanned its thigh and rubbed languishingly my between tight on her stockings.”


“But your sickness is contagious.”


“I have the same symptom that you. I have me internet casino also the chest that is hard and my sex that wets. Look by you even.”

She unfastened my blouse and my bra. I kiss her while it undressed. Her mouth devour my chest and I groan to my tour.

“Have do thought of close the door of the cabinet?”

“Is not feared, I have all buckled. Our sickness is confined now.”

“Then nurse the.”

I parted her, pulled my spindle and my g-string. I left it to look my pubis as naked as a youth twelve girl years. I returned between her arms. Our mouths united in a fiery kiss. Our bodies undulated one against the other, mixing our intimate liqueurs. I returned to drink her liqueurs with avidity while my hands played with her chest.

“Oh what it is good. Ever I would not have raw that if good,” groaned she. “Oh eats me, eats me, bites me. Oh, what you make me well burn my pussy. Go…”

She enjoys several times in my mouth. She repelled me gently. I ascended while continue to wind her. Her hand descended and slips on my intimate lips.

“I am going to see if I arrive to apply the good processing to my tour, ” tells she by slipping between me and the table.

Her mouth swallowed my button and shine it. I shouted under its fiery caresses.

“Don’t tell me that you suitable that for the first time?”

Her mouth left me giving me a small respite.


“It will be necessary that you think of persevere on this type of processing. You are very endowed.”

“Thank you!” tells she in cheerful, the nose white lips of my liqueurs. “It will be necessary that I reflect there.”

“Ok, but for the moment, continues to nurse me. I am very sick.”

“Ok doctor.”

She made me enjoy several times thanks to the agility of her tongue in my sheath. I repelled her gently.

“Wait my beautiful! We have not finished.”

I taken the strap on that had surprised it during the inventory.

“I have an other therapy for you. Want you to try it?”

“Oh yes! ho yes!”

I fixed it to my size and was going to sit me in the sofa.

“Come on! It is necessary to lubricate me that. Come my love!”

She was not made pray twice. She knelt on the sofa and started an arrogance blowjob on the engine in plastic. I slipped my hand under her stomach and was going to masturbate her gently. Her sex was humid to wish.

“It is good. I believe that you can you bend over.”

She straightened, turned me the back and descended gently on the plastic cock while I posed my hands on her hips. Her body trembled under the effect of the penetration. I helped her then to overlap and be was the cost of the cavalry. Her body became dislocated under assaults of the pleasure. She stiffens abruptly and a long shout, guttural, exits its mouth. She abandoned in the trench of me arm, without that the strap on does not leave its cave. I caressed her breasts and the clitoris, while I licked it the neck.

She awaked. I made it put to four paw and it taken in doggy style. She enjoys again and again.

Her departure was a real tortures. I had the pain to forget her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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