Elevator Music

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Normally, time is not of an essence but my next interlude had to be quick but hopefully satisfying. I was working under the gun with all kinds of deadlines – both personal and business related. Any chance to make love (yes, I said the L word), had to be seized for the pure unadulterated pleasure but with an eye as always on the clock.

I wasn’t always this way. In my younger days, I was able to take hours and hours to pleasure both my mate and myself. However, as I began the trip up the corporate ladder to higher and higher levels, the available time to spend in pleasurable pursuits had become fewer and fewer in number. Fact be known, it had been several months since I had any free time and I was feeling the definite need for satisfaction and I planned on remedying that situation tonight. And, I wasn’t too choosy just where I was going to find it!

I closed the corporate tax file I had been working on for two days and glanced at my watch. Nine p.m.! And I hadn’t even stopped for dinner; these late nights at the office were definitely taking a toll on both my social and sex lives and it was time to correct the situation. I pushed my chair back to the credenza behind me, stood and grabbed my jacket off the back of the chair. Swinging up my briefcase as I headed out the door, I flipped off the light. The rest of the large office suite was in darkness.

I knew I needed something to drink but, more important, I needed something solid in my stomach. I had been so wound up in work that I had forgotten to eat lunch. In fact, I didn’t remember the last time I had eaten – was it this morning (No) or last night? Ah well; all that mattered was to fill the two primary needs – first food than drink. Following that, I would work on my other hunger – sex!

I pushed the call button for the elevator; damn – it just seemed that when I was in a hurry, the cars took forever to climb to the 48th floor where my offices were. Just this one time, and as late as this was, couldn’t the elevator arrive just a little bit quicker? After all, it was after nine and there shouldn’t be anyone else around, should there?

I was pacing back and forth as my frustrations grew until I finally heard the familiar chirp signally the opening of the doors. I stepped in to be greeted by the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. She had red hair; no, that’s not a strong enough word! She had this mane of wild russet hair that framed her face even though it was somehow gathered and fastened at the back. As I nodded at her and turned to press the button for the parking level where I had left my car hours ago, I realized that the framing of her face constituted tendrils of loose hair.

She was wearing a hunter green business suit that was cut so as to show off her great curves; the skirt was cut just above the knees and hugged every curve. She had the jacket to the suit casually thrown over her left shoulder and the sheer white blouse cupped her firm breasts so perfectly. I could see her pert nipples standing firm against the flimsy material and knew at an instant that she wasn’t graced with a bra. I was a confirmed heterosexual but at that moment, I almost wished I were bi!

The inner walls of the elevator car were lined with highly polished mirrors and brass so that I was able to feast my eyes on this vision while I faced the door. Her eyes were a piercing green that sparkled as she returned my tenuous smile. Her beauty was overwhelming and I could sense her delicately applied perfume – Eau de Claire, one of my favourite scents.

Just as I was about to turn and great her with an introduction, the elevator suddenly jerked to a stop – we were between the 25th and 24th floors. The lights flickered and then died and we were plunged into total darkness. Now under normal circumstances, I am pretty level headed. However, I am claustrophobic and the closeness of the stranded elevator car – added to the complete inky darkness – was enough to start me shaking. Of course, a moment after the sudden stop, the car dropped again – felt like 50 feet but likely less than 10 – with another abrupt halt. This was too much and I started to whimper.

I felt in the darkness the soft touch of a woman’s hand on my neck and as she stroked me, she murmured “Shhh; we’ll be all right”

I shuddered and started to calm down; her touch and words had a very relaxing feel and without thinking, I leaned back against her momentarily before jumping and apologizing as I pulled myself together. “I’m sorry! I sort of lost it. I think I’ll be all right for now – as long as they get us out of here soon”

In a soft Irish lilt, she introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Meagan” I felt her hand run down my arm in the darkness until she took my hand in her smooth warm fingers.

“Wish we could have met under different circumstances, Meagan. And I am Caroline; but everyone calls me Caro”

“Nice to meet you, Caro; are you going to be all right?”

“Sure, I assured her” not so sure myself. I fumbled around on the control panel trying to find the hidden emergency telephone. poker oyna As I opened the door, the phone fell with a muted ‘thunk’ to the carpeted floor. In a panic, I reached down to recover the handset only to feel the coiled cord hanging loose in my hand. It either hadn’t been connected yet – this building had only opened a few months ago – or it had been vandalized. Likely the latter since the inspectors would never clear the building with such an oversight.

I cried out my discovery to Meagan and handed her the remains of what I presumed was going to be our salvation. I was becoming unglued at the prospect of being stuck in a small, dark place for some indeterminate period. Without the phone, there was no way to call for help. I tried my cell phone but of course, in the bowels of a steel and concrete building, there was no signal. When Meagan tried her newer unit, she found that the battery had died. We were trapped!

I started to cry and Meagan took me in her arms as we sunk to the floor in the corner. Her warm arms were a real comfort and I found myself getting control over my breathing – I had been hyperventilating until I almost passed out. I, without thought, snuggled closer to my new acquaintance and slowly drifted off.

45 minutes later:

I awoke with a start! Where was I? Why is it so dark? Then the memories started to return in a flood and I reached out in the blackness for Meagan as I called her name.

“Right here, Caro” I felt her hands reaching for me and I pulled her close.

“Please don’t let me sleep again! I was dreaming and forgot all about where I was. It really frightened me to lose my focus like that”

Once assured that it wouldn’t happen again, we started to exchange information about ourselves as a way to pass time. Meagan was an associate with the large law firm that occupied the top two floors of the tower since it opened. The masthead on their letters listed the best known corporate and criminal lawyers in the state. She had joined the firm a year ago – before its move – and was fast tracked for a partnership. She was concerned however that her gender was going to impede her; the firm was definitely an ‘old boy’ firm. Still, she had high hopes.

I filled her in on my less then stellar life story. Raised in a strict Catholic home, the thoughts of moving to the big city had been the furthest from my mind during my tender years. However, as a straight A student throughout my high school and community college years, the temptation of the full scholarship to a high end university to obtain my degrees in Business Administration and Finance and been too much for my hard done parents to resist. So off I went.

My four years at the all girl school left me severely wanting in male companionship but I certainly soon became familiar with women having sex with other women. My roommate had a voracious appetite and seemed to devour every girl who looked at her. As to myself, I had proved to be too much of a challenge to her and she left me alone, as did all the other girls. More than once, however, I had been awakened to the sounds of Jeannie ‘rutting’ in the other bed and I tried without too much success to drown out the sounds.

Truth be told, I did find myself becoming very wet as I listened to the sounds of Jeannie and her latest conquest and, on many occasions, my hand found its way between my legs to relieve myself. On no occasion did I allow it to go further and I usually had to go to confession the next morning to assuage my guilty conscience. So much for freedom of expression!

As I related my frustrated history to Meagan, I felt her nearness in the darkness. Although we were trapped in a stranded elevator in a luxury downtown office building, the space in the elevator was somewhat cramped; and, the temperature was starting to rise with the absence of air conditioning. It was this fact that told us that the problem at hand was one of a power failure (quite common in New York summers) rather than a mechanical problem with the elevator. Or so we hoped!

As the temperature rose, I was finding my suit jacket oppressive and I slipped it off and laid it on the carpet by my stretched out legs. I was leaning against the side wall of the car and could feel the still cool surface of the mirrored wall against my skin. The perspiration trickling down my neck was dampening my cotton shirt so that it felt like it was pasted to my torso. I was so warm that I felt like I was suffocating and I tore at the buttoned neckline to open the top. There – at least some modicum of relief!

I ran my hand down my neck until I reached the upper part of my bra. Given the muggy heat of a New York summer, I had worn one of my soft one piece bras to try to accommodate at least to some degree the stifling temperatures. This had worked fine in the air conditioning of the office but was failing miserably now. I simply had to get rid of the constrictions of the garment. Since we were in such darkness, I felt a degree of anonymity and I slowly unbuttoned my shirt to the point canlı poker oyna that I could reach behind me to release the clasp behind my back.

“Can I help you with that?” I heard from beside me. I jumped as I had thought that Meagan had moved to the opposite side of the car from me.

“Wh…What do you mean ‘help me’?” I stuttered.

Meagan laughed in a wonderful musical trill. “I mean that I know how restricting and hot I am in a bra; that is why I never wear one on days like this”

“But, what about your bosses? Don’t they frown on that?” I asked as I paused in my actions to release my small breasts from their confinement.

“As long as I wear my suit jacket and keep producing the volume of billable hours that I am doing now, they wouldn’t dare call me on it. Now, can I help you or not?”

I declined her offer of assistance and quickly doffed the offending brassiere. As I fumbled to pull it through the arms of my shirt, my hand ran along Meagan’s arm and it felt like a shock of electricity had coursed through my body. Muttering apologies, I could only wonder what had precipitated that response. Meagan laughed it all off but I could feel her heat and nearness as I quickly tried to re-button my blouse.

As I drew the front closed over my now naked breasts, the starched material scraped over my nipples and I could feel them harden and grow. As quietly as I could, I reached inside the gaping opening and cupped one of my 32-B’s in my hand and ran my thumb over the throbbing nipple. A guttural moan escaped my lips before I could stop it and I pulled my hand away with embarrassment. Unfortunately, my dilemma did not escape Meagan’s attention and I felt her hand as it covered mine. She drew our hands back inside my open shirt to its place where it had rested a moment before.

This time, however, it was her finger that grazed my nipple and I arched my back into her hand in an effort to fill her hand with my needy tit. I pulled my hand forcibly from beneath hers and fell back against the wall as she caressed me. I couldn’t help myself – I started to moan again and could feel myself go wet. Why, why was this happening to me; I am a good catholic girl who has never let another woman touch me!

“Don’t fight it, Caro” she whispered almost directly into my ear. She was so close I felt the exhalation of her warm breath as it caressed me. As her fingers danced lightly over my nipple, I felt my senses reel as she sucked my tender ear lobe. Her hot tongue circled that sensitive appendage until I was creaming constantly. I reached with my own hand and unerringly found the firmness of her breast through the thin covering offered by her blouse. Like me, she was so hot that the shirt did little to cover her erect and engorged nipples. For the first time, I was touching another woman’s nipples (up to this point, it was only my own when I was masturbating which had become close to an everyday occurrence) and the thrill of it was overwhelming. As Meagan caressed me, I responded in kind.

It all seemed just so natural until I sensed her breath on my lips; she was going to kiss me! I started to turn my face since I wasn’t sure that this is what I wanted but then changed my mind. Hell! If I am going to play touchy feely, then I might as well go for it all. It is amazing how fast these thoughts fly through one’s mind; before I knew it, I felt the softness of her lips as they brushed mine. It was so amazing; it was completely unlike the roughness I had experienced from my male acquaintances and certainly different from my last boyfriend!

I started to moan only to find as I parted my lips that her insistent tongue invaded my mouth. It felt so right especially since her hand was still caressing my tit and, occasionally, her fingers gently tweaked the throbbing nipple that crowned it. I drew her tongue into my mouth by sucking on it and then parted my lips further and slowly extended my tongue to meet with hers. She immediately sucked my invading tongue until I pushed her away. I had to catch my breath!

I was trembling now – not with fear but with pent up need mixed with a fear of what would happen next – but for what might not. I wanted to take the next step forward but simply did not know what to do and, even if I did know, I feared that I would screw it up. If only Meagan would take the lead! This was all so new to me and I was afraid to admit it for fear that it would stop; quite a predicament – wanting it to go and stop in one breath!

As if she could read my mind, I felt Meagan stand and reach down for my hands. “Here, Caro; stand up and lean against the wall. Let me make love to you?”

“Oh, God, yes” I cried and allowed her to pull me to a standing position. My legs felt like rubber but when I leaned back against the wall, I felt the brass bar behind my back and I held on to it with both hands at my side for fear that my legs would give out from under me.

Just at that moment, the small emergency light in the corner of the car illuminated. Since it was battery run, the power internet casino failure hadn’t stopped it from turning on but, for some unknown reason, it hadn’t kicked in as soon as the power failed. It was just one more complaint for the landlords – assuming of course that we ever got out of here.

In the light of the dim red bulb, I had my chance to look at Meagan for the first time since the power failure. Her hair was tousled and wild and her eyes were almost feral as she gazed deeply into my own. Her blouse was open to the waist and one delectable cone-shaped breast was exposed. The absolute look of lust turned me on so much that I took her shoulders and pulled her into my kiss. As our tongues did lascivious battle, I glanced over her shoulder to see my own image reflected in the mirror on the opposing wall. My own face was suffused with longing and my hair was as wild as Meagan’s. In fact, it was even more tangled and my skin was flushed and bore a sheen of sweat – part due to the increasing heat but mostly, I was sure, to the unbridled passion I was experiencing for the first time.

I pulled away from Meagan and turned her to face the other wall. As we looked at our images, I lowered my lips to kiss her lightly on the neck and exposed shoulder – with the buttons open, the covering had slipped over one shoulder. She lifted her arms over her head and circled my neck with her hands with the effect that her chest extended outwards. With my arm snaking around under her arm, I cupped her firm exposed breast in my hand and squeezed it firmly. With my thumb, I tweaked her hard nipple and, as I did, she turned her head far enough for me to kiss her lips hungrily.

Now we were both moaning as the eroticism of the whole situation struck us. Here I was – an uptight inexperienced professional woman being seduced in an elevator stuck almost 250 feet above ground level – and she, obviously experienced in the Sapphic ways was turning me on with such heat. I was frantically tearing at her shirt to untuck it and release those delectable globes for my eager hands. Meagan pulled far enough away from me to leave me the required room to peel it from her shoulders and down her arms. At the same time, I shrugged my own untucked shirt off my shoulders to fall behind me. As both dropped to the carpet, she leaned once more against me as I massaged each firm cone and excited the firm nipples – they grew even more under my touch! My own bullet hard nips were burning into her back.

With one hand gladly busy at her breast, I slid the other lower until I reached the waist band of her tight skirt. Under my probing fingers, I found the side zipper and I bent my knees behind her sufficient to allow me to lower the fastener enough so that the skirt slipped over her hips to pool at her feet. I feasted my eyes at this splendid specimen reflected in the mirror – clad only in her high heels and sheer green hold-ups with a wisp of a triangle covering what was obviously a cleanly shaved mons – and my mouth went dry as Saharan sand.

Still leaning back against me, I watched entranced as Meagan lightly ran her tapered fingers over the sopping wet thong and pressed the skimpy material into her puffy pussy lips. We both moaned as our level of passion escalated; I couldn’t bear the thought of being mostly dressed whilst Meagan was so blatantly pleasuring herself.

As I whimpered in dismay, my new lover turned about and kissed me – at first softly and then with increased passion. As she pulled away from me, she reached down between us and once again slid her finger over her soaked pussy. I could smell the aroma of arousal – mine combined with hers – and my knees grew weak. Meagan raised her cum-covered finger and brushed it across my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked it in to experience my first taste of her. Different from my own (only tasted during extreme masturbation sessions) but wonderful; all the more so since Meagan was sharing of it so tenderly.

As I leaned back against the wall for support, Meagan leaned down to run her tongue through the valley formed by my firm breasts. As I tried to press a nipple into her mouth, she teased me by holding me still enough that I couldn’t move. With tantalizing slowness, her hot tongue travelled up the curve of my right breast to circle the turgid nipple. I was aching for her to take me into her mouth and pleaded for release. After what seemed like an eternity, I felt her lips capture my painfully hard nipple and aureole. Both were sucked so hard that I was sure that I would orgasm from the sensational feeling!

But she was far from finished; her hands were busily relieving me of my skirt and, as I felt it slip smoothly over my hips and down my legs to the floor, I lifted each foot in turn to kick it aside. We were now both in our heels, hose and thongs. You see, in my case, I was the uptight almost virgin who wore severe professional clothes on the outside but secretly wore a garter belt, thong and silk stockings under them. It was almost that I was walking around hoping someone would ravage me – it never happened. Until now! And this was a totally different kind of ‘ravage’ from what I had envisioned. I loved it and had lost any vestige of control. I was now simply Meagan’s sex toy to do with as she chose!

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