Emma’s Sin Ch. 02

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Jonathan woke early, well before the sun rose and stoked the fire so it was warm inside the home as Hester and Emma awoke. The two women got dressed, visited the outhouse and returned. Like every morning Emma dutifully greeted her father, “Good morning, Father,” she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Considering the night before, it as all Jonathan could do to look away and let her kiss him.

Hester served breakfast and the three of them ate in an uncommon silence that was only broken when Jonathan announced, “I have a pressing matter to discuss with the preacher after church this morning, so I will take leave of you two after services. You can walk home and Emma you can walk yourself to the school.”

Emma had not been a student at the school for several years, she spent most of her day there helping the schoolmaster in the hopes of one day taking his place. It was a good arrangement because she was able to keep busy rather than stay at home with only a few chores to complete. It was important for a girl of twenty to remain busy so when she married, she would be ready to serve her husband. Besides, idle time was sinful time.

After finishing breakfast, the women completed their morning chores and the three walked together down the long dirt road into town. As they got into town near the church, the streets were cobbled and though it was a bit difficult walking over the cobblestones, it was much better than negotiating the ruts in the dirt roads approaching the town.

Jonathan, Hester and Emma quietly entered the church and listened intently to the sermon and sang with the other churchgoers. When the service was over Jonathan walked his wife and daughter out of the church and then watched them walk away as they returned home. He then waited for the preacher to finish talking with the others exiting the church.

When the two men were finally isveçbahis alone, Jonathan approached him, held out his hand and said, “Reverend Albers, I wonder if we might retire to your office to discuss a matter with me.”

Reaching out and shaking Jonathan’s hand he replied, “Why certainly Jonathan, come walk with me.” He held out his hand toward a small building adjacent to the church and Jonathan began to walk, with the preacher moving along beside him. “And how is your family.”

“Oh, Hester is fine, a strong woman and good cook,” he said, patting the slight bulge in his stomach.

“And Emma, how is Emma?”

“Well Reverend, that is why I’ve come here,” he said as the preacher opened the door. Stepping inside he continued, “I have discovered something about her, something vexing. I want to talk to you about it.”

“Of course, please have a seat,” he said closing the door to his office. He moved around his large desk and sat down. Shuffling a few papers out of his way, he then scooted his chair forward, rested his elbows on the desk and clasped his hands, “What about Emma do you wish to discuss?”

“Well Reverend, it has been something I had been hearing at night, strange sounds and moan coming from her in the night. First I thought she was just having nightmares, but last night I held off sleep and looked into her room while she began making the noises. I witnessed her in the midst of a devilish activity, while alone in the bed.”

Scooting up in his chair, the preacher said, “Well you must tell me of what you saw, sparing no detail.”

“Well, she had already started when I peeked through a crack in the slat wall. The moonlight provided a faint light, faint, but enough so I could see. She had pulled up her night shirt and had her legs spread wide as in childbirth, but instead I found her using a candle to enter her body. She also…”

“Excuse isveçbahis giriş me for interrupting but you must describe in detail. You mentioned her legs spread wide, did you see any hair? And could you describe her nether lips to me? It is important,” the preacher said.

“Okay, well, I guess I saw some hair, just above where her nether lips ended. Should I described what the hair and lips looked like?”

“Yes,” he said loudly, “I mean yes please,” he said in a quieter voice.

“Well, her hair is a fair color, so the hair between her legs was also light colored, but not straight light the hair on her head, this hair was curly and so soft looking. With the candle sliding between her lips, it glistened in the dew that exuded from her body…”

“Could you hear any wet sounds from there?”

“No, just her moans and the creaking of the bed. She had started moving her hips up and down, raising them as she pushed the candle deep inside, and lowering them as she withdrew the candle. Her other hand moved to just below her hair, at the start of her nether lips, where she found a small protuberance. She licked her fingers and once they were wet, she moved her fingers over the tiny nub in a fast, circular motion.”

“All the while was she moving her hips up and down?” the preacher asked, wiping a bead of sweat from his brow.

“Yes, her hips raised and fell almost wildly as the candle moved in and out and her fingers circled over her nub. I chanced to look at her face and she glared down at what she was doing with a devilish delight. Finally, she lifted up off the bed, balancing only on her shoulders and feet, shoved the candle deep into herself and then moaned as I might imagine Satan might do violating his women.”

“And then?” the breathless preacher asked.

“Well she fell back onto the bed, curled up in a ball. At that isveçbahis yeni giriş time I realized her sinful spirit left her and vexed me as my member had grown as if wanting to produce a child.”

“So what did you do then?”

“Well, I donned my chemise cagoule intent upon casting out that spirit.”

“So you went to Hester, and cast your spirit into her body?”

“Yes, she saw me, pulled up her nightgown and opened her legs.”

“What did it look like when she opened her legs?” the preacher whined.

“I didn’t see that, not wanting the lust to enter my body from viewing that part of her. I just entered her with my member and moved in and out, leaving her with the spirit inside of her, perhaps to make a child.”

“Oh yes, yes of course.”

“What should I do about Emma’s sin?”

“Well, she is like her mother at that age. You didn’t know her then, but Hester also sinned like that.”


“Yes, repeatedly. We finally had to bring in our church surgeon she was doing it so much. It was a simple operation and prayer session and her sins were cured. Now you must not tell Hester of any of this, it may bring the sin back upon her.”

“And Emma?”

“Well, it is customary only to take that step if the sin is repeated over and over. What you must do is watch Emma over the next week and report to me, in detail, her doings in that time. If she sins again within the week we can petition the surgeon. Of course if she sins many times our petition will be stronger.”

“I understand,” Jonathan said standing up.

Coughing the preacher said, “Forgive me if I don’t rise to walk you out, but I have some work to complete here. Have a good day Jonathan.”

“Thank you Reverend,” Jonathan said, bowing slightly.

“Oh, if you would, as you leave would you ask any of my servants to fetch Clara for me. Have them tell her attend me in my office.”

“Surely Reverend,” Jonathan said, walking out of the preacher’s office. After talking to one of the servants he began his walk home, intent upon following the Reverend’s instructions.

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